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National Compensation Survey - Wages

G (Census Occs beginning with) ‐ Occupational Classification System Manual

Major Occupational Groups: A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | K
About the Occupational Classification System Manual
Code  Census Job Title                           Industries Affected
A227  G.C.A. technician                          45,96,97
E675  Gaffer                                     321-323
E523  Gaffer                                     781-783,792
H498  Gaffman                                    09
A183  Gag writer                                 All Industries
E684  Gage checker                               33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
E684  Gage controller                            387
A217  Gage designer                              All Industries
E634  Gage maker                                 33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F777  Gage-machine operator                      351,353-356,358,359
E628  Gager, chief                               13,291,46
E699  Gager, n. s.                               10,13,14,46,492,496,493
F796  Gager, n. s.                               20-39
B036  Gager, n. s.                               91-97
H889  Gaggerman                                  33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
K444  Galley boy                                 15-17,44
F777  Galley boy                                 27
K436  Galley cook                                44
F736  Galley stripper                            All Industries
F723  Galvanizer                                 All Industries
F723  Galvanizing-pot runner                     All Industries
E686  Gamb cutter                                201
K459  Gambler                                    791,794,799
K459  Gambling dealer                            791,794,799
K459  Gambling monitor                           All Industries
H889  Gambreler                                  201
K423  Game and fish protector                    08,09,919,95,96
A183  Game author                                272-279
K459  Game operator                              701,791,794,799
K423  Game protector                             08,09,919,95,96
A223  Game technician                            All Industries
H498  Game trapper                               08
K423  Game warden                                09,95
I475  Game-bird farmer                           GOV,OBI or PR 02
I473  Game-bird farmer                           OBNI 02
K459  Game-room attendant                        791,794,799
H498  Gamekeeper                                 09,95
K418  Gamewell operator                          All Industries
K459  Gaming-table operator                      701,791,794,799
A225  Gamma facilities operator                  All Industries
A225  Gamma-ray operator                         13
H889  Gandy dancer                               40
I477  Gang boss                                  01,02,071,072,075,076
E613  Gang boss                                  10-14
E558  Gang boss                                  15-17
H494  Gang boss                                  241-243,245
G843  Gang boss                                  Stevedoring 44
E628  Gang leader                                20-39
G843  Gang leader                                40
H876  Gang leader                                Stevedoring co. 44
E615  Gang miner, blasting                       12
E616  Gang miner, n. s.                          12
E628  Gang pusher                                13
F777  Gang pusher                                20-39
K424  Gang pusher                                State prison 92
G825  Gang rider                                 12
F769  Gang sawyer, stone                         All Industries
F727  Gang sawyer, wood                          All Industries
H878  Gang tailer                                242,243,245
E614  Gang worker                                13
F708  Gang-drill operator                        20-39
F727  Gang-head-saw operator                     All Industries
G855  Gang-mower operator                        All Industries
H876  Gang-plank workman                         44
F745  Gang-punch operator                        313,314
F713  Gang-punch operator                        374
F727  Gang-saw operator                          All Industries
G849  Gantry-crane operator                      All Industries
H885  Garage attendant                           753,7549
H885  Garage hand                                752,7542
H885  Garage laborer                             753,7549
H889  Garage servicer, industrial                753,7549
E567  Garage-door hanger                         15-17,521,523
H885  Garageman                                  GOV or PR 43,752-754
E503  Garageman                                  OWN 752-754
H875  Garbage collector, exc. truck driver       495
G804  Garbage collector, truck driver            495
H875  Garbage man                                495
H875  Garbage pick-up man                        495
E694  Garbage stoker                             495
D359  Garbage truck dispatcher                   495
G804  Garbage-truck driver                       495
K436  Garde-manger                               58,701
C268  Garden consultant                          52-59
I479  Gardener                                   01,071,072,075,076
H486  Gardener                                   Any not listed above
H486  Gardner special effects & instruction 
        models                                   078
F795  Garland maker                              39(exc.394)
F777  Garland-machine operator                   08,23-39
F796  Garment alteration examiner                539
E667  Garment cutter                             231-238
F796  Garment examiner                           20-39
F744  Garment finisher                           20-39
E666  Garment fitter, dressmaker                 531,56(exc.566),7219
