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National Compensation Survey - Wages

Bo (Census Occs beginning with) ‐ Occupational Classification System Manual

Major Occupational Groups: A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | K
About the Occupational Classification System Manual
Code  Census Job Title                           Industries Affected
D336  Board attendant                            791,794,799
G859  Board boy                                  22
D386  Board boy                                  62,67
H878  Board catcher                              20-39
B022  Board chairman                             60,61
G859  Board filler                               221-224,228,283
F777  Board finisher                             225
F726  Board finisher                             242-249,25
F753  Board liner operator                       All Industries
F777  Board machine set-up operator              All Industries
B022  Board member                               All Industries
D386  Board operator                             Stock exchange 62,67
H883  Board runner                               326
H889  Board setter                               311
G859  Board stacker                              All Industries
H883  Board turner                               242-249,25
F738  Board winder                               22
D389  Board writer                               791,794,799
F713  Board-hammer operator                      All Industries
F727  Board-saw runner                           All Industries
F777  Boarder                                    22
E573  Boardhanger, drywall                       All Industries
K468  Boarding children                          836
F777  Boarding machine operator                  All Industries
K468  Boarding mother                            836
K469  Boardinghouse keeper                       702-704
F777  Boardman                                   291
F799  Boardman                                   325
E523  Boardman                                   781-783,792
D389  Boardman                                   791,794,799
D386  Boardmarker                                62,67
E567  Boat builder, wood                         373
E684  Boat canvas installer                      All Industries
G828  Boat captain, exc. fishing                 All Industries
H497  Boat captain, fishing                      All Industries
E567  Boat carpenter                             373,44
H498  Boat deckhand                              09,791,794,799
G829  Boat deckhand                              15-17,44
G828  Boat driver                                44
E567  Boat finisher                              373,44
H885  Boat fueler                                44
G829  Boat hand                                  44
K438  Boat hop                                   44
E567  Boat joiner                                373,44
G829  Boat laborer                               44
G859  Boat loader                                44
H497  Boat master                                09,791,794,799
G828  Boat master                                44
G828  Boat operator                              44
F785  Boat outfitter                             373
E579  Boat painter                               373
E547  Boat patcher, plastic                      All Industries
H497  Boat pilot                                 09,791,794,799
G828  Boat pilot                                 15-17,44
H498  Boat puller                                09
G848  Boat puller                                44
F785  Boat rigger                                555-559
F717  Boat wrapper                               373
K456  Boat-camp operator                         791,794,799
E684  Boat-canvas maker and installer            All Industries
K459  Boat-dock operator                         15-17,44
G848  Boat-hoist operator                        44
E684  Boat-oar maker                             All Industries
K456  Boathouse keeper                           44
G829  Boatman                                    15-17
G828  Boatman                                    Exc. 15-17
E628  Boatswain                                  44
E628  Boatswain's mate                           44
E567  Boatwright                                 373
G859  Bobbin boy                                 22
G859  Bobbin carrier                             22
F777  Bobbin cleaner                             22
G859  Bobbin collector                           22
H889  Bobbin disker                              321-323
F738  Bobbin doffer                              22
F777  Bobbin drier                               282
F777  Bobbin dumper                              22
F777  Bobbin fixer                               22
G859  Bobbin girl                                22
G859  Bobbin hauler                              22
F777  Bobbin man                                 Glass 321-323
F777  Bobbin marker                              22
F777  Bobbin painter                             22
F777  Bobbin presser                             All Industries
F799  Bobbin sorter                              22
F777  Bobbin stripper                            22
G859  Bobbin trucker                             20-39(exc.241)
F777  Bobbin turner                              244,249
F777  Bobbin washer                              282
F738  Bobbin winder                              22
F745  Bobbin winder                              313,314
H878  Bobbin-cleaning-machine operator           22
G806  Bobtailer                                  OWN
F785  Body builder                               371
E514  Body bumper                                371,527,55,752-754
H887  Body cleaner                               371
A217  Body designer                              371
F709  Body finisher                              371
F785  Body fitter                                371
F777  Body former                                341,343,345-347,349
H889  Body hanger                                371
F785  Body joiner                                372,376
F785  Body liner                                 372,376
F717  Body maker                                 341,343,345-347,349
E514  Body man                                   371,527,55,752-754
F785  Body man                                   372,376
F795  Body masker                                371
