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National Compensation Survey - Wages

M‐Mem (Census Occs beginning with) ‐ Occupational Classification System Manual

Major Occupational Groups: A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | K
About the Occupational Classification System Manual
Code  Census Job Title                           Industries Affected
A084  M.D.                                       801,803
D385  M.T.S.T. operator                          All Industries
F757  M.V.A. operator                            28
F757  M.V.A. reactor operator                    28
F757  M.V.A. still operator                      28
H869  Macadam raker                              15-17
E688  Macaroni maker                             207,209
F777  Macaroni-press operator                    28
F756  Macerator operator                         20-39
D344  Machine accountant                         All Industries
E518  Machine adjuster                           33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F777  Machine attendant                          20-39
F777  Machine attender                           20-39
F744  Machine baster                             20-30,311,315-319,32-39
D344  Machine biller                             All Industries
D344  Machine bookkeeper                         All Industries
F777  Machine boy                                321-323
E636  Machine builder                            All Industries
F777  Machine captain                            205
F726  Machine carver, wood                       242-249,25
F787  Machine castings plasterer                 All Industries
H887  Machine cleaner                            All Industries
F736  Machine compositor                         27
F777  Machine coremaker                          All Industries
F754  Machine crater                             All Industries
E616  Machine cutter                             10-14
F769  Machine cutter                             Exc. 10-14
A057  Machine designer                           All Industries
E598  Machine driller                            All Industries
F756  Machine dyer                               22
E649  Machine engraver                           All Industries
E544  Machine erector                            All Industries
H878  Machine feeder                             20-39
F744  Machine feller                             231-238
F748  Machine filler                             721
G806  Machine filler                             Vending machine sales 5962
E637  Machine fitter                             All Industries
E518  Machine fixer                              All Industries
F777  Machine former                             All Industries
F777  Machine girl                               20-39
E519  Machine greaser                            All Industries
F709  Machine grinder                            All Industries
F748  Machine hand                               721
F777  Machine hand                               Exc. 721
E518  Machine installer                          All Industries
F748  Machine ironer                             721
G853  Machine loader                             10-14
E547  Machine maintenance server                 All Industries
E616  Machine man                                10-14
F777  Machine man                                Exc. 10-14
F719  Machine molder                             33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
E544  Machine mover                              15-17
E616  Machine operator, n. s.                    10-14
G844  Machine operator, n. s.                    15-17
F744  Machine operator, n. s.                    22,23,315-319
F745  Machine operator, n. s.                    313,314
D354  Machine operator, n. s.                    43
D353  Machine operator, n. s.                    482,489
D347  Machine operator, n. s.                    60-65,67,806,821,835
F748  Machine operator, n. s.                    721
E684  Machine operator, n. s.                    Machine shop 355,356,358,359
F773  Machine operator, n. s.                    Movie theater 781-783,792
D309  Machine operator, n. s.                    Tabulating service 872
F777  Machine operator, n. s. or any specified
        type, n.e.c.                             Mfg. not listed above
F777  Machine operator, n. s.                    Any not listed above
E516  Machine overhauler                         10-14,15-17,241,291,40,46
E518  Machine overhauler                         20-23,242-249,25-28,295,299,30-39
F754  Machine packer                             371
F747  Machine presser                            721
F777  Machine presser                            Exc. 721
F777  Machine printer                            206
E684  Machine rigger                             All Industries
F717  Machine set-up operator                    361,362,364,367,369
F777  Machine setter                             242-249,25
F717  Machine setter                             33-38(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
E544  Machine setter                             Any not listed above
F744  Machine sewer                              20-30,311,315-319,32-39
F745  Machine sewer                              313,314
F777  Machine sneller                            39
F744  Machine stitcher                           20-30,311,315-319,32-39
F745  Machine stitcher                           313,314
F785  Machine stuffer                            25
H878  Machine tailer                             242-249,25
F709  Machine tester                             All Industries
E689  Machine try-out setter                     355,356,358,359
F748  Machine washer                             721
F783  Machine welder                             All Industries
F777  Machine whitener                           311
H887  Machine wiper                              20-39
E628  Machine-adjuster leader                    348
E518  Machine-clothing man                       261-263
E518  Machine-clothing replacer                  All Industries
A217  Machine-design checker                     All Industries
F744  Machine-fancy stitcher                     20-30,311,315-319,32-39
F745  Machine-fancy stitcher                     313,314
E628  Machine-group leader                       20-39
E646  Machine-lay-out man                        33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
E516  Machine-maintenance man                    10-14,15-17,241,291,40,46
E518  Machine-maintenance man                    20-23,242-249,25-28,295,299,30-39
F717  Machine-set-up man                         33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
E544  Machine-set-up man                         Exc. 33,341-347,349,35-37,40,763,764,
E684  Machine-shop worker                        All Industries
D363  Machine-stoppage-frequency checker         221-224,228
A057  Machine-tool designer                      All Industries
F709  Machine-tool dresser                       All Industries
E684  Machine-tool operator                      Machine shop 355,356,358,359
E518  Machine-tool rebuilder                     All Industries
H887  Machinery cleaner                          All Industries
E544  Machinery dismantler                       All Industries
E544  Machinery erector                          All Industries
E544  Machinery mover                            All Industries
E684  Machinery rigger                           All Industries
E507  Machinist, diesel                          40
E518  Machinist, linotype                        271
E507  Machinist, marine engine                   All Industries
E637  Machinist, metal                           All Industries
E518  Machinist, outside                         373
E518  Machinist, printing                        27
E657  Machinist, woodworking                     All Industries
E518  Machinist, any other activity or n. s.     27,373
E507  Machinist, any other activity or n. s.     40
E637  Machinist, any other activity or n. s.     Any not listed above
A186  Maestro                                    781-783,792
A195  Magazine editor                            272-279
H878  Magazine feeder                            341,343,345-347,349
H878  Magazine filler                            22
H878  Magazine hand                              22
D365  Magazine keeper                            10-14,281,286,289
H889  Magazine man                               281,286,289
H889  Magazine worker                            281,286,289
A183  Magazine writer                            899
A194  Magician                                   781-783,792
A179  Magistrate                                 92
F796  Magnaflux operator                         33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F705  Magnesium mill operator                    33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F777  Magnet maker                               20-39
H889  Magnet placer                              331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
A089  Magnetic doctor                            8043,8049
A089  Magnetic healer                            8043,8049
A225  Magnetic locater                           Oil 13
A225  Magnetic observer                          96
F797  Magnetic tester                            36
F709  Magnetic-grinder operator                  All Industries
A225  Magnetic-prospecting operator              13
D385  Magnetic-tape-composer operator            27
D385  Magnetic-tape-typewriter operator          All Industries
F777  Magnetizer                                 36
E508  Magneto electrician                        372,45
E505  Magneto man                                371,527,55,752-754
A225  Magnetometer operator                      13
F774  Magnifier                                  27,386,722,729,732,733,735,7383-7389,
K449  Maid, cleaning                             701-704,726,805,806,822
L407  Maid, cleaning                             88
K453  Maid, cleaning                             Exc. 701-704,726,806,805,822,88
L407  Maid, cleaning, cooking, etc.              88
K469  Maid, restrooms or lounges                 All Industries
L407  Maid, any other specified type             88
L407  Maid, n. s.                                88
L407  Maid, n. s.                                All industries
K449  Maid, n. s.                                Exc. 88
D354  Mail agent                                 43
D354  Mail assorter                              43
D356  Mail assorter                              Exc. 43
D354  Mail boy                                   43
D356  Mail boy                                   Exc. 43
D354  Mail caller                                43
D356  Mail caller                                Exc. 43
D355  Mail carrier                               43
G804  Mail carrier                               OWN 421,423
D356  Mail carrier                               Any not listed above
D355  Mail carrier and clerk                     43
D356  Mail censor                                91-97
D354  Mail clerk                                 43
D356  Mail clerk                                 Exc. 43
D355  Mail deliverer                             43
D354  Mail distributor                           43
D356  Mail distributor                           Exc. 43
D354  Mail girl                                  43
D356  Mail girl                                  Exc. 43
H883  Mail handler, exc. sorting mail            40,43
D354  Mail handler, sorting mail                 43
D389  Mail inserter                              All Industries
D355  Mail messenger                             43
D357  Mail messenger                             Exc. 43
D354  Mail opener                                43
D356  Mail opener                                Exc. 43
D354  Mail rider                                 43
D354  Mail sorter                                43
D356  Mail sorter                                Exc. 43
D355  Mail sorter and deliveryman                43
D383  Mail teller                                60,61
D354  Mail weigher                               43
