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Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages

Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages

The highest levels of aggregation in the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) are NAICS Sectors. The QCEW aggregates data to three higher levels in order to provide comparability to other programs that have less detailed data. These levels are the SuperSector level, the twelve of which represent combinations of from one to four NAICS Sectors, the Domain level. Two of which represent combinations of three and nine SuperSectors, the overall all industry total. While these aggregates do not have official NAICS codes, the QCEW program assigns them codes to provide ready reference. The codes and their corresponding titles are shown in the QCEW High-Level Industry Titles table below. The NAICS codes that make up each SuperSector are shown in the second table below titled QCEW High-Level Industry Crosswalk Table.

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QCEW High-Level Industry Titles

This table shows the codes and titles for the high-level industries used with in the QCEW program. This table is available as an Excel workbook (.xlsx), a comma separated values file (.csv), and as a flat, text file (.txt). Click the links below to download.

QCEW High-Level Industry Titles
Industry CodeIndustry Title
10Total, all industries
1011Natural Resources and Mining
1021Trade, Transportation, and Utilities
1023Financial Activities
1024Professional and Business Services
1025Education and Health Services
1026Leisure and Hospitality
1027Other Services
1028Public Administration

QCEW High-Level Industry Crosswalk

This table displays the NAICS sectors from which each super-sector industry is derived. It also displays the SuperSector industries within the Goods Producing (101) and Service-Providing (102) domains. The table below is available as an Excel workbook (.xlsx), a comma separated values file (.csv), and as a flat, text file (.txt). Click the links below to download.

QCEW High-Level Industry Crosswalk
10 Total, All Industries101 Goods-Producing1011 Natural Resources and MiningNAICS 11 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, and Hunting
NAICS 21 Mining
1012 ConstructionNAICS 23 Construction
1013 ManufacturingNAICS 31-33 Manufacturing
102 Service-Providing1021 Trade, Transportation, and UtilitiesNAICS 42 Wholesale Trade
NAICS 44-45 Retail Trade
NAICS 48-49 Transportation and Warehousing
NAICS 22 Utilities
1022 InformationNAICS 51 Information
1023 Financial ActivitiesNAICS 52 Finance and Insurance
NAICS 53 Real Estate and Rental and Leasing
1024 Professional and Business ServicesNAICS 54 Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
NAICS 55 Management of Companies and Enterprises
NAICS 56 Administrative and Waste Services
1025 Education and Health ServicesNAICS 61 Educational Services
NAICS 62 Health Care and Social Assistance
1026 Leisure and HospitalityNAICS 71 Arts, Entertainment, and recreation
NAICS 72 Accommodation and Food Services
1027 Other ServicesNAICS 81 Other Services (Except Public Administration)
1028 Public AdministrationNAICS 92 Public Administration
1029 UnclassifiedNAICS 99 Unclassified


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Last Modified Date: December 20, 2019