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National Compensation Survey - Wages

Salesperson ‐ Occupational Classification System Manual

Major Occupational Groups: A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | K
About the Occupational Classification System Manual
Code  Census Job Title                           Industries Affected
C257  —Accounting service                       All Industries
C256  —Advertising                              All Industries
C268  —Air conditioning equipment               521,523,525
C263  —Aircraft                                 555-559
C259  —Any commodity, exc. driver-sales         01,10-14,20-26,28-39,50,51
C274  —Any commodity, exc. driver-sales         52-59(exc.541,554),791,793,794,799,824,
C276  —Any commodity, exc. driver-sales         541
C257  —Any commodity, exc. driver-sales         pt07,15-17,272-279,40,42-44,46,pt48,49,
C264  —Apparel, exc. shoes                      52-59(exc.554),7219
C267  —Appliances                               491,52-59(exc.554),762,7694
C263  —Auto accessories and supplies, exc.
          parts                                  52-59(exc.554),752-754
C259  —Auto parts                               50,51
C269  —Auto parts                               52-59(exc.554),752-754
C274  —Automobile club membership               All Industries
C275  —Automobile rental                        All Industries
C259  —Automobiles, new or used                 501
C263  —Automobiles, new or used                 551,552
C263  —Batteries                                52-59(exc.554),752-754
C277  —Beauty supplies                          Door-to-door
C274  —Beauty supplies                          Exc. door-to-door
C263  —Boats and marine supplies                555-559
C255  —Bond                                     62,67
C257  —Bookkeeping service                      All Industries
C259  —Books                                    20-39,40-51
C277  —Books                                    5963
C274  —Books                                    Any not listed above
C268  —Building supplies                        52-59(exc.554)
C254  —Buildings                                15-17,65
C274  —Burial needs                             All Industries
C243  —Buyer, any commodity                     OWN 50-59
B029  —Buyer, any commodity                     PR 50,511-513,516-519,52-59
B029  —Buyer, any commodity                     PR 514 exc.cream station
B028  —Buyer, any commodity                     PR Cream station 514
C257  —Cable television                         483,484
C266  —Carpet and floor coverings               52-59(exc.554),763,764,7692,7699
C259  —Cars, new or used                        501
C263  —Cars, new or used                        551,552
C276  —Cashier, any commodity                   50-59,63-65,70-89,91-97
C274  —Catalogue sales                          52-59(exc.554)
C274  —Cemetery plots                           All Industries
C266  —China and silverware                     52-59(exc.554),763,764,7692,7699
C264  —Clothing, exc. shoes                     52-59(exc.554),7219
C257  —Communication equipment and services     All Industries
C259  —Computer and computer hardware           3571-3577,508
C267  —Computer and computer hardware and
          software                               5731,5734
C257  —Computer software                        737
C257  —Computer time                            737
C274  —Concession stand                         All Industries
C264  —Corsets                                  52-59(exc.554),7219
C277  —Cosmetics                                Door-to-door
C274  —Cosmetics                                Exc. door-to-door
G806  —Dairy-route                              202
G806  —Deliveryman, any commodity               All Industries
C256  —Display                                  All Industries
C277  —Door-to-door, any commodity              5963
C266  —Draperies                                52-59(exc.554),763,764,7692,7699
G806  —Driver                                   All Industries
C264  —Dry goods                                531,533,539,56(exc.566)
C257  —Electricity                              491
C267  —Electronic equipment, exc. parts         52-59(exc.554),762,7694
C269  —Electronic parts                         52-59(exc.554),752-754,762,7694
C277  —Encyclopedia, door-to-door               5963
C257  —Encyclopedia, exc. door-to-door          All Industries
C257  —Equipment rental                         732,733,735,7383-7389
C257  —Exterminating services                   All Industries
C268  —Farm equipment and supplies              52-59(exc.554),762,7694
C255  —Financial services                       All Industries
A185  —Floral designer                          All Industries
C277  —Flowers, design and street sales         All Industries
C274  —Flowers, exc. design and street sales    All Industries
C259  —Food products                            20-23,26,50,51
C274  —Food products                            539,542-549
C276  —Food products                            541
K438  —Food service, takes and fills orders     Fast food lunch counters,etc.
C257  —Freight                                  40,42-47
C266  —Furniture                                52-59(exc.554),763,764,7692,7699
C264  —Furs                                     52-59(exc.554),7219
C268  —Garden supplies                          52-59(exc.554)
C276  —Gas station, cashier                     PR 554
H885  —Gas station, exc. cashier                PR 554
C243  —Gas station, n. s.                       OWN 554
H885  —Gas station, n. s.                       PR 554
C257  —Gas utility                              All Industries
C268  —Hardware                                 52-59(exc.554)
C259  —Hardware, plumbing and heating
          supplies                               50
C274  —Health spa                               All Industries
C274  —Hearing aids                             52-59(exc.554)
C268  —Heating equipment and supplies           52-59(exc.554)
C266  —Home furnishings                         52-59(exc.554),763,764,7692,7699
C257  —Home improvement                         15-17
C274  —Home improvement                         Exc. 15-17
C266  —Home planning consultant                 52-59(exc.554),763,764,7692,7699
C257  —Hotel services, convention               701
C277  —House to house                           5963
C267  —Household appliances                     52-59(exc.554),762,7694
C254  —Houses                                   15-17,65
C266  —Housewares                               52-59(exc.554),763,764,7692,7699
