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National Compensation Survey - Wages

A (Census Occs beginning with) ‐ Occupational Classification System Manual

Major Occupational Groups: A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | K
About the Occupational Classification System Manual
Code  Census Job Title                           Industries Affected
F777  A mill operator                            281,282,284,286-289
F777  A operator                                 281,282,284,286-289
D348  A operator                                 481
G829  A.B. Seaman                                44
D389  A.C.P. clerk                               Dept. of Agriculture 96
A064  ADP customer liaison                       All Industries
A064  ADP planner                                All Industries
A064  ADP system coordinator                     All Industries
A064  ADP systems security                       All Industries
H498  Abalone fisherman                          09
F777  Abalone processor                          203
G829  Able seaman                                44
A167  Abnormal psychologist                      All Industries
F799  Abrasive grader                            All Industries
F768  Abrasive grinder                           All Industries
F756  Abrasive mixer                             328,329
F758  Abrasive wheel molder                      328,329
F709  Abrasive worker                            All Industries
F757  Absorber operator                          All Industries
F757  Absorption-plant operator                  291
A234  Abstract clerk                             65
A234  Abstract searcher                          65
A234  Abstract writer                            65
A234  Abstracter                                 65
A225  Accelerator operator                       All Industries
D329  Accessioner                                823
D375  Accident investigator                      Exc. 92
K418  Accident investigator                      Police 92
K418  Accident-prevention squad police officer   All Industries
A186  Accompanist                                781-783,792
E684  Accordion maker                            39(exc.394)
E535  Accordion tuner                            763,764,7692,7699
D376  Account adjuster                           All Industries
D339  Account analyst                            60,61
D375  Account analyst                            63,64
B023  Account auditor                            All Industries
C256  Account executive                          271,483,484,872,874
C255  Account executive                          60-62,67
C253  Account executive                          63,64
B013  Account executive                          731
C259  Account executive                          Any not listed above
B023  Account, accountant-bookkeeper,
        associate degree or higher               All Industries
D337  Account, accountant-bookkeeper, less 
        than associate degree                    All Industries
D337  Account-information clerk                  491,493
B023  Accountant                                 All Industries
D337  Accounting clerk, exc. machine operator    All Industries
D344  Accounting clerk, machine operator         All Industries
B023  Accounting methods analyst                 All Industries
B023  Accounting systems analyst                 All Industries
B023  Accounting technician                      All Industries
B023  Accounting work, accountant                All Industries
B023  Accounting work, exc. accountant, 
        associate degree or higher               All Industries
D337  Accounting work, exc. accountant, less 
        than associate degree                    All Industries
D344  Accounting-machine operator                All Industries
D378  Accounts collector                         All Industries
D344  Accounts-adjustable clerk                  40
D337  Accounts-payable clerk                     All Industries
D337  Accounts-receivable clerk                  All Industries
D389  Accuracy expert                            272-279
F757  Acetone recovery worker                    282
F783  Acetylene burner                           All Industries
F783  Acetylene cutter                           All Industries
F783  Acetylene operator                         373
F783  Acetylene torch burner                     All Industries
F783  Acetylene welder                           All Industries
E696  Acetylene-gas compressor                   All Industries
F757  Acetylene-plant operator                   All Industries
F783  Acetylene-torch operator                   All Industries
F783  Acetylene-torch solderer                   All Industries
F756  Acid adjuster                              All Industries
F757  Acid bleacher                              20-39
F756  Acid blower                                Explosives 281,286,289
F757  Acid cleaner                               20-39
F757  Acid concentrator                          20-39
F757  Acid condenser                             20-39
G849  Acid craneman                              All Industries
F777  Acid dipper                                20-39
H878  Acid dumper                                36
F757  Acid extractor                             20-39
H889  Acid filler                                36
G859  Acid loader                                28
F766  Acid maker                                 20-39
F756  Acid mixer                                 20-39
E696  Acid operator                              281,282,284,286-289
F777  Acid painter                               321-323
F757  Acid patrolman                             282
F757  Acid polymerization operator               All Industries
E696  Acid pumpman                               All Industries
F757  Acid purifier                              All Industries
F757  Acid regenerator                           282
E696  Acid remover                               All Industries
F777  Acid splicer                               301
F757  Acid tender                                20-39
F797  Acid tester                                20-28,295,299,30-39
A225  Acid tester                                291
F757  Acid treater                               13,291
F777  Acid-conditioning man                      333-339
F766  Acid-plant operator                        20-39
F757  Acid-recovery operator                     291
F757  Acid-retort operator                       291
E563  Acid-tank liner                            15-17
A223  Acidity tester                             02,202,514,545
G859  Acidizer                                   13
E567  Acoustical carpenter                       All Industries
E567  Acoustical installer                       All Industries
E567  Acoustical material worker                 15-17
A164  Acquisitions librarian                     All Industries
D389  Acreage reporter                           95,96
A194  Acrobat                                    791,794,799
A193  Acrobatic dancer                           781-783,792
E547  Acrobatic rigger                           All Industries
F785  Action finisher                            39(exc.394)
F785  Action installer                           39(exc.394)
A175  Activities counselor                       All Industries
A175  Activities director                        All Industries
A105  Activity therapist                         All Industries
A187  Actor                                      781-783,792
A187  Actress                                    781-783,792
A066  Actuarial mathematician                    All Industries
A066  Actuary                                    63,64
D386  Actuary clerk                              All Industries
A089  Acupuncturist                              All Industries
F736  Ad compositor                              27
F736  Ad man                                     27
F736  Ad setter                                  27
D325  Ad taker                                   271
A195  Ad writer                                  All Industries
A195  Ad-copy writer                             All Industries
A195  Adapter                                    781-783,792
D344  Adding-machine operator                    All Industries
D389  Addresser                                  All Industries
D346  Addressing-machine operator                All Industries
D346  Addressograph operator                     All Industries
F777  Adhesive bandage making operator           3827,384,385
D376  Adjudicator, clerical                      All Industries
A178  Adjudicator, legal activity                81
A179  Adjudicator, n. s.                         All Industries
D376  Adjuster, clerical                         481
E529  Adjuster, exc. clerical                    481
D375  Adjuster, any other type                   63,64
F713  Adjuster, n. s.                            25
E693  Adjuster, n. s.                            361,362,364,367,369
D376  Adjuster, n. s.                            40
D376  Adjuster, n. s.                            52-59
B025  Adjuster, n. s.                            60,61
B027  Adjuster-arbitrator                        PR
D327  Adjustment clerk                           481,482,489,491-494,496,497
D375  Adjustment clerk                           63,64
D376  Adjustment clerk                           Any not listed above
B036  Adjustment examiner                        Social Security Board 94
D385  Adjusto-writer operator                    All Industries
B005  Adjutant general                           All Industries
B036  Admeasurer                                 91-97
B037  Administrative analyst                     43,91-97
D379  Administrative clerk                       All Industries
A097  Administrative dietitian                   All Industries
B015  Administrative officer                     805-809
B015  Administrator                              805,807-809
B022  Administrator                              806,836
B025  Administrator of estate                    62,67
A158  Administrator of special education         821
D336  Admissions clerk                           821,822
A163  Admissions counselor                       822
D336  Admissions evaluator                       822
D303  Admissions officer                         806
B014  Admissions officer                         822
K459  Admittance man                             791,794,799
D316  Admitting clerk                            806
D303  Admitting officer                          806
K461  Admitting-office escort                    805-809
E563  Adobe layer                                15-17
F787  Adobe maker                                All Industries
F787  Adobe-block maker                          All Industries
A174  Adoption agent                             All Industries
A174  Adoption worker                            832,836,839
B034  Advance agent                              All Industries
B034  Advance man                                791,794,799
F736  Advertisement compositor                   27
D357  Advertisement distributor                  731
C256  Advertising agent                          731
A166  Advertising analyst                        731
D368  Advertising clerk                          All Industries
B013  Advertising director                       731
A195  Advertising editor                         All Industries
B013  Advertising executive                      731
D346  Advertising inserter                       All Industries
C256  Advertising man                            731
C256  Advertising representative                 27
C256  Advertising solicitor                      731
A195  Advertising specialist                     All Industries
A195  Advertising writer                         All Industries
A195  Advertising-copy writer                    All Industries
D363  Advertising-dispatch clerk                 27
F736  Advertising-layout man                     27
A194  Advertising-layout man                     Mfg. exc. 27
D325  Advertising-space clerk                    271
D337  Advice clerk                               60,61
D389  Adviser, clerical                          481
A163  Adviser, n. s.                             821,822
A175  Adviser, n. s.                             861,862,864,865,869
A178  Advocate                                   81
H869  Adz man                                    15-17
F726  Adzing-and-boring machine operator         All Industries
A226  Aerial advertiser                          OWN 731
E523  Aerial erector                             All Industries
E505  Aerial installer                           371,527,55,752-754
E526  Aerial installer                           Exc. 371,527,55,752-754
A189  Aerial photographer                        732,733,735,7383-7389
A226  Aerial sprayer                             071,072,075,076
A226  Aerial-crop duster                         071,072,075,076
A226  Aerial-hurricane hunter                    96,97
G853  Aerial-tram operator                       10,12,14
A194  Aerialist                                  791,794,799
A044  Aerodynamicist                             372,376
A069  Aerodynamicist                             Exc. 372,376
A225  Aerographer                                All Industries
A074  Aerologist                                 All Industries
A217  Aeronautical draftsman                     All Industries
A069  Aerophysicist                              All Industries
D318  Agent and operator                         40
D318  Agent and telegrapher                      40
C254  Agent, apartment rental                    All Industries
D328  Agent-contract clerk                       63,64
C277  Agent, door-to-door selling                5963
D389  Agent-licensing clerk                      63,64
C277  Agent, party-plan sales                    5963
C253  Agent, any other type                      63,64
D318  Agent, n. s.                               40,44,45
C259  Agent, n. s.                               50,51(exc.517)
C274  Agent, n. s.                               517,525,527,55,736
C254  Agent, n. s.                               65
C256  Agent, n. s.                               731
B034  Agent, n. s.                               781-783,792
A159  Agent, n. s.                               829
B021  Agent, n. s.                               861,862,864,865,869
K418  Agent, n. s.                               92
B036  Agent, n. s.                               93
C277  Agent, n. s.                               Avon products 5963
D378  Agent, n. s.                               Collection agency 732,733,735,
A159  Agent, n. s.                               County agent's office 829
A159  Agent, n. s.                               Four H Club 829
C274  Agent, n. s.                               OWN 52-59,721
F756  Ager                                       22
F785  Ager                                       36
F777  Ager operator                              22
F766  Ager operator                              313,314
F756  Ager tender                                22
F756  Aging-box hand                             22
H889  Aging-room hand                            22
F764  Agitator                                   All Industries
A159  Agricultural agent                         829
A073  Agricultural chemist                       All Industries
A077  Agricultural consultant                    Farmers Coop.861,862,864,865,869
A166  Agricultural economist                     All Industries
A159  Agricultural extension agent               829
A077  Agricultural scientist                     All Industries
A223  Agricultural specialist                    All Industries
A077  Agricultural-research man                  All Industries
A223  Agriculture technician                     All Industries
B022  Agriculture-research director              All Industries
A077  Agriculturist                              All Industries
A077  Agronomist                                 All Industries
D389  Aide, office                               80
K465  Aide, welfare                              All Industries
K445  Aide, n. s.                                802
K447  Aide, n. s.                                805-809
K468  Aide, n. s.                                821,836
K467  Aide, n. s.                                835
A216  Aide, n. s.                                Engineering office 871
H867  Aide, n. s.                                Surveying 871
A225  Air analyst                                All Industries
H889  Air and water filler                       All Industries
F768  Air chipper                                33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,
K453  Air deodorizer servicer                    All Industries
F759  Air drier                                  261-263
F759  Air drier machine operator                 261-263
F709  Air grinder                                33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,
F777  Air hole driller                           39(exc.394)
E696  Air pumper                                 10-14
K453  Air purifier service                       All Industries
F796  Air sampler                                10-14
F764  Air table operator                         All Industries
A225  Air tester                                 333-339
A227  Air traffic coordinator                    All Industries
A227  Air traffic-control specialist             All Industries
A227  Air traffic-controller                     All Industries
F797  Air value tester                           All Industries
F709  Air-bag buffer                             302-306
E684  Air-bag builder                            302-306
F758  Air-bag curer                              302-306
F777  Air-bag stripper                           302-306
F797  Air-box tester                             372,376
E516  Air-brake adjuster                         40
E516  Air-brake man                              40
G825  Air-brake operator                         40
E516  Air-brake rigger                           40
E689  Air-brake tester                           40
H869  Air-breaker operator                       15-17
F774  Air-brush artist                           All Industries
F759  Air-brush decorator                        326
F759  Air-brush operator                         20-39
E696  Air-compressor operator                    All Industries
E505  Air-conditioning installer, auto           All Industries
E593  Air-conditioning installer, insulation 
        work                                     All Industries
E585  Air-conditioning installer, pipe or
        steam fitter                             All Industries
E596  Air-conditioning installer, sheet metal    All Industries
E526  Air-conditioning installer, window unit    All Industries
E534  Air-conditioning installer, n. s.          All Industries
E505  Air-conditioning specialist                371,527,55,752-754
E534  Air-conditioning specialist                Exc. 371,527,55,752-754
E689  Air-conditioning unit tester               355,356,358,359
E599  Air-drill operator                         10-14
H869  Air-drill operator                         15-17
E579  Air-drill operator                         373
H869  Air-gun operator                           15-17
E599  Air-hammer operator                        10-14
H869  Air-hammer operator                        Exc. 10-14
G848  Air-hoist operator                         All Industries
G825  Air-hose coupler                           40
G848  Air-lift operator                          All Industries
F777  Air-reduction-equipment operator           20-39
A227  Air-route controller                       45,96,97
A227  Air-route-traffic controller               45,96,97
H496  Air-saw man                                241
G853  Air-shovel operator                        All Industries
F713  Air-table man                              33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,
H869  Air-tool operator                          15-17
F777  Air-tool operator                          20-39
F777  Air-tube releaser                          301
H887  Aircraft cleaner                           All Industries
A227  Aircraft communicator                      45,96,97
A044  Aircraft designer                          All Industries
E547  Aircraft electrician                       All Industries
E646  Aircraft lay-out worker                    372,376
D374  Aircraft log clerk                         45
E637  Aircraft machinist                         All Industries
E653  Aircraft metalsmith                        All Industries
F717  Aircraft riveter                           All Industries
F777  Aircraft worker, n. s.                     372,376
E508  Aircraft worker, n. s.                     Exc. 372,376
F797  Aircraft-instrument tester                 20-39
E508  Airframe technician, engine                All Industries
E515  Airframe technician, exc. engine           All Industries
