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National Compensation Survey - Wages

L (Census Occs beginning with) ‐ Occupational Classification System Manual

Major Occupational Groups: A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | K
About the Occupational Classification System Manual
Code  Census Job Title                           Industries Affected
D389  Liability analyst                          State employment service 94
B037  Liaison officer                            861,862,864,865,869
A065  Liaison planner                            All Industries
A164  Librarian, medical records                 806
D335  Librarian, morgue                          27
A164  Librarian, patient's library               806
D329  Librarian, n. s.                           27
D335  Librarian, n. s.                           531,5961
A164  Librarian, n. s.                           Any not listed above
D329  Library aide                               823
D329  Library clerk                              823
B014  Library director                           823
A205  Library historian                          806
D329  Library monitor                            823
D329  Library page                               823
A235  Library technician                         823
A183  Librettist                                 899
D389  License clerk                              All Industries
D389  License distributor                        96
D389  License issuer                             96
C254  Licensed appraiser                         65
A207  Licensed attendant                         88
B025  Licensed bondsman                          732,733,735,7383-7389
E575  Licensed electrician                       15-17
K461  Licensed guide                             All Industries
E677  Licensed optical dispenser                 All Industries
E677  Licensed optician                          All Industries
A207  Licensed-practical nurse                   806
A207  Licensed-vocational nurse                  807-809
A235  Lie-detector operator                      All Industries
A234  Lien searcher                              65
K413  Lieutenant                                 Fire department 92
K414  Lieutenant                                 Police department 92
B004  Lieutenant governor                        911-913
K427  Life guard                                 All Industries
C253  Life insurance sales                       All Industries
A216  Life-support technician                    All Industries
G856  Lift driver                                All Industries
E599  Lift-slab operator                         15-17
G856  Lift-truck operator                        All Industries
H889  Lifter                                     All Industries
G856  Lifter driver                              All Industries
E505  Light adjuster                             371,527,55,752-754
K453  Light bulb replacer                        All Industries
H889  Light cleaner, street light                All Industries
K453  Light fixture servicer                     All Industries
A213  Light technician                           All Industries
F796  Light-out examiner                         208
G828  Lighter captain                            44
G829  Lighterman                                 44
G834  Lighthouse keeper                          96
A213  Lighting adviser                           All Industries
A213  Lighting specialist                        491-493,496
E547  Lighting-equipment operator                All Industries
E526  Lighting-fixture man                       506,507
E617  Lightman                                   10-14
E599  Lightning-protection installer             15-17
E599  Lightning-rod installer                    15-17
H496  Limber                                     241
F777  Lime boiler                                22
F766  Lime burner                                20-23,26-39
F756  Lime mixer                                 331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F756  Lime mixer tender                          331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F777  Lime puller                                311
F756  Lime slaker                                261-263
F756  Lime sludge mixer                          261-263,267
I479  Lime spreader                              071,072,075,076
E699  Lime-filter operator                       All Industries
H883  Lime-kiln man                              206
F766  Lime-kiln operator                         261-263,324,327
F766  Lime-kiln tender                           261-263,324,327
F756  Lime-plant operator                        324,327
F766  Limehouse man                              261-263
F756  Limeman                                    331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F777  Limer                                      311
A078  Limnologist                                All Industries
G809  Limousine driver                           All Industries
F777  Linderman                                  242-249,25
F777  Linderman operator                         242-249,25
F777  Linderman-machine operator                 242-249,25
D336  Line assigner                              481
A193  Line boy                                   781-783,792
E577  Line builder                               491
E577  Line crewman                               491-493,496
G804  Line driver                                421,423
E577  Line erector                               15-17,491-493,496
A193  Line girl                                  781-783,792
E577  Line installer                             41(exc.412)
E529  Line installer                             481
F754  Line leader                                201-203,206-209
F785  Line leader                                Exc. 201-203,206-209
E577  Line maintainer                            491-493,496
E529  Line maintenance                           481
G859  Line mover                                 374
F754  Line operator                              201-203,206-209
F785  Line operator                              348,35-38
E579  Line painting machine operator             15-17
H883  Line palletizer, stacking boxes on
        pallets                                  All Industries
E577  Line patrolman                             491
H867  Line puller                                871
I479  Line rider                                 01,02,071,072,075,076
F796  Line rider                                 46,492,493,496
K444  Line runner                                Cafeteria 58
H883  Line service man,woman                     20-39
F777  Line tender                                Building board 261-263
E527  Line tester                                481
F796  Line walker                                46,492,493,496
A055  Line-construction superintendent           481,491
D347  Line-o-scribe operator                     All Industries
H888  Line-out man                               21
H885  Line-service attendant, fueling,
        refueling                                All Industries
H883  Line-service attendant, loading,
        unloading                                45
D363  Line-up worker                             371
E575  Lineman, electrical wiring                 10-14,15-17
E577  Lineman, power line                        40,41(exc.412),49
E575  Lineman, n. s.                             10-17
F754  Lineman, n. s.                             201-203,206-209
F777  Lineman, n. s.                             204-209,21-25,265,267,27-34,394,45
E518  Lineman, n. s.                             261-263
F785  Lineman, n. s.                             348,35-38
E577  Lineman, n. s.                             40,41(exc.412),49
F796  Lineman, n. s.                             46
E527  Lineman, n. s.                             481,482,489
K438  Lineman, n. s.                             58
H867  Lineman, n. s.                             871
E529  Lineman, n. s.                             Fire protection service 7381,7382
F796  Linen checker                              721
D365  Linen checker                              Exc. 721
D365  Linen clerk                                All Industries
F748  Linen folder                               721
K449  Linen folder                               Exc. 721
K449  Linen keeper                               All Industries
K449  Linen man or woman                         All Industries
F748  Linen worker                               721
K449  Linen worker                               Exc. 721
K449  Linen-room custodian                       All Industries
K449  Linen-room worker                          All Industries
F744  Liner                                      231-238
F793  Liner                                      321-323
E563  Liner                                      331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F785  Liner                                      373
H889  Liner inserter                             21
F785  Liner installer                            Caskets 39(exc.394)
F753  Liner machine operator                     261-263
E645  Liner man                                  Shipyard 373
E518  Liner replacer                             All Industries
F777  Liner-up                                   272-279
H889  Lines tender                               44
E645  Linesman                                   373
E577  Linesman                                   491
H887  Lingo cleaner                              22
A169  Linguist                                   899
F744  Lining baster                              231-238
F745  Lining caser                               313,314
F745  Lining cleaner                             313,314
F745  Lining closer                              313,314
F769  Lining cutter                              23,26,30,31
F744  Lining feller                              231-238
F765  Lining folder                              23,26,30,31
F745  Lining layer                               313,314
F777  Lining machine operator                    324,327
F744  Lining maker                               231-238
F744  Lining setter                              231-238
F745  Lining stitcher                            313,314
F769  Link cutter                                20-39
F739  Link-knitting machine operator             All Industries
F754  Link-machine operator                      20-39
A159  Link-trainer operator                      All Industries
E518  Link-trainer-maintenance man               All Industries
H888  Linker                                     201
F785  Linker                                     39(exc.394)
E566  Linoleum installer                         15-17
E566  Linoleum layer                             15-17
F777  Linoleum printer                           20-39
E566  Linoleum-floor installer                   15-17
E566  Linoleum-tile layer                        15-17
E518  Linotype machinist                         271
F736  Linotype man                               271
F736  Linotype operator                          271
F736  Linotyper                                  271
F736  Linotypist                                 271
F757  Linseed-cake trimmer                       All Industries
F757  Linseed-oil boiler                         All Industries
F777  Linseed-oil press tender                   207,209
F757  Linseed-oil refiner                        All Industries
F757  Linseed-oil temperer                       All Industries
H889  Lint cleaner                               Cotton gin 071,072,075,076
F757  Lint man                                   207,209
F757  Linter operator                            207,209
F709  Linter saw sharpener                       All Industries
F763  Linter-drier operator                      281,286,289
F757  Linterman                                  207,209
H498  Lion hunter                                95
A194  Lion trainer                               All Industries
F745  Lip cutter                                 313,314
E699  Liquefaction-plant operator                492,496
G804  Liquid fertilizer servicer                 01,071,072,075,076
