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Consumer Expenditure Surveys

PUMD ERRATUM Interview (FMLI) and Diary (FMLD) family files Consumer Expenditure Public-Use Microdata

Consumer Expenditure Public-Use Microdata

Original Release: September 30, 2008  Updated: June 27, 2013

To users of the 1980 through 2006 Consumer Expenditure Public Use Microdata Files: 

An error was found in the Interview (FMLI) and Diary (FMLD) family files.

Addenda for the years 1996 - 2006 are available in their respective Addenda folders found in the INTRVW and DIARY data downloads. For years prior to 1996, please contact the Division of Consumer Expenditure Survey using the contact information found at the end of this erratum.

FMLI file:
The following Interview Files were affected:

All family files (FMLIyyq.*, FMLYIyyq.*, FMLYQyyq.*) for years 1980-2006.

FMLD file:
The following Diary Files were affected:

All family files (FMLDyyq.*, FMLYDyyq.*) for years 1980-2006.

Variables affected:  HHID

It was discovered that the household identifier (HHID) on the family files for both Interview (FMLI) and Diary (FMLD) was created incorrectly. HHID is designated to link CUs that live in the same census household together. In a handful of cases each quarter, some CUs are grouped together that did not live in the same household.


New HHIDs have been created for the files from 1990 onward. Prior to 1990, due to issues with the ID variables, we will not be creating the addendum files. The addendum files include all values for HHID. These variables can be linked to the public-use files using NEWID.

These files are available online back to 1996. To request the “HHID addendum files” for years prior to 1996, please contact the Consumer Expenditure Survey (CE) and specify the year and survey (Interview and/or Diary) for which you need the addendum files. For these requests or for more information, contact the

Consumer Expenditure Survey at:
Phone – (202) 691-6900
Email –
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Consumer Expenditure Survey


Last Modified Date: July 5, 2016