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Student or Teacher

From junior high to college and beyond, students and teachers can use BLS to aid in their homework and course planning. Students can use our data in their career exploration and to help with their homework. Teachers can use our resources to enhance curriculums using real world examples such as the latest statistics on employment, prices, and wages. Below are some of the useful Resources and Tools BLS has to offer you.



Student or TeacherKids' Pages
The BLS K-12 site features games and quizzes, student resources such as career information, resources for teachers such as classroom activities, and an interactive timeline of the history of BLS.

Occupational Outlook Handbook
Learn all about the occupations you find interesting. You can read about the nature of the work, education and training requirements, advancement opportunities, employment, salary, and ten-year job outlook for hundreds of occupations. The Handbook also lists related occupations and sources of additional information.

Career Outlook
Career Outlook is designed for students, career counselors, and jobseekers. Career Outlook provides helpful information about choosing an occupation, changing careers, preparing for interviews, understanding education and training options, saving for college, and more.

Spotlight on Statistics
Spotlights present charts and maps in a slideshow format to explain interesting and important developments in the labor market and economy.

TED: The Economics Daily
Each business day, The Economics Daily features data visualizations that illustrate the most interesting and important developments in the labor market and economy.

Beyond the Numbers
Published several times each month, Beyond the Numbers articles are short, easy-to-read analytical pieces about the labor market and economy.

Monthly Labor Review
For 100 years and counting, the Monthly Labor Review provides in-depth analysis of BLS data.


Occupations by Education Level and Projected Growth
The "Search by Education" option will help you find which occupations typically need a certain level of education for entry. The "Search by Occupation" option allows you to compare over 700 occupations by employment size, projected employment growth, wages, and the typical entry-level education.

Occupational Data
Employment by occupation, projections of future employment for various occupations, occupational employment by industry, replacement rates, and information on education by occupation.

Occupational Profiles
Occupational profiles can help you choose your classes or major by showing you where certain occupations are prevalent and how much you might expect to get paid for those occupations in different areas and industries.

At a Glance
The "At a Glance" pages give an economic overview of the U.S., areas throughout the country, and industries by compiling BLS data on these subjects. Just click on the links below.

Data Retrieval
Retrieve all types of BLS data, view our most requested statistics, create your own table, and access our research databases (FTP access) here. Students, you may wish to analyze Import/Export Price Indexes or use our International Labor Comparisons (ILC) to aid in class research or in writing an economics or international relations paper. Teachers, you could create a lesson plan, for example, that might involve looking at historical price changes from the Consumer Price Index (CPI) to show how the purchasing power of a dollar has changed over time.

BLS Handbook of Methods
Read our detailed explanations of how the Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates the data we publish.