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Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey

Changes to the household survey (CPS) tables in the Employment Situation news release

Effective with the release of January 2011 data on February 4, 2011, table A-9 of the Employment Situation news release includes two additional data series: "Self-employed workers, unincorporated" and "Self-employed workers, incorporated." As a result, the format of table A-9 has changed. Data on the incorporated self-employed have not previously been published on a regular basis.

Employment Situation News Release Table A-9. Selected employment indicators  HTML   PDF   Retrieve historical data series

Also, data series on self-employed workers were renamed in two other "A" tables. This change was made to clarify that these data only include persons operating unincorporated businesses. This was strictly a change in title and not in definition; the data shown were not affected. In table A-8, two data series previously labeled "Self-employed workers" (one under Agriculture and related industries and one under Nonagricultural industries) were renamed "Self-employed workers, unincorporated." A similar title change was made to one data series in table A-14; the data series previously labeled "Self-employed and unpaid family workers" was renamed "Self-employed workers, unincorporated, and unpaid family workers."


Last Modified Date: February 4, 2011