F706  Body press operator                        371
F759  Body sander                                371,527,55,752-754
E514  Body shopman                               371,527,55,752-754
E514  Body specialist                            371,527,55,752-754
E514  Body straightener                          371,527,55,752-754
A185  Body stylist                               371
E668  Body trimmer, upholsterer                  371
F783  Body welder                                All Industries
E505  Body wireman                               371
E514  Body worker                                371,527,55,752-754
E514  Body-and-fender man                        All Industries
E514  Body-and-fender worker                     All Industries
A217  Body-design checker                        371
F717  Body-maker machine setter                  All Industries
K426  Bodyguard                                  All Industries
E617  Bog cutter                                 14
I479  Bog worker                                 01,071,072,075,076
E617  Bog worker                                 14
F777  Boil-off man                               22
E688  Boiler                                     206
F766  Boiler                                     284
H887  Boiler blower                              331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
H887  Boiler cleaner                             All Industries
E593  Boiler coverer                             15-17
E643  Boiler erector                             All Industries
F766  Boiler fireman                             All Industries
E643  Boiler fitter                              All Industries
E643  Boiler installer                           All Industries
E696  Boiler operator                            All Industries
E643  Boiler reliner                             763,764,7692,7699
F717  Boiler riveter                             All Industries
E643  Boiler setter                              All Industries
F766  Boiler tender                              All Industries
E643  Boiler tester                              All Industries
H887  Boiler washer                              All Industries
F783  Boiler welder                              All Industries
F766  Boiler-room operator                       All Industries
H887  Boiler-tube blower                         All Industries
A214  Boiler-water tester                        All Industries
E643  Boilermaker                                All Industries
E643  Boilermaker fitter                         All Industries
E645  Boilermaker loftsman                       373
E695  Boilerman                                  261-263
F766  Boilerman                                  Exc. 261-263
H889  Boiling-house hand                         206,207,209
E519  Boiling-house oiler                        206,207,209
F757  Boiling-tub operator                       281,282,284,286-289
E688  Bologna maker                              201
H496  Bolt cutter                                241
F769  Bolt cutter                                Exc. 241
F777  Bolt header                                33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F777  Bolt labeler                               22
H883  Bolt loader                                244,249
F727  Bolt maker                                 242-249,25
F799  Bolt sorter                                All Industries
E684  Bolt threader                              All Industries
F727  Bolt-machine operator                      242-249,25
F713  Bolt-machine operator                      Nuts and bolts 345
F777  Bolt-machine operator                      Any not listed above
E597  Bolter                                     15-17
F757  Bolter                                     204
F727  Bolter                                     242-249,25
F777  Bolter                                     Any not listed above
F727  Bolter man                                 242-249,25
E617  Bolting-machine operator                   10,12,14
B025  Bond analyst                               All Industries
C255  Bond broker                                60-62,67
D337  Bond clerk                                 All Industries
C255  Bond trader                                60-62,67
B024  Bond underwriter                           Insurance co. 63,64
C253  Bond writer                                Insurance co. 63,64
E518  Bondactor machine operator                 All Industries
F783  Bonder                                     10-14,41(exc.412)
F759  Bonderite operator                         20-39
F759  Bonderizer                                 20-39
F759  Bonderizer operator                        20-39
F777  Bonding machine setter                     All Industries
F753  Bonding molder                             301
F753  Bonding-machine operator                   20-39
F783  Bondman                                    12
B025  Bondsman                                   732,733,735,7383-7389
F757  Bone cooking operator                      All Industries
F768  Bone crusher                               281,286,289
F768  Bone grinder                               20-39
E617  Bone picker                                12
F796  Bone picker                                207,209
H889  Bone picker                                281,286,289
H889  Bone puller                                207,209
F777  Bone tender                                207,209
F777  Bone worker                                All Industries
F763  Bone-char kiln operator                    206
F766  Bone-char kiln tender                      28
H878  Bone-char operator                         28
H889  Bone-char puller                           207,209
F766  Bone-drier operator                        All Industries
F777  Bone-process operator                      All Industries
E686  Boner, meat                                All Industries
E686  Boner, n. s.                               20,514
H889  Boner, n. s.                               231-238
F744  Bonnaz operator                            20-39
I476  Bonsai culturist                           GOV,OBI or PR 01
I474  Bonsai culturist                           OBNI 01
H484  Bonsai tender                              01
D338  Bonus clerk                                All Industries
C277  Book agent                                 5963
C277  Book canvasser                             5963
