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Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages

QCEW Searchable Databases


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State and County Wages
(Quarterly Census of Employment & Wages - QCEW)
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Create Customized Maps

Create Customized MapsMaps
QCEW State and County Maps
QCEW State and County Maps
Mapping Unemployment Rates (States and Counties)
Mapping Unemployment Rates (States and Counties)

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More Tools

  • Open Data Access
    • Overview -Learn more about the collection of CSV files designed to allow third party programmers, developers, and organizations to retrieve published QCEW data in CSV format.
    • Data Slices: Structure and Storage -Learn more about the storage and structure of QCEW's collection of CSV data slices.
    • Programming Language Examples -QCEW data slices can be directly accessed from various programming languages. QCEW has made an effort to provide simple examples in several different languages.
  • QCEW State and County Maps - View QCEW maps, charts and data tables
  • Series Report—Already know the series identifier for the statistic you want? Use this shortcut to retrieve your data.
  • Census Business Builder (CBB) - QCEW data are now available in the U.S. Census Bureau's CBB. View maps and reports with selected QCEW data for establishments, employment, wages and location quotients.


Last Modified Date: August 16, 2019