A226  Airline captain                            45
K463  Airline hostess                            45
A226  Airline pilot                              45
K426  Airline security representative            45
K463  Airline stewardess                         45
A228  Airline-radio operator                     All Industries
D318  Airline-station agent                      45
E567  Airman                                     10-14
E516  Airman                                     40
A226  Airplane captain                           45
H887  Airplane cleaner                           45
E684  Airplane cover maker                       All Industries
E684  Airplane coverer                           All Industries
A044  Airplane designer                          All Industries
E519  Airplane fueler                            All Industries
A226  Airplane patrolman                         All Industries
A226  Airplane pilot                             45
E519  Airplane refueler                          All Industries
E515  Airplane rigger                            All Industries
E508  Airplane tester                            372
E684  Airplane woodworker                        372
D363  Airplane-dispatch clerk                    45
K463  Airplane-flight attendant                  All Industries
K453  Airport attendant, cleaner                 All Industries
K463  Airport attendant, n. s.                   45
E575  Airport electrician                        45
E628  Airport-maintenance chief                  45
A227  Airport-traffic controller                 45,96,97
G859  Airveyor operator                          All Industries
A227  Airway controller                          45,96,97
A227  Airway-traffic controller                  45,96,97
A227  Airways-control specialist                 45,96,97
A227  Airways-operations specialist              45,96,97
F795  Alarm adjuster                             387
K426  Alarm investigator                         7381,7382
D359  Alarm operator                             7381,7382,92
D353  Alarm operator                             Fire department 92
K418  Alarm operator                             Police department 92
D315  Alarm signaler                             482,489
K469  Alcohol rubber                             722,729
A174  Alcoholic counselor, associate degree or
        higher                                   All Industries
K446  Alcoholic counselor, less than associate
        degree                                   All Industries
B003  Alderman                                   911-913
E519  Alemite operator                           40
F758  Alfalfa-dehydrator operator                204
A068  Algebraist                                 All Industries
A078  Algologist                                 All Industries
E538  Aligner                                    Typewriter 3578,3579
E505  Alignment man                              371,527,55,752-754
F777  All-around man                             20-39
A084  Allergist                                  801,803
H487  Alley boy or man, penning cattle           515
K453  Alley boy or man, n. s.                    22
K459  Alley boy or man, n. s.                    793
H889  Alley cleaner                              495
H498  Alligator hunter                           09
H498  Alligator trapper                          09
A084  Allopathic doctor                          801,803
F757  Almond blancher operator                   All Industries
E688  Almond paste mixer                         All Industries
F787  Almond-paste molder                        All Industries
E666  Alteration hand, seamstress                531,56(exc.566),5949,721
E667  Alteration hand, tailor                    531,56(exc.566),5949,721
F744  Alteration hand, n. s.                     231-238
E667  Alteration hand, n. s.                     721
E666  Alteration hand, n. s.                     7219
E666  Alteration lady                            231-238,531,56(exc.566),5949,
E667  Alteration lady                            721
E657  Alteration man                             25
E667  Alteration man                             Exc. 25
E667  Alteration tailor                          All Industries
D363  Alterations workroom clerk                 531,56(exc.566),5949
A215  Altitude-chamber technician                All Industries
F756  Alum man                                   261-263
H889  Aluminum can collector                     All Industries
F719  Aluminum molder                            All Industries
E599  Aluminum pool installer                    15-17
F783  Aluminum welder                            All Industries
E595  Aluminum-shingle roofer                    15-17
E567  Aluminum-siding applicator                 All Industries
E567  Aluminum-siding installer                  All Industries
F757  Amalgamator                                10
K446  Ambulance attendant                        All Industries
D359  Ambulance dispatcher                       All Industries
K446  Ambulance driver, attendant                All Industries
A208  Ambulance driver, para-medic               All Industries
G809  Ambulance driver, n. s.                    All Industries
A095  Ambulatory-care coordinator                806
F757  Ammonia distiller                          281,286,289
F756  Ammonia man                                261-263
F777  Ammonia-box man                            22
F756  Ammonia-box tender                         22
F757  Ammonia-nitrate operator                   Dynamite 281,286,289
F757  Ammonia-still operator                     331
D337  Amortization clerk                         63,64
F796  Ampoule examiner                           283
F754  Ampoule filler                             283
F785  Ampoule sealer                             283
F764  Ampoule washing machine operator           All Industries
A194  Amusement park entertainer                 All Industries
A214  Analysis tester                            221-224,228,282
A073  Analyst, n. s.                             10-14
D375  Analyst, n. s.                             63,64
B005  Analyst, n. s.                             91-97
A065  Analyst, n. s.                             Any not listed above
A073  Analytical chemist                         873
D386  Analytical clerk                           All Industries
A067  Analytical statistician                    All Industries
A083  Anatomist                                  822
F745  Anchor operator                            313,314
F745  Anchorer                                   313,314
A195  Anchorman or woman, news                   All Industries
A084  Anesthesiologist                           806
E653  Angle bender                               372,376
E547  Angle furnaceman                           All Industries
F769  Angle shearer                              All Industries
G855  Angle-dozer operator                       All Industries
E547  Anglesmith                                 All Industries
