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National Compensation Survey - Wages

L (Census Occs beginning with) ‐ Occupational Classification System Manual

Major Occupational Groups: A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | K
About the Occupational Classification System Manual
Code  Census Job Title                           Industries Affected
D348  L.D. operator                              481
A207  L.P. Nurse                                 806
A207  L.P.N. (Licensed-practical nurse)          806
D354  L.S.M. operator                            43
A207  L.V.N. (Licensed-vocational nurse)         807-809
H889  Label coder                                All Industries
F766  Label drier                                All Industries
F765  Label folder                               All Industries
F754  Label girl                                 20-39
F753  Label paster                               20-39
F743  Label pinker                               All Industries
F734  Label printer                              272-279
H889  Label remover                              208
F744  Label sewer                                20-30,311,315-319,32-39
F745  Label sewer                                313,314
F754  Labeler                                    All Industries
F754  Labeling-machine operator                  All Industries
B005  Labor commissioner                         96
B027  Labor conciliator                          All Industries
B034  Labor contractor, exc. farm                All Industries
I477  Labor contractor, farm                     All Industries
K453  Labor custodian                            43
A166  Labor economist                            All Industries
D373  Labor expediter                            15-17
B021  Labor representative                       861,862,864,865,869
B027  Labor-relations consultant                 All Industries
B027  Labor-relations director                   All Industries
B021  Labor-relations man                        863
B027  Labor-relations man                        Exc. 863
B021  Labor-relations specialist                 863
B027  Labor-relations specialist                 Exc. 863
B027  Labor-training man                         All Industries
A224  Laboratory analyst                         281,286,289
A223  Laboratory analyst                         Sugar 206
A223  Laboratory benchman                        Sugar 206
A073  Laboratory chemist                         All Industries
E628  Laboratory chief                           732,733,735,7383-7389
D374  Laboratory clerk                           All Industries
A224  Laboratory cureman                         281,286,289
B015  Laboratory director                        80
B014  Laboratory director                        822
E637  Laboratory machinist                       361,362,364,367,369
K446  Laboratory man                             805-809
F768  Laboratory miller                          204
A223  Laboratory sampler                         20,283
A224  Laboratory sampler                         28-29(exc.283),324,327
A216  Laboratory sampler                         Mfg. not listed above
A208  Laboratory technician, veterinary          All Industries
A208  Laboratory technician, n. s.               071,072,075,076,801,803
A224  Laboratory technician, n. s.               15-17,281,282,284-289,29,324,327
A223  Laboratory technician, n. s.               20,283
A213  Laboratory technician, n. s.               36,491
F774  Laboratory technician, n. s.               781-783,792
A203  Laboratory technician, n. s.               805,806
A203  Laboratory technician, n. s.               807-809( laboratory)
A216  Laboratory technician, n. s.               822(exc.medical school),873
E678  Laboratory technician, n. s.               Dental laboratory 807-809
A208  Laboratory technician, n. s.               Medical school 822
A216  Laboratory technician, n. s.               Mfg. not listed above
A208  Laboratory tester                          071,072,075,076,801,803
A223  Laboratory tester                          20,283
A224  Laboratory tester                          28-29(exc.283),324,327
K446  Laboratory tester                          805-809
A216  Laboratory tester                          822(exc.medical school),873
A208  Laboratory tester                          Medical school 822
A216  Laboratory tester                          Mfg. not listed above
A086  Laboratory veterinarian                    All Industries
K453  Laboratory worker, washing or cleaning
        laboratory apparatus                     822
A208  Laboratory worker, n. s.                   071,072,075,076,801,803
A223  Laboratory worker, n. s.                   20,283
A224  Laboratory worker, n. s.                   28-29(exc.283),324,327
A213  Laboratory worker, n. s.                   36,491
F774  Laboratory worker, n. s.                   781-783,792
K446  Laboratory worker, n. s.                   805-809
A216  Laboratory worker, n. s.                   822(exc.medical school),873
A208  Laboratory worker, n. s.                   Medical school 822
A216  Laboratory worker, n. s.                   Mfg. not listed above
H889  Laborer, airport maintenance               45
H483  Laborer, aquatic life                      All Industries
G829  Laborer, boat or ship                      44
H496  Laborer, brush clearing                    241
H889  Laborer, candlemaking                      39(exc.394)
G826  Laborer, car barn                          40,41(exc.412)
H487  Laborer, caring for pets                   All Industries
H889  Laborer, cheesemaking                      202
H889  Laborer, circus                            791,794,799
K449  Laborer, cleaning                          701-704,726,805,806
L407  Laborer, cleaning                          88
K453  Laborer, cleaning                          Any not listed above
H889  Laborer, concrete plant                    324,327
H869  Laborer, construction                      All Industries
H866  Laborer, construction or leak gang         491-493,496
H889  Laborer, cook-house                        281,286,289
