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Welcome to the Bureau of Labor Statistics
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In the news...

You’ve heard about us!  Our reports are regularly mentioned on the major TV networks and in national and local newspapers and magazines.  We at the Bureau of Labor Statistics produce some of the Nation’s most sensitive and important economic information.  We do so based on the strongest commitment to accuracy, quality, and integrity.  The President, Congress, Federal policymakers, public and private sectors, and individual citizens use the economic indicators we provide. 

Where the action is...

You’ve probably seen BLS data in textbooks, heard about it on TV, or used our numbers while conducting research for a paper.  To disseminate our data, we publish numerous articles, news releases, reports, and periodicals.  We receive many web site visits and e-mail inquiries each day.  In addition, we respond to numerous inquiries by telephone in our Washington and regional offices.  The amount of economic information that you’ll be exposed to firsthand is vast.

So you’re thinking about a Federal career…

Don’t go just by what you’ve heard.  Do the research yourself.  Our pay and benefits are competitive with the private sector.  We’ve also got a great retirement plan, a 401(k) plan with Government matching contributions, excellent vacation benefits, a wide array of healthcare plans, fitness centers, and much, much more.  You will also have an opportunity to work for one of the premier organizations in the Nation specializing in the broad field of labor economics and statistics.   

Ready to start making a difference…

Don’t wait.  Check out our web site today to learn more about us and see if there are jobs for which you qualify and in which you are interested.  You’ll be glad you did!