E667  Garment fitter, tailor                     531,56(exc.566),721
E667  Garment fitter, n. s.                      531,56(exc.566),721
H889  Garment folder                             225,231-238
F744  Garment liner                              22,23
L403  Garment presser, hand                      88
F795  Garment presser, hand                      Exc. 88
F747  Garment presser, machine                   All Industries
D374  Garment sorter                             225,231-238
F747  Garment steamer                            22,23,721
H889  Garment turner                             225,231-238
F777  Garnett-machine operator                   22
F777  Garnett-room man                           22
F777  Garnetter                                  22
H889  Garnisher                                  206
H889  Gas & oil servicer                         527,55,58,752-754
E534  Gas adjuster                               763,764,7692,7699
A225  Gas analyst                                291
H885  Gas attendant, pumping gasoline, 
        servicing cars, etc.                     527,55,752-754
H885  Gas attendant, n.s.                        527,55,752-754
F783  Gas brazer                                 All Industries
E696  Gas compressor operator                    All Industries
F783  Gas cutter                                 All Industries
D363  Gas dispatcher                             491-493,496
H885  Gas dispenser                              527,55,752-754
D327  Gas distributor                            491-493,496
E585  Gas fitter                                 15-17
E534  Gas furnace installer                      All Industries
H885  Gas jockey                                 527,55,752-754
E699  Gas maker                                  All Industries
E539  Gas meter prover                           491
E699  Gas operator                               291
E696  Gas operator                               492,496
E539  Gas pitman                                 45
E585  Gas plumber                                15-17
E699  Gas producer                               PR
A225  Gas prover                                 492,496
H885  Gas pumper                                 527,55,752-754
F766  Gas reverser                               331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F777  Gas singer                                 22
C243  Gas station attendant                      OWN 554
H885  Gas station attendant                      PR 554
C243  Gas station operator                       OWN 554
F766  Gas tender                                 331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F797  Gas tester                                 13
A225  Gas tester                                 291
G859  Gas transfer operator                      All Industries
E699  Gas treater                                All Industries
F783  Gas welder                                 All Industries
E526  Gas-appliance adjuster                     All Industries
E526  Gas-appliance servicer                     All Industries
E526  Gas-appliance-installation man             All Industries
F783  Gas-burner operator                        All Industries
D327  Gas-distribution and emergency clerk       491
E696  Gas-engine operator                        All Industries
D363  Gas-flow regulator                         491-493,496
E585  Gas-line installer                         15-17
D359  Gas-load dispatcher                        491-493,496
E585  Gas-main fitter                            491-493,496
D366  Gas-meter reader                           All Industries
E599  Gas-pipe layer                             All Industries
E699  Gas-plant operator                         291,492,496
G859  Gas-pumping-station operator               491-493,496
G853  Gas-shovel operator                        All Industries
F783  Gas-torch brazier                          All Industries
F783  Gas-torch solderer                         All Industries
G804  Gas-truck driver                           All Industries
D344  Gas-volume computer                        291,46,491-493,496
H885  Gasateria attendant                        527,55,752-754
F706  Gasket former                              20-39
F706  Gasket maker                               All Industries
F738  Gasket winder                              229
E684  Gasket winder                              328,329
F797  Gasman                                     10-14
F777  Gasman                                     Exc. 10-14
H889  Gasoline attendant                         45
H885  Gasoline attendant                         527,55,752-754
H885  Gasoline service man                       527,55,752-754
A225  Gasoline tester                            291
E699  Gasoline-plant operator                    291
E547  Gasoline-pump installer                    All Industries
F777  Gasser                                     22
F777  Gasser-machine operator                    22
A084  Gastroenterologist                         801,803
D318  Gate agent                                 45
K459  Gate girl                                  791,794,799
K424  Gate guard                                 Correctional institution 92
K426  Gate guard                                 Exc. correctional institution 92
K426  Gate keeper                                All Industries
K425  Gate operator                              40
K426  Gate operator                              491
K459  Gate tender                                791,794,799
K426  Gate tender                                Exc. 791,794,799
K424  Gate watchman                              Correctional institution 92
K426  Gate watchman                              Exc. correctional institution 92
K426  Gateman                                    7381,7382
K459  Gateman                                    791,794,799
H495  Gatherer                                   08
F744  Gatherer                                   231-238
F787  Gatherer                                   321-323
F777  Gathering boy                              321-323
