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Web DeveloperThe BLS Public Data Application Programming Interface (API) is a tool that programmers and developers can use to access the BLS voluminous database of labor-related statistics. It provides a direct and machine-friendly way of accessing economic data from all BLS programs using HTTPS GET/POST and returning query results in JSON and Excel. Users can extract and BLS data for use in analysis, visualization, experimentation, fun, etc.

The Developer's site provides an in-depth instructions and documentation on using the BLS Public Data API. It includes examples of the signatures tthat developer use to retrieve BLS data through an external application. The API is open for public use and user registration is highly encouraged. Sample code is provided for developers and programmers in popular programming languages. Data users can also retrieve data using the API through browsers and browser plug-ins that support HTTPS GET/POST requests.

feedback is encouraged and will aid in further enhancement and development of the Bureau’s Public Data API.