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Green Goods and Services - Field Definitions


A 2-character code that indicates the data series.

  • GG = Green Goods and Services Survey

Seasonal Adjustment Code

A 1-character code that indicates the adjustment of time series data to eliminate the effect of intra-year variations which tend to occur during the same period on an annual basis. The GGS program uses a 4 quarter employment average which smoothes out seasonal swings in employment:

  • S Seasonally Adjusted
  • U Not Seasonally Adjusted

Periodicity Code

A 1-character code that indicates the time period of measurement.

  • Q = Four quarter rolling average

Area Code

A 5-digit code that identifies the area of measurement:

Data are currently available at the National and State level. The first 2-digits represent the State FIPS code.

  • 0000 = All states

Industry Code

A 6-digit code that identifies the NAICS sector of measurement:

These sectors include the 333 detailed industries considered potentially green according to the BLS definition of green jobs: Total; Total Private; Goods Producing; Agriculture; Construction; Manufacturing; Service Providing; Trade; Transportation; Utilities; Information; Finance Activities; Professional and Business Services; Education; Leisure and hospitality; Other Services; and Government.

Ownership Code

A 1-character code that identifies the ownership of firms:

  • 0=All ownerships
  • 1=Federal Government
  • 2=State Government
  • 3=Local Government
  • 5=Private

Establishment Size

Indicates the establishment size for which the data were reported. Currently, only data from all establishment sizes combined are reported in this database.

Data Element

A 2-digit code that identifies the unit of measurement:

  • 01 Employment: Reported monthly employment data for the third month of the quarter represent the number of covered workers involved in producing a green good or providing a green service who worked during, or received pay for, the pay period which included the 12th day of the third month.

  • 03 QCEW reported employment (still in discussion whether this will be included and if so, to what degree).

  • 05 Non-fossil fuel rate: Non-fossil fuel energy production employment (hydro, nuclear, wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, ocean/tidal, landfill gas, other) as a percent of total non-fossil fuel energy production employment.


A 1-character code that identifies the Rate/Level:

  • L Level-in thousands
  • R Rate


Last Modified Date: March 12, 2012