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Statement of the Federal Economic Statistics Advisory Committee on COVID-19 Response

Whereas the members of FESAC have been briefed on the post-COVID-19 activities of the Federal Statistical Agencies providing important economic indicators to the country;

Whereas these briefings have documented the invention of new, timely measurement of great value to decision makers who need economic indicators in their work; 

Whereas these briefings have communicated how the agencies have provided transparency into the nature of the technical features of the indicators, permitting users to discern any impacts of the pandemic on the utility of the indicators; 

Whereas these briefings have communicated quick response to the pandemic, with care to preserve the quality of resulting statistical information; 

The membership of FESAC applauds the civil servants who have devoted their technical expertise and diligence in serving the country's needs for accurate and timely economic statistical information and thanks the agencies and their staff for their performance in the face of unprecedented challenges.

Statement issued June 12, 2020.

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