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Import/Export Price Indexes

Import/Export Price Indexes (MXP)

Regional publications review the price indexes that correspond to the top exporting industries of specific states and regions within the U.S. Indexes showcased in these publications fall under the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)* while trade values are based off of Census trade data.

*The price indexes expressed in the Louisiana & Texas Energy Export Highlights pamphlet fall under the Bureau of Economic Analysis classification system.

  • California Export Highlights (PDF)
  • Georgia Export Highlights (PDF)
  • Texas Export Highlights (PDF)
  • Louisiana & Texas Energy Export Highlights (PDF)
  • Mountain-Plains Export Highlights (PDF)
  • New England Export Highlights (PDF)
  • New Jersey & New York Export Highlights (PDF)
  • Mid-Atlantic Export Highlights (PDF)
  • Great Lakes Export Highlights (PDF)
  • Puerto Rico Export Highlights (PDF)

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Last Modified Date: September 11, 2017