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Consumer Price Index

CPI Additional Resources

Chained CPI

  • Chained CPI Information (HTML)
  • Comparison between Chained CPI-U and Regular CPI-U All-US Indexes in the Housing Sector (2000-2004) (PDF)
  • Comparison between Chained CPI-U and Regular CPI-U All-US Indexes at Lower Item-Aggregate Levels(2000-2003) (PDF)
  • Random Errors and Superlative Indexes (HTML)

Additional Resources

  • CPI Overview (HTML)
  • 2018 Geographic Revision Notice (HTML)
  • CPI-PCE code mapping (PDF)
  • CPI Requirements of CE (PDF)
  • Comparison of BLS price and spending measures (HTML)
  • Treatment of Owner-Occupied Housing in the CPI (PDF)
  • Defining an Outlet: What Characteristics are Truly Price Determining? (PDF)
  • Sampling and Weighting of Commodity and Service Units for the Elementary Level of Computation of the U.S. Consumer Price Index (PDF)
  • Evaluating a Calibration Weighting Scheme for Elementary Indexes for Commodities and Services in the U.S. Consumer Price Index (PDF)
  • Estimating Dynamic Price Indexes (PDF)
  • A Note on the Effects of Extreme Price Values on Price Indexes (PDF)
  • Reconsideration of Weighting and Updating Procedures in the US CPI (HTML)
  • New Evidence on Outlet Substitution Effects in Consumer Price Index Data (HTML)
  • Improving the CPI's Age-Bias Adjustment: Leverage, Disaggregation and Model Averaging (HTML)
  • 1998 revision item concordance (HTML)
  • 1998 revision item structure (HTML)


Last Modified Date: July 8, 2019