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National Compensation Survey - Wages

Sq‐Sy (Census Occs beginning with) ‐ Occupational Classification System Manual

Major Occupational Groups: A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | K