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National Compensation Survey - Wages

P (Census Occs beginning with) ‐ Occupational Classification System Manual

Major Occupational Groups: A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | K
About the Occupational Classification System Manual
Code  Census Job Title                           Industries Affected
E529  P and E man                                482,489
E529  P.B.X. installer                           481
D348  P.B.X. operator                            All Industries
E529  P.B.X. wire chief                          481
G848  Pack changer                               311
G859  Pack master                                Pack train 421,423
G848  Pack puller                                311
I479  Pack-mule-man                              01,02,071,072,075,076
H877  Package boy                                All Industries
H877  Package collector                          52-57,59
H878  Package crimper                            22
A185  Package designer                           All Industries
F756  Package dyeing machine operator            All Industries
H888  Package liner                              All Industries
H888  Package sealer                             All Industries
H883  Package sorter                             40-45
D364  Package sorter                             531,539,571,5947,5961
H888  Package wrapper                            All Industries
G856  Package-lift operator                      All Industries
G859  Package-pick-up boy                        531,539,571,5947,5961
H888  Packager                                   All Industries
H888  Packager or packer and weigher             All Industries
A235  Packaging specialist                       91-97
F754  Packaging-machine operator                 All Industries
H877  Packer and carry-out boy                   All Industries
F787  Packer, hand                               3827,384,385
H888  Packer, hand                               Exc. 3827,384,385
I488  Packer, n. s.                              01,071,072,075,076,514,515,5191
F754  Packer, n. s.                              20-39
G859  Packer, n. s.                              Pack train 421,423
F799  Packer, n. s.                              Any not listed above
H888  Packer-fuser                               281,286,289
H888  Packing and inspecting                     20-39
H888  Packing clerk                              All Industries
H878  Packing floor worker                       21
H889  Packing-house laborer                      All Industries
H888  Packing-line worker                        301-306
H878  Packing-machine can feeder                 21
F754  Packing-machine operator                   20-39
H888  Packing-room worker                        All Industries
F774  Paco-machine operator                      All Industries
F769  Pad cutter                                 313,314
F777  Pad extractor tender                       All Industries
F785  Pad hand                                   315-319
F777  Pad maker                                  22
F785  Pad maker                                  Exc. 22
F777  Pad making machine operator                22
F777  Pad-extraction tender                      All Industries
H878  Pad-machine feeder                         242,243,245
F777  Pad-machine operator                       22
F777  Pad-machine operator                       Exc. 22
F777  Padder                                     22
F744  Padder                                     231-238
F777  Padding-machine operator                   22
F777  Padding-machine operator                   Mfg. exc. 22
A199  Paddock judge                              791,794,799
K461  Page                                       483,484
K464  Page                                       701
D329  Page                                       823
D357  Page                                       Any not listed above
F736  Page-make-up                               27
A187  Pageants director                          781-783,792
D357  Pager                                      27
F759  Paint dipper                               20-39
A224  Paint formulator                           285
F768  Paint grinder                              285
F759  Paint line operator                        All Industries
F795  Paint mixer, hand                          20-39
F756  Paint mixer, machine                       20-39
C268  Paint mixer, machine                       52-59
H878  Paint pourer                               39(exc.394)
H889  Paint remover                              All Industries
D365  Paint stockman                             20-39
A224  Paint technician                           285
A224  Paint tester                               285
F759  Paint-spray tender                         All Industries
E514  Painter and body man                       527,55,752-754
E579  Painter and decorator                      15-17
E583  Painter and paperhanger                    15-17
F759  Painter, aircraft                          All Industries
A194  Painter, animated cartoons                 All Industries
F789  Painter, brush                             All Industries
F789  Painter, hand                              20-39
E579  Painter, house or other buildings          All Industries
A188  Painter, landscape                         All Industries
E579  Painter, maintenance                       All Industries
A188  Painter, neckties                          All Industries
F789  Painter, plate                             All Industries
F759  Painter, shipyard                          373
F789  Painter, sign                              732,733,735,7383-7389
E579  Painter, stage settings                    781-783,792
A188  Painter, statuary                          All Industries
F759  Painter, transportation equipment          372,374,376,40,45
F759  Painter, tumbling barrel                   All Industries
F789  Painter, n. s.                             311,321-323,326,374,40,41(exc.412)
