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Our Leadership

William W. Beach (biography)

William J. Wiatrowski (biography)
Deputy Commissioner

Kristen A. Monaco (biography)
Associate Commissioner for Compensation and Working Conditions

Hilery Z. Simpson
Assistant Commissioner for Compensation Levels and Trends
Marika Litras
Assistant Commissioner for Occupational Safety and Health Statistics
Nicole Nestoriak
Senior Research Economist — Compensation Research and Program Development

Julie Hatch Maxfield (biography)
Associate Commissioner for Employment and Unemployment Statistics

Kenneth W. Robertson
Assistant Commissioner for Industry Employment Statistics
Assistant Commissioner for Current Employment Analysis
Rebecca Rust
Assistant Commissioner for Occupational Statistics and Employment Projections
Mark Loewenstein
Senior Research Economist — Employment Research Staff

David Friedman (biography)
Associate Commissioner for Prices and Living Conditions

Robert Cage
Assistant Commissioner for Consumer Prices and Price Indexes
Jeffrey Hill
Assistant Commissioner for Industrial Prices and Price Indexes
Susan Fleck
Assistant Commissioner for International Prices
Thesia I. Garner
Senior Research Economist — Price and Index Number Research

Lucy P. Eldridge (biography)
Associate Commissioner for Productivity and Technology

Nancy Ruiz de Gamboa (biography)
Associate Commissioner for Administration

Jay A. Mousa (biography)
Associate Commissioner for Field Operations

Deborah A. Brown
Regional Commissioner of New England and New York-New Jersey

Sheila Watkins
Regional Commissioner of Mid-Atlantic

Janet S. Rankin
Regional Commissioner of Southeast

Charlene Peiffer
Assistant Commissioner for Regional Operations
Regional Commissioner of Midwest

Stanley W. Suchman
Assistant Commissioner for Regional Operations
Regional Commissioner of Southwest and Mountain-Plains

Richard Holden
Assistant Commissioner for Regional Operations
Regional Commissioner of West

Michael D. Levi (biography)
Associate Commissioner for Publications and Special Studies

Associate Commissioner for Survey Methods Research

William Mockovak
Senior Statistician
Polly Phipps
Senior Statistician

Tony D. Williams (biography)
Associate Commissioner for Technology and Survey Processing

Rick Kryger
Director of Survey Processing
Wesley Chou
Director of Technology and Computing Services

Last Modified Date: October 1, 2019