D356  Mail weigher                               Exc. 43
D354  Mail-distribution-scheme examiner          43
G804  Mail-messenger contractor                  OWN 751
D354  Mail-order clerk                           43
D327  Mail-order clerk                           Exc. 43
G804  Mail-truck driver                          43
D356  Mailer                                     27
D354  Mailing clerk                              43
D356  Mailing clerk                              Exc. 43
D346  Mailing-machine operator                   All Industries
D354  Mailing-section clerk                      43
D355  Mailman                                    43
G804  Mailmaster                                 PR 421,423
D354  Mailroom clerk                             43
D356  Mailroom clerk                             Exc. 43
F785  Mainspring former                          387
F785  Mainspring winder                          387
G855  Maintainer operator                        15-17
B036  Maintenance agent                          FAA 96
E567  Maintenance carpenter                      All Industries
D363  Maintenance data analyst                   91-97
E503  Maintenance director, repairman            All Industries
D359  Maintenance dispatcher                     All Industries
E505  Maintenance electrician                    371,527,55,752-754
E575  Maintenance electrician                    Exc. 371,527,55,752-754
H486  Maintenance groundman                      Country club 791,794,799
E637  Maintenance machinist                      All Industries
K449  Maintenance man, cleaning                  701-704,726,805,806
K453  Maintenance man, cleaning                  Exc. 701-704,726,805,806
K453  Maintenance man, custodial                 All Industries
E543  Maintenance man, elevator installation 
        and repair                               All Industries
H486  Maintenance man, groundskeeping            All Industries
E599  Maintenance man, highway                   All Industries
K453  Maintenance man, janitorial                All Industries
H869  Maintenance man, n. s.                     15-17
H889  Maintenance man, n. s.                     40
E529  Maintenance man, n. s.                     481,482,489
E523  Maintenance man, n. s.                     483,484
H486  Maintenance man, n. s.                     88
H486  Maintenance man, n. s.                     Cemetery 65
H486  Maintenance man, n. s.                     National cemetery 94
K453  Maintenance man, n. s.                     Any not listed above
E544  Maintenance millwright                     All Industries
G855  Maintenance operator                       15-17
E579  Maintenance painter                        All Industries
E585  Maintenance plumber                        All Industries
E628  Maintenance superintendent, exc.
        managerial                               All Industries
B022  Maintenance superintendent, managerial     All Industries
E503  Maintenance superintendent, n. s.          491-493,496
K448  Maintenance superintendent, n. s.          65
E523  Maintenance technician                     483,484
F783  Maintenance welder                         All Industries
K453  Maintenance, custodial                     All Industries
G859  Maintenance-of-canal                       49
H889  Maintenance-of-way                         40
G804  Maintenance-truck driver                   LGOV 91-97
B017  Maitre d'                                  58,701
F785  Major-assembly-lineman                     20-39
F734  Make-ready man                             27
F736  Make-up arranger                           272-279
K458  Make-up artist                             781-783,792
A195  Make-up editor                             27
H889  Make-up girl                               20-39
H877  Make-up man                                15-17,20-26,28-39
F736  Make-up man                                27
K458  Make-up man                                483,484,781-783,792
F756  Make-up operator                           282
F777  Making-machine operator                    21
A078  Malariologist                              All Industries
K447  Male attendant                             805-809
F785  Mallet cutter                              20-39
F757  Malt house operator                        208
F763  Malt roaster                               20-39
F763  Malt-house kiln operator                   All Industries
F757  Malt-house man                             208
F757  Maltster                                   208
K427  Mammal control agent                       Fish and Wildlife Service 95
A078  Mammalogist                                All Industries
K465  Management aide                            832,833,836,839
B026  Management analyst                         All Industries
B026  Management consultant                      All Industries
A064  Management scientist                       All Industries
B022  Management trainee                         All Industries
      Manager  —  see separate Manager Page
B017  Managing director                          Hotel 701
E645  Mandrel maker                              372,376
F734  Mandrel-press hand                         22
H889  Manganese breaker                          331
F766  Manganese heater                           331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F766  Manganese man                              331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
G859  Manganese wheeler                          All Industries
F747  Mangle feeder                              22
F707  Mangle roller                              341,343,345-347,349
F777  Mangle tender                              22
H878  Mangle-press catcher                       22
F707  Mangle-roll operator                       33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F747  Mangler                                    22,721
F707  Mangler                                    331,375,379,40,763,764,7692,7699
E563  Manhole builder                            15-17
H869  Manhole stripper                           481
K458  Manicurist                                 723
D379  Manifest clerk                             All Industries
D379  Manifest man                               All Industries
F785  Manifold builder                           372,376
F754  Manifold operator                          281,286,289
F707  Manipulating man                           331
A105  Manipulative-therapy specialist            801,803
F707  Manipulator                                331
F707  Manipulator operator                       331
K469  Mannequin                                  All Industries
C243  Mannequin maker                            OWN 39(exc.394)
E675  Mannequin mold maker                       All Industries
E675  Mannequin molder                           39(exc.394)
F795  Mannequin mounter                          All Industries
F759  Mannequin refinisher                       39(exc.394)
B027  Manpower development advisor               91-97
B027  Manpower development specialist            91-97
H889  Manual plate-filler                        348,376
A183  Manual writer                              40-47
A099  Manual-arts therapist                      All Industries
B022  Manufacturer                               OWN 20-39
C243  Manufacturer                               OWN exc. 20-39
C259  Manufacturer                               PR
C243  Manufacturer's agent                       OWN
C259  Manufacturer's agent                       PR
C243  Manufacturer's representative              OWN
C259  Manufacturer's representative              PR
E518  Manufacturer's service representative,
        exc. installing                          All Industries
E544  Manufacturer's service representative,
        installing                               All Industries
B022  Manufacturing director                     All Industries
A194  Manugrapher                                All Industries
A195  Manuscript editor                          All Industries
A195  Manuscript reader                          All Industries
D336  Map clerk                                  All Industries
F789  Map colorer                                272-279
A217  Map compiler                               All Industries
A217  Map drafter                                All Industries
A217  Map draftsman                              All Industries
A216  Map editor                                 Army Topographic Command 97
D389  Map editor                                 Auto club 861,862,864,865,869
A217  Map maker                                  All Industries
F735  Map mounter                                All Industries
A216  Map plotter                                Weather Bureau 95
F757  Maple-sirup maker                          01,08,206
F757  Maple-sugar maker                          01,08
A217  Mapper                                     491-493,496,732,733,735,7383-7389
A226  Mapping pilot                              All Industries
E675  Marble carver                              328,329
F777  Marble cleaner                             328,329
K453  Marble cleaner                             65
E675  Marble cutter                              328,329
E675  Marble finisher                            328,329
E563  Marble installer                           15-17
F755  Marble machine tender                      321-323
F709  Marble polisher                            328,329
F709  Marble rubber                              328,329
E563  Marble setter                              15-17
E675  Marble worker                              328,329
F709  Marble-machine operator                    39
E579  Marbleizer                                 15-17
F759  Marbleizer                                 341,343,345-347,349
F777  Marbler                                    272-279
D336  Margin clerk                               60-62,67
A058  Marine architect                           871
A078  Marine biologist                           All Industries
A199  Marine diver                               All Industries
E575  Marine electrician                         All Industries
E518  Marine erector                             373
G833  Marine fireman                             44
E646  Marine fitter                              373
E518  Marine machinist                           373
A074  Marine meteorologist                       All Industries
G833  Marine oiler                               44
A189  Marine photographer                        All Industries
G828  Marine pilot                               44
K417  Marine pilot                               Fire department 92
E585  Marine pipefitter                          373
E585  Marine plumber                             373
G848  Marine railway operator                    373
A195  Marine reporter                            All Industries
E585  Marine steam fitter                        373
G828  Marine superintendent                      44
A058  Marine surveyor                            All Industries
K417  Marine-fire fighter                        All Industries
D365  Marine-gear keeper                         44
G834  Marine-tower operator                      44
G829  Marine-water tender                        Dredge boat 15-17
G829  Mariner                                    44
A194  Marionette man                             781-783,792
K426  Maritime guard                             All Industries
G828  Maritime officer                           44
F795  Marker, hand                               239
H496  Marker, n. s.                              241
F799  Marker, n. s.                              242,243,245
F734  Marker, n. s.                              27
D374  Marker, n. s.                              50-59
F748  Marker, n. s.                              721
F777  Marker, n. s.                              Any not listed above
A166  Market analyst                             All Industries
A195  Market editor                              All Industries
B018  Market master                              65
B036  Market reporter                            Dept. of Agriculture 96
B018  Market superintendent                      65
B036  Market-news reporter                       Dept. of Agriculture 96
A166  Market-research analyst                    All Industries
D316  Market-research interviewer                Market research service 737
A166  Market-research worker                     FGOV
B013  Marketing agent                            20-39,50,51
A166  Marketing consultant                       All Industries
A166  Marketing forecaster                       All Industries
B013  Marketing representative                   20-39,50,51
A166  Marketing specialist                       All Industries
D374  Marking clerk                              50-59
E677  Marking man                                3827,384-386
F734  Marking-machine operator                   22,23
F777  Marking-machine operator                   311,315-319
F745  Marking-machine operator                   313,314
F748  Marking-machine operator                   721
F777  Marking-machine operator                   Mfg. not listed above
E657  Marquetry worker                           All Industries
A176  Marriage counselor, minister               All Industries
A167  Marriage counselor, psychologist           All Industries
A167  Marriage counselor, n. s.                  All Industries
A177  Marriage performer                         866
G856  Marsh-buggy operator                       All Industries
K423  Marshal                                    43,91,92( department),93-97
K413  Marshal                                    Fire department 92
E688  Marshmallow maker                          206
E688  Marshmallow runner                         206
E688  Marshmallow-machine operator               206
E688  Marzipan maker                             206
F777  Mascara molder                             281,282,284,286-289
F757  Mash filter operator                       208
F756  Mash grinder                               202
F757  Mash tub cooker                            208
F757  Mash tub cooker operator                   208
H889  Mash-filter-cloth changer                  208
F757  Masher                                     208
F795  Masker                                     All Industries
F754  Masking-machine operator                   20-39
E563  Mason                                      15-17
E563  Mason liner                                331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
H866  Mason tender                               15-17
B022  Masonry contractor, administrator or 
        general manager                          15-17
E553  Masonry contractor, exc. administrator
        or general manager                       15-17
A069  Mass spectroscopist                        All Industries
K469  Massage operator                           722,729
K469  Masseur                                    722,729
K469  Masseuse                                   722,729
K469  Massotherapist                             722,729
E567  Mast maker                                 373
G828  Master                                     44
F757  Master brewer                              208
F756  Master dyer                                311
E575  Master electrician                         All Industries
E518  Master machinist                           27
E637  Master machinist                           Exc. 27
G828  Master mariner                             44
A198  Master of ceremonies                       781-783,792
G828  Master pilot                               44
E585  Master plumber                             15-17
D363  Master scheduler                           20-39
G829  Master-at-arms                             44
A228  Master-control operator                    483,484
A179  Master-in-chancery                         All Industries
A044  Master-lay-out man                         372,376
H869  Mastic man                                 15-17
F759  Mastic sprayer                             371
E565  Mastic-floor layer                         15-17
F777  Masticator                                 301-306
D357  Mat boy                                    27
F786  Mat cutter                                 All Industries
F777  Mat gager                                  261-263
F777  Mat linker                                 302-306
F777  Mat machine tender                         25
F785  Mat maker                                  20-23,25,26,28-39
F719  Mat maker                                  27
H869  Mat man                                    15-17
F758  Mat puncher                                All Industries
F719  Mat roller                                 27
F797  Mat tester                                 261-263,267
H869  Mat weaver                                 15-17
F777  Match maker                                39(exc.394)
F745  Match marker                               313,314
F744  Match-up girl                              231-238
F777  Match-up girl                              Exc. 231-238
E547  Match-up worker                            All Industries
F777  Matchbook maker                            All Industries
F777  Matcher                                    20,21,23-30,311,315-319,32-39
F777  Matcher                                    22
F745  Matcher                                    313,314
H878  Matcher off-bearer                         242-249,25
F769  Matcher operator                           242-249,25
F769  Matching-machine operator                  242-249,25
H497  Mate, fishing vessel                       09
H497  Mate, n. s.                                09,791,794,799
G828  Mate, n. s.                                15-17,44
K417  Mate, n. s.                                Fire department 92
F777  Mater                                      20,21,23-30,311,315-319,32-39
F777  Mater                                      22
F745  Mater                                      313,314
F748  Mater                                      721
A056  Material analyst                           372,376
G859  Material carrier                           All Industries