H889  Book cleaner                               823
F777  Book coverer                               272-279
A195  Book critic                                All Industries
E679  Book cutter                                272-279
A195  Book editor                                All Industries
E679  Book finisher                              272-279
F795  Book jogger                                272-279
E679  Book mender                                All Industries
H888  Book packer                                272-279,5961,822,823
A195  Book reviewer                              All Industries
F777  Book sewer                                 272-279
F777  Book sewing machine operator               272-279
D329  Book shelver                               822,823
C277  Book solicitor                             5963
D329  Book sorter                                All Industries
F769  Book trimmer                               272-279,822
E679  Bookbinder                                 272-279
E679  Bookbinding-machine operator               272-279
F769  Booker                                     21
H889  Booker                                     301
B034  Booker                                     483,484,781-783,791,792,794,799
B021  Bookie                                     791,794,799
B034  Booking agent                              781-783,792
D364  Booking clerk                              44
D337  Booking clerk                              50,51
D337  Bookkeeper                                 All Industries
D337  Bookkeeper and clerk                       All Industries
D338  Bookkeeper, payroll                        All Industries
D337  Bookkeeper-typing                          All Industries
D337  Bookkeeping clerk, exc. machine            All Industries
D344  Bookkeeping clerk, machine                 All Industries
D344  Bookkeeping-machine operator               All Industries
E679  Bookmaker                                  20-39
B021  Bookmaker                                  791,794,799
D386  Bookman                                    Tobacco auction warehouse 515
D329  Bookmobile driver                          823
A164  Bookmobile librarian                       823
H494  Boom boss                                  241
E699  Boom man                                   12
H496  Boom man                                   241-243,245
H878  Boom man                                   261-263
H494  Boom master                                241
E699  Boom operator                              12
E699  Boom tender                                12
G849  Boom-cat operator                          12
G859  Boom-conveyor operator                     All Industries
G849  Boom-crane operator                        All Industries
E696  Boom-pump man                              291
H496  Boom-stick man                             241-243,245
H876  Boom-storage man                           44
E699  Boomer                                     12
G849  Boomswing operator                         All Industries
K459  Booster                                    791,794,799
E696  Booster operator                           491-493,496
E696  Booster-plant operator                     491-493,496
E519  Booster-pump oiler                         All Industries
E696  Booster-pump operator                      All Industries
G859  Booster-station operator                   All Industries
F745  Boot trimmer                               313,314
K469  Bootblack                                  725
H887  Booth cleaner                              Auto 371
C274  Bootlegger                                 592,598
E684  Bootmaker, hand                            302-306
E669  Bootmaker, n. s.                           All Industries
K418  Border guard                               All Industries
F744  Border machine operator                    25
K418  Border patrolman                           92
K418  Border-patrol officer                      92
D315  Bordereau clerk                            63,64
F744  Borderer                                   225
F708  Borematic operator                         All Industries
F708  Borematic-machine operator                 All Industries
F777  Borer                                      242-249,25
F708  Borer                                      Exc. 242-249,25
F754  Boring and filling machine operator        All Industries
E598  Boring machine operator                    15-17
F777  Boring machine operator                    242-249,25
F708  Boring machine set up operator             All Industries
F708  Boring mill set up operator                All Industries
F708  Boring-machine operator                    Any not listed above
F708  Boring-mill operator                       All Industries
B021  Borough coordinator                        832,833,839
H889  Bosher                                     333-339
F756  Boss dyer                                  All Industries
I477  Boss farmer                                01,02,071,072,075,076
E613  Boss miner                                 10-14
E628  Boss, n. s.                                20-39
E686  Boston cutter                              201
A078  Botanist                                   All Industries
E675  Bottle blower                              321-323
F754  Bottle capper                              All Industries
H883  Bottle carrier                             321-323
F754  Bottle caser                               All Industries
H889  Bottle cleaner                             All Industries
H889  Bottle feeder                              20-39
F754  Bottle filler                              All Industries
F797  Bottle gager                               208
G804  Bottle hop                                 202
F754  Bottle labeler                             All Industries
F754  Bottle packer                              All Industries
F796  Bottle selector                            321-323
F799  Bottle sorter                              All Industries
F797  Bottle tester                              208
H889  Bottle washer                              All Industries
C276  Bottle-booth attendant                     52-59
F754  Bottle-capping-machine operator            All Industries
F754  Bottle-line girl                           All Industries
F755  Bottle-machine operator                    321-323