F745  Painter, n. s.                             313,314
F759  Painter, n. s.                             412,527,55,752-754
A188  Painter, n. s.                             899
F789  Painter, n. s.                             Clock and watch 387
F759  Painter, n. s.                             Mfg. not listed above
F774  Painter, n. s.                             Photo studio 732,733,735,7383-7389
E579  Painter, n. s.                             Any not listed above
B022  Painting contractor, administrator or
        general manager                          15-17
E556  Painting contractor, exc. administrator
        or general manager                       15-17
A188  Paintings restorer                         899
F777  Pairer                                     20,21,23-39
F777  Pairer                                     22
F717  Pairing machine operator                   All Industries
A078  Paleobotanist                              All Industries
A169  Paleologist                                All Industries
A075  Paleontologist                             All Industries
K469  Pallbearer                                 726
F709  Pallet rectifier                           387
E647  Pallet-stone inserter                      387
E647  Pallet-stone positioner                    387
G859  Palletizer                                 All Industries
H495  Palm gatherer                              08
A194  Palmist                                    791,794,799
H887  Pan boy                                    205
K444  Pan cleaner                                58
H887  Pan cleaner                                Exc. 58
F777  Pan dumper                                 205
F795  Pan greaser, hand                          205
F777  Pan greaser, machine                       205,324,327
E617  Pan operator                               12
F757  Pan operator                               20-39
F777  Pan puller                                 205
F758  Pan pusher                                 207,209
F758  Pan shover                                 207,209
F758  Pan tankman                                207,209
H887  Pan washer                                 205
K444  Pan washer                                 58
E567  Panel installer                            245,344
F769  Panel machine setter                       261-263,267
F785  Panel maker                                25
F753  Panel-flow machine operator                242-249,25
E696  Panelboard operator                        10-14,28,291,pt333,334,3351,3356-7,
F777  Panelboard operator                        22,239
F789  Panman                                     20-39
F777  Panner                                     205
E649  Pantograph engraver                        387
F705  Pantograph machine set-up operator         All Industries
F783  Pantograph operator, welding               All Industries
F777  Pantograph operator, n. s.                 22
F736  Pantograph operator, n. s.                 27
F735  Pantograph setter                          All Industries
F777  Pantograph transferrer                     22
F705  Pantograph-machine operator, machine
        shop                                     All Industries
F777  Pantograph-machine operator, n. s.         22
E679  Pantograph-machine operator, n. s.         27
F783  Pantograph-machine operator, welding       All Industries
F735  Pantographer, lithographic                 All Industries
F777  Pantographer, n. s.                        22
F736  Pantographer, n. s.                        27
L407  Pantry boy                                 88
K444  Pantry boy                                 Exc. 88
L407  Pantry girl                                88
K444  Pantry girl                                Exc. 88
L407  Pantry maid                                88
K444  Pantry maid                                Exc. 88
L407  Pantry man                                 88
K444  Pantry man                                 Exc. 88
L407  Pantry worker                              88
K444  Pantry worker                              Exc. 88
E667  Pants cutter                               231-238
F744  Pants maker                                231-238
E667  Pants maker                                56(exc.566)
F747  Pants presser                              225,23,721
F795  Pants presser                              531,56(exc.566),7219
F758  Paper baler                                All Industries
C278  Paper boy                                  271,5963
F758  Paper bundler                              261-263
H889  Paper bundler                              Newspaper 271
K453  Paper cleaner                              734
F759  Paper coater                               267
F759  Paper coating machine operator             All Industries
F756  Paper colorer                              261-263
F777  Paper conditioning                         All Industries
F799  Paper cone grader                          All Industries
F755  Paper cone machine operator                265,267
F755  Paper cone machine tender                  265,267
F799  Paper counter                              261-263
F769  Paper cutter                               All Industries
F777  Paper feeder                               20-39
F795  Paper finisher                             20-39
F765  Paper folder                               All Industries
F799  Paper grader                               20-39
D387  Paper grader                               821,822,835
D379  Paper grader                               Any not listed above
G859  Paper handler                              271
H889  Paper inserter                             20-39(exc.newspaper)
D389  Paper inserter                             Newspaper 271
F777  Paper maker                                26
F777  Paper plate machine tender                 All Industries
F777  Paper re-winder                            20,21,23-39
F777  Paper roller                               20-39
C278  Paper route                                271,5963
F777  Paper ruler                                272-279