F734  Aniline-press man                          27
A086  Animal anatomist                           All Industries
A077  Animal breeder                             Exc. 02
I475  Animal breeder                             GOV,OBI or PR 02
I473  Animal breeder                             OBNI 02
I479  Animal caretaker                           02
H487  Animal caretaker                           Exc. 02
D389  Animal control, issuing licenses           All Industries
F795  Animal eviscerator                         All Industries
I479  Animal feeder                              01,02,08
H487  Animal feeder                              Exc. 01,02,08
A077  Animal husbandman                          Exc. 02
I475  Animal husbandman                          GOV,OBI or PR 02
I473  Animal husbandman                          OBNI 02
H485  Animal keeper, head                        02,071,072,075,076
H487  Animal keeper, n. s.                       Exc. 02,071,072,075,076
E686  Animal killer                              201
A077  Animal pathologist                         All Industries
A078  Animal physiologist                        All Industries
A077  Animal scientist                           All Industries
D379  Animal shelter clerk                       861,862,864,865,869
E686  Animal skinner                             All Industries
H889  Animal stunner                             201
A086  Animal surgeon                             All Industries
A208  Animal technician                          All Industries
A194  Animal trainer                             All Industries
K427  Animal treatment investigator              All Industries
K427  Animal warden                              92
K427  Animal-control officer                     92
D379  Animal-hospital clerk                      071,072,075,076
A086  Animal-medicine veterinarian               All Industries
K459  Animal-ride attendant                      791,794,799
A194  Animator                                   781-783,792
F745  Ankle patch molder                         313,314
F766  Annealer                                   321-323
F724  Annealer                                   33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,
F724  Annealing-furnace operator                 33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,
F724  Annealing-furnace tender                   33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,
F724  Annealing-oven operator                    33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,
F724  Annealing-torch man                        33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,
D323  Announcer                                  40,41(exc.412),45
A198  Announcer                                  483,484
A194  Announcer                                  Any not listed above
F785  Anode builder                              All Industries
E547  Anode man                                  All Industries
E518  Anode rebuilder                            All Industries
F723  Anode-machine operator                     All Industries
F723  Anodic operator                            All Industries
F723  Anodic treater                             All Industries
F723  Anodize machine operator                   All Industries
F723  Anodizer                                   All Industries
E599  Antenna installer                          15-17
E505  Antenna installer                          371,527,55,752-754
F785  Antenna installer                          Television 365,366
E505  Antenna man                                371,527,55,752-754
E599  Antenna rigger                             All Industries
F777  Antenna-machine operator                   365,366
A169  Anthropologist                             All Industries
C243  Antique collector                          593,5948,5993-5995,5999
C243  Antique dealer                             501,517-519,52-59,62,67
E658  Antique finisher                           All Industries
E658  Antique refinisher                         All Industries
E658  Antiquer                                   25
F745  Antiquer                                   313,314
F785  Antisqueak man                             371
E547  Anvil man                                  35
F717  Anvil-seating press operator               All Industries
E547  Anvilsmith                                 763,764,7692,7699
D379  Apartment locater                          All Industries
I475  Apiarist                                   GOV,OBI or PR 02
I473  Apiarist                                   OBNI 02
A077  Apiculturist                               Exc. 02
I475  Apiculturist                               GOV,OBI or PR 02
I473  Apiculturist                               OBNI 02
A096  Apothecary                                 591
H887  Apparatus cleaner                          481
C275  Apparel-rental clerk                       All Industries
B027  Appeals examiner, employment               92
B005  Appeals referee                            State Department of Labor 96
B036  Appellate conferee                         IRS 93
I479  Apple picker                               01,071,072,075,076
I479  Apple thinner                              01,071,072,075,076
I488  Apple turner                               01,071,072,075,076,514,515,5191
F799  Apple turner                               Any not listed above
H888  Apple-packing header                       514
F769  Apple-peeler operator                      203
F754  Apple-press operator                       203
E526  Appliance adjuster                         All Industries
C283  Appliance counselor                        492,496
E547  Appliance fixer, dental                    All Industries
E518  Appliance fixer, exc. dental & household   All Industries
E526  Appliance fixer, household                 All Industries
E526  Appliance installer                        All Industries
E526  Appliance man                              491,493,571,5731,5734
E547  Appliance technician                       3827,384,385,762,7694
D377  Application worker                         832,833,836,839
E593  Applicator                                 15-17(exc. roofing and stripping)
E595  Applicator                                 Roofing 15-17
E567  Applicator                                 Weather stripping 15-17
A067  Applied statistician                       All Industries
F769  Applique cutter                            All Industries
F744  Appliquer                                  20-39
E666  Appliquer                                  Exc. 20-39
D319  Appointment clerk                          All Industries
C285  Appraiser, n. s.                           593,5948,5993-5,5999,732,733,
C254  Appraiser, n. s.                           60-62,67
C285  Appraiser, n. s.                           65(exc.FHA)
C254  Appraiser, n. s.                           Bureau of Land Management 95
B005  Appraiser, n. s.                           Customs 93