F777  Gathering machine setter                   27
H878  Gathering-machine feeder                   27
E505  Gear changer                               371
F717  Gear cutter                                All Industries
F717  Gear cutting machine operator              All Industries
F717  Gear cutting machine set-up operator       All Industries
F709  Gear finisher                              33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F717  Gear generator set up operator             All Industries
F709  Gear grinder                               33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F717  Gear hobber                                All Industries
F717  Gear hobber set up operator                All Industries
D365  Gear keeper                                44
F709  Gear lapper                                33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F709  Gear lapping machine operator              All Industries
F705  Gear milling machine set-up operator       All Industries
F705  Gear roller                                All Industries
F717  Gear setter                                33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F717  Gear shaper                                All Industries
F717  Gear shaver set up operator                All Industries
F797  Gear tester                                371
F717  Gear-hobber operator                       All Industries
F717  Gear-machine operator                      All Industries
D365  Gear-room keeper                           22
E516  Gearman                                    40
D365  Gearman                                    44
E647  Gem cutter                                 39(exc.394),pt509,5944,763,764,7692,7699
E647  Gem expert                                 39(exc.394),pt509,5944,763,764,7692,7699
A235  Gemologist                                 39(exc.394),pt509,5944,763,764,7692,7699
A169  Genealogist                                722,729
B022  General agent                              40
D379  General clerical, any activity or n. s.    All Industries
B022  General contractor                         15-17
A178  General counselor                          40,63,64
D379  General intern                             911-913
A084  General practitioner                       801,803
A095  General-duty nurse                         806
B022  General-freight agent                      40
D379  General-office clerk, any activity 
        or n.s.                                  All Industries
D379  General-office worker, any activity 
        or n.s.                                  All Industries
D318  General-passenger agent                    40
B033  General-purchasing agent                   40
F757  Generator man                              281,286-289
E547  Generator man                              371,527,55,752-754
F757  Generator operator                         281,286-289
E695  Generator operator                         Exc. 281,286-289
E547  Generator rebuilder                        371,527,55,752-754
A078  Geneticist                                 All Industries
A075  Geochemist                                 All Industries
A075  Geodesist                                  All Industries
A218  Geodetic computer                          95
A063  Geodetic surveyor                          All Industries
A076  Geographer                                 All Industries
A217  Geological draftsman                       All Industries
A075  Geological economist                       All Industries
A075  Geological scout                           13
A075  Geologist                                  All Industries
A068  Geometer                                   All Industries
A068  Geometrician                               All Industries
A075  Geomorphologist                            All Industries
A225  Geophysical computer                       13
A225  Geophysical observer                       13
A063  Geophysical prospecting surveyor           All Industries
A218  Geophysical prospector                     All Industries
A075  Geophysical trainee                        13
A075  Geophysical-laboratory director            13
A218  Geophysical-party chief                    08,13,15-17,40,43,49,871,91-97
A075  Geophysicist                               All Industries
K465  Geriatric aide                             All Industries
A095  Geriatric nurse                            All Industries
K447  Gericare-aide                              All Industries
F757  Germination worker                         All Industries
F759  Getter filler                              36
F759  Getter operator                            36
F783  Getter welder                              All Industries
F759  Gettering operator                         36
F723  Gettering-filament machine operator        All Industries
A183  Ghost writer                               899
H888  Gift packer                                All Industries
H888  Gift wrapper                               52-59
H888  Gift-basket packer                         All Industries
F777  Gig tender                                 All Industries
F777  Gigger                                     22
K469  Gigolo                                     722,729
F777  Gilder                                     272-279
F759  Gilder                                     Exc. 272-279
F777  Gill tender                                22
F777  Gill-box tender                            22
E668  Gimp tacker                                25
D368  Gin clerk                                  071,072,075,076
F777  Gin feeder                                 25
I479  Gin operator                               071,072,075,076
G848  Gin-pole operator                          15-17
I479  Ginner                                     071,072,075,076
E647  Girdler                                    Jewelry 39(exc.394)
D379  Girl friday                                All Industries
A175  Girls' adviser, counselor or worker        702-704,861,862,864,865,869