F756  Liquid sugar fortifier                     208
F756  Liquid sugar melter                        208
C255  Liquidator                                 60(exc.603,606)
B005  Liquidator                                 Customhouse 93
F757  Liquor blender                             All Industries
B005  Liquor commissioner                        State liquor commission 96
D344  Liquor controller                          58,701
F768  Liquor grinder mill operator               208
F757  Liquor maker                               20-23,26-31
F757  Liquor man                                 20-23,26-31
F757  Liquor rectifier                           208
F797  Liquor tester                              261-263
F757  Liquor-bridge operator                     Sugar 206
F757  Liquor-gallery operator                    Sugar 206
F748  Lister                                     721
D336  Lister                                     Exc. 721
D347  Listing-machine operator                   All Industries
B034  Literary agent                             732,733,735,7383-7389
A195  Literary writer                            27
A183  Literary writer                            Exc. 27
F777  Litharge-mill operator                     285
F734  Lithoduplicator operator                   272-279
F735  Lithograph designer                        272-279
F735  Lithograph operator                        272-279
F734  Lithograph printer                         272-279
F777  Lithograph-press feeder                    272-279
F734  Lithograph-press operator                  272-279
F735  Lithographer                               272-279
F735  Lithographic artist                        272-279
F735  Lithographic-camera man                    272-279
F735  Lithographic-plate maker                   272-279
F735  Lithographic-press man                     272-279
F734  Lithoplate maker                           272-279
H883  Lithopone charger                          285
F777  Lithopone millman                          285
F736  Lithopress man                             272-279
F735  Lithostripper                              272-279
G809  Livery-car driver                          All Industries
C284  Livestock auctioneer                       515
I475  Livestock breeder                          GOV,OBI or PR 02
I473  Livestock breeder                          OBNI 02
B028  Livestock broker                           515
B028  Livestock buyer                            201,515
I479  Livestock caretaker                        02
B028  Livestock dealer                           515
I475  Livestock farmer                           GOV,OBI or PR 02
I473  Livestock farmer                           OBNI 02
I479  Livestock feeder                           02
H487  Livestock feeder                           515
I479  Livestock handler                          02
H487  Livestock handler                          515
I475  Livestock rancher                          GOV,OBI or PR 02
I473  Livestock rancher                          OBNI 02
B028  Livestock speculator                       515
B028  Livestock trader                           515
G804  Livestock trucker                          OWN 421,423
B028  Livestock-commission agent                 515
D368  Load checker                               421,423
F796  Load checker                               491,492,496
E695  Load dispatcher                            491,493
E699  Load dispatcher                            492,496
G859  Load dropper                               10-14
D363  Load planner                               45
F797  Load tester                                341,343,347,349
G853  Loader operator                            10,12,14-17
G859  Loader operator                            20-23,244,249,25-39
H883  Loader operator                            241-243,245
H878  Loader, magazine grinder                   261-263
G859  Loader, ships or barges                    All Industries
I479  Loader, n. s.                              01,02,071,072,075,076
H878  Loader, n. s.                              281,282,284,286-289,291
G859  Loader, n. s.                              44
H883  Loader, n. s.                              Any not listed above
H878  Loader-unloader, screen-printing           22
F754  Loading machine adjuster                   All Industries
H878  Loading machine operator                   341,343,345-347,349
F754  Loading machine operator                   348
F717  Loading machine tool setter                All Industries
F754  Loading unit tool setter                   All Industries
H883  Loading-dock hand                          All Industries
G853  Loading-machine operator                   10,12,14-17
E519  Loading-shovel oiler                       10-14
D368  Loaf counter                               205
D376  Loan adjuster                              60,61
B025  Loan adviser                               60,61
B025  Loan analyst                               60,61
B025  Loan approver                              60,61
D316  Loan clerk                                 All Industries
D389  Loan closer                                60,61
B025  Loan counselor                             60,61
D376  Loan examiner                              60(exc.603,606)
D376  Loan expediter                             62,67
D376  Loan interviewer                           60,61
B025  Loan officer                               60,61,822,96
D376  Loan processor                             60,61,822,96
D376  Loan representative                        60(exc.603,606)
D376  Loan reviewer                              60(exc.603,606)
D383  Loan teller                                60,61
B025  Loan-service officer                       60,61,822,96
K462  Lobby man                                  781-783,792
K449  Lobby porter                               701-704
A197  Lobbyist                                   All Industries
H498  Lobster fisherman                          09
H498  Lobster man                                09
H498  Lobstering                                 09
D348  Local operator                             481