C274  —Ice                                      All Industries
C253  —Insurance                                All Industries
C255  —Investment                               62,67
C257  —Leasing services                         732,733,735,7383-7389
C277  —Lei                                      5963
C257  —Linen or laundry service                 721
C259  —Marine equipment and supplies            50,51
C263  —Marine equipment and supplies            52-59(exc.554),752-754
C274  —Memorials                                65
C264  —Millinery                                52-59(exc.554),7219
C259  —Mobile homes                             50,51
C263  —Mobile homes                             52-59(exc.554),752-754
C259  —Motorcycles                              50,51
C263  —Motorcycles                              52-59(exc.554),752-754
C257  —Moving services                          42
C267  —Musical instruments                      52-59(exc.554),752-754
C255  —Mutual-fund                              62,67
C277  —Newspaper subscriptions                  271
C278  —Newspaper, exc. subscription             5963
C268  —Nursery and garden supplies              52-59(exc.554)
C265  —Orthopedic shoes                         52-59(exc.554)
C268  —Paint                                    52-59(exc.554)
C269  —Parts                                    50-59(exc.554),752-754,762,7694
C277  —Party                                    5963
C277  —Party plans                              5963
C267  —Phonograph records & tape recordings     52-59(exc.554),762,7694
C267  —Pianos and organs                        52-59(exc.554),762,7694
C259  —Plumbing and heating equipment and
          supplies                               50
C268  —Plumbing and heating equipment and
          supplies                               52-59(exc.554)
C257  —Printing and publishing                  27
C257  —Printing services                        27
C256  —Program-time                             482-484,489
A197  —Public relations work                    All Industries
C256  —Radio-time                               483,484
C267  —Radios                                   52-59(exc.554),762,7694
C254  —Real-estate                              65
G806  —Route                                    All Industries
C257  —Sanitary services                        All Industries
C255  —Securities                               All Industries
C276  —Service station, cashier                 PR 554
H885  —Service station, exc. cashier            PR 554
C243  —Service station, n. s.                   OWN 554
H885  —Service station, n. s.                   PR 554
C267  —Sewing machines                          52-59(exc.554),762,7694
C267  —Sheet music                              52-59(exc.554)
C275  —Shoe repair                              All Industries
C265  —Shoes                                    52-59(exc.554)
C274  —Snack bar                                All Industries
C267  —Stereo equipment                         52-59(exc.554),762,7694
C255  —Stocks and bonds                         62,67
C277  —Subscriptions                            27,5963
C243  —Supervisory                              All Industries
C259  —Technical                                10-17,20-39,50,51
C257  —Telephone                                481
C267  —Telephone                                593,5948,5993-5,5999
C277  —Telephone                                Exc. 481,593,5948,5993-5,5999
C257  —Telephone services                       481
C267  —Televisions                              52-59(exc.554),762,7694
D318  —Ticket                                   40,45
C276  —Ticket                                   41,781-783,791,792,794,799,822,pt86
D318  —Ticket                                   44(exc.ferryboat)
C276  —Ticket                                   Ferry boat 44
C268  —Tile, floor                              52-59(exc.554)
C256  —Time                                     483,484
C263  —Tires                                    52-59(exc.554),752-754
C263  —Trailers and motor homes                 527,555-559,752-754
C259  —Traveling                                10-14,20-26,28-39,50,51
C257  —Traveling                                49
C263  —Truck                                    551,552
G806  —Truck-driver                             All Industries
C266  —Upholstery and furniture repair          52-59(exc.554),763,764,7692,7699
C263  —Used car                                 551,552
C257  —Utilities                                All Industries
C274  —Variety store                            533
C275  —Video rental                             All Industries
G806  —Wagon driver                             517
C268  —Wallpaper and wall coverings             52-59(exc.554)
C256  —Yellow pages                             272-279
C259  —Zone                                     371
C259  —N. s.                                    01,10-14,20-26,28-39,50,51
C256  —N. s.                                    271,483,484,731
C276  —N. s.                                    41,541,58,781-783,791,792,794,799
D318  —N. s.                                    45,47
C268  —N. s.                                    521-526
C263  —N. s.                                    527,551,552,555-559,753,7549
C263  —N. s.                                    551,552( parts)
C264  —N. s.                                    56(exc.566)
C265  —N. s.                                    566
C266  —N. s.                                    571
C267  —N. s.                                    5731,5734
C277  —N. s.                                    5963
C255  —N. s.                                    60-62,67
C253  —N. s.                                    63,64
C254  —N. s.                                    65(exc.memorials)
C275  —N. s.                                    721,784,793
C269  —N. s.                                    Auto parts 551-553
G806  —N. s.                                    Bakery route 205
C274  —N. s.                                    Jewelry 5944
C274  —N. s.                                    Memorials 65
G806  —N. s.                                    Milk route 202
C243  —N. s.                                    OWN 554
H885  —N. s.                                    PR 554
C274  —N. s.                                    Stamp trading 732,733,735,7383-7389
C257  —N. s.                                    pt07,15-17,272-279,40,42-44,46,pt48,49,
C274  —N. s.                                    Any not listed above

Last modified: October 16, 2001