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National Compensation Survey - Wages

R (Census Occs beginning with) ‐ Occupational Classification System Manual

Major Occupational Groups: A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | K
About the Occupational Classification System Manual
Code  Census Job Title                           Industries Affected
D337  R.A. clerk                                 482,489
A095  R.N.                                       All Industries
F777  Rabbet operator                            242-249,25
A176  Rabbi                                      866
I475  Rabbit fancier                             GOV,OBI or PR 02
I473  Rabbit fancier                             OBNI 02
F766  Rabbler                                    333-339
A199  Race starter                               791,794,799
A174  Race-relations adviser                     All Industries
A194  Racehorse trainer                          791,794,799(exc.racetrack)
I479  Racehorse trainer                          Farm 02,071,072,075,076
A199  Racehorse trainer                          Racetrack 791,794,799
A199  Racing secretary                           791,794,799
D336  Racing-board marker                        791,794,799
A199  Racing-car driver                          791,794,799
H889  Rack boy                                   205
K459  Rack boy                                   791,794,799
G859  Rack carrier                               All Industries
H889  Rack girl                                  205,313,314
F777  Rack girl                                  231-238
H878  Rack loader                                21,39(exc.394)
H889  Rack maker                                 341,343,347,349
H874  Rack puller                                205
F799  Rack puncher                               242,243,245
H883  Rack pusher                                313,314
H887  Rack washer                                201
F754  Rack-room worker                           208
H889  Racker, jewelry                            39(exc.394)
H889  Racker, sports equipment                   394
H889  Racker, n. s.                              205,387
K459  Racker, n. s.                              793
H878  Racker, n. s.                              Exc. 205,387,793
F783  Racking-machine operator                   373
H883  Rackman                                    291,46
G859  Rackman                                    Exc. 291,46
F785  Racquet maker                              394
A228  Radar operator                             All Industries
E523  Radar repair and installation              All Industries
E523  Radar technician                           All Industries
E689  Radar tester                               372,376
F727  Radiac-saw operator                        242-249,25
F783  Radiagraph operator                        373
F727  Radial arm saw operator                    242-249,25
F708  Radial-drill operator                      All Industries
F708  Radial-drill-press operator                All Industries
F704  Radial-router operator                     372,376
A235  Radiation monitor                          All Industries
A049  Radiation officer                          FGOV
A225  Radiation technician                       FGOV
A225  Radiation-control man                      All Industries
A206  Radiation-therapy technician               All Industries
E505  Radiator cleaner                           371,527,55,752-754
E505  Radiator man                               371,527,55,752-754
E505  Radiator tester                            371,527,55,752-754
F797  Radiator-core tester                       33-39
E523  Radio adjuster                             All Industries
A198  Radio announcer                            483,484
A198  Radio artist                               483,484
A195  Radio commentator                          All Industries
A228  Radio dispatcher                           08,483,484
D359  Radio dispatcher                           Exc. 08,483,484
E523  Radio electrician                          All Industries
E505  Radio installer                            371,527,55,752-754
E523  Radio installer                            Exc. 371,527,55,752-754
E523  Radio machinist                            All Industries
E523  Radio man                                  All Industries
A228  Radio officer                              44
A228  Radio operator                             All Industries
A198  Radio performer                            483,484
A187  Radio producer                             483,484
A228  Radio recorder                             483,484
E523  Radio rigger                               All Industries
A198  Radio sportscaster                         483,484
A228  Radio technician                           483,484
E523  Radio technician                           Exc. 483,484
F797  Radio tester                               365,366
E523  Radio tester                               Exc. 365,366
E505  Radio-aerial installer                     371,527,55,752-754
E505  Radio-antenna installer                    371,527,55,752-754
E523  Radio-antenna installer                    Exc. 371,527,55,752-754
A228  Radio-division officer                     92
A228  Radio-intelligence operator                All Industries
A055  Radio-interference expert                  All Industries
E523  Radio-interference investigator            36
E577  Radio-interference troubleman              491-493,496
E523  Radio-maintenance man                      All Industries
D336  Radio-message router                       481