H877  Material chaser                            20-39
D365  Material checker                           All Industries
D365  Material clerk                             All Industries
D363  Material coordinator                       All Industries
H878  Material distributor                       20-39
D373  Material expediter                         All Industries
H883  Material handler                           All Industries
D363  Material lister                            15-17
G859  Material loader                            All Industries
D363  Material man                               All Industries
F783  Material reclaimer                         291
D363  Material requisitioner                     All Industries
A056  Material scheduler                         372,376
D363  Material scheduler                         Exc. 372,376
F777  Material spreader                          231-238
D365  Material yardman                           13
D363  Material-control clerk                     All Industries
D363  Material-control man                       20-39
A065  Material-liaison man                       372,376
E645  Material-release man                       372,376
A065  Material-requirements man                  372,376
A216  Material-stress tester                     372,376
A224  Materials analyst                          281,286,289
A076  Materials scientist                        All Industries
A207  Maternity nurse                            807-809
A069  Mathematical physicist                     All Industries
A067  Mathematical statistician                  All Industries
A225  Mathematical technician                    All Industries
A068  Mathematician                              All Industries
F766  Matrix drier tender                        261-263
F723  Matrix worker                              All Industries
F723  Matrix-bath man                            36
K453  Matron, cleaning                           All Industries
K449  Matron, cleaning restrooms                 All Industries
K424  Matron, n. s.                              919,92
K469  Matron, n. s.                              Exc. 919,92
F758  Matting press tender                       302-306
F785  Mattress filler                            25
F785  Mattress finisher                          25
F785  Mattress maker                             25
F785  Mattress renovator                         763,764,7692,7699
H889  Mattress stripper                          25
F785  Mattress stuffer                           25
F785  Mattress weaver                            25
F756  Mayonnaise mixer                           20-39
B004  Mayor                                      911-913
F745  Mc Kay machine operator                    313,314
F745  Mc Kay stitcher                            313,314
F777  Meal cook                                  207,209
F768  Meal grinder tender                        204
F768  Meal man                                   204
F768  Meal miller                                204
F754  Meal packer                                204
F777  Meal temperer                              207,209
F757  Meal-room hand                             208
A167  Measurement psychologist                   All Industries
F799  Measurer                                   12,241-243,245
D368  Measuring clerk                            231-238
F748  Measuring clerk                            721
F777  Measuring-machine operator                 311
E686  Meat boner                                 All Industries
H883  Meat carrier                               201
E686  Meat carver                                201,203
K439  Meat carver                                58
D365  Meat clerk, exc. sales                     541-544,549
C274  Meat clerk, sales                          541-544,549
F777  Meat cooler                                201
E686  Meat counterman                            52-59
F777  Meat curer                                 201
K439  Meat cutter                                58,701
E686  Meat cutter                                Exc. 58,701
E686  Meat dresser                               All Industries
B036  Meat grader                                96
F799  Meat grader                                Exc. 96
F768  Meat grinder                               All Industries
H889  Meat hanger                                201
C274  Meat hostess                               541
E686  Meat loiner                                201
H883  Meat lugger                                201
H888  Meat packager                              All Industries
H888  Meat packer                                All Industries
H883  Meat passer                                201
F764  Meat pickler                               201
F758  Meat press operator                        201
H883  Meat puller                                201
F777  Meat pumper                                201
F795  Meat salter, hand                          201
H889  Meat scrubber                              201
H889  Meat selector                              541
E686  Meat slicer                                All Industries
F777  Meat smoker                                201
H889  Meat soaker                                201
E686  Meat specialist                            514,52-59
H889  Meat stringer                              201
F754  Meat stuffer                               201
E686  Meat trimmer                               All Industries
H889  Meat washer                                201
H888  Meat wrapper                               201,514,541-544,549
E686  Meat wrapper                               Frozen food locker 422
C283  Meat-products demonstrator                 All Industries
E686  Meatman                                    50-59
      Mechanic  —  see separate Mechanic Page
E547  Mechanical adjuster                        All Industries
A217  Mechanical designer                        All Industries
A217  Mechanical detailer                        All Industries
A217  Mechanical draftsman                       All Industries