A163  Girls' adviser, counselor or worker        821
A174  Girls' adviser, counselor or worker        832,836,839
E686  Gizzard peeler                             201
E686  Gizzard puller                             201
A188  Glass artist                               321-323
E675  Glass bender                               All Industries
F709  Glass beveler                              All Industries
E675  Glass blower                               All Industries
F795  Glass breaker                              321-323
F755  Glass bulb machine adjuster                321-323
H883  Glass carrier                              321-323
F796  Glass checker                              3827,384,385
F764  Glass cleaner                              321-323
H887  Glass cleaner                              371
F764  Glass cleaning machine tender              All Industries
F769  Glass cutter                               Exc. optical goods 3827,384,385
E677  Glass cutter                               Optical goods 3827,384,385
F769  Glass cutting machine operator             All Industries
F768  Glass edger                                321-323
F793  Glass engraver                             All Industries
F793  Glass etcher                               All Industries
F768  Glass finisher                             321-323
E514  Glass fitter                               371,527,55,752-754
E589  Glass fitter                               Exc. 371,527,55,752-754
F766  Glass furnace tender                       All Industries
E589  Glass glazier                              All Industries
F768  Glass grinder                              321-323
H883  Glass handler                              321-323
E589  Glass inserter                             25,36,521,523
E589  Glass installer                            15-17,242,243,25,503,507,521,523,571
E514  Glass installer                            371,527,55,752-754
F768  Glass polisher                             321-323
F755  Glass ribbon machine operator              321-323
F755  Glass rolling machine operator             All Industries
F768  Glass sander                               321-323
F796  Glass selector                             321-323
E589  Glass setter                               20-39(exc.241),521,523,571
E514  Glass setter                               371,527,55,752-754
E677  Glass silverer                             381,382,384,385
F709  Glass smoother                             321-323
E579  Glass tinter                               321-323
F754  Glass vial filler                          All Industries
K444  Glass washer                               58,701
F753  Glass wool blanket machine feeder          All Industries
F785  Glass worker                               All Industries
E677  Glass-frame fitter                         pt333,334,pt335,pt336,508,593,5948,
F777  Glass-lathe operator                       321-323,36
H878  Glass-vial-bending conveyor feeder         342
E675  Glassware finisher                         321-323
H883  Glaze carrier                              326
F768  Glaze grinder                              326
F757  Glaze handler                              325
F759  Glaze maker                                32
F756  Glaze mixer                                20-39
F759  Glaze sprayer                              326,371
E589  Glazer                                     15-17,242,243,245,507,521,523,525
F759  Glazer                                     Any not listed above
E676  Glazier, stained glass                     32
F759  Glazier, n. s.                             32
E589  Glazier, n. s.                             Exc. 32
H878  Glazing operator, black powder             281,286,289
F759  Glazing-machine operator                   All Industries
F717  Gleason operator                           33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
H889  Globe changer                              491-493,496
H889  Globe cleaner                              491-493,496
F795  Globe mounter                              272-279
F797  Globe tester                               36
F777  Glory-hole tender                          321-323
F766  Glost kilnman                              326
H878  Glost placer                               326
F766  Glost-kiln operator                        326
F777  Glove boarder                              All Industries
F777  Glove brusher                              225
H889  Glove cleaner                              721
F744  Glove cuffer                               20-39
F743  Glove cutter                               All Industries
F796  Glove examiner                             20-39
F748  Glove finisher                             721
H889  Glove former exc. automatic                All Industries
H878  Glove former, automatic                    All Industries
F744  Glove maker                                20-39
F744  Glove operator                             20-39
F744  Glove sewer                                All Industries
F744  Glove stitcher                             All Industries
H889  Glove turner                               All Industries
H888  Glove wrapper                              20-39
F744  Glove-machine operator                     20-39
F777  Glue cook                                  20-39
F777  Glue maker, bone                           All Industries
F777  Glue maker, n. s.                          All Industries
F753  Glue man                                   All Industries
F756  Glue mixer                                 All Industries
F777  Glue size machine operator                 25
F777  Glue sprayer                               242-249,25
F777  Glue spreader, veneer                      All Industries
F777  Glue spreading machine operator            311
F785  Glue-clamp operator                        242-249,25
F728  Glue-jointer operator                      All Industries
F777  Glue-machine operator                      242-249,25
F753  Glue-machine operator                      Exc. 242-249,25
