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Employment Projections
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Aggregate Economy Articles

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  • Dubina, Kevin; Morisi, Teri; Rieley, Michael; and Wagoner, Andrea, "Projections Overview and Highlights, 2018–28," Monthly Labor Review, Forthcoming 2019.
  • Frey, Christopher and Byun, Kathryn J., "The U.S. economy to 2020: recovery in uncertain times," Monthly Labor Review, January 2012. (PDF)
  • Wyatt, Ian and Byun, Kathryn J., "The U.S. economy to 2018," Monthly Labor Review, November 2009, pp. 11-29. (PDF)
  • Su, Betty W., "The U.S. economy to 2016," Monthly Labor Review, November 2007, pp. 13-32. (PDF)
  • Su, Betty W., "The U.S. economy to 2014," Monthly Labor Review, November 2005, pp. 10-24. (PDF)
  • Su, Betty W., "The U.S. economy to 2012, signs of growth," Monthly Labor Review, February 2004, pp. 23-36. (PDF)


Monthly Labor Review issues from 1982 to the present are available online. Earlier issues are out of print but should be available at a Federal Depository Library.


Last Modified Date: September 4, 2019