A043  Location analyst                           52-59
K444  Location attendant                         Vending machine sales 5962
A043  Location man                               52-59
B018  Location man                               781-783,792
E536  Lock expert                                763,764,7692,7699
G834  Lock keeper                                44
G834  Lock master                                44
G834  Lock operator                              15-17,44,491
F723  Lock plater                                342
E536  Lock setter                                763,764,7692,7699
E699  Lock tender, chief operator                44
G834  Lock tender, n. s.                         15-17,44,491
F726  Lock-corner machine operator               242-249,25
E536  Lock-fitter                                763,764,7692,7699
F736  Lock-up man                                27
H888  Locker attendant                           422
K469  Locker attendant                           Exc. 422
K469  Locker boy                                 All Industries
B022  Locker operator                            422
H888  Locker plant attendant                     Frozen food locker 422
K469  Locker-room attendant                      All Industries
K469  Locker-room clerk                          722,729
K469  Lockerman                                  791,794,799
E647  Locket maker                               All Industries
E536  Lockmaker                                  All Industries
G834  Lockman                                    44,491
E536  Locksmith                                  763,764,7692,7699
F744  Lockstitch cup setter                      All Industries
F744  Lockstitch machine operator                All Industries
F744  Lockstitcher                               20-30,311,315-319,32-39
G824  Locomotive fireman                         40
D363  Locomotive lubricating-systems clerk       40
E519  Locomotive oiler                           All Industries
G824  Locomotive operator                        10-14
E643  Locomotive-boiler maker                    374
G849  Locomotive-crane operator                  All Industries
E585  Locomotive-pipe fitter                     374
E615  Lode miner, blasting                       12,14
E616  Lode miner, n. s.                          12,14
B021  Lodge officer                              861,862,864,865,869
K469  Lodginghouse keeper                        702-704
E547  Loft rigger                                373
E628  Loft worker, head                          373
E656  Loft worker,exc. head                      373
E645  Loftsman                                   372,373
H496  Log brander                                241-243
H883  Log buncher                                241-243
B033  Log buyer                                  PR
F727  Log chipper                                242,243,261-263
F777  Log cooker                                 241-243
F727  Log cut-off sawyer                         All Industries
H496  Log cutter                                 241-243
H496  Log deckman                                241-243
H496  Log driver                                 241
H878  Log feeder                                 241-243
H496  Log getter                                 241
F799  Log grader                                 24
H496  Log handler                                241-243
G804  Log hauler                                 241-243
H496  Log hooker                                 241
G859  Log hooker                                 242,243
G848  Log loader                                 241-243
H496  Log marker                                 241-243
H496  Log peeler                                 All Industries
H496  Log rafter                                 All Industries
H496  Log roller                                 241-243
H496  Log roper                                  241-243
F727  Log sawyer                                 241-243
H496  Log scaler                                 All Industries
H496  Log skidder                                All Industries
G859  Log snaker                                 241-243
H496  Log sorter                                 241-243
H496  Log tumbler                                All Industries
H496  Log turner                                 241-243
H889  Log washer                                 241-243
G856  Log-carrier operator                       24,25
H889  Log-chain worker                           241-243
H496  Log-haul chain feeder                      242,243,245,261-263
H889  Log-haul operator                          241-243
H889  Log-pond man                               All Industries
G804  Log-truck driver                           241-243
K462  Loge girl                                  All Industries
G859  Logger, driving horses                     Sawmill 242,243
H496  Logger, n. s.                              241-243
H494  Logging contractor                         241-243
G856  Logging-tractor operator                   08,241-243
A065  Logistics analyst                          All Industries
A065  Logistics planner                          All Industries
B033  Logistics supply officer                   All Industries
E686  Loin puller                                201
G824  Lokie driver                               12
F738  Long winder tender                         22
F738  Long-chain beamer                          22
D348  Long-distance operator                     481
D348  Long-lines operator                        481
E616  Long-wall-mining-machine tender            10,12,14
G845  Longshoreman, operating material
        handling equipment                       44
H876  Longshoreman, n. s.                        44
K416  Lookout                                    08
G829  Lookout                                    44
H887  Loom blower                                22
F739  Loom changer                               22
F796  Loom checker                               22
H887  Loom cleaner                               22
F738  Loom doffer                                22