F764  Bottle-washing-machine operator            All Industries
I479  Bottler                                    02,071,072,075,076
F754  Bottler                                    Exc. 02,071,072,075,076
F754  Bottling-line operator                     All Industries
F754  Bottling-machine operator                  All Industries
F754  Bottling-room boy                          208
G859  Bottom cager                               10-14
F745  Bottom cementer                            302-306,313,314
G849  Bottom craneman                            331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F745  Bottom filler                              313,314
F745  Bottom finisher                            313,314
E563  Bottom liner                               331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F785  Bottom liner                               373
H496  Bottom loader                              241
H496  Bottom maker                               241
H889  Bottom maker                               331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
G859  Bottom man                                 12
H869  Bottom man                                 15-17
F745  Bottom painter                             313,314
F745  Bottom polisher                            313,314
F709  Bottom polisher                            Exc. 313,314
F709  Bottom sander                              20-39
F727  Bottom saw operator                        All Industries
F745  Bottom sprayer                             313,314
F726  Bottom turning lathe turner                All Industries
F757  Bottom-precipitator operator               All Industries
G859  Bottomer                                   12
F753  Bottomer operator                          265
K426  Bouncer                                    58,791,794,799
H498  Bounty hunter                              All Industries
H498  Bounty trapper                             All Industries
F744  Bow maker                                  231-238
F785  Bow maker                                  313,314
F787  Bow maker                                  Any not listed above
F777  Bow maker machine tender                   All Industries
F777  Bow making machine operator                22
F745  Bow-machine operator                       313,314
E535  Bow-rehairer                               All Industries
F777  Bowker                                     22
F726  Bowl turner                                Smoking pipes 39(exc.394)
K459  Bowling alley attendant                    793
E689  Bowling ball grader                        All Industries
E689  Bowling ball marker                        All Industries
F758  Bowling ball molder                        394
K456  Bowling-alley operator                     793
E599  Bowling-alley refinisher                   15-17
F759  Bowling-pin refinisher                     394
H496  Bowman                                     241
F724  Box annealer                               331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F785  Box boy                                    20-39
H877  Box boy                                    541
F777  Box brander                                All Industries
H495  Box chipper                                08
F795  Box coverer, hand                          265
H495  Box cutter                                 08
D363  Box estimator                              265
F777  Box fabricator                             All Industries
F777  Box finisher                               All Industries
F787  Box folder, hand                           All Industries
H889  Box lidder                                 20-39
F777  Box liner                                  All Industries
F753  Box lining machine operator                All Industries
E617  Box loader                                 14
F717  Box maker, metal                           All Industries
F785  Box maker, paperboard or wood              All Industries
K459  Box man, gambling                          All Industries
K459  Box man, n. s.                             791,794,799
H889  Box nailer                                 20-39
H888  Box packer                                 20-39
F734  Box pressman                               All Industries
F734  Box printer                                All Industries
H495  Box puller                                 08
F753  Box sealing machine operator               All Industries
H878  Box stacker                                All Industries
F765  Box stamper                                All Industries
F729  Box stapler                                All Industries
F754  Box strapper                               All Industries
F738  Box tender                                 All Industries
H889  Box turner                                 Fruit cannery 203
F777  Box-blank machine operator                 All Industries
H883  Box-car bracer                             All Industries
D368  Box-car checker                            40
H883  Box-car loader                             All Industries
H887  Box-car washer                             All Industries
F754  Box-closing-machine operator               All Industries
F765  Box-folding-machine operator               All Industries
F777  Box-machine operator                       All Industries
C276  Box-office girl                            781-783,792
H877  Box-order girl                             Hosiery 225
F785  Box-spring maker                           25
F748  Box-storage worker                         721
F745  Box-toe maker                              313,314
H887  Box-truck washer                           201
H495  Boxer                                      08
H888  Boxer                                      20-39
H877  Boxer                                      541-544,546,549
A199  Boxer                                      791,794,799
F754  Boxer operator                             All Industries
B034  Boxing promoter                            791,794,799
A199  Boxing trainer                             791,794,799
F754  Boxing-machine operator                    20-39
A175  Boys' adviser, counselor or worker         702-704,861,862,864,865,869
A163  Boys' adviser, counselor or worker         821,835
A174  Boys' adviser, counselor or worker         832,836,839
A175  Boys' secretary                            861,862,864,865,869

Last modified: October 16, 2001