C254  Appraiser, n. s.                           FHA 65
C254  Appraiser, n. s.                           Farmers home admin. 61
B005  Appraiser, n. s.                           Tax assessor's office 93
      Apprentice  —  see separate Apprentice Page
H889  Apron cleaner                              328,329
G859  Apron man                                  242-249,25
F744  Apron operator                             231-238
H889  Apron operator                             261-263
F745  Apron trimmer                              313,314
H487  Aquarist                                   All Industries
A078  Aquatic biologist                          All Industries
A194  Aquatic performer                          All Industries
A178  Arbitrator, legal                          All Industries
B027  Arbitrator, personnel                      All Industries
B027  Arbitrator, n. s.                          All Industries
F717  Arbor-press operator                       All Industries
F785  Arborer                                    39(exc.394)
A077  Arboriculturist                            Exc. 01
I476  Arboriculturist                            GOV,OBI or PR 01
I474  Arboriculturist                            OBNI 01
A077  Arborist                                   All Industries
F783  Arc cutter                                 All Industries
F783  Arc welder                                 All Industries
K459  Arcade attendant                           791,794,799
F777  Arch cushion press operator                302-306
F777  Arch-support maker                         3827,384,385
E678  Arch-support technician                    3827,384,385
A169  Archaeologist                              822
F745  Archer                                     313,314
A043  Architect                                  871
A043  Architectural designer                     871
A217  Architectural draftsman                    871
B036  Architectural examiner                     FHA 63,64
A194  Architectural modeler                      871
A043  Architectural superintendent               All Industries
A165  Archivist                                  All Industries
C243  Area captain                               271,5963
C243  Area counselor, newspaper delivery         271,5963
B033  Area-field man                             All Industries
D376  Area-land man                              491-493,496
F797  Argon tester                               281,286,289
E668  Arm maker                                  25
E668  Arm-rest builder                           25
F785  Arm-rest builder                           371
E547  Armature rewinder                          All Industries
F797  Armature tester                            All Industries
E547  Armature winder                            All Industries
K426  Armed guard                                All Industries
F747  Armhole presser                            231-238
F744  Armhole sewer                              All Industries
K426  Armored-car driver                         7381,7382
K426  Armored-car guard                          7381,7382
F777  Armored-machine operator                   331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
E547  Armorer                                    SGOV 97
A186  Arranger, music                            899
D375  Arson investigator                         63,64
K416  Arson investigator                         92
C285  Art appraiser                              All Industries
A165  Art conservator                            84
C285  Art consultant                             All Industries
A195  Art critic                                 All Industries
C243  Art dealer                                 593,5948,5993-5,5999
A185  Art director                               All Industries
A195  Art editor                                 All Industries
C243  Art gallery director                       593,5948,5993-5,5999
A165  Art gallery director                       84
F789  Art gilder                                 20-39
A188  Art restorer                               899
A105  Art therapist                              All Industries
F774  Art tracer                                 Engraving co. 272-279
A194  Art worker                                 899
F785  Art-display maker                          Art display 39(exc.394)
A185  Art-glass designer                         All Industries
E589  Art-glass setter                           321-323
K461  Art-museum aide                            84
A188  Art-statue maker                           All Industries
A223  Artificial breeder                         02,071,072,075,076
H485  Artificial breeding distributor            071,072,075,076
A223  Artificial breeding technician             02,071,072,075,076
E677  Artificial glass-eye maker                 All Industries
A223  Artificial inseminator                     02,071,072,075,076
H487  Artificial inseminator                     Exc. 02,071,072,075,076
F728  Artificial log machine operator            All Industries
E677  Artificial plastic-eye maker               All Industries
F785  Artificial-cherry maker                    39(exc.394)
F785  Artificial-flower maker                    321-323,39(exc.394)
A208  Artificial-limb fitter                     3827,384,385
E588  Artificial-marble worker                   15-17
F785  Artificial-pearl maker                     39(exc.394)
K459  Artificial-snow-making-machine operator    702-704
E563  Artificial-stone applicator                15-17
A188  Artist                                     899
C283  Artist's model                             899
B034  Artist's representative                    All Industries
E593  Asbesto worker                             15-17
F777  Asbesto worker                             244,249,328,329
E593  Asbestos coverer                           15-17
E593  Asbestos insulator                         15-17
E593  Asbestos remover                           All Industries
F777  Asbestos roller                            328,329
F777  Asbestos spinner                           328,329
F777  Asbestos wire finisher                     All Industries
E595  Asbestos-shingle roofer                    15-17
H878  Asbestos-shingle-shearing machine 
        operator                                 328,329
H875  Ash collector                              495
H889  Ash handler                                All Industries
H889  Ash man                                    All Industries
G859  Ash-conveyor man                           40
F777  Ash-kier boiler                            22
H889  Ash-pit man                                40
I488  Asparagus buncher                          514
I479  Asparagus cutter                           01,02
F759  Asphalt coater                             36
F785  Asphalt dauber                             15-17
H869  Asphalt layer                              15-17
F756  Asphalt mixer                              20-39
