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Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages

Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages Publication Changes

The Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW) program started a transition from annual to quarterly publication of data beginning on October 16, 2002, with the release of selected data for the first quarter of 2002. The amount of data released each quarter has increased since that time. With the publication of preliminary first quarter 2003 data in November 2003, BLS began releasing fully detailed industry data at the county, Metropolitan Area, state, and national levels.  Additionally, BLS now publishes the County Employment and Wages press release quarterly.  This press release was previously known as Wages and Employment, and was focused on State- and national-level information.  It has been refocused on county level data.   

Therefore, BLS discontinued publication of the three annual QCEW press releases. These are the releases covering State and Industry Annual Average Pay, Metropolitan Statistical Area Annual Average Pay, and Employment and Wages in Large Counties. The last editions of these releases were issued in the fall of  2002 and can be accessed from the links below. The underlying state totals presented in these releases will continue to be available here. For metropolitan totals and for over-the-year change calculations, use the customized tables tool available here. See below for links to the tables presented in the final annual releases. Detailed monthly, quarterly, and annual data for 2002 was posted on the Web site in November 2003. 

2002 QCEW Annual Data Tables (discontinued):

  • Average Annual Wages for All Covered Workers by State (TXT) (PDF)
  • Average Annual Wages for All Covered Workers by Metropolitan Area (TXT) (PDF)
  • Average Annual Wages for All Covered Workers by Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area (TXT) (PDF)


Last Modified Date: December 24, 2013