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Data Retrieval Tools

Allows users to quickly retrieve most commonly requested BLS timeseries data.
Provides experienced users of BLS data with one of the quickest form of access to BLS time series data on our website. As input, the Series Report application requires a Series ID and date range.
Allows users to quickly retrieve BLS time series data from lists of those most commonly requested.
This application requires a JavaScript-enabled browser. Choose the data you want from BLS databases on a simple, one-screen form.
A form-based query application which allows you to obtain BLS time series data based on choices you make.
An interactive application that allows users to obtain geographic economic data through maps, charts, and tables.
Allows users to calculate the current value of dollar amounts from years ago or compute injury and illness incidence rates.
Allows users to conveniently search multiple data sets all at once. Users can extract specific data by searching by keyword or by filtering through multiple topics, measures, and attributes.
The BLS Public Data API gives the public access to economic data from all BLS programs.