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Errata Home

Date Added * BLS Program Product Type Title Description Correction Status
07/21/2020 Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages Database

CEW errata notice

about the errata notice

Corrections made on 07/21/2020.
07/21/2020 Consumer Expenditure Survey Beyond the Numbers; Monthly Labor Review; The Economics Daily

errata for mlr, ted, and btn

declining-labor-turnover-in-the-united-states-evidence-and-implications-from-the-panel-study-of-income-dynamics - mlr 51585

hoping-to-find-some-fair-fares-a-look-at-air-passenger-costs  ted -15542

Nonresidential-building-construction-overhead-and-profit-markups-an-update btn - 52584

Corrections made on 07/21/2020.
07/20/2020 Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS Reports

bls reports Minimum Wage 2019 home

Minimum wage errata Corrections made on $$fieldformat,$sys.item.getProperty($fieldname).Date).
07/20/2020 Employment, Hours, and Earnings from the Current Employment Statistics survey (National) BLS Reports; Career Outlook; Spotlight on Statistics

Adding Errata to GeoProfile, OOQ, SOS

GeoProfile - 2018 home

OOQ - 2019 Library Workers

SOS - 2020 Educations Projections home

No Corrections will be made.
07/17/2020 Consumer Price Index Other

CPI data

CPI data error

No Corrections will be made.
07/09/2020 Foreign Direct Investment Monthly Labor Review; The Economics Daily

MLR and TED errata

MLR 2015 #28651 A century of the Monthly Labor Review: projections and prognostications

TED 2015 #25198 - Wyoming had highest share of employment in construction in March 2015

No Corrections will be made.
07/08/2020 Office of Publications and Special Studies The Economics Daily

TED article errata

ted article errata ted article errata

No Corrections will be made.
07/01/2020 Office of Publications and Special Studies Monthly Labor Review; The Economics Daily

testing-multiple-publications-errata:  MLR 23252 2015, TED 26623 2015

RSG Testing Errata Systems for multiple publications

No Corrections will be made.
06/22/2020 Bureau of Labor Statistics Monthly Labor Review

This is a unique title for my MLR Errata Message

The is a test of the new errata system (Jerie's new implementation!)

Corrections made on 06/21/2020.
06/10/2020 Occupational Requirements Survey Other

Errata for ORS homepage and the ORS notice

errata for ors

Corrections made on 07/01/2020.
03/03/2019 Consumer Expenditure Survey Other

Consumer Expenditure Surveys Public-Use Microdata

In the 2018 Q1 files, data were reprocessed because some expenditure values were imputed incorrectly in the INB, HHP, and OPI files. These values should have been left as valid blanks. There were no changes to the published tables.

Corrections made on 06/28/2019.
02/02/2019 Consumer Price Index News release

Consumer Price Index — January 2019

The news release published on February 13, 2019, was reissued the same day to correct the following sentence: "The index for all items less food and energy increased 0.2 percent in January for the fifth consecutive month." The original sentence stated it was the fourth consecutive month.

Corrections made on 06/29/2019.
01/01/2019 New York-New Jersey Information Office News release

County Employment and Wages in New York — Second Quarter 2018

In the section on “Large county average weekly wages,” New York County's average weekly wage was incorrect. It has been corrected to $2,025.

No Corrections will be made.
07/01/2018 Spotlight on Statistics

Industry on tap: breweries

On slide 2 of the Spotlight on Statistics, the headline incorrectly stated the number of people working in breweries in 2016. That headline has been corrected. The text on slide 2 incorrectly stated the 2010–16 job gain in breweries, and that gain has also been corrected.

Corrections made on 07/01/2018.
04/04/2018 Employment, Hours, and Earnings from the Current Employment Statistics survey (National) Database

Current Employment Statistics Database

BLS has discovered a misclassified report (with an incorrect industry classification) in securities and armored car services, resulting in incorrect estimates from October 2016 through December 2017. The reporting error affected all employment, hours, and earnings estimates in securities and armored car services (CES Industry Code 60-561610). The error also affected estimates of all employees in security guards and patrols and armored car services (CES Industry Code 60-561613). Corrected data will be available on February 2, 2018.

Corrections made on 06/29/2018.

* For errata data prior to 2020, please see our Archived Errata Table.


Last Modified Date: October 18, 2021