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National Longitudinal Surveys
Bureau of Labor Statistics > National Longitudinal Surveys > Methods > NLS Investigator Tutorials

NLS Investigator Tutorial

Video Tutorials 

The video tutorials provide information on how to search variables, download data, save tags, and import data into STATA, SPSS, R, and SAS.

Variable Search Using the NLS Investigator

This tutorial provides information for finding variables on a particular topic of interest in the NLS Investigator.  It also shows how one can research information on particular topics using available NLS documentation and then locate the variables in the NLS Investigator.

Linking Roster Items Across Rounds 

This tutorial explains how to find the same member of the respondent's household across different survey rounds in the NLSY97. 

Constructing Comparable Samples Across the NLSY79 and NLSY97 

This tutorial walks you through the basic steps of constructing parallel samples for research projects that use both the NLSY79 and the NLSY97 cohorts.

Matching Cohabiting Partners to Their Characteristics in the NLSY97

This tutorial explains how to link the respondent's first cohabiting partner to the partner's characteristics using information from the created event history arrays, the household and non-resident rosters, and the partner roster. In particular, it shows you how to find the age of the respondent's first cohabiting partner in the NLSY97 data set.

Linking NLSY79 Mothers and Their Children 

This tutorial explains the general logic to link mothers and children of any age covered in the Children of the NLSY79. 


Last Modified Date: April 24, 2020