H876  Laborer, dock or pier                      44
H878  Laborer, electroplating                    341,343,347,349
H889  Laborer, exc. track repair                 40,41(exc.412)
H888  Laborer, gold leaf                         341,343,347,349
H486  Laborer, golf course                       791,794,799
G859  Laborer, hoisting                          All Industries
H878  Laborer, hot-plate plywood press           242,243
H486  Laborer, landscape                         078
H889  Laborer, laundry                           721
I479  Laborer, livestock                         02
G859  Laborer, malthouse                         208
H889  Laborer, petroleum refinery                291
H878  Laborer, pie bakery                        205
H889  Laborer, pipelines                         46
I479  Laborer, poultry farm                      02
I479  Laborer, poultry hatchery                  02
K453  Laborer, powerhouse                        All Industries
H889  Laborer, prestressed concrete              324,327
H878  Laborer, shellfish processing              207,209
H889  Laborer, sirup machine                     204
H889  Laborer, solder making                     3334,334,3353-3355,3363,3365
H889  Laborer, tailings-dam                      10,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
H496  Laborer, tanbark                           241
H869  Laborer, track repair                      40,41(exc.412)
I479  Laborer, tree tapping                      01,071,072,075,076
H495  Laborer, tree tapping                      08
H878  Laborer, vat house                         281,286,289
H889  Laborer, warehouse                         All Industries
H876  Laborer, wharf                             All Industries
H889  Laborer, wood preserving plant             244,249
H889  Laborer, any other specified type,
        n.e.c.                                   All Industries
I479  Laborer, n. s                              01,02,071,072,075,076
H486  Laborer, n. s.                             078
H495  Laborer, n. s.                             08
H889  Laborer, n. s.                             10-14
H869  Laborer, n. s.                             15-17
H889  Laborer, n. s.                             201,229,285,311,325,39
H496  Laborer, n. s.                             241
H878  Laborer, n. s.                             283,301-306,333-339,36
H883  Laborer, n. s.                             41,42
H877  Laborer, n. s.                             541
H865  Laborer, n. s.                             554,752-754
H486  Laborer, n. s.                             Cemetery 65 or 94
H486  Laborer, n. s.                             Golf course 791,794,799
H484  Laborer, n. s.                             Greenhouse 01
H486  Laborer, n. s.                             Landscape gardening 078
H486  Laborer, n. s.                             Park
H889  Laborer, n. s.                             Any not listed above
F769  Lace cutter                                239
F777  Lace finisher                              229
F744  Lace mender                                229
F777  Lace paper machine operator                All Industries
F738  Lace roller                                355,356,358,359
F744  Lace sewer                                 20-30,311,315-319,32-39
F739  Lace weaver                                22
F738  Lace winder                                22
F739  Lacemaker                                  22
E666  Lacemaker                                  Exc. 22
F795  Lacer, hand                                All Industries
F745  Lacer, machine                             313,314
F777  Laceworker                                 22,23,315-319
E666  Laceworker                                 Exc. 22,23,315-319
F769  Lacing cutter                              282
F745  Lacing operator                            313,314
F745  Lacing-string cutter                       313,314
F723  Lacquer dipping machine operator           All Industries
F777  Lacquer maker                              285
F759  Lacquer sprayer                            20-39
F759  Lacquerer                                  20-39
K417  Ladderman                                  Fire department 92
F744  Ladies' -suit operator                     231-238
F744  Ladies' -underwear operator                231-238
K459  Ladies' attendant                          791,794,799
E563  Ladle builder                              331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
E563  Ladle cleaner                              331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
G849  Ladle craneman                             All Industries
F766  Ladle filler                               33-37(exc.348)
E563  Ladle liner                                33-34
F766  Ladle man                                  33-37(exc.348)
F766  Ladle operator                             33-37(exc.348)
E563  Ladle patcher                              33-34
F717  Ladle pourer                               33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F766  Ladle puller                               33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
H889  Ladle watcher                              331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F766  Ladle-car operator                         331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F766  Ladler                                     33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F777  Lagging machine operator                   331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
I479  Lamber                                     02
H878  Laminated plastic tabletop molding
        wrapper                                  25
F777  Laminating-machine operator                22,23
F777  Laminating-machine operator                25
F758  Laminating-machine operator                301-306
F759  Laminating-press operator                  20-39
H889  Lamination spinner                         36
E599  Laminator, inflatable buildings            302-306
F777  Laminator, n. s.                           20-39
H889  Lamp cleaner, street light                 All Industries
