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National Compensation Survey - Wages

O (Census Occs beginning with) ‐ Occupational Classification System Manual

Major Occupational Groups: A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | K
About the Occupational Classification System Manual
Code  Census Job Title                           Industries Affected
A095  O.B. scrub nurse                           806
A084  O.B. specialist                            801,803
A208  O.B. technician                            806
A087  O.D.                                       All Industries
D376  O.S.D. clerk                               40-47
K446  O.T. aide                                  806
C275  O.T.C. clerk                               62,67
F756  Oakes-machine operator                     302-306
A199  Oarsman                                    791,794,799
A225  Observer                                   13
F766  Observer                                   331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
D348  Observer                                   481
K416  Observer                                   Forest Service 08
A216  Observer                                   Weather Bureau 95
A095  Obstetrical nurse                          All Industries
A084  Obstetrician                               801,803
B027  Occupational analyst                       All Industries
A095  Occupational health nurse                  All Industries
A084  Occupational medicine specialist           801,803
A095  Occupational nurse                         All Industries
A084  Occupational physician                     All Industries
A099  Occupational therapist                     All Industries
K446  Occupational therapy aide                  All Industries
B015  Occupational therapy director              All Industries
A208  Occupational therapy technician            All Industries
A075  Oceanographer                              899
A074  Oceanographic meteorologist                All Industries
K446  Ocular-care aide                           All Industries
A208  Ocular-care technician                     All Industries
A208  Ocular-care technologist                   All Industries
A084  Oculist                                    801,803
H878  Odd bundle worker                          21
H889  Odd-job laborer                            All Industries
L407  Odd jobs, day worker                       88
H889  Odd jobs, exc. day worker                  88
I479  Odd jobs, n. s.                            01,02,071,072,075,076
H486  Odd jobs, n. s.                            078
H869  Odd jobs, n. s.                            15-17
F777  Odd jobs, n. s.                            20-39
K453  Odd jobs, n. s.                            734
H889  Odd jobs, n. s.                            Any not listed above
F745  Odd-shoe boy or girl                       313,314
D389  Odd-ticket boy                             301-306
H878  Off-bearer                                 20-39
H883  Offal icer, poultry                        201
E686  Offal man, exc. poultry                    201
H883  Offal man, poultry                         201
F745  Offal roller                               313,314
F786  Offal separator                            20
F745  Offal trimmer                              313,314
D379  Office boy                                 801-804
D357  Office boy                                 Exc. 801-804
K453  Office cleaner                             All Industries
D313  Office clerk-secretary                     All Industries
D379  Office clerk, n. s.                        All Industries
D356  Office copy selector                       27
D326  Office correspondent                       All Industries
D379  Office employee                            All Industries
D379  Office girl, routine                       801-804
D357  Office girl, routine                       Exc. 801-804
D379  Office man                                 All Industries
D357  Office messenger                           All Industries
A095  Office nurse, registered                   All Industries
K447  Office nurse, n. s.                        801,803
K446  Office nurse, n. s.                        Exc. 801,803
D313  Office secretary                           All Industries
K453  Office sweeper                             All Industries
D337  Office work and bookkeeper                 All Industries
D315  Office worker, filing, typing              All Industries
D379  Office worker, n.s.                        All Industries
E538  Office-machine installer                   All Industries
D347  Office-machine operator                    All Industries
E538  Office-machine service                     All Industries
A065  Office-system analyst                      All Industries
B025  Officer                                    60,61
B005  Officer                                    Customhouse 93
G828  Officer                                    Merchant Marine 44
K418  Officer                                    Police department 92
A177  Officer                                    Salvation Army 832,839
B025  Official                                   60,61
B014  Official                                   821,822,824,835
A177  Official                                   866
B005  Official                                   91,93-97
B005  Official                                   92
A177  Official                                   Salvation Army 832,839
B022  Official                                   Any not listed above
K469  Official greeter                           Resort hotel 701
F734  Offset plate maker                         27
F734  Offset pressman                            272-279
F734  Offset printer                             272-279
F734  Offset-camera operator                     272-279
D345  Offset-duplicating-machine operator,
        clerical                                 All Industries
F734  Offset-duplicating-machine operator,
        printing                                 All Industries
F734  Offset-machine operator                    27
F734  Offset-press operator                      272-279
D345  Offsetting-machine hand                    All Industries
B018  Oil agent                                  13
A225  Oil analyst                                291
F766  Oil boiler                                 All Industries
G804  Oil deliverer                              517
E613  Oil developer                              13
G843  Oil dispatcher                             13,291,46
D359  Oil dispatcher                             481,482,489
C243  Oil distributor                            517
E614  Oil driller                                13
A073  Oil expert                                 13,291
H889  Oil extractor                              33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
E699  Oil gager                                  All Industries
E534  Oil heater installer                       All Industries
H869  Oil heaterman                              15-17
F756  Oil mixer                                  291
B022  Oil operator                               OWN 13
E613  Oil operator                               PR 13
A188  Oil painter                                899
B022  Oil producer                               OWN 13
E613  Oil producer                               PR 13
G859  Oil pumper                                 13
E699  Oil pumper                                 291
E696  Oil pumper                                 Exc. 13,291
F757  Oil recovery unit operator                 All Industries
E699  Oil refiner                                All Industries
A225  Oil scout                                  13
F757  Oil separator                              33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
C255  Oil speculator                             62,67
A225  Oil tester                                 13,291
F757  Oil treater                                13
F777  Oil treater                                291
E534  Oil-burner installer                       All Industries
F766  Oil-burner man                             333-339
E534  Oil-burner technician                      All Industries
E599  Oil-distributor tender                     15-17
F777  Oil-expeller operator                      20-39
E614  Oil-field caser                            13
G859  Oil-field pumper                           All Industries
A225  Oil-field tester                           13
E617  Oil-field worker                           13
E613  Oil-field-rig builder                      OWN 13
E599  Oil-field-rig builder                      PR 13
E534  Oil-furnace installer                      All Industries
D365  Oil-house attendant                        40
D365  Oil-house man                              All Industries
A225  Oil-laboratory analyst                     291
C255  Oil-lease broker                           62,67
B018  Oil-lease buyer                            PR 13
B022  Oil-lease operator                         OWN 13
B018  Oil-lease operator                         PR 13
E519  Oil-pit attendant                          40
A225  Oil-prospecting observer                   13
G804  Oil-spraying-machine operator              01,02,07(exc.074)
E594  Oil-spreader operator                      15-17
H887  Oil-tank-car cleaner                       All Industries
G828  Oil-tanker captain                         44
G804  Oil-transport driver                       All Industries
G804  Oil-truck driver                           All Industries
E614  Oil-well driller                           13
E615  Oil-well gun perforator operator           13
A225  Oil-well logger                            13
G859  Oil-well pumper                            13
G859  Oil-well service operator                  13
E615  Oil-well shooter                           13
G833  Oiler                                      44
E519  Oiler                                      Exc. 44
E519  Oiler-bander                               22
F777  Oiling-machine operator                    311
E519  Oilman                                     40
A165  Old-coin dealer                            593,5948,5993-5995,5999
B029  Old-gold buyer                             509(exc.5093)
B027  Older-worker specialist                    Employment Service 94
E688  Oleomargarine maker                        207,209
A077  Olericulturist                             All Industries
F797  Olive brine tester                         All Industries
F799  Olive grader                               203,207,209
I479  Olive knocker                              01,071,072,075,076
H888  Olive packer                               203,207,209
I479  Olive picker                               01,071,072,075,076
F777  Olive pitter                               203,207,209
F757  Oliver-filter operator                     All Industries
E647  Oliving-machine operator                   387
B005  Ombudsman                                  91-97
I488  Onion tier                                 01,071,072,075,076,514,515,5191
F799  Onion tier                                 Any not listed above
I479  Onion topper                               01,071,072,075,076
F735  Opaquer                                    272-279
F789  Opaquer                                    3827,384,385
F777  Open developer operator                    All Industries
F738  Open winder                                221-224,228
H889  Open-hearth laborer                        331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F766  Open-hearth man                            331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F766  Open-hearth melter                         331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F766  Open-hearth-furnace operator               331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F777  Open-soaper tender                         22
F777  Opener tender                              All Industries
H878  Opener, hat & cap                          225,231-238
H889  Opener, n. s.                              22,261-263
F748  Opener, n. s.                              721
B036  Opener, n. s.                              Customs service 93
F777  Opener, n. s.                              Any not listed above
A186  Opera singer                               781-783,792
A095  Operating-room nurse                       806
K447  Operating-room orderly                     806
A208  Operating-room technician                  806
D364  Operations agent                           45
B036  Operations agent                           FAA 96
A065  Operations analyst                         All Industries
E503  Operations chief, tank and amphibian
        tractor                                  All Industries
D389  Operations clerk                           All Industries
B022  Operations coordinator                     45
B025  Operations officer                         All Industries
A065  Operations research  analyst               All Industries
C243  Operations superintendent                  52-59
I475  —With class of worker exc. OWN            01,02
E617  —With class of worker exc. OWN            10-14
G824  —With class of worker exc. OWN            411,413-417,exc. bus co.