H869  Asphalt patcher                            15-17
H869  Asphalt paver                              15-17
H869  Asphalt raker                              15-17
H869  Asphalt smoother                           15-17
H869  Asphalt tamper                             15-17
H869  Asphalt worker                             15-17
F777  Asphalt worker                             291
E599  Asphalt-distributor tender                 15-17
E599  Asphalt-heater operator                    15-17
E599  Asphalt-heater tender                      15-17
F756  Asphalt-mixing-machine operator            15-17
E594  Asphalt-paving-machine operator            15-17
E699  Asphalt-plant operator                     15-17
E594  Asphalt-roller operator                    15-17
H869  Asphalt-spreader                           15-17
E594  Asphalt-spreader operator                  15-17
F777  Asphalt-still operator                     295,299
G855  Asphalt-surface-heater operator            15-17
E594  Asphalt-tamping machine operator           15-17
E565  Asphalt-tile-floor layer                   All Industries
A224  Assayer                                    732,733,735,7383-7389
      Assembler  —  see separate Assembler Page
B005  Assessor                                   919,93
D389  Assigner, clerical                         481
A055  Assigner, exc. clerical                    481
D363  Assignment agent                           41(exc.412)
D363  Assignment clerk                           41-43
D336  Assignment clerk                           Exc. 41-43
A055  Assignment man                             481
H868  —N. s.                                    10-14
H496  —N. s.                                    241
D354  —N. s.                                    43
K439  —N. s.                                    58
F748  —N. s.                                    721
K459  —N. s.                                    793
D389  —N. s.                                    801-804
K447  —N. s.                                    805-809
H487  —N. s.                                    Veterinarian's office 074
      Assistant  —  see separate Assistant Page
F799  Assorter                                   20-39
D354  Assorter                                   43
F748  Assorter                                   721
H883  Assorter                                   Any not listed above
A194  Astrologer                                 791,794,799
A226  Astronaut                                  All Industries
A069  Astronomer                                 All Industries
A069  Astrophysicist                             All Industries
A199  Athlete                                    791,794,799
A156  Athletic coach                             Elementary school 821
A199  Athletic coach                             Exc. 821
A157  Athletic coach                             Secondary school 821
B014  Athletic director                          821,822
A199  Athletic director                          Exc. 821,822
D365  Athletic equipment custodian               All Industries
D365  Athletic gear custodian                    All Industries
A199  Athletic trainer                           791,794,799
H486  Athletic-field custodian                   All Industries
A074  Atmospheric chemist                        All Industries
A069  Atmospheric physicist                      All Industries
A074  Atmospheric scientist                      All Industries
A069  Atomic spectroscopist                      All Industries
F783  Atomic welder                              All Industries
B005  Attache                                    FGOV 97
D336  Attendance clerk                           821,835
B036  Attendance officer                         821,835
A207  Attendant nurse                            All Industries
K453  Attendant, campground, cleaning            All Industries
K469  Attendant, checkroom                       All Industries
K438  Attendant, counter                         58
K449  Attendant, lodging facilities              All Industries
H885  Attendant, n. s                            554
H885  Attendant, n. s.                           517,527,55,753,7549
K449  Attendant, n. s.                           701-704
C275  Attendant, n. s.                           721
K469  Attendant, n. s.                           722,726,729
D389  Attendant, n. s.                           732,733,735,7383-7389
K459  Attendant, n. s.                           791,793,794,799
K446  Attendant, n. s.                           801,803,804
K445  Attendant, n. s.                           802
K447  Attendant, n. s.                           805-809
D329  Attendant, n. s.                           823
K467  Attendant, n. s.                           835
H887  Attendant, n. s.                           Car wash 752,7542
I479  Attendant, n. s.                           Chicken hatchery 02
K468  Attendant, n. s.                           Children's institution 836
K459  Attendant, n. s.                           Drive-in theater 781-783,792
K469  Attendant, n. s.                           Funeral home 726
C243  Attendant, n. s.                           OWN 541,554,58
G813  Attendant, n. s.                           Parking lot 752,7542
C277  Attendant, n. s.                           Popcorn wagon 5963
F777  Attenuator                                 All Industries
A178  Attorney                                   81
A178  Attorney general                           All Industries
A178  Attorney-at-law                            81
C284  Auctioneer                                 732,733,735,7383-7389
A228  Audio man                                  483,484
A228  Audio operator                             483,484
D329  Audio-visual aide                          821
A159  Audio-visual arts director                 821,822,835
A159  Audio-visual director                      821,822,835
A164  Audio-visual librarian                     821-823,835
A194  Audio-visual production specialist         All Industries
A159  Audio-visual specialist                    82-84,86
E523  Audio-visual technician                    All Industries
A104  Audiologist                                All Industries
A208  Audiometrist                               All Industries
D337  Audit clerk                                All Industries
D344  Audit-machine operator                     52-59
D337  Auditing clerk                             All Industries
B023  Auditor                                    All Industries
B023  Auditor of accounts                        All Industries
D385  Audograph operator                         All Industries
E598  Auger man                                  12
F756  Auger-mill operator                        325
A084  Aurist                                     801,803
A183  Author                                     899
B034  Author's agent                             732,733,735,7383-7389
E505  Auto accessories installer                 All Industries
E514  Auto bodyman                               All Industries