A215  Mechanical engineering technician          All Industries
E547  Mechanical expert                          All Industries
E547  Mechanical handyman                        All Industries
E637  Mechanical laboratory technician           All Industries
F777  Mechanical oxidizer                        39
F759  Mechanical striper                         371
A215  Mechanical technician                      20-39,873,874,899
G853  Mechanical-shovel operator                 All Industries
E594  Mechanical-spreader operator               15-17
E529  Mechanician                                481,482,489
E518  Mechanist, printing                        All Industries
E657  Mechanist, wood                            All Industries
E637  Mechanist, any other activity              All Industries
K469  Mechanotherapist                           722,729
F707  Medart operator                            331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
C256  Media buyer                                731
D336  Media clerk                                All Industries
B013  Media director                             731
B027  Mediator                                   All Industries
B023  Medical accountant                         All Industries
K447  Medical aide                               All Industries
A188  Medical artist                             All Industries
K447  Medical attendant                          All Industries
A205  Medical care evaluation specialist         All Industries
A174  Medical case-worker                        All Industries
A073  Medical chemist                            873
D319  Medical clerk                              All Industries
A084  Medical consultant, n. s.                  801,803
C259  Medical detailist                          512,516
B015  Medical director                           All Industries
A084  Medical doctor                             801,803
A195  Medical editor                             All Industries
A084  Medical examiner                           801,803
A188  Medical illustrator                        All Industries
F785  Medical instrument cable fabricator        All Industries
A164  Medical librarian                          All Industries
B015  Medical officer                            All Industries
A084  Medical pathologist                        801,803
A189  Medical photographer                       807-809
A069  Medical physicist                          All Industries
B015  Medical record administrator               All Industries
D386  Medical records, n. s.                     All Industries
A083  Medical research (bachelors degree or
        higher)                                  All Industries
A208  Medical research (less than bachelor's
        degree)                                  All Industries
A084  Medical resident                           806
A083  Medical scientist                          All Industries
D313  Medical secretary, any activity            All Industries
A208  Medical service technician                 All Industries
A084  Medical specialist                         801,803
D314  Medical stenographer                       All Industries
A203  Medical technician                         All Industries
A203  Medical technologist                       All Industries
D336  Medical terminologist                      806
D389  Medical transcriber                        All Industries
D314  Medical transcriptionist                   All Industries
D315  Medical typist                             All Industries
A184  Medical writer                             All Industries
B015  Medical-care administrator                 All Industries
C259  Medical-detail man                         512,516
C259  Medical-detail representative              512,516
A208  Medical-emergency technician               All Industries
C259  Medical-field representative               512,516
A203  Medical-laboratory technician              807-809
A203  Medical-laboratory technologist            807-809
A205  Medical-record clerk                       All Industries
A164  Medical-record librarian                   All Industries
A205  Medical-record specialist                  806
A205  Medical-record technician                  806
A056  Medical-safety director                    Oxygen 281,286,289
C259  Medical-service representative             512,516
A174  Medical-social consultant                  All Industries
A174  Medical-social worker                      All Industries
A184  Medical-technical writer                   All Industries
D343  Medical-voucher clerk                      63,64
A089  Medicine man                               8043,8049
A194  Medium                                     791,794,799
A208  Medtronics technician                      All Industries
F756  Melangeur operator                         206
F777  Mellowing-machine operator                 231-238
F766  Melt-down furnaceman                       33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F766  Melter                                     33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
D374  Melter clerk                               331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
F757  Melter operator                            Sugar 206
F766  Melting operator                           333-339
F777  Melting-furnace skimmer                    333-339
B003  Member                                     Congress 911-913
B003  Member                                     State Legislature 911-913
B034  Membership director                        832,839,861,862,864,865,869
B021  Membership secretary                       832,839,861,862,864,865,869
C274  Membership solicitor                       All Industries
C274  Memorial adviser                           593,5948,5993-5,5999
C274  Memorial adviser                           Cemetery 65
C274  Memorial counselor                         593,5948,5993-5,5999
C274  Memorial counselor                         Cemetery 65
A188  Memorial designer                          All Industries

Last modified: October 16, 2001