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Work Environment


Meet our Employees

We want to give visitors to our website a sense of what it’s like to work at the Bureau of Labor Statistics. So we asked some of our employees why they decided to work for BLS and what a typical day is like. Here are their replies.

Marie Chen, Field Economist, Los Angeles, CA

Marie Chen"I first became interested in working for BLS while taking economics courses at school, where I used BLS data frequently. When I was job hunting after graduation, I wanted a job that allowed me to gain in-depth knowledge of how compensation statistics are produced." (Read more)

Amanda Rooney, Economist, Washington, DC

Amanda Rooney "I started with BLS as an economist intern in the Student Career Experience Program. I found out about the program through an on-campus recruiting event. I was driven to apply when I learned that in this internship, I would be doing real work." (Read more)

Guadalupe Cerritos, Economist, Washington, DC

Guadalupe Cerritos "I like my job because I’ve developed new skills which have helped me gain valuable knowledge about the iron and steel industry and its importance in the global economy. I also like working in a positive professional environment. The people are great." (Read more)

Ranada Robinson, Field Economist, Atlanta, GA

Ranada Robinson"Working for the federal government provides job security and a competitive benefits package. I also chose to work at BLS so that I could have real-world experience collecting and analyzing data that is actually used." (Read more)

Richard J. Holden, Regional Commissioner, San Francisco, CA

Richard J. Holden"Prior to joining BLS, I worked with Bureau staff in my previous position for nearly 10 years. During that time, I developed a keen appreciation for the intelligence and professionalism of Bureau staff." (Read more)

Matt Corrigan, Statistician, Washington, DC

Matt Corrigan "I work in a team environment. When others ask me what I do for a living, I take pride in being a piece of the pie that is used by the Commerce Department to compute the Gross Domestic Product and the Gross National Product." (Read more)

Sumangala Bhandari, Information Technology Specialist, Washington, DC

Sumangala Bhandari"While working at BLS, I have completed my Masters Degree in Computer Science with the expenses paid by BLS. This is a big achievement for me. I am glad I am here at BLS and in good hands." (Read more)

Kyle McNally, Information Technology Specialist, Washington, DC

Kyle McNally"During my senior year of college I wanted a job that provided the opportunity to work hard serving the public while allowing for a healthy work-life balance. BLS met both of my criteria. The work is interesting, challenging, and relevant." (Read more)

Jennifer Fouty, Statistician (Economics), Indianapolis, IN

Jennifer Fouty "Initially, the biggest drawing card to BLS was job security. I liked knowing that if I worked hard my job was not going to be influenced by economic swings or political moods. However, over time, the reasons to stay with BLS have grown beyond job security." (Read more)

Peter Cappelli, Field Economist, New York City, NY

Peter Cappelli"As a field economist, I get to meet many successful business professionals and learn about their firm and industry. The challenge we face as BLS field economists is to learn about many different industries and how they price goods, and services." (Read more)


Work/Life Balance

We know you have a life outside of work and we have a strong commitment to work/life balance.

Our goal at BLS is to offer our employees a work environment supported by time to engage in all your professional activities, and to provide you with the time to fully enjoy your personal life outside the office. In the workplace, you’ll experience a great environment working and interacting with other professionals on a daily basis. You will be involved with programs critical to the public good and interest that will help to enhance your personal skills, while enjoying the perks of federal benefits that go above and beyond many of those in the private sector. At the end of the workday, you’ll have time to get away and just be yourself.

A balanced and full life promotes health, wellness and satisfaction both on and off the job. This commitment to each of our individual employees is what keeps us going strong as an organization.



Last Modified Date: July 19, 2008