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Friday, November 8, 2013

International Year of Statistics symposium at BLS

As a reader of my Commissioner’s Corner, you are probably aware that 2013 is the International Year of Statistics, a worldwide event to celebrate the powerful and far-reaching effects of statistics on people’s lives. Statistics have so many practical uses to improve our lives. Statistics help us understand and solve problems in medicine and health, education, transportation, energy, crime, weather, the environment, the economy, and many other areas. Representatives from each of the federal government’s 14 principal statistical agencies are hosting a symposium November 13–14 at the BLS office in Washington to highlight the variety of statistics and statistical careers available in the public sector. You are invited to attend. The symposium requires advance registration, but there is no cost. Attendees will learn about federal statistical agencies, the range of statistics each produces, and how to pursue a career as a government statistician.

BLS released the October Employment Situation report the morning of Friday, November 8. Read my statement about the report. This is an unusual report and statement because BLS needed to consider how the statistics were affected by the partial federal government shutdown that occurred October 1–16.