D348  —With class of worker exc. OWN            481
D353  —With class of worker exc. OWN            482,489
E695  —With class of worker exc. OWN            491
E694  —With class of worker exc. OWN            495
C243  —With class of worker exc. OWN            554
F748  —With class of worker exc. OWN            721
F773  —With class of worker exc. OWN            781-783,792
B015  —With class of worker exc. OWN            805
K457  —With class of worker exc. OWN            Barbershop 724
K458  —With class of worker exc. OWN            Beauty parlor 723
D359  —With class of worker exc. OWN            Burglar alarm co. 7381,7382
G808  —With class of worker exc. OWN            Bus co. 41(exc.412)
D359  —With class of worker exc. OWN            Fire alarm co. 7381,7382
D353  —With class of worker exc. OWN            News syndicate 732,733,735,7383-7389
A189  —With class of worker exc. OWN            Photo studio 722,729
D353  —With class of worker exc. OWN            Railroad station 40
K459  —With class of worker exc. OWN            Wired music service 791,794,799
K446  Ophthalmic aide                            All Industries
E677  Ophthalmic dispenser                       All Industries
A208  Ophthalmic technician                      All Industries
A208  Ophthalmic technologist                    All Industries
A084  Ophthalmologist                            801,803
E677  Optical dispenser                          All Industries
E677  Optical technician                         All Industries
E677  Optical worker                             3827,384,385
F759  Optical-glass silverer                     All Industries
A069  Optical-instrument specialist              All Industries
F704  Optical-lathe operator                     All Industries
E677  Optician                                   All Industries
K446  Optometric aide                            All Industries
A208  Optometric technologist                    All Industries
A087  Optometrist                                8042
A204  Oral hygienist                             802
A085  Oral pathologist                           All Industries
A085  Oral surgeon                               802
A104  Oral therapist                             All Industries
I479  Orange picker                              01,071,072,075,076
A194  Orator                                     899
I479  Orchard hand                               01,071,072,075,076
I479  Orchard sprayer                            01,071,072,075,076
I475  Orchardist                                 GOV,OBI or PR 01,071,072,075,076
I473  Orchardist                                 OBNI 01
A186  Orchestra conductor                        781-783,792
A186  Orchestra director                         781-783,792
A186  Orchestra leader                           781-783,792
A186  Orchestrator                               899
I476  Orchid grower                              GOV,OBI or PR 01,071,072,075,076
I474  Orchid grower                              OBNI 01,071,072,075,076
H484  Orchid hand                                01,071,072,075,076
A176  Ordained minister                          866
D327  Order booker                               All Industries
G804  Order boy                                  50-59
D374  Order caller                               All Industries
D368  Order checker                              All Industries
D327  Order clerk, clerical                      All Industries
H889  Order clerk, exc. clerical                 All Industries
K438  Order clerk, food service                  58
K438  Order clerk, n. s.                         58
D363  Order detailer                             20-39
D307  Order dispatcher, chief                    491,493
D327  Order editor                               All Industries
D373  Order expediter                            All Industries
D327  Order filler, clerical                     All Industries
H878  Order filler, linseed oil                  207,209
K438  Order filler, n. s.                        58
H877  Order filler, n. s.                        Exc. 58
H888  Order packer or packager                   All Industries
H889  Order picker                               All Industries
D363  Order planner                              20-39
H889  Order puller                               All Industries
H889  Order runner                               201
G804  Order runner                               50-59
H889  Order selector                             All Industries
K438  Order taker                                58
D327  Order taker                                Exc. 58
D365  Order tracer                               All Industries
D327  Order-control clerk, blood bank            807-809
D327  Order-desk man                             All Industries
D327  Order-make-up man                          All Industries
D363  Order-schedule clerk                       All Industries
F777  Ordering machine operator                  21
K447  Orderly                                    805-809
A179  Ordinary                                   92
G829  Ordinary seaman                            44
E547  Ordnance artificer                         97
E547  Ordnance man                               All Industries
G849  Ore bridge operator                        331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
B033  Ore buyer                                  All Industries
F766  Ore charger                                Zinc pt333,334,3351,3356-7,pt336,339
F768  Ore crusher                                10,12
E617  Ore digger                                 10,12
F766  Ore dryer                                  333-339
H889  Ore fielder                                331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F799  Ore grader                                 10,12
E615  Ore miner, blasting                        10,12
E616  Ore miner, n. s.                           10,12
F756  Ore mixer                                  331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
H876  Ore puncher                                44
F766  Ore roaster                                33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F798  Ore sampler                                All Industries
