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National Compensation Survey - Wages

K (Census Occs beginning with) ‐ Occupational Classification System Manual

Major Occupational Groups: A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | K
About the Occupational Classification System Manual
Code  Census Job Title                           Industries Affected
D385  K.S.T. operator                            All Industries
E579  Kalsominer                                 15-17
F777  Kapok machine operator                     All Industries
D336  Kardex clerk                               All Industries
F713  Keel-press operator                        373
A235  Keeler-polygraph operator                  All Industries
B017  Keeper                                     OWN Boarding house 702-704
K469  Keeper                                     OWN Rooming house 702-704
B017  Keeper                                     OWN Tourist cabins 701
K469  Keeper                                     OWN Tourist home 702-704
K456  Keeper                                     Yacht basin 44
H487  Keeper                                     Zoo 84
F754  Keg filler                                 208
F754  Keg header                                 All Industries
F785  Keg raiser                                 244,249
F789  Keg varnisher                              244,249
H889  Keg washer                                 208
E634  Keller-machine operator                    20-39
F734  Kelly-machine operator                     272-279
H498  Kelp cutter                                09
H498  Kelp gatherer                              09
H487  Kennel boy                                 Kennel boarding 071,072,075,076
I479  Kennel boy                                 Raising and breeding kennels 02
H487  Kennel keeper                              Kennel boarding 071,072,075,076
I475  Kennel keeper                              Raising and breeding kennels GOV,OBI or
                                                   PR 02
I473  Kennel keeper                              Raising and breeding kennels OBNI 02
H487  Kennel worker                              Kennel boarding 071,072,075,076
I479  Kennel worker                              Raising and breeding kennels 02
H487  Kennelman                                  Kennel boarding 071,072,075,076
I479  Kennelman                                  Raising and breeding kennels 02
K459  Keno clerk                                 701,791,794,799
K459  Keno dealer                                791,794,799
K459  Keno writer                                791,794,799
F727  Kerfer-machine operator                    25
H887  Kerrick-kleaner operator                   45
H887  Kettle cleaner                             208
H869  Kettle firer                               15-17
C277  Kettle girl                                Salvation Army 832,839
F777  Kettle hand                                22
H889  Kettle loader                              285
F757  Kettle operator                            28
F766  Kettle skimmer                             33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F756  Kettle tender                              206,22
F757  Kettle tender                              Mfg. exc. 206,22
H869  Kettle worker                              15-17
F777  Kettle worker                              284
F766  Kettle worker                              333-339
H869  Kettleman                                  15-17
F756  Kettleman                                  22
F766  Kettleman                                  333-339
F777  Kettleman                                  Any not listed above
F777  Kettler                                    22
F717  Key cutter                                 All Industries
F709  Key filer                                  39(exc.394)
K459  Key girl                                   791,794,799
F717  Key maker                                  All Industries
D385  Key puncher                                All Industries
F777  Key ringer                                 3578,3579
F709  Key sander                                 39(exc.394)
D385  Key station terminal operator              All Industries
F736  Keyboard operator, exc. teletype or
        varitype                                 27
D385  Keyboard operator, teletype or varitype    27
D385  Keying-machine operator                    272-279
K459  Keyman                                     791,794,799
D385  Keypunch operator                          All Industries
F705  Keyseater operator                         All Industries
F705  Keyseating-machine set-up-operator         All Industries
F717  Keysmith                                   763,764,7692,7699
F777  Kibbler                                    204
F706  Kick press setter                          All Industries
F706  Kick-press operator                        All Industries
F777  Kicking-machine operator                   311
F786  Kidney puller                              201
F786  Kidney trimmer                             201
F777  Kier boiler                                22
F777  Kier boy                                   22
F777  Kier hand                                  22
F777  Kier operator                              22
F777  Kier pleater                               22
F777  Kier tender                                22
F777  Kierman                                    22
F786  Killer                                     201
F766  Kiln burner                                201,229,239,24-39
F766  Kiln charger                               324,327
H887  Kiln cleaner                               324,325,327
H889  Kiln drawer                                20-22,239,24-39
F766  Kiln fireman                               20-22,239,24-39