F753  Glue-mounter operator                      267
F777  Glue-wheel operator                        242-249,25
F797  Glued wood tester                          All Industries
F753  Gluer                                      All Industries
F753  Gluer-in                                   39
H878  Gluing-machine offbearer                   244,249
F777  Gluing-machine operator                    242-249,25
F753  Gluing-machine operator                    Exc. 242-249,25
F757  Gluten-settling tender                     204
F757  Glycerine-plant operator                   281,286,289
A193  Go-go girl or boy                          791,794,799
G804  Goat driver                                02,071,072,075,076
G824  Goat driver                                331
I479  Goat herder                                02
A224  Gold assayer                               732,733,735,7383-7389
E647  Gold beater                                341,343,347,349
F777  Gold blower                                272-279
H889  Gold burnisher                             326
B029  Gold buyer                                 OWN 509(exc.5093)
F786  Gold cutter                                341,343,347,349
F777  Gold layer                                 272-279
F777  Gold layer                                 Exc. 272-279
F777  Gold letterer                              272-279
E615  Gold miner, blasting                       10
E616  Gold miner, n. s.                          10
F723  Gold plater                                39(exc.394)
A235  Gold prospector                            10
F768  Gold reclaimer                             All Industries
F777  Gold stamper                               272-279,39(exc.394)
F777  Gold tooler                                315-319
F777  Gold-leaf layer                            All Industries
F777  Gold-leaf printer                          52-59
E647  Goldbeater                                 Jewelry 39(exc.394)
E647  Goldsmith                                  39(exc.394)
K459  Golf caddy                                 791,794,799
E684  Golf club head former                      All Industries
E547  Golf club maker                            394
A159  Golf pro                                   791,794,799
F795  Golf-ball marker                           394
F755  Golf-ball molder                           394
F777  Golf-ball winder                           394
H486  Golf-course keeper                         791,794,799
H486  Golf-course laborer                        791,794,799
K426  Golf-course ranger                         791,794,799
K459  Golf-course starter                        791,794,799
K459  Golf-range attendant                       791,794,799
A199  Golfer                                     791,794,799
C277  Good humorette                             5963
C277  Good-humor man                             5963
H877  Goods layer                                221-224,228
C283  Goodwill ambassador                        5963,732,733,735,7383-7389
C283  Goodwill representative                    208
F745  Goodyear stitcher                          313,314
F745  Goodyear welter                            313,314
H496  Gopher                                     241
H496  Gopherman                                  241
F745  Gore cutter                                313,314
F744  Gore maker                                 231-238
F744  Gore seamer                                372,376
F745  Gore stitcher                              313,314
A177  Gospel worker                              866
F726  Gouger, wood                               244,249
F745  Gouger, n. s.                              313,314
L406  Governess                                  88
D379  Government clerk                           91-97
B036  Government gager                           91-97
K426  Government guard                           91-97
B004  Governor                                   911-913
H496  Grab driver                                241
H496  Grab hooker                                241
F777  Grab operator                              206,207,209
H496  Grab setter                                241
H496  Grab-jack man                              241
G855  Gradall operator                           15-17
B035  Grade checker                              15-17
E599  Grade setter                               15-17
H869  Grade tamper                               15-17
G855  Grader man                                 10-14,15-17
G855  Grader operator                            10-14,15-17
G855  Grader patrolman                           15-17
D387  Grader, clerical                           821,822,835
D379  Grader, clerical                           91-97
I488  Grader, n. s.                              01,071,072,075,076,514,515,5191,5992
H869  Grader, n. s.                              15-17(exc. road maintenance)
H889  Grader, n. s.                              40,481
D387  Grader, n. s.                              821,822,835
B036  Grader, n. s.                              FGOV
G855  Grader, n. s.                              Road maintenance 15-17
F799  Grader, n. s.                              Any not listed above
D387  Grading clerk                              821
G855  Grading-machine operator                   10-14,15-17
A095  Graduate nurse                             806
F769  Graduating-machine operator                381,382,384,385
H484  Grafter                                    01,071,072,075,076
B028  Grain broker                               515
C255  Grain broker                               62,67
B028  Grain buyer                                204,422,515
F757  Grain cleaner                              All Industries
I479  Grain combiner                             01,02,071,072,075,076
D364  Grain elevator clerk                       204,208
I475  Grain farmer                               GOV,OBI or PR 01
I473  Grain farmer                               OBNI 01
I488  Grain grader                               422,515