F753  Paper sealer                               20-39
F769  Paper slitter                              20-39
F799  Paper sorter                               20-39
H889  Paper sorter                               Exc. 20-39
F799  Paper sorter & counter                     All Industries
G859  Paper stacker                              All Industries
H869  Paper steamer                              15-17
F759  Paper stripper                             20-25,261-263,265,28-39
H877  Paper stripper                             267,27
A214  Paper tester                               26
F777  Paper winder                               20,21,23-39
F777  Paper-bag maker                            267
H878  Paper-bag press operator                   267
F769  Paper-box cutter                           265
F785  Paper-box maker                            All Industries
F777  Paper-cap-machine operator                 All Industries
D364  Paper-control clerk                        44
F719  Paper-cup machine tender                   261-263
F769  Paper-cutting-machine operator             All Industries
F765  Paper-folding-machine operator             All Industries
F777  Paper-machine operator                     20-39
F777  Paper-machine tender                       26
F777  Paper-making-machine operator              20-39
H888  Paper-pattern folder                       272-279
F777  Paper-reclaiming-machine operator          26
F777  Paper-reel operator                        All Industries
F777  Paper-roll-machine operator                20-39
F777  Paper-tube-machine operator                All Industries
H496  Paper-wood cutter                          241
F717  Paperback machine operator                 All Industries
F777  Paperer                                    20-39
F777  Paperhanger                                26
E583  Paperhanger                                Exc. 26
B022  Paperhanger contractor, administrator or
        general manager                          15-17
E556  Paperhanger contractor, exc.
        administrator or general manager         15-17
F785  Papier-mache' molder                       All Industries
A234  Para-legal                                 All Industries
F757  Para-machine operator                      281,286,289
A106  Para-medic, assists physician              All Industries
A208  Para-medic, emergency treatment            All Industries
A208  Para-medic, n. s.                          41(exc.412),92
A106  Para-medic, n. s.                          Exc. 411,413-417,92
H889  Parachute marker                           239
E547  Parachute mender                           All Industries
F795  Parachute packer                           All Industries
F795  Parachute rigger                           All Industries
F757  Paradi man                                 281,286,289
F759  Paraffiner                                 All Industries
I475  Parakeet raiser                            GOV,OBI or PR 02
I473  Parakeet raiser                            OBNI 02
D387  Paraprofessional                           821
A083  Parasitologist                             All Industries
H877  Parcel boy                                 52-59
H877  Parcel carrier                             52-59
H888  Parcel wrapper                             52-59
H877  Parcel-pick-up man                         541
D355  Parcel-post carrier                        43
D354  Parcel-post clerk                          43
D356  Parcel-post clerk                          Exc. 43
D355  Parcel-post deliveryman                    43
G804  Parcel-post truck driver                   43
K465  Parent aide                                821,83,861,862,864,865,869
K444  Parer                                      58
C276  Pari-mutuel clerk                          791,794,799
C276  Pari-mutuel ticket cashier                 791,794,799
D337  Pari-mutuel ticket checker                 791,794,799
C276  Pari-mutuel ticket seller                  791,794,799
F769  Paring-machine operator                    203,207,209
A176  Parish priest                              866
A177  Parish visitor                             866
A177  Parish worker                              866
K459  Park attendant                             All Industries
K426  Park guard                                 All Industries
H486  Park keeper                                91-97
K418  Park officer, policeman or patrolman       All Industries
K423  Park ranger                                08,09,919,95,96
K426  Park ranger                                Exc. 08,09,919,95,96
B005  Park superintendent                        91-97
K459  Parking attendant                          Drive-in theater 781-783,792
G813  Parking attendant                          Exc. drive in theater 781-783,792
K423  Parking enforcement officer                919,92
C276  Parking lot attendant and cashier          752,7542
E579  Parking-line painter                       15-17
G813  Parking-lot attendant                      752,7542
G813  Parking-lot laborer                        752,7542
D378  Parking-meter collector                    919,92
E539  Parking-meter installer                    All Industries
E547  Parking-meter servicer                     All Industries
K469  Parlor chaperone                           58,701
K449  Parlor maid                                701-704
L407  Parlor maid                                88
A174  Parole agent                               All Industries
A174  Parole director                            All Industries
A174  Parole officer                             All Industries
E567  Parquetry-floor layer                      All Industries
F759  Parrafin machine operator                  267
F777  Partition assembly machine operator        All Industries
F769  Partition making machine operator          267
E567  Partition setter                           245,342
D374  Parts cataloguer                           3571-3577,36,372,376
H885  Parts chaser                               527,55,752-754
D365  Parts classifier                           372,376
C269  Parts clerk                                421,423,50,51,pt52,531,55,593,pt594,
D365  Parts clerk                                Any not listed above
D365  Parts control man                          All Industries
D373  Parts expediter                            All Industries
D365  Parts identifier                           All Industries
C269  Parts man                                  50-59
D365  Parts man                                  Exc. 50-59
G804  Parts runner, delivery                     All Industries
H877  Parts runner, exc. delivery                All Industries
E505  Parts-department serviceman                371,527,55,752-754
A218  Party chief                                08,13,15-17,40,43,49,871,91-97
C277  Party demonstrator                         5963
C277  Party director                             5963
K433  Party hostess                              58,701
C277  Party-plan demonstrator                    5963
H889  Pass boy                                   331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F744  Passementerie maker                        239
D318  Passenger agent                            40-47
K464  Passenger attendant                        44
G825  Passenger brakeman                         40
G823  Passenger conductor                        40
K463  Passenger representative                   40
D318  Passenger solicitor                        40-47
K454  Passenger-elevator operator                All Industries
B022  Passenger-relations representative         40-47
D318  Passenger-service agent                    40-47
K463  Passenger-service representative           40-47
H883  Passer                                     201
F796  Passer                                     311
F717  Passer boy                                 331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F756  Paste maker                                All Industries
F756  Paste mixer                                348,376
F774  Paste-up artist                            27,731
F736  Paste-up copy camera operator              All Industries
F795  Paster, hand                               311
H889  Paster, screen printing                    22
F789  Paster, n. s.                              20-39
F757  Pasteurizer                                All Industries
F757  Pasteurizing machine operator              All Industries
F723  Pasting-machine operator                   All Industries
A176  Pastor                                     866
A177  Pastoral worker                            866
E687  Pastry baker                               205,546
E687  Pastry chef                                205,546
K436  Pastry chef                                58,701,806
K433  Pastry chief, head                         All Industries
E687  Pastry cook                                205,546
K436  Pastry cook                                58,701,806
E687  Pastry decorator                           All Industries
E687  Pastry finisher                            205,546
H888  Pastry wrapper                             All Industries
F796  Patch driller                              39(exc.394)
F798  Patch finisher                             22
F753  Patch machine operator                     261-263
F795  Patch sander                               All Industries
F777  Patch washer                               22
F747  Patch-press operator                       231-238,721
F795  Patcher, hand                              242,243,245,321-323
G825  Patcher, n. s.                             12
F744  Patcher, n. s.                             225
F796  Patcher, n. s.                             311,39(exc.394)
E563  Patcher, n. s.                             331
F777  Patcher, n. s.                             Any not listed above
F748  Patching machine operator                  721
B034  Patent agent                               732,733,735,7383-7389
A178  Patent attorney                            81
B034  Patent broker                              732,733,735,7383-7389
A073  Patent chemist                             All Industries
B036  Patent classifier                          96
A217  Patent draftsman                           81
A178  Patent examiner                            96
A178  Patent lawyer                              81
A234  Patent searcher                            All Industries
A178  Patent solicitor                           81
A203  Pathological technician                    807-809
A083  Pathologist                                All Industries
K446  Pathology-laboratory aide                  All Industries
A203  Pathology-laboratory technologist          807-809
K447  Patient care, exc. nursing                 All Industries
K446  Patient carrier                            41(exc.412)
K461  Patient escort                             805-809
D316  Patient registrar                          All Industries
B015  Patient relations director                 806
K447  Patient sitter                             All Industries
K447  Patient sitter, cleaning                   All Industries
A164  Patients' librarian                        805-809
K418  Patrol agent                               92
K414  Patrol commander                           All Industries
K424  Patrol conductor                           All Industries
G855  Patrol driver                              15-17
K418  Patrol driver                              92
K416  Patrol fireman                             All Industries
K426  Patrol guard                               All Industries
K425  Patrol lady                                School crossing 92
K425  Patrol mother                              92
K418  Patrol officer                             92
K418  Patrol officer                             Customs 93
G855  Patrol operator                            15-17
F796  Patroler                                   22
K426  Patroller                                  40
F796  Patrolman                                  10-14,22,46
E527  Patrolman                                  481,482,489
G859  Patrolman                                  49
E577  Patrolman                                  491-493,496
K418  Patrolman                                  92
K426  Patrolman                                  Any not listed above
D365  Pattern attendant                          33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
H877  Pattern boy                                231-238
H889  Pattern carrier                            33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F777  Pattern changer                            22
E676  Pattern chart-writer                       272-279
F796  Pattern checker                            267
E645  Pattern checker                            Exc. 267
D365  Pattern clerk                              33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
E676  Pattern cutter                             344
F769  Pattern cutter                             Exc. 344
E676  Pattern developer                          344
A217  Pattern draftsman                          20-39(exc.241)
F709  Pattern filer                              All Industries
E645  Pattern fitter                             All Industries
E684  Pattern grader                             231-238
E684  Pattern grader cutter                      All Industries
A188  Pattern illustrator                        All Industries
D365  Pattern keeper                             All Industries
E646  Pattern lay-out man                        33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F795  Pattern marker, hand                       All Industries
E656  Pattern marker, n. s.                      244,249,25
E675  Pattern molder                             33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F759  Pattern painter                            33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
H889  Pattern ruler                              239
E645  Pattern scratcher                          33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
E646  Pattern setter                             All Industries
F777  Pattern stamper                            22
F739  Pattern weaver                             22
F739  Pattern wheel maker                        All Industries
E656  Pattern worker                             242-249,25
E645  Pattern worker                             372,376
F777  Pattern-chain builder                      22
D365  Pattern-room attendant                     33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
D365  Pattern-storage man                        33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
D365  Pattern-vault man                          33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
E676  Patternmaker, acoustical tile              328,329
E649  Patternmaker, engraving                    All Industries
E645  Patternmaker, metal                        All Industries
E656  Patternmaker, wood                         All Industries
E684  Patternmaker, n. s.                        22
E676  Patternmaker, n. s.                        Any not listed above
E686  Paunch trimmer                             201
E594  Paver operator                             15-17
B022  Paving contractor, administrator or
        general manager                          15-17
E558  Paving contractor, exc. administrator or
        general manager                          15-17
E594  Paving-machine operator                    15-17
C243  Pawn-shop keeper                           OWN 593,5948,5993-5,5999
C243  Pawnbroker                                 593,5948,5993-5,5999
D323  Pay-station attendant                      481
G806  Pay-station collector                      481
D383  Paying teller                              60,61
G853  Payloader operator                         All Industries
G853  Payloader-machine operator                 All Industries
B025  Paymaster                                  40
D338  Paymaster                                  Exc. 40
C276  Paymaster of purses                        791,794,799
D378  Payment collector                          All Industries
B023  Payroll accountant                         All Industries
B023  Payroll auditor                            All Industries
D305  Payroll clerk, chief                       All Industries
D338  Payroll clerk, n. s.                       All Industries
B036  Payroll examiner                           Dept. of Labor 96
D305  Payroll master                             All Industries
D344  Payroll-machine operator                   All Industries
K418  Peace officer                              92
F757  Peanut blancher                            206
F799  Peanut cleaner                             206
I488  Peanut grader                              514
I479  Peanut picker                              01,071,072,075,076
F763  Peanut roaster                             All Industries
F777  Peanut salter                              All Industries
F799  Peanut separator                           206,207,209
I479  Peanut shaker                              01,071,072,075,076
F768  Peanut sheller                             All Industries
C277  Peanut vendor                              5963
E688  Peanut-butter maker                        All Industries
I479  Pear picker                                01,071,072,075,076
E647  Pearl cutter                               39(exc.394),pt509,5944,763,764,7692,7699
H498  Pearl digger                               09
H498  Pearl fisherman                            09
F756  Pearl glue operator                        All Industries
F785  Pearl maker                                39(exc.394)
E647  Pearl peller                               Jewelry 39(exc.394)
E647  Pearl restorer                             Jewelry 39(exc.394)
F785  Pearl stringer                             39(exc.394)
F786  Pearler                                    387
F768  Pebble-mill operator                       285
F799  Pecan cleaner                              206
I479  Pecan gatherer                             01,071,072,075,076
F768  Pecan huller                               All Industries
I479  Pecan picker                               01,071,072,075,076
F799  Pecan picker                               206
F768  Pecan sheller                              All Industries
C277  Peddler                                    5963(exc.newspaper)
C278  Peddler                                    Newspaper 5963
A084  Pediatric allergist                        801,803
A208  Pediatric associate                        805-809
A084  Pediatric cardiologist                     801,803
A095  Pediatric nurse                            All Industries
A084  Pediatrician                               801,803
A084  Pediatrist                                 801,803
D376  Pedigree tracer                            All Industries
A085  Pedodontist                                802
F769  Peeler                                     203
H496  Peeler                                     241,244,249
K444  Peeler                                     58
F763  Peelman                                    205
F724  Peelman                                    331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F756  Peg boy                                    22
F777  Peg driver                                 20-39
F785  Pegger                                     All Industries
F755  Pellet-machine operator                    All Industries
F755  Pellet-mill operator                       All Industries
F755  Pellet-press operator                      281,286,289
F766  Pelletizer                                 324,327
F777  Pelt dropper                               201
I479  Pelter                                     02
F785  Pen maker                                  39(exc.394)
K424  Penal officer                              92
F785  Pencil maker                               39(exc.394)
A194  Penman                                     791,794,799
D389  Penman                                     Exc. 791,794,799
A168  Penologist                                 All Industries
B027  Pension administrator                      All Industries
C255  Pension adviser                            62,67
C253  Pension adviser                            63,64
C253  Pension agent                              63,64
C253  Pension consultant                         63,64
B036  Pension examiner                           43,91-97
F769  Pepper cutter                              203
I479  Pepper picker                              01,071,072,075,076
F777  Percher                                    22
F757  Percolator operator                        204
E679  Perfect-binder setter                      27
H878  Perfect-binder-feeder-offbearer            27
F777  Perforating machine operator               22
F769  Perforating machine operator               272-279
F745  Perforating machine operator               313,314
F743  Perforating machine operator               Hat and cap 231-238
E615  Perforator                                 13
F706  Perforator                                 20-39
F774  Perforator                                 781-783,792
E615  Perforator loader                          13
E615  Perforator operator                        13
F706  Perforator operator                        20-39
D385  Perforator typist                          All Industries
D389  Performance reporter                       A.S.C.S. 96
A194  Performer                                  781-783,792
F756  Perfume compounder                         284
F756  Perfume maker                              284
A208  Perfusionist                               All Industries
A085  Periodontist                               802
A104  Peripatologist                             All Industries
D309  Peripheral equipment operator              All Industries
F768  Perlite grinder                            328,329
E563  Permastone applicator                      15-17
E563  Permastone installer                       15-17
E563  Permastone man                             15-17
D365  Perpetual-inventory clerk                  All Industries
L407  Personal attendant                         88
D313  Personal secretary                         All Industries
C285  Personal shopper                           52-59
B027  Personnel adviser                          All Industries
B027  Personnel analyst                          All Industries
D328  Personnel clerk                            All Industries
B027  Personnel consultant                       All Industries
B027  Personnel counselor                        All Industries
B008  Personnel director                         All Industries
A159  Personnel fitness trainer                  All Industries
B027  Personnel interviewer                      All Industries
B027  Personnel man                              All Industries
B027  Personnel officer                          All Industries
B027  Personnel recruiter                        All Industries
B027  Personnel representative                   All Industries
D338  Personnel scheduler                        All Industries
B027  Personnel specialist                       All Industries
B027  Personnel technician                       All Industries
B027  Personnel worker                           All Industries
B027  Personnel-training officer                 All Industries
A064  Pert analyst                               All Industries
I479  Pest locator                               01,02,071,072,075,076
K455  Pest-control operator                      734
A073  Pesticide chemist                          All Industries
C274  Pet counselor                              593,5948,5993-5,5999
H487  Pet feeder                                 All Industries
A075  Petrographer                               13
A225  Petroleum analyst                          291
A075  Petroleum geologist                        All Industries
E699  Petroleum plant operator                   All Industries
A075  Petrologist                                All Industries

Last modified: October 16, 2001