A195  Radio-news writer                          All Industries
D316  Radio-program checker                      732,733,735,7383-7389
A195  Radio-script writer, advertising or news   483,484
A183  Radio-script writer, exc. advertising or
        news                                     483,484
D316  Radio-survey worker                        874
C256  Radio-time buyer                           All Industries
E547  Radioactivity-instrument maintenance
        technician                               All Industries
A206  Radiographer                               805-809
A235  Radiographer                               Exc. 805-809
A225  Radioisotop production operator            All Industries
A206  Radiologic technician                      805-809
A206  Radiologic technologist                    805-809
A049  Radiological-defense officer               FGOV
A208  Radiological-health specialist             All Industries
A208  Radiological-health technician             All Industries
A084  Radiologist                                80
A045  Radiologist                                Exc. 80
A228  Radiophone operator                        All Industries
A225  Radiosonde operator                        Weather Bureau 95
A074  Radiosonde specialist                      Weather Bureau 95
A228  Radiotelegrapher                           482,489
A228  Radiotelephone operator                    All Industries
H496  Rafter                                     241
F726  Rafter cutting machine operator            All Industries
H496  Raftsman                                   241
F777  Rag boiler                                 261-263
H889  Rag collector                              22,5093
H889  Rag cutter                                 All Industries
H889  Rag grader                                 5093
F796  Rag picker                                 261-263
F769  Rag shredder                               261-263
F799  Rag sorter                                 20-39
H889  Rag sorter                                 Exc. 20-39
H889  Rag washer                                 22
H878  Rag-cutting-machine feeder                 All Industries
F769  Rag-cutting-machine operator               All Industries
H889  Ragman                                     22,5093
F728  Rail bender                                All Industries
F783  Rail bonder                                All Industries
F777  Rail filler                                22
F709  Rail grinder                               All Industries
H869  Rail layer                                 All Industries
F777  Rail setter                                22
H869  Rail setter                                40
H889  Rail walker                                40
H887  Rail washer                                22
G824  Rail-car operator                          241,40
G824  Rail-detector-car operator                 40
E689  Rail-flaw detector operator                40
G824  Rail-tractor operator                      33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
B023  Railroad accountant                        40
B023  Railroad auditor                           40
G825  Railroad brakeman                          40
B005  Railroad commissioner                      SGOV 96
G823  Railroad conductor                         40
K426  Railroad detective                         40
G824  Railroad fireman                           All Industries
H889  Railroad hand                              40
F777  Railroad man                               40
K426  Railroad policeman                         40
K464  Railroad porter, baggage                   40
A063  Railroad surveyor                          40
K425  Railroad watchman                          40
H889  Railroad worker                            40
D368  Railroad-car checker                       All Industries
E579  Railroad-car letterer                      All Industries
D374  Railroad-maintenance clerk                 40
D318  Railroad-passenger agent                   40
B033  Railroad-purchasing agent                  40
H889  Railroader                                 40
H889  Railroading                                40
G826  Railway equipment operator                 40
G825  Railway switchman                          40
F777  Railway-head tender                        22
E617  Raise driller                              10,12,14
H878  Raised printer                             27
F785  Raiser                                     244,249
H495  Raker                                      08
H889  Raker                                      227
I479  Raking-machine operator                    01,02,071,072,075,076
F755  Ram-press operator                         All Industries
D318  Ramp agent                                 45
E519  Ramp attendant, refueling                  45
H883  Ramp attendant, n. s.                      45
G813  Ramp jockey                                752,7542
D364  Ramp serviceman, agent                     45
H883  Rampman, food or baggage handling          45
E519  Rampman, refueling                         45
H883  Rampman, n. s.                             45
I477  Ramrod                                     01,02,071,072,075,076
K436  Ranch cook                                 01,02,071,072,075,076
I479  Ranch hand, crop, livestock or n. s.       GOV or PR 01,02,071,072,075,076
I473  Ranch hand, crop. livestock or n. s.       OBNI 01,02,071,072,075,076
F745  Rand cementer                              313,314
F745  Rand maker                                 313,314
F745  Rand tacker                                313,314