H876  Grain handler                              44
H883  Grain handler                              515
F756  Grain mixer                                515
H888  Grain packer                               515
F799  Grain picker                               204
F763  Grain roaster                              204
H888  Grain sacker                               204
B036  Grain sampler                              96
F798  Grain sampler                              Exc. 96
H883  Grain scooper                              All Industries
B028  Grain shipper                              515
H883  Grain shoveler                             All Industries
F777  Grain spouter                              204
I479  Grain thresher                             01,02,071,072,075,076
C255  Grain trader                               62,67
H876  Grain trimmer                              44
H889  Grain trimmer                              Exc. 44
I479  Grain-combine driver                       01,02,071,072,075,076
B028  Grain-elevator man                         All Industries
F763  Grain-wafer machine operator               204
E658  Grainer, machine                           242-249,25
H878  Grainer, machine                           Exc. 242-249,25
E658  Grainer, n. s.                             242-249,25
F755  Graining press operator                    All Industries
B021  Grand scribe                               861,862,864,865,869
E675  Granite cutter                             328,329
F709  Granite polisher                           328,329
E563  Granite setter                             15-17
E675  Granite worker                             328,329
E563  Granite-block paver                        15-17
A197  Grant writer                               All Industries
F769  Granulating-machine operator               21
F756  Granulator                                 283
F763  Granulator operator                        206
F777  Granulator tender                          33
F757  Grape crusher                              208
I479  Grape cutter                               01,071,072,075,076
I479  Grape picker                               01,071,072,075,076
I479  Grape pruner                               071,072,075,076
A188  Graphic artist                             All Industries
F777  Graphic arts technician                    All Industries
A185  Graphic designer                           All Industries
F709  Graphite grinder                           39(exc.394)
F777  Graphite pan-drier tender                  All Industries
A194  Graphologist                               791,794,799
D345  Graphotype operator                        All Industries
H496  Grappler                                   241
H486  Grass cutter                               All Industries
F768  Grated cheese maker                        202
H486  Grave cleaner                              All Industries
H889  Grave digger                               65
G804  Gravel hauler                              15-17
E595  Gravel roofer                              15-17
H869  Gravel screener                            15-17
D368  Gravel weigher                             All Industries
G859  Gravel wheeler                             All Industries
F777  Gravel-machine operator                    328,329
G804  Gravel-truck driver                        All Industries
A225  Gravity-meter operator                     13
A225  Gravity-prospecting operator               13
A223  Grazier                                    FGOV
A223  Grazing aide                               All Industries
A223  Grazing examiner                           All Industries
F777  Grease and tallow pumper                   207,209
F795  Grease buffer                              39(exc.394)
E628  Grease maker, head                         291
F756  Grease maker, n. s.                        291
F777  Grease man                                 205
H885  Grease man                                 527,55,752-754
E519  Grease man                                 Any not listed above
H885  Grease monkey                              421,423,527,55,752-754
E519  Grease monkey                              Exc. 421,423,527,55,752-754
E519  Grease packer                              40
F757  Grease refiner operator                    207,209
F777  Grease renderer                            207,209
E519  Grease-cup filler                          40
H885  Grease-rack worker                         527,55,752-754
F777  Greaser                                    205
H889  Greaser                                    348
H885  Greaser                                    41(exc.412),527,55,752-754
E517  Greaser                                    508,525,763,764,7692,7699
E519  Greaser                                    Any not listed above
F777  Greaser operator                           231-238
H878  Green chainer                              242,243
H878  Green chainman                             242,243
H494  Green-chain boss                           242,243
H878  Green-chain operator                       242,243
H878  Green-chain puller                         242,243
H878  Green-chain worker                         242,243
H878  Green-chain-off-bearer                     242,243
H883  Green-end man                              242,243
F777  Green-ware caster                          All Industries
I476  Greenhouse florist                         GOV,OBI or PR 01
I474  Greenhouse florist                         OBNI 01
H484  Greenhouse laborer                         01,071,072,075,076
I477  Greenhouse superintendent                  01,071,072,075,076
H484  Greenhouse worker                          01,071,072,075,076
H486  Greenhouse worker                          5192-5199
H486  Greenhouse worker                          Cemetery 65
H486  Greens cutter                              791,794,799
H486  Greens laborer                             791,794,799
H495  Greens picker                              08
H495  Greens tier                                08
