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BLS regional webpages get a makeover

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

You probably know that BLS publishes national economic statistics and analyses on employment, unemployment, prices, compensation, productivity, and other topics. Chances are that you read at least some of those reports regularly. You also may know that BLS publishes economic information for regions, states, counties, and metropolitan areas. Our national office staff produces some of these reports, but you may not know that our regional staff around the country writes many of these reports. In fact, our regional staff produces about three-fourths of the economic news releases published by BLS.

Maybe you’ve heard the old expression that all politics is local. We don’t get involved in politics at BLS, but it turns out that much of economics also is local. People need to know not just the national economic conditions, but also what conditions are like where they live, work, and do business. For that reason, we think a lot about how we can serve the specific needs of our customers in each region, state, and community.

I’m very pleased to announce that we have given the webpages for our regional offices a makeover to serve our customers better. With the new pages, we have improved navigation to help you browse faster and more efficiently. The pages feature new maps and tabs to help you find information for the regions, states, areas, and subjects that interest you. The pages also have enhanced archives to make it easier to search for older news releases, CPI summaries, and notices.

I encourage you to read more about these improvements to our regional webpages. I also invite you to let me know how you like these changes by leaving a comment below.