H887  Auto cleaner                               All Industries
H887  Auto detailer                              371,551,552,752-754
E547  Auto dismantler                            5093
G809  Auto driver                                All Industries
E547  Auto electrician                           All Industries
G804  Auto hauler                                All Industries
G813  Auto hiker                                 All Industries
H887  Auto or automotive porter                  All Industries
F759  Auto painter                               753,7549
G813  Auto parker                                752,7542
E523  Auto phone installer                       762,7694
H887  Auto polisher                              753,7549
A199  Auto racer                                 791,794,799
E514  Auto rebuilder                             Body shop 753,7549
E505  Auto rebuilder                             Exc. body shop 753,7549
F759  Auto refinisher                            All Industries
C243  Auto servicer                              OWN 554
H885  Auto servicer                              PR 554
F759  Auto striper                               All Industries
E505  Auto technician                            All Industries
E689  Auto tester                                All Industries
E514  Auto trimmer, body work                    753,7549
E668  Auto trimmer, upholstery                   753,7549
F785  Auto vinyl top installer                   371
H887  Auto washer                                All Industries
E547  Auto wrecker                               5093
F785  Auto-battery builder                       361,362,364,367,369
E514  Auto-body straightener                     All Industries
G804  Auto-carrier driver                        All Industries
G804  Auto-crane driver                          All Industries
D375  Auto-damage appraiser                      63,64,753,7549
C253  Auto-damage estimator                      63,64
E689  Auto-damage estimator                      Exc. 63,64
F777  Auto-former-machine operator               272-279
E514  Auto-glass installer                       All Industries
G804  Auto-haulaway driver                       All Industries
E689  Auto-job estimator                         All Industries
E505  Auto-radiator man                          All Industries
C275  Auto-rental agent                          All Industries
E547  Auto-salvage worker                        5093
E689  Auto-service advisor, any activity         All Industries
D359  Auto-service dispatcher                    All Industries
E689  Auto-service writer                        All Industries
E514  Auto-spring man                            All Industries
H885  Auto-tire man                              All Industries
F777  Auto-tire recapper                         All Industries
G804  Auto-transport driver                      All Industries
E505  Auto-wheel-alignment man                   All Industries
F766  Autoclave operator                         20,21,23-39
F777  Autoclave operator                         22
F777  Autoclave operator                         805-809
A194  Autographer                                Sheet music 272-279
K444  Automat-car attendant                      40
D303  Automatic chief                            482,489
A064  Automatic data processing planner          All Industries
A064  Automatic data processing system
        coordinator                              All Industries
F777  Automatic machine attendant                265
D385  Automatic operator                         482,489
F768  Automatic pattern edger                    All Industries
E529  Automatic technician                       482,489
F797  Automatic tire tester                      301
E529  Automatic-equipment technician             481
F717  Automatic-wheel line operator              All Industries
D375  Automobile damage appraiser                63,64,753,7549
D373  Automobile locator                         52-59
E637  Automobile or automotive machinist         All Industries
E505  Automobile technician                      All Industries
E689  Automobile tester                          371
E668  Automobile upholsterer                     All Industries
F785  Automobile vinyl top installer             371
E547  Automobile wrecker                         All Industries
E505  Automobile-accessory installer             All Industries
E514  Automobile-body customizer                 All Industries
E514  Automobile-bumper straightener             753,7549
D303  Automobile-club-safety-program 
        coordinator                              861,862,864,865,869
C275  Automobile-rental clerk                    All Industries
F785  Automobile-seat-cover installer            All Industries
H885  Automobile-self-service-station 
        attendant                                554
H885  Automobile-service-station attendant       554
F785  Automobile-slip-cover installer            All Industries
G804  Automobile-transport driver                421,423
E547  Automotive electrician                     All Industries
E514  Automotive metalsmith                      All Industries
E505  Automotive technician                      All Industries
E668  Automotive upholsterer                     753,7549
E505  Automotive-accessory installer             All Industries
E518  Automotive-maintenance-equipment
        servicer                                 All Industries
E599  Auxiliary equipment tender                 324,327
E695  Auxiliary man                              491-493,496
E695  Auxiliary operator                         491-493,496
D309  Auxiliary-equipment operator, data
        processing                               All Industries
E695  Auxiliary-equipment operator, n. s.        491-493,496
E695  Auxiliary-equipment tender                 15-17
A044  Aviation consultant                        All Industries
E653  Aviation metalsmith                        All Industries
A084  Aviation-medicine specialist               All Industries
A226  Aviator                                    45
E523  Avionics technician                        All Industries
E599  Awning erector                             All Industries
E599  Awning hanger                              All Industries
E599  Awning installer                           All Industries
E684  Awning maker                               239,308,25
E684  Awning maker                               Exc. 239,308,25
F709  Axle polisher                              374-379
F704  Axle turner                                All Industries
F709  Axle-bearing polisher                      374-379
I479  Axman                                      01,071,072,075,076
H495  Axman                                      08
H869  Axman                                      15-17
H496  Axman                                      241
H867  Axman                                      871
F739  Axminster weaver                           227

Last modified: October 16, 2001