H888  Greens tier                                519
H485  Greenskeeper, head                         791,794,799
H486  Greenskeeper, laborer                      791,794,799
H486  Greenskeeper, n. s.                        791,794,799
H486  Greensman                                  781-783,792
F709  Greenstone-polisher operator               328,329
C283  Greeter                                    52-59
C277  Greeter                                    Welcome wagon 732,733,735,7383-7389
K469  Greeter                                    Any not listed above
F777  Grey boy                                   226
F777  Grey percher                               22
F777  Grey tender                                226
F777  Grey washer                                226
H878  Grey-cloth tender, printing                22
F796  Grey-goods examiner                        22
D374  Grey-goods marker                          22
A224  Grey-goods tester                          22
F719  Grey-iron molder                           33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
H883  Grey-roll man                              22
D336  Grey-stock recorder                        225
F755  Grid caster                                361,362,364,367,369
F755  Grid maker                                 361,362,364,367,369
F755  Grid molder                                361,362,364,367,369
E683  Grid operator                              361,362,364,367,369
F785  Grid trimmer                               361,362,364,367,369
F777  Gridcap-machine operator                   36
K436  Griddle man                                531,58
K436  Grill cook                                 531,58
K436  Grill girl                                 531,58
K436  Grillman                                   531,58
F768  Grinder chipper                            All Industries
F709  Grinder machine setter                     All Industries
F768  Grinder mill operator                      10
F768  Grinder operator                           204
F709  Grinder operator                           Exc. 204
F709  Grinder set up operator                    All Industries
F768  Grinder tender                             20-39
F709  Grinder, gear                              All Industries
F709  Grinder, lap                               387
F768  Grinder, n. s.                             204,26,281,286,289,302-306
H889  Grinder, n. s.                             242,243,245
E677  Grinder, n. s.                             381,382,384,385,508,593,5948,5993-5,
F709  Grinder, n. s. or other specified          Any not listed above
F709  Grinding-machine operator, exc. portable   All Industries
E599  Grinding-machine operator, portable        40,41(exc.412)
F709  Grinding-wheel dresser                     All Industries
F709  Grinding-wheel facer                       All Industries
F709  Grinding-wheel operator                    All Industries
H883  Grip                                       483,484,781-783,792
H864  Grip boss                                  483,484,781-783,792
H883  Gripman                                    483,484,781-783,792
F777  Gripper installer                          231-238
F777  Gripper-machine operator                   231-238
F768  Gristmill man                              204
F768  Gristmill operator                         204
F768  Gristmiller                                204
F709  Gritter                                    328,329
F709  Gritting-machine operator                  328,329
H889  Grizzlyman                                 10
C243  Grocer                                     541
G804  Grocery boy                                514,541
H877  Grocery caddy                              514,541
H877  Grocery carrier                            All Industries
C276  Grocery check out                          514,541
C276  Grocery checker                            All Industries
C276  Grocery clerk, checking                    514,541
C276  Grocery clerk, selling                     541
C274  Grocery clerk, selling                     542-549
H877  Grocery clerk, stocking                    514,541
H877  Grocery clerk, n. s.                       514,541
H877  Grocery sacker                             514,541
C243  Groceryman                                 541
H869  Grommet man                                15-17
F777  Grommet man                                371
F777  Grommet-machine operator                   All Industries
I479  Groom                                      02,071,072,075,076
H487  Groom                                      Exc. 02,071,072,075,076
F745  Groover                                    313,314
F769  Groover                                    Exc. 313,314
F745  Groover operator                           313,314
F769  Groover operator                           Exc. 313,314
F745  Groover runner                             313,314
F769  Groover runner                             Exc. 313,314
F704  Grooving-lathe tender                      313,314
F745  Grooving-machine operator                  313,314
F769  Grooving-machine operator                  Exc. 313,314
E613  Ground boss                                10
A227  Ground control approach technician         45,96,97
I479  Ground crewman                             071,072,075,076
H486  Ground crewman                             Baseball park 791,794,799
H869  Ground hand                                491
K463  Ground host                                45
K463  Ground hostess                             45
F789  Ground layer                               326
F756  Ground mixer                               267
E599  Ground wireman                             15-17
E503  Ground-crew chief                          45
E577  Ground-crew linesman                       491
B022  Ground-operations superintendent           45
I479  Groundman                                  071,072,075,076
E617  Groundman                                  12
H869  Groundman                                  15-17,41(exc.412),481,491-493,496
