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Labor Productivity and Costs
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Archive of Articles on Productivity and Technology

Concepts and Techniques of Productivity Measurement

BLS Handbook of Methods, Chapter 10 Productivity Measures: Business Sector and Major Subsectors. April 1997.

Alternative Measures of Supervisory Employee Hours and Productivity Growth. April 2004. (PDF)

The Accuracy of the BLS Productivity Measures. February 1999. (PDF)

How Price Indexes Affect BLS Productivity Measures. February 1999. (PDF)

The BLS Productivity Measurement Program. March 1998. (PDF)

Improvements to the Quarterly Productivity Measures. October 1995. (PDF)

Difficulties in the Measurement of Service Outputs. March 1994. (PDF)

Hours at Work: A New Base for BLS Productivity Statistics. February 1990. (PDF)

Major Sector Productivity

Productivity Trends in Business Cycles: A Visual Essay. June 2009. (PDF)

Industry Productivity

Understanding the labor productivity and compensation gap. June 2017. (PDF)

Measuring quarterly labor productivity by industry. June 2016. (PDF)

Labor productivity growth in elementary and secondary school services: 19892012. June 2016. (PDF)

Productivity Growth in Construction. March 2016.

New measure of labor productivity for private community hospitals: 1993-2012. October 2015. (PDF)

Productivity Growth in Construction-Working Paper. October 2014. (PDF)

Measuring Output and Productivity in Private Hospitals. October 2013.

Industry Labor Productivity Trends from 2000 to 2010. March 2013. (PDF)

Improved Measures of Commercial Banking Output and Productivity. July 2012. (PDF)

Labor Productivity Since 2000, by Sector and Industry. February 2008. (PDF)

New Service Industry Productivity Measures. February 2006. (PDF)

Productivity measures for retail trade: data and issues (PDF)

Industry Productivity Trends under the North American Industry Classification System. November 2004. (PDF)

New Service Industry Productivity Measures. September 2004. (PDF)

New Transportation and Service Productivity Measures. January 2003. (PDF)

Labor in Wholesale Trade, 19902000. December 2002. (PDF)

Productivity Growth in 'High-Tech' Manufacturing Industries. March 2002. (PDF)

Labor Productivity in the Retail Trade Industry, 198799. December 2001. (PDF)

Unit Labor Costs for Selected Industries, 198797. November 1999. (PDF)

BLS Completes Major Expansion of Industry Productivity Series. September 1998. (PDF)

Productivity Trends in Two Retail Trade Industries, 198795. July 1997. (PDF)

Productivity in the Fabricated Plate Work Industry: 198294. May 1997. (PDF)

Productivity Trends in the Mobile Homes Industry. May 1997. (PDF)

Productivity in Industry and Government, 197394. November 1996. (PDF)

Productivity Growth Improves in Housefurnishings Industry. March 1996. (PDF)

Productivity in Retail Miscellaneous Shopping Goods Stores. October 1995. (PDF)

BLS Modernizes Industry Labor Productivity Program. July 1995. (PDF 1.2MB)

Productivity in Hardwood Dimension and Flooring. October 1994. (PDF)

Productivity in Industry and Government, 197392. August 1994. (PDF 1MB)

Productivity in Industry and Government, 197391. July 1993. (PDF)

Productivity in Aircraft Manufacturing. June 1993. (PDF 1.3MB)

Industry Productivity in Natural and Processed Cheese. April 1993. (PDF)

Productivity in the Nuts and Bolts Industry, 195890. October 1992. (PDF)

Productivity Trends: Prepared Fish and Seafoods Industry. October 1992. (PDF)

Productivity in Wood Containers. October 1992. (PDF)

Productivity in Crude Oil and Gas Production, 19591990. March 1992. (PDF)

Productivity in the Rubber and Plastics Hose and Belting Industry. July 1990. (PDF)

Productivity Trends in the Photographic Equipment and Supplies Industry. June 1990. (PDF 1.4MB)

Productivity Trends in Scrap and Waste Processing. April 1990. (PDF)

Measuring productivity in service industries. June 1982. (PDF)

The Federal Productivity Measurement Program: Final Results. May 1997. (PDF 1.2MB)

International Comparisons

Providing Comparable International Labor Statistics. June 2002. (PDF)

A Perspective on U.S. and Foreign Compensation Costs in Manufacturing. June 2002. (PDF)

Comparing 50 Years of Labor Productivity in U.S. and Foreign Manufacturing. June 2002. (PDF)

A Perspective on the U.S.-Canada Manufacturing Productivity Gap. February 2001. (PDF)

U.S. and Foreign Productivity and Unit Labor Costs. February 1997. (PDF)

International Comparisons of Manufacturing Compensation. October 1995. (PDF)

Manufacturing Costs, Productivity, and Competitiveness: 197993. October 1994. (PDF)


Last Modified Date: June 19, 2017