F766  Kiln firer                                 281,286,289,331
F785  Kiln furniture caster                      All Industries
H889  Kiln hand                                  326
H878  Kiln loader                                201-207,209,21,22,239,24-39
H889  Kiln loader                                208
F766  Kiln operator                              All Industries
F766  Kiln packer                                331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
H878  Kiln placer                                326
H883  Kiln puller                                242-249,25
H883  Kiln pusher                                242-249,25
H878  Kiln remover                               201,229,239,24-39
E563  Kiln repairer                              324,327,331
F795  Kiln setter                                325,326
F766  Kiln stoker                                326
F766  Kiln tender                                All Industries
F797  Kiln tester                                242-249,25
H889  Kiln worker                                325,326
E599  Kiln-door builder, brick & tile            All Industries
E563  Kiln-maintenance man                       325,331
G859  Kiln-transfer operator                     242-244,249
H889  Kilnman                                    242-249,25,325
F766  Kilnman                                    Exc. 242-249,25,325
K468  Kindergartner                              821
E684  Kingsbury-machine operator                 33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F756  Kiss-machine operator                      206
K444  Kitchen aide, exc. food preparation        All Industries
K439  Kitchen aide, food preparation             All Industries
L407  Kitchen boy                                88
K444  Kitchen boy                                Exc. 88
K436  Kitchen chef                               58
A185  Kitchen designer                           All Industries
L407  Kitchen girl                               88
K444  Kitchen girl                               Exc. 88
K444  Kitchen runner                             All Industries
K444  Kitchen steward                            All Industries
L407  Kitchen worker                             88
K444  Kitchen worker                             Exc. 88
L407  Kitchenmaid                                88
K444  Kitchenmaid                                Exc. 88
L407  Kitchenman                                 88
K444  Kitchenman                                 Exc. 88
D363  Kitman                                     371
F797  Klystrom-tube tester                       36
I479  Knapsack sprayer                           01,071,072,075,076
F756  Kneader                                    205,546
F777  Kneader                                    Exc. 205,546
F727  Knee bolter                                242,243
E519  Knife changer                              21,261-263
F743  Knife cutter                               225
E667  Knife cutter                               231-238
F709  Knife edger                                All Industries
F777  Knife finisher                             22
F709  Knife glazer                               All Industries
F709  Knife grinder                              All Industries
F769  Knife operator                             261-263,265
E519  Knife setter                               207,209,21,261-263
F727  Knife setter                               242-249,25
F709  Knife sharpener                            763,764,7692,7699
F709  Knife-blade polisher                       All Industries
F777  Knife-machine operator                     22
E686  Knifeman                                   201
F777  Knifeman                                   22
F745  Knifer-up                                  313,314
F777  Knit-goods washer                          All Industries
F739  Knitter operator                           22,3827,384,385
F795  Knitter, hand                              22
F739  Knitter, n. s.                             22,3827,384,385
F739  Knitting machine operator                  22,282,3827,384,385
F797  Knitting tester                            225
E503  Knitting-machine fixer, head               22
E518  Knitting-machine fixer, n. s.              22
H888  Knockdown man                              20-39
H889  Knocker                                    201
H878  Knocker                                    207,209
F785  Knocker-off                                244,249,321-323
H889  Knocker-off                                331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
H889  Knocker-out                                331
H889  Knockout man                               331
F777  Knockout-machine operator                  206
F785  Knockup man                                242-249,25
F777  Knot borer                                 261-263
H496  Knot bumper                                241
F727  Knot cutter                                242-249,25
F777  Knot tier                                  All Industries
F744  Knotter                                    22
H496  Knotter                                    241
F777  Knotter                                    Any not listed above
F777  Knotter man                                261-263
F777  Knotting-machine operator                  All Industries
F717  Knuckle bender                             372,376
F713  Knuckler                                   373
F704  Knurling-machine operator                  All Industries
F774  Kodak-film finisher                        27,386,722,729,732,733,735,7383-7389,
F745  Kohinoor operator                          313,314
F777  Kosher sealer                              201
F777  Kraft-digester operator                    All Industries
F777  Kraft-mill operator                        All Industries

Last modified: October 16, 2001