H496  Groundman                                  241
H486  Grounds caretaker                          All Industries
H486  Grounds cleaner                            All Industries
H486  Groundskeeper, n. s. or any activity       All Industries
H869  Groundsman                                 15-17
E547  Groundsman                                 45
H486  Groundsman                                 791,794,799
E599  Group leader, river & harbor soundings     All Industries
I477  Group leader, n. s.                        01,02,071,072,075,076
E628  Group leader, n. s.                        20-39
C253  Group leader, n. s.                        63,64
A175  Group leader, n. s.                        791,794,799
A175  Group leader, n. s.                        Settlement house 832,839
A167  Group tester                               821,822,835
A175  Group worker                               791,794,799
A175  Group worker                               Settlement house 832,839
D306  Group-chief operator                       481
C253  Group-insurance specialist                 63,64
A174  Group-social worker                        All Industries
E599  Grout-machine operator                     15-17
H869  Groutman                                   15-17
I477  Grove superintendent                       01
I479  Grove worker                               01,071,072,075,076
I479  Growth-media mixer, mushroom               01,071,072,075,076
I479  Grubber                                    01,071,072,075,076
H869  Grunt                                      491-493,496
H869  Grunt man                                  491-493,496
K414  Guard, chief                               92
K415  Guard, chief                               Exc. 92
K424  Guard, correctional                        All Industries
K425  Guard, crossing                            92
K424  Guard, immigration                         All Industries
K423  Guard, range                               08,09,919,95,96
K425  Guard, school crossing                     92
K426  Guard, security                            All Industries
K424  Guard, n.s.                                Correctional institution 92
K426  Guard, n.s.                                Exc. correctional institution 92
K426  Guard-operator                             7381,7382
E599  Guard-rail installer                       15-17
A163  Guidance adviser                           Veterans Administration 94
A163  Guidance counselor                         All Industries
K461  Guide                                      All Industries
F777  Guide changer                              225
F707  Guide setter                               331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
H883  Guideman                                   15-17
H878  Guider                                     39(exc.394)
F769  Guillotine operator                        All Industries
F769  Guillotine trimmer                         All Industries
A186  Guitar player                              781-783,792
E686  Gullet slitter                             201
F777  Gum cook                                   All Industries
H495  Gum dipper                                 08
F777  Gum maker                                  206
F777  Gum man                                    22
F756  Gum mixer                                  272-279
H883  Gum puller                                 206
F777  Gum remover                                206
F756  Gum rolling machine operator               All Industries
G806  Gum-machine filler                         Vending machine sales 5962
F777  Gum-machine operator                       206
F753  Gummer                                     All Industries
F753  Gumming-machine operator                   All Industries
F795  Gun barrel finisher                        All Industries
I479  Gun fertilizer                             01,071,072,075,076
E547  Gun fitter                                 348
E615  Gun perforator                             13
F704  Gun profiler                               All Industries
E684  Gun stock checker                          348
E684  Gun stock maker                            348
F777  Gun stocker                                341,343,347,349
E547  Gun synchronizer                           All Industries
E547  Gun tester                                 341,343,347,349
A216  Gun tester                                 348
F783  Gun welder                                 All Industries
E615  Gun-perforator loader                      13
F756  Gunite man                                 15-17
F756  Gunite nozzleman                           15-17
H498  Gunner                                     09
F763  Gunner                                     204
E547  Gunsmith                                   763,764,7692,7699
F744  Gusset edger                               225
F777  Gusset maker                               All Industries
F744  Gusset stitcher                            20-30,311,315-319,32-39
H889  Gut carrier                                201
E686  Gut cleaner                                201
E686  Gut dropper                                201
E686  Gut puller                                 201
E686  Gut snatcher                               201
E686  Gutter                                     All Industries
E653  Gutter hanger                              15-17
E653  Gutter installer                           15-17
H496  Gutterman                                  241
G853  Guyline operator                           15-17
E599  Guzzler builder                            43,91-97
K459  Gym attendant                              All Industries
A084  Gynecologist                               801,803
E595  Gypsum roofer                              15-17
E563  Gypsum-block setter                        15-17
E535  Gyro-compass testman                       381,382(exc.3827)
A215  Gyroscope technician                       All Industries
E535  Gyroscopic-instrument tester               372,45

Last modified: October 16, 2001