F766  Ore smelter                                33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
A225  Ore tester                                 10
G848  Ore trimmer                                44
F757  Ore washer                                 10,12
F766  Ore-storage-drier man                      33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
H889  Oreman                                     333-339
E636  Organ builder                              39(exc.394)
E535  Organ fixer                                763,764,7692,7699
A194  Organ grinder                              791,794,799
E535  Organ installer                            All Industries
E535  Organ tuner                                763,764,7692,7699
A073  Organic chemist                            All Industries
A186  Organist                                   All Industries
A167  Organizational psychologist                All Industries
C253  Organizer                                  63,64
B021  Organizer                                  832,839,861-865,869
A177  Organizer                                  Salvation Army 832,839
H889  Oriental rug stretcher                     All Industries
A105  Orientation therapist for the blind        All Industries
F744  Ornament stitcher                          20-30,311,315-319,32-39
F745  Ornament stitcher                          313,314
E599  Ornamental iron erector                    15-17
E599  Ornamental ironworker                      15-17
F717  Ornamental metal worker                    20-39
E599  Ornamental metal worker                    Exc. 20-39
A185  Ornamental metalwork designer              All Industries
E579  Ornamental painter                         All Industries
E584  Ornamental plasterer                       15-17
E675  Ornamenter                                 All Industries
A078  Ornithologist                              All Industries
E678  Orthodontic technician                     All Industries
A085  Orthodontist                               802
A185  Orthopedic designer                        3827,384,385
A084  Orthopedic surgeon                         801,803
A208  Orthopedic technician                      All Industries
A208  Orthopedic-brace maker                     All Industries
K447  Orthopedic-cast specialist                 806
C265  Orthopedic-shoe fitter                     566
F745  Orthopedic-shoe maker                      313,314
E669  Orthopedic-shoe maker                      Exc. 313,314
A084  Orthopedist                                801,803
A208  Orthoptic technician                       All Industries
A208  Orthoptist                                 All Industries
K446  Orthotic aide                              All Industries
E684  Orthotics technician                       All Industries
A208  Orthotist                                  All Industries
A078  Osteologist                                All Industries
A084  Osteopath                                  801,803
A084  Osteopathic                                806
A084  Osteopathic physician                      801,803
A084  Osteopathic resident                       806
A084  Otolaryngologist                           All Industries
A208  Otometric technician                       All Industries
A084  Otorhinolaryngologist                      801,803
D319  Out-patient clerk                          806
D316  Out-patient-admitting clerk                806
E509  Outboard motor tester                      All Industries
E518  Outfitter                                  373
A174  Outreach worker, associate degree or
        higher                                   All Industries
K465  Outreach worker, less than associate
        degree                                   All Industries
A194  Outrider                                   Racetrack 791,794,799
F745  Outside cutter                             313,314
H889  Outside laborer                            10-14
E518  Outside machinist                          373
E547  Outside rigger                             373
F786  Outsider                                   Furniture 25
F745  Outsole caser                              313,314
F745  Outsole cementer                           313,314
F745  Outsole compressor                         313,314
H878  Outsole flexer                             313,314
F745  Outsole handler                            313,314
F745  Outsole rounder                            313,314
F745  Outsole splicer                            313,314
F766  Oven baker                                 326
E563  Oven builder                               All Industries
H889  Oven dauber                                Coke 331
F777  Oven dumper                                205
F766  Oven heater                                Coke 331
H889  Oven laborer                               Coke 331
G859  Oven loader                                205
F796  Oven loader                                Television tubes 361,362,364,367,369
F763  Oven operator                              205,21
F766  Oven operator                              Exc. 205,21
F763  Oven tender                                205,21
F766  Oven tender                                Exc. 205,21
F763  Oven worker                                205,21
F766  Oven worker                                Exc. 205,21
F763  Ovenman                                    205,21
F766  Ovenman                                    Exc. 205,21
G804  Over-the-road driver                       421,423
F744  Overcaster                                 20-30,311,315-319,32-39
F745  Overcaster                                 313,314
F785  Overcoil stepper                           387
F785  Overcoiler                                 387
F744  Overedge-machine operator                  20-30,311,315-319,32-39
F745  Overedge-machine operator                  313,314
F744  Overedger                                  20-30,311,315-319,32-39
F745  Overedger                                  313,314
E505  Overhauler, auto                           All Industries
E507  Overhauler, bus, truck                     All Industries
E516  Overhauler, const. equipment               All Industries
E518  Overhauler, loom                           22,231-238,355,356,358,359
E518  Overhauler, machine                        22
H865  Overhauler, n. s.                          201
E518  Overhauler, n. s.                          355,356,358,359
E505  Overhauler, n. s.                          371,527,55,752-754
E519  Overhead cleaner maintainer                All Industries
G849  Overhead craneman                          All Industries
E577  Overhead lineman                           491-493,496
E575  Overhead man                               781-783,792
G849  Overhead-crane operator                    All Industries
E567  Overhead-garage-door hanger                15-17
F744  Overlock machine operator                  All Industries
F744  Overlock operator                          20-30,311,315-319,32-39
F745  Overlock operator                          313,314
F744  Overlock sewing machine operator           All Industries
F744  Overlocker                                 20-30,311,315-319,32-39
F745  Overlocker                                 313,314
I477  Overlooker                                 01,02,071,072,075,076
F744  Overseamer                                 20-30,311,315-319,32-39
F745  Overseamer                                 313,314
C243  Owner                                      50-56,571,572,5731,5734,592-599
B017  Owner                                      58
A096  Owner                                      591
B018  Owner                                      65
E666  Owner                                      7219
A178  Owner                                      81
B014  Owner                                      821
K468  Owner                                      835
B018  Owner                                      Apartment house 65
B022  Owner                                      Art studio 899
K457  Owner                                      Barbershop 724
K458  Owner                                      Beauty shop 723
E547  Owner                                      Blacksmith shop 763,764,7692,7699
B017  Owner                                      Boardinghouse 702-704
K469  Owner                                      Bootblack stand 725
B014  Owner                                      Business college 824
B028  Owner                                      Cream station 514
K426  Owner                                      Detective agency 7381,7382
I473  Owner                                      Farm OBNI  01,02
H497  Owner                                      Fishing boat 09
B019  Owner                                      Funeral home 726
K469  Owner                                      Guest house 702-704
K469  Owner                                      Lodginghouse 702-704
C277  Owner                                      Mobile food store 5963
B018  Owner                                      Mobile home lot 702-704
A189  Owner                                      Photo studio 722,729
I473  Owner                                      Ranch OBNI 01,02
B018  Owner                                      Real estate 65
B017  Owner                                      Resort 702-704
K469  Owner                                      Rooming house 702-704
E669  Owner                                      Shoe repair shop 725
E667  Owner                                      Tailor shop 56(exc.566)
G809  Owner                                      Taxicab 412
B017  Owner                                      Tourist cabins 701
B017  Owner                                      Tourist camp 702-704
K469  Owner                                      Tourist home 702-704
B018  Owner                                      Trailer park 702-704
B019  Owner                                      Undertaking establishment 726
K434  Owner-bartender                            58
B017  Owner-manager                              58
G804  Owner-operator                             421,423
B017  Owner-operator                             58
A226  Owner-pilot                                45
F757  Oxidation operator                         All Industries
F766  Oxide furnace tender                       All Industries
F789  Oxidizer                                   All Industries
F783  Oxyacetylene burner                        All Industries
F783  Oxyacetylene cutter                        All Industries
F783  Oxyacetylene welder                        All Industries
F783  Oxyacetylene-torch operator                All Industries
F766  Oxygen furnace operator                    All Industries
A098  Oxygen therapist                           All Industries
K446  Oxygen-equipment aide                      806
A208  Oxygen-equipment technician                All Industries
F757  Oxygen-plant operator                      281,282,286-289
F797  Oxygen-system tester                       372
F754  Oxygen-tank filler                         281,286,289
A208  Oxygen-therapy technician                  All Industries
F783  Oxygraph operator                          All Industries
F783  Oxyhydrogen welder                         All Industries
B033  Oyster buyer                               OWN 514
H498  Oyster culler                              09
H498  Oyster cultivator                          09
H498  Oyster dredger                             09
H498  Oyster farmer                              09
H498  Oyster fisherman                           09
H498  Oyster floater                             09
F799  Oyster grader                              207,209
H498  Oyster grower                              09
H498  Oyster harvester                           09
H889  Oyster opener                              All Industries
H498  Oyster picker                              09
H889  Oyster picker                              207,209
H498  Oyster planter                             09
B033  Oyster shipper                             514
H889  Oyster shucker                             All Industries
H498  Oyster sorter                              09
H889  Oyster sorter                              207,209
H498  Oyster tonger                              09
F764  Oyster washer                              207,209
H498  Oysterman                                  09
F774  Ozalid operator                            All Industries

Last modified: October 16, 2001