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Consumer Price Index

White Papers

  • A Spatial Analysis of Price Change in the Housing Component of the Consumer Price Index (PDF)
  • The Effect of Attrition on Variance and Sample Size in the Housing Component of the Consumer Price Index (PDF)
  • Do the Poor Pay More Store-By-Store? (HTML)
  • The Puzzling Divergence of Rents and User Costs, 1980-2004 (HTML)
  • Household Spending Patterns: A Comparison of Four Census Regions (HTML)
  • Explaining the Rent-OER Inflation Divergence, 1999-2006 (HTML)
  • Alternative Consumer Price Index Aggregations: Plutocratic and Democratic Approaches (HTML)
  • An Examination of the Difference Between the CPI and the PCE Deflator (HTML)
  • Constructing Household Specific Consumer Price Indexes: An Analysis of Different Techniques and Methods (HTML)
  • Quality Adjusted Price Indexes for Four Year Colleges (HTML)
  • Small Sample Bias in Geometric Mean and Seasoned CPI Component Indexes (HTML)
  • Bias in the Consumer Price Index: What is the Evidence? (HTML)
  • Price Dispersion and Cost-of-Living Indexes (HTML)
  • More Research Papers