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Brand-New Look For BLS Website

On October 16, 2001, the Bureau of Labor Statistics launched a completely new look for its website.   Our primary goal was to make it faster and easier for you to find the BLS information you need.

There are many new features on our website.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • More topics on the BLS home page—we have added topics such as "Geography," "Demographics," and "Industries" to help you locate the type of information you're interested in.

  • New pages to speed up navigation—we have created new Overview pages to help you find the BLS program that produces the numbers you are looking for.  You can go to these Overview pages by clicking on the blue headings on the new BLS home page.  We also have created new "Topics A-Z"  and "Glossary" pages to aid in navigation.

  • More maps—statistics for regions, States, and metropolitan areas are now easier to find thanks to numerous new maps on the website.

  • "People are asking..." boxes—the BLS home page and many program and regional office home pages have new "People are asking..." boxes with questions  customers have been asking BLS.

  • "Latest Numbers" boxes—in addition to a "Latest Numbers" box on the BLS home page, most of the program and regional office home pages  now have their own "Latest Numbers" boxes.  This means it is easier than ever to go right to the most popular BLS statistics.

  • Enhanced searches—we now have Search boxes on all of the redesigned HTML pages.  In addition, we have a new Advanced Search page that allows you to search just one section of the site, such as a publication.

  • New names for BLS products and applications—we have given new names to some existing products and applications to help make it clearer what they are.  For example, "news releases" is now called "economic news releases" to convey that they contain economic statistics.  The data-retrieval application that has been called "Public Data Query" is now labeled "Create Customized Tables (one screen)" to reflect what the application allows you to do.  (In addition, the older application, "Selective Access," is now labeled "Create Customized Tables (multiple screens)).

  • New URLs—each BLS program has its own folder on the BLS website where its pages reside.  This means all of the URLs have changed.  We have included "re-direct" pages on the new site for our most popular pages to help you find your way around; you need to click on the new link on the re-direct pages, so please be sure to change your bookmarks and links to our website.


Last Modified Date: October 16, 2001