E518  Loom fixer                                 All Industries
F739  Loom operator                              All Industries
F717  Loom setter                                All Industries
E689  Loom starter                               22
F738  Loom winder tender                         22
F769  Loop cutter                                All Industries
F739  Loop puller                                227
F744  Loop sewer                                 231-238
F744  Loop tacker                                231-238
F739  Looper                                     22
H889  Looper                                     331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F769  Looper                                     363
F777  Looper                                     39(exc.394)
E519  Looper fixer                               225
F739  Looping-machine operator                   225
H889  Loose-end finder, bobbins                  22
D368  Lorry weighman                             331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
D374  Lost-and-found clerk                       All Industries
D376  Lost-change-card clerk                     All Industries
H885  Lot boy                                    551,552
G813  Lot boy                                    Parking lot 752,7542
H885  Lot man                                    551,552
D363  Lot worker                                 225,231-238
H878  Lowerator operator                         227
F723  Lubricating machine tender                 All Industries
H885  Lubricating specialist                     527,55,752-754
H885  Lubrication man                            527,55,752-754
E519  Lubrication man                            Exc. 527,55,752-754
H885  Lubrication servicer                       527,55,752-754
E539  Lubrication-equipment servicer             All Industries
H885  Lubricator                                 527,55,752-754
E519  Lubricator                                 Exc. 527,55,752-754
F717  Lubricator granulator                      All Industries
F736  Ludlow-machine operator                    271
K464  Luggage attendant                          45
F777  Luggage liner                              All Industries
E669  Luggage maker                              315-319
H883  Lugger                                     All Industries
H885  Luke man                                   527,55,752-754
H883  Lumber bearer                              Sawmill 242,243
B033  Lumber buyer                               20-39
B033  Lumber buyer                               OWN 503
H883  Lumber carrier                             All Industries
D368  Lumber checker                             241-243
D368  Lumber checker                             Lumber 521,523
H496  Lumber cutter                              241-243
H496  Lumber driver                              241-243
D363  Lumber estimator                           244,249
F799  Lumber grader                              All Industries
H496  Lumber hacker                              241-243
H883  Lumber handler                             All Industries
H883  Lumber loader                              241-243
F799  Lumber marker                              241-243
H883  Lumber mover                               All Industries
H883  Lumber piler                               All Industries
F769  Lumber planer                              241-243
H496  Lumber scaler                              All Industries
F799  Lumber sorter                              All Industries
H883  Lumber stacker                             All Industries
H883  Lumber straightener                        241-243
H878  Lumber tailer                              241-243
D368  Lumber tallier                             All Industries
F727  Lumber trimmer                             242,243
F726  Lumber tripper                             241-243
G856  Lumber-carrier driver                      24,25
G856  Lumber-carrier operator                    24,25
F777  Lumber-press operator                      24,25
G856  Lumber-stacker driver                      All Industries
H496  Lumberjack                                 241
H496  Lumberman                                  241
H889  Lumberman                                  242-249,25
C243  Lumberman                                  OWN 521,523
H889  Lumberman                                  PR 521,523
F755  Lump machine operator                      21
F755  Lump maker                                 21
F755  Lump roller                                21
F795  Lumper                                     328,329
H876  Lumper                                     44
H889  Lumper                                     Any not listed above
C277  Lunch-truck operator                       5963
C277  Lunch-wagon operator                       5963
B017  Luncheonette operator                      58
K468  Lunchroom aide                             821
K444  Lunchroom aide                             Exc. 821
K468  Lunchroom attendant                        821
K444  Lunchroom attendant                        Exc. 821
K468  Lunchroom monitor                          821,836
K467  Lunchroom monitor                          835
K468  Lunchroom mother                           821,836
B017  Lunchroom operator                         All Industries
K444  Lunchroom worker                           All Industries
E686  Lung gun operator                          201
E686  Lung puller                                201
F785  Lure maker                                 394
F789  Luster applicator                          All Industries
F777  Lusterer                                   22
H889  Luterman                                   331
F777  Lye boiler                                 22
F757  Lye man                                    203
F757  Lye treater                                284
F757  Lye-bath operator                          203
F757  Lye-machine operator                       203
F757  Lye-peel operator                          203
A183  Lyricist                                   899

Last modified: October 16, 2001