E617  Lamp cleaner, n. s.                        10-14
K453  Lamp replacer                              All Industries
E684  Lamp-shade maker                           All Industries
E617  Lampman                                    10-14
F777  Lampman                                    Exc. 10-14
B018  Land agent                                 43,91-97
C254  Land agent                                 Exc. 43,91-97
C254  Land appraiser                             Exc. tax appraiser's office 93
C254  Land appraiser                             Exc. tax assessor's office 93
B005  Land appraiser                             Tax appraiser's office 93
B005  Land appraiser                             Tax assessor's office 93
D368  Land checker                               A.S.C.S. 96
D376  Land classifier                            Bureau of Land Management 95
I479  Land clearer                               01,02,071,072,075,076
H869  Land clearer                               15-17
B018  Land commissioner                          40
A079  Land examiner                              241
A234  Land examiner                              Exc. 241
G855  Land leveler                               15-17
A218  Land measurer                              All Industries
A043  Land planner                               65
A063  Land surveyor, education bachelor's
        degree or higher                         All Industries
A218  Land surveyor, education less than
        bachelor's degree                        All Industries
A063  Land use mapping                           All Industries
D323  Land-leasing examiner                      95
D323  Land-leasing information clerk             95
A234  Land-title examiner                        All Industries
G859  Lander                                     10-14
H496  Landing man                                241
H496  Landing scaler                             241
B018  Landlady                                   Apartment house 65
B017  Landlady                                   Boardinghouse 702-704
B017  Landlady                                   Cabin camp 701
K469  Landlady                                   Rooming house 702-704
K469  Landlady                                   Tourist home 702-704
B018  Landlord                                   65
I475  Landlord                                   GOV,OBI or PR 01,02,071,072,075,076
I473  Landlord                                   OBNI 01,02,071,072,075,076
B018  Landman                                    13
A043  Landscape architect                        078
H485  Landscape contractor                       GOV or PR
I476  Landscape contractor                       OBI
I474  Landscape contractor                       OBNI
A043  Landscape designer                         All Industries
H486  Landscape gardener                         GOV or PR
I476  Landscape gardener                         OBI
I474  Landscape gardener                         OBNI
A188  Landscape painter                          899
H486  Landscaper                                 GOV or PR
I476  Landscaper                                 OBI
I474  Landscaper                                 OBNI
E599  Lane-marker installer                      15-17
A194  Language translator                        All Industries
F769  Lap cutter                                 261-263
F704  Lap cutter truer operator                  3827,384,385
F709  Lap grinder                                387
F777  Lap layer                                  22
F777  Lap maker                                  22
F777  Lap runner                                 22
F783  Lap welder                                 All Industries
F728  Lap-machine operator                       261-263
F755  Lap-machine tender                         301
F744  Lapel padder                               231-238
F744  Lapel stitcher                             231-238
F744  Lapeler                                    225
E647  Lapidary                                   All Industries
F728  Lapman, n. s.                              261-263
E644  Lapper, hand tool                          20-39
F777  Lapper, n. s.                              22
H889  Lapper, n. s.                              267
F745  Lapper, n. s.                              313,314
E684  Lapper, n. s.                              33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F709  Lapping machine operator                   33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F757  Lard bleacher                              201
F757  Lard maker                                 201
F756  Lard mixer                                 201
F757  Lard refiner                               201
F777  Lard renderer                              201
G824  Larriman                                   All Industries
G856  Larry operator                             All Industries
G824  Larry-car man                              All Industries
G824  Larry-car operator                         All Industries
G856  Larryman                                   All Industries
A084  Laryngologist                              801,803
F783  Laser beam machine operator                All Industries
A216  Laser specialist                           All Industries
A225  Laser technician                           All Industries
F745  Last chalker                               313,314
H887  Last cleaner                               313,314
E656  Last maker, wood                           244,249
E684  Last model maker                           All Industries
F769  Last pattern grader                        313,314
F745  Last picker                                313,314
F745  Last puller                                313,314
F777  Last scourer                               All Industries
F799  Last sorter                                313,314
F745  Last trimmer                               313,314
F777  Last turner                                244,249
F745  Laster                                     313,314
F777  Lastex operator                            302-306
F745  Lasting-machine operator                   313,314
F745  Lasting-room-machine operator              313,314