H495  Range aide                                 08
A079  Range conservationist                      08
A079  Range ecologist                            All Industries
K416  Range examiner                             08
F777  Range feeder                               22
E526  Range man                                  491-493,496
F785  Range mounter                              341,343,347,349
I479  Range rider                                02,071,072,075,076
K416  Ranger                                     Exc. police 92
K418  Ranger                                     Police 92
F745  Rasper-machine operator                    313,314
I475  Rat culturist                              GOV,OBI or PR 02
I473  Rat culturist                              OBNI 02
K455  Rat exterminator                           All Industries
I475  Rat farmer                                 GOV,OBI or PR 02
I473  Rat farmer                                 OBNI 02
I479  Rat poisoner                               02,071,072,075,076
I479  Rat trapper                                02,071,072,075,076
F727  Ratchet setter                             242,243,245
B025  Rate analyst, exc. freight                 All Industries
D343  Rate analyst, freight                      All Industries
D343  Rate clerk                                 All Industries
D343  Rate examiner                              All Industries
D343  Rate marker                                All Industries
D343  Rate reviewer                              All Industries
D343  Rate setter                                All Industries
D348  Rate-quoting operator                      481
D343  Rater                                      All Industries
D343  Rating clerk                               All Industries
D343  Rating examiner                            All Industries
B005  Rating officer                             FGOV
A178  Rating specialist                          Veterans Administration 94
A178  Rating-board specialist                    Veterans Administration 94
F734  Ratoprinter                                272-279
F777  Rattler                                    33-37(exc.348)
F777  Rattling-machine tender                    33-37(exc.348)
F777  Raveler                                    225
H889  Raw cheese worker                          202
F798  Raw sampler                                3334,334,3353-3355,3363,3365
F799  Raw silk grader                            22
K444  Raw-bar man                                58
F768  Raw-mill operator                          324,327
D368  Raw-scales operator                        324,327
F769  Rawhide trimmer                            311
F787  Rawhide-bone roller                        311
F757  Raymond-mill operator                      281,286,289
F738  Rayon coner                                22
A224  Rayon tester                               221-224,228
F738  Rayon winder                               22
F709  Razor grinder                              342
F709  Razor sharpener                            342
F777  Re-dye hand                                225
E649  Re-etcher                                  27
F796  Re-examiner                                225
F777  Reacher                                    22
A225  Reactor operator, test and research        873
F757  Reactor operator, n. s.                    281,286-289,291,361,362,364,367,369
E695  Reactor operator, n. s.                    491
A187  Reader                                     483,484,781-783,792
A177  Reader                                     866
D389  Reader                                     Any not listed above
G804  Ready-mix-truck driver                     324,327
B005  Real estate assessor                       919,93
A043  Real estate site analyst                   All Industries
C254  Real-estate agent                          65
C254  Real-estate and insurance man              65
B005  Real-estate appraiser                      919,93
C254  Real-estate appraiser                      Exc. 919,93
C254  Real-estate assessor                       Exc. 919,93
A178  Real-estate attorney                       65
C254  Real-estate broker                         65
D379  Real-estate clerk                          All Industries
C254  Real-estate evaluator                      Exc. tax assessor's office 93
B005  Real-estate evaluator                      Tax assessor's office 93
B025  Real-estate officer                        60,61
C254  Realtor                                    65
F769  Ream cutter                                All Industries
F708  Reamer                                     All Industries
F708  Reaming machine operator                   All Industries
F708  Reaming machine tender                     All Industries
F708  Reaming-press operator                     All Industries
F738  Rebeamer                                   22
F758  Rebrander                                  301
F777  Recapper                                   371,527,55,752-754
D343  Receipt-and-report clerk                   44
D327  Receiver-dispatcher                        861,862,864,865,869
D353  Receiver, n. s.                            482,489
B005  Receiver, n. s.                            Land Office 95
D364  Receiver, n. s.                            Any not listed above
D368  Receiving checker                          721
D364  Receiving clerk                            All Industries
D383  Receiving teller                           60,61
K469  Receiving-barn custodian                   791,794,799
D368  Receiving-dock checker                     All Industries
F708  Recenterer                                 355,356,358,359,373
K463  Receptionist, airline lounge               45
D319  Receptionist, and other clerical
        activities                               All Industries
A095  Receptionist-nurse                         801,803
D313  Receptionist-secretary                     All Industries
D319  Receptionist-telephone operator            All Industries
D319  Receptionist, n. s.                        All Industries
F719  Reclamation kettle tender                  All Industries
E547  Reclamation worker                         508
F766  Reclamation-furnace operator               333-339
E658  Recoater                                   25
F759  Recoating-machine operator                 267
D337  Reconcilement clerk                        60-62,67
D344  Reconciliation-machine operator            60(exc.603,606)
E505  Reconditioner                              371,527,55,752-754
C243  Reconditioner                              OWN 203
F796  Reconditioner                              PR 203
D364  Reconsignment clerk                        All Industries
F777  Recooperer                                 All Industries
K459  Record changer                             791,794,799
F797  Record changer tester                      365,366
D335  Record clerk, filing                       All Industries
D386  Record clerk, tabulating                   All Industries
D336  Record clerk, n. s.                        All Industries
F769  Record cutter                              365,366
B021  Record keeper                              861,862,864,865,869
D336  Record keeper                              Exc. 861,862,864,865,869
A164  Record librarian                           483,484
F758  Record maker                               365,366
F758  Record press tender                        365,366
F758  Record pressman                            365,366
A234  Record searcher                            65
F797  Record tester                              365,366
D347  Recordak operator                          All Industries
A225  Recorder                                   13
H867  Recorder                                   871
B005  Recorder                                   91
D368  Recorder                                   Any not listed above
B005  Recorder of deeds                          LGOV
A186  Recording artist                           781-783,792
D348  Recording operator                         481
H883  Recording-studio set-up worker             732,733,735,7383-7389
E628  Recordist, chief                           781-783,792
A235  Recordist, n. s.                           All Industries
D335  Records custodian                          60,61
B026  Records-management analyst                 Veterans Administration 94
F717  Recovery operator                          20-23,26-31,33-39
A095  Recovery-room nurse                        806
K459  Recreation attendant                       All Industries
B021  Recreation director                        791,794,799
A175  Recreation leader                          791,794,799
K446  Recreation-therapy aide                    All Industries
A105  Recreational therapist                     All Industries
B027  Recruiter, personnel                       All Industries
E695  Rectifier                                  208,281,286-289
E695  Rectifier operator                         208,281,286-289
A176  Rector                                     866
A174  Red Cross worker                           832,839
K464  Red cap                                    40-47
E579  Red leader                                 373
F766  Red-lead burner                            285
F759  Redipper                                   331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F738  Redrawer                                   22
F763  Redrying-machine operator                  21
F756  Reducer                                    285
F707  Reducing man                               331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
K469  Reducing-salon attendant                   All Industries
K469  Reducing-system operator                   Beauty shop 723
F766  Reduction-furnace operator                 333-339
H887  Reed cleaner                               22
F759  Reed dipper                                355,356,358,359
F777  Reed fixer                                 22
E684  Reed maker                                 All Industries
E518  Reed man                                   22
H878  Reed-press feeder                          261-263,267,324,327
F777  Reel boy                                   261-263
F748  Reel girl                                  721
H889  Reel hooker                                331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F768  Reel man                                   204
H889  Reel man                                   331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
E527  Reel man                                   481
F738  Reel operator                              22
F707  Reel operator                              331
F777  Reel operator                              Exc. 22,331
F777  Reel stripper                              22
F738  Reel tender                                22
F777  Reel tender                                Exc. 22
F738  Reel winder                                22
E527  Reel-cart operator                         481
F738  Reeler                                     22,267
F785  Reeler                                     242-249,25
H889  Reeler                                     311