F739  Latcher                                    225
F777  Latex caster                               302-306
F777  Latex spooler                              302-306
F777  Latex-ribbon machine operator              302-306
F789  Latexer                                    All Industries
E573  Lath hand                                  15-17
H878  Lath puller                                242,243
H889  Lath tier                                  242,243
F704  Lathe hand                                 All Industries
F704  Lathe machine operator                     All Industries
E637  Lathe machinist                            All Industries
E677  Lathe operator                             Contact lenses 3827,384,385
E647  Lathe operator                             Jewelry 39(exc.394)
F704  Lathe operator                             Any not listed above
F777  Lathe sander                               All Industries
F777  Lathe spotter                              All Industries
F704  Lathe turner                               All Industries
F704  Lathe winder                               All Industries
F704  Lathe-scalper operator                     All Industries
F704  Latheman                                   All Industries
F727  Lather                                     242,243,245
E573  Lather                                     Exc. 242,243,245              .
F727  Lathmaker                                  242,243,245
H887  Latrine cleaner                            10,12,14
K414  Launch commander, harbor police            92
G828  Launch operator                            All Industries
F796  Launch-check out                           All Industries
C275  Launderette attendant                      721
L403  Laundress                                  88
F748  Laundress                                  Exc. 88
G806  Laundry agent                              721
C275  Laundry attendant                          721
H887  Laundry attendant                          752-754
C275  Laundry clerk                              All Industries
H889  Laundry laborer                            721
D343  Laundry pricing clerk                      721
G806  Laundry routeman                           721
F748  Laundry sorter                             All Industries
F787  Laundry tub maker                          All Industries
L403  Laundry worker, domestic                   88
F748  Laundry worker, n. s.                      All Industries
F748  Laundry-press operator                     721
F747  Laundry-press operator                     Exc. 721
F748  Laundryman                                 All Industries
A178  Law clerk                                  81
A178  Law examiner                               All Industries
A164  Law librarian                              All Industries
A195  Law reporter                               81
A178  Law researcher                             81
D313  Law secretary                              All Industries
A178  Law writer                                 81
K418  Law-enforcement officer                    92
K426  Law-enforcement officer                    Exc. 92
H486  Lawn caretaker                             All Industries
H486  Lawn mower                                 All Industries
E599  Lawn sprinkler installer                   15-17
H486  Lawn-maintenance man                       All Industries
H486  Lawn-mower operator                        All Industries
F709  Lawn-mower sharpener                       763,764,7692,7699
H486  Lawn-service worker                        078
A178  Lawyer                                     81
A177  Lay brother                                866
K447  Lay midwife                                8043,8049
E677  Lay-out technician                         3827,384,385
C275  Layaway clerk                              52-59
F777  Layboy operator                            20-39
F777  Layboy tender                              20-39
F777  Layer                                      231-238,24,25,324,327
H878  Layer                                      321-323
F747  Layer-off                                  231-238
F748  Layer-off                                  721
E646  Layer-out                                  Boiler 344
E646  Layer-out                                  Machine shop 355,356,358,359
E646  Layer-out                                  Mfg. not listed above
E653  Layer-out                                  Sheet metal work 344
F765  Layer-up                                   231-238,25,321-323
A188  Layout and paste-up                        272-279
A185  Layout artist                              27
A188  Layout artist                              531,555-559,731,899
F777  Layout former                              27
F777  Layout girl                                22
A217  Layout man, drafting                       All Industries
F777  Layout man, n. s.                          22
E646  Layout man, n. s.                          242-249,25,301-306,374
E597  Layout man, n. s.                          331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
E597  Layout man, n. s.                          344(exc.boiler)
E597  Layout man, n. s.                          344(exc.sheet metal)
E517  Layout man, n. s.                          352
E646  Layout man, n. s.                          36,371,373
E653  Layout man, n. s.                          372,376
E646  Layout man, n. s.                          40
A188  Layout man, n. s.                          731
E646  Layout man, n. s.                          Boiler 344
E647  Layout man, n. s.                          Jewelry 39(exc.394)
E646  Layout man, n. s.                          Machine shop 355,356,358,359
E646  Layout man, n. s.                          Neon sign 39(exc.394)
E653  Layout man, n. s.                          Sheet metal 344
E647  Layout operator                            361,362,364,367,369
E646  Layout worker                              35,39
F777  Layup man                                  272-279
F757  Leach runner                               311
F757  Leach-cell operator                        261-263
F757  Leach-tank tender                          333-339
F757  Leacher                                    261-263,311,333-339
F757  Leachman                                   311
E589  Lead applier                               321-323
F766  Lead blower                                285
K459  Lead boy                                   791,794,799
F724  Lead burner machine operator               36(exc.363)
F784  Lead burner, welding                       All Industries
F724  Lead burner, n. s.                         All Industries
G859  Lead cargoman                              45
F766  Lead caster                                333-339
D379  Lead clerk                                 All Industries
F755  Lead former                                39(exc.394)
F717  Lead former                                Exc. 391-393,395-399
G856  Lead handler                               348
K448  Lead janitor                               All Industries
G856  Lead loader                                All Industries
F766  Lead melter                                285
E615  Lead miner, blasting                       10
E616  Lead miner, n. s.                          10
E518  Lead operator                              All Industries
F766  Lead pourer                                33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F766  Lead refiner                               333-339
I479  Lead rider                                 01,02,071,072,075,076
H883  Lead setter                                285
F766  Lead shop operator                         All Industries
H889  Lead sprinkler                             285
F777  Lead vulcanizing operator                  301
F719  Lead-die molder                            372,376
F766  Lead-furnace operator                      333-339
F755  Lead-press operator                        All Industries
F757  Lead-recovery man                          291
E589  Leaded-glass man                           321-323
E628  Leader                                     20-39(exc.241)
E628  Leaderman                                  20-39(exc.241)
E599  Leadite man                                15-17
E503  Leadman, machine erecting, millwright,
        or repair                                All Industries
E628  Leadman, n. s.                             20-39
E599  Leadsman                                   15-17
E519  Leaf coverer                               All Industries
F799  Leaf size picker                           207,209
F799  Leaf sorter                                207,209
F793  Leaf stamper                               All Industries
F799  Leaf stripper                              21
H883  Leaf tier                                  21
G814  Leaf-sucker operator                       All Industries
D357  Leaflet distributor                        731
F796  Leak detector                              491-493,496
F785  Leak hunter                                208
F796  Leak hunter                                491-493,496
F797  Leakage tester                             Waste disposal 363
B018  Lease buyer                                13,14,291
A234  Lease examiner                             65
B018  Lease operator                             OWN 13
B022  Lease operator                             PR 13
F777  Lease picker                               22
F777  Lease-out man                              22
B018  Leaseman                                   13,14,291
B033  Leaseman                                   517,731
E617  Leaser                                     OWN 10,12,14
B018  Leaser                                     OWN 13
F777  Leasing machine tender                     All Industries
F769  Leather carver                             315-317,319
F748  Leather cleaner                            721
H889  Leather coater                             311
H889  Leather currier                            311
F769  Leather cutter                             All Industries
H889  Leather dresser                            311
H889  Leather drier                              311
H889  Leather finisher                           311
H889  Leather flesher                            311
F799  Leather grader                             All Industries
H889  Leather grainer                            311
F777  Leather polisher                           311
H889  Leather roller                             All Industries
H889  Leather scraper                            311
H889  Leather scrubber                           311
H889  Leather seasoner                           311
H889  Leather shaver                             311
H889  Leather skinner                            311
F745  Leather softener                           313,314
H889  Leather splitter                           311
H889  Leather sponger                            311
H889  Leather sprayer                            311
F748  Leather sprayer                            721
H889  Leather staker                             311
E669  Leather stamper                            311
H889  Leather stretcher                          311
H889  Leather tacker                             311
F777  Leather tanner                             311
H889  Leather toggler                            311
F795  Leather tooler                             311
F769  Leather trimmer                            311
H889  Leather whitener                           311
F785  Leather worker                             315-317,319
F777  Leathersmith                               311
A194  Lecturer                                   899
D337  Ledger clerk                               All Industries
D337  Ledger poster                              All Industries
E686  Leg breaker                                201
A195  Leg man                                    27
A178  Legal administrator                        92
A178  Legal adviser                              81
A234  Legal clerk                                81
A178  Legal counsel                              81
A178  Legal examiner                             43,91-97
K418  Legal investigator                         92(exc.Justice Dept.)
A178  Legal investigator                         Dept. of Justice 92
A234  Legal investigator                         PR
A179  Legal referee                              All Industries
A234  Legal research analyst (exc. lawyer)       All Industries
A178  Legal research analyst (lawyer)            All Industries
D313  Legal secretary, any activity              All Industries
D314  Legal stenographer                         81
A234  Legal technician                           All Industries
F748  Legger                                     721
F739  Legger                                     Exc. 721
A234  Legislative aide                           All Industries
B003  Legislator                                 911-913
F768  Leguillon debeader                         302-306
F766  Lehr attendant                             321-323
F766  Lehr loader                                321-323
F766  Lehr man                                   321-323
F766  Lehr operator                              321-323
F766  Lehr tender                                321-323
C277  Lei seller                                 5963
I479  Lemon picker                               01,071,072,075,076
F796  Lens blank gager                           3827,384,385
F777  Lens blocker                               381,382,384,385,508,593,5948,5993-5,
E677  Lens cementer                              All Industries
F768  Lens cleaner                               381,382,384,385,508,593,5948,5993-5,
F759  Lens coater                                386
E677  Lens cutter                                All Industries
E677  Lens dotter                                All Industries
E677  Lens edger                                 All Industries
F793  Lens engraver                              381,382,384,385,508,593,5948,5993-5,
F796  Lens examiner                              3827,384-386
E677  Lens fabricating machine-tender            All Industries
E677  Lens finisher                              All Industries
F796  Lens gager                                 3827,384-386
E677  Lens generator                             All Industries
E677  Lens grinder                               All Industries
F766  Lens hardener                              3827,384,385
E677  Lens maker                                 All Industries
F777  Lens marker                                381,382,384,385,508,593,5948,5993-5,
F785  Lens matcher                               381,382(exc.3827)
E677  Lens mounter                               All Industries
E677  Lens polisher                              All Industries
E677  Lens silverer                              All Industries
E677  Lens-shaper grinder                        All Industries
D355  Letter carrier                             43
D337  Letter-of-credit clerk                     60,61
D347  Letter-opener operator                     All Industries
E649  Letterer                                   27
E675  Letterer                                   328,329
F793  Letterer                                   732,733,735,7383-7389
F789  Letterer                                   Any not listed above
I479  Lettuce cutter                             01,071,072,075,076
I488  Lettuce trimmer                            514
F768  Level-vial grinder                         342,39(exc.394)
F795  Level-vial sealer                          All Industries
F745  Leveler                                    313,314
F707  Leveler                                    331(exc.coke),332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,
F766  Leveler                                    Coke 331
A218  Levelman                                   15-17,491,871
F705  Lever miller                               387
F713  Lever tender                               All Industries
G855  Leverman                                   10,15-17
G848  Leverman                                   241-243
F713  Leverman                                   331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
G826  Leverman                                   40
F744  Levi maker                                 231-238
A183  Lexicographer                              272-279

Last modified: October 16, 2001