F777  Reeler                                     Mfg. exc. 22,242-249,25,267,311
F777  Reeling machine operator                   22,23
F707  Reeling machine operator                   331,332,341-347,349
F738  Reeling operator                           22
A199  Referee                                    791,794,799,821,822
A179  Referee                                    81
A179  Referee                                    Juvenile court 92
B005  Referee                                    Unemployment Comp. Comm. 94
D389  Reference clerk                            52-59
D376  Reference investigator                     All Industries
D323  Referral-and-information aide              43,91-97
F756  Refined syrup operator                     All Industries
F766  Refiner                                    33-34
E699  Refiner                                    Exc. 33-34
F777  Refinery operator                          204
E699  Refinery operator                          PR 26-29
B022  Refinery superintendent                    All Industries
F757  Refining machine operator                  All Industries
E699  Refining-equipment operator                291
E567  Refinisher                                 15-17
E658  Refinisher                                 763,764,7692,7699
H889  Reflesher                                  311
K424  Reformatory attendant                      92
F756  Refractory mixer                           28
E599  Refractory specialist                      321-323
G833  Refrigerating oiler                        44
F777  Refrigerating-machine operator             All Industries
F777  Refrigeration engineman                    All Industries
H877  Refrigeration houseman                     201
E534  Refrigeration installer                    All Industries
E593  Refrigeration insulator                    15-17
E534  Refrigeration technician                   All Industries
H883  Refrigerator mover                         421,423
H889  Refueler                                   40,44,45
H875  Refuse collector                           All Industries
F766  Regenerator operator                       207,209
A173  Regional planner                           All Industries
B005  Register                                   Land Office 95
B005  Register                                   Probate court 92
D317  Register clerk                             701
D319  Register clerk                             Exc. 701
B005  Register in chancery                       92
B005  Register of deeds                          919
B005  Register of wills                          919
A095  Registered nurse                           All Industries
A096  Registered pharmacist                      591
A063  Registered public surveyor                 All Industries
A098  Registered respiratory therapist           All Industries
A095  Registered-health nurse                    All Industries
A063  Registered-land surveyor                   All Industries
D356  Registered-mail clerk                      60,61
A095  Registered-public-health nurse             All Industries
B014  Registrar, college                         All Industries
D336  Registrar, elementary school               All Industries
D319  Registrar, entrance guard                  43,91-97
D336  Registrar, secondary school                All Industries
D319  Registrar, n. s.                           43,723,806-809,84,91-97
B021  Registrar, n. s.                           736
D336  Registrar, n. s.                           821
B014  Registrar, n. s.                           822
D319  Registrar, n. s.                           Election board 919
B021  Registrar, n. s.                           Nurses,registry 736
D319  Registrar, n. s.                           PR Welfare agency 832,839
B005  Registrar, n. s.                           Probate court 92
D316  Registration clerk                         43,91-97
D329  Registration clerk                         823
D319  Registration clerk                         Any not listed above
B005  Registration officer                       Veterans Administration 94
F799  Regrader                                   20-39
F768  Regrinder                                  281,286,289
F795  Regroover                                  527,55,752-754
F777  Regulator operator                         492,493,496
F797  Regulator tester                           3827,384,385
D336  Rehabilitation clerk                       807-809
D316  Rehabilitation clerk                       Exc. 807-809
A163  Rehabilitation counselor                   All Industries
A208  Rehabilitation technician                  806
H889  Rehanger                                   21
F766  Reheat-furnace operator                    333-339
F724  Reheater                                   331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F744  Reinforcement maker                        231-238
F744  Reinforcer                                 225
E597  Reinforcing metal worker                   15-17
E599  Reinforcing-rod layer                      15-17
E599  Reinforcing-steel tier                     15-17
E599  Reinforcing-steel-machine operator         15-17
F796  Reinspector                                20-39
D336  Reinsurance clerk                          63,64
F796  Rejector                                   20-39
H889  Rejogger                                   27
F744  Rejoiner                                   22
F745  Relaster                                   313,314
E693  Relay adjuster                             361,362,364,367,369
E529  Relay adjuster                             481
G806  Relay man                                  205,721
E577  Relay man                                  491
G824  Relay motorman                             12
E523  Relay technician                           40-48,491-493,496
D353  Relay telegrapher                          482,489
E689  Relay tester                               491-493,496
F797  Relay testman                              40
D363  Relay-record clerk                         491,493
F777  Relief girl                                20-39
E617  Relief man                                 10-14
F785  Relief man                                 371
F777  Relief man                                 Any not listed above
E676  Relief map modeler                         All Industries
A177  Religious healer                           866
A177  Religious worker                           866
A177  Religious-education director               866
E563  Reliner                                    331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
E688  Relish maker                               203,207,209
B005  Relocation commissioner                    91-97
B005  Relocation director                        91-97
A197  Relocation director                        Exc. 91-97
F777  Remelt man                                 207,209
F766  Remelt man                                 33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F766  Remelt worker                              33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
E628  Remelt-furnace expediter                   3334,334,3353-3355,3363,3365
F766  Remelter                                   33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
D337  Remittance clerk                           60,61
F799  Remnant sorter                             22
H889  Remnants cutter                            22
B022  Remodeler                                  OWN 15-17
E567  Remodeler                                  PR 15-17
E567  Remodeling                                 PR 15-17
E505  Remote-control-mirror installer            371,527,55,752-754
F777  Renderer                                   20
F777  Rendering equipment tender                 All Industries
F748  Renovator                                  721
D378  Rent collector                             65
B036  Rent-and-housing investigator              91-97
C275  Rental agent, car                          All Industries
C254  Rental agent, real estate                  All Industries
C275  Rental clerk                               All Industries
K459  Renter, boats                              791,794,799
I473  Renter, n. s.                              OBNI 01,02
C275  Renting agent, car                         All Industries
C254  Renting agent, real estate                 All Industries
D327  Reordering man                             21
H888  Repacker                                   All Industries
D363  Repair clerk                               20-30,311,315-319,32-39
D373  Repair clerk                               313,314
C275  Repair clerk                               52-59,725
F744  Repair girl                                231-238
F744  Repair hand                                721
F744  Repair lady                                231-238
      Repairer  —  see separate Repairer Page
D363  Repair-order clerk                         All Industries
E547  Repatcher                                  242,243,245
E529  Repeater attendant                         481,482,489
E503  Repeater chief                             481,482,489
E529  Repeater installer                         481,482,489
E529  Repeater operator                          481,482,489
I479  Replanter                                  01,071,072,075,076
I479  Replanting machine crewman                 01,071,072,075,076
B026  Report analyst                             Social Security Board 94
D386  Report clerk                               All Industries
A195  Reporter                                   27,483,484
D376  Reporter                                   732,733,735,7383-7389(
A195  Reporter                                   News syndicate 732,733,735,7383-7389
D378  Repossessor                                All Industries
C259  Representative                             20-39,49,50,51
C255  Representative                             62,67
C253  Representative                             63,64
C256  Representative                             731
C257  Representative                             824,829,833
B021  Representative                             861-865,869
B003  Representative                             911-913
C277  Representative                             Avon products 5963
D376  Representative                             Any not listed above
F774  Reproducer                                 27,386,722,729,732,733,735,7383-7389,
A188  Reproduction artist                        All Industries
D363  Reproduction order processor               All Industries
F774  Reproduction specialist                    27,386,722,729,732,733,735,7383-7389,
F774  Reproduction technician                    27,386,722,729,732,733,735,7383-7389,
F774  Reproduction-machine loader                27,386,722,729,732,733,735,7383-7389,
I475  Reptile farmer                             GOV,OBI or PR 02
I473  Reptile farmer                             OBNI 02
H487  Reptile keeper                             All Industries
D363  Requisition approver                       All Industries
F777  Rerolling-machine operator                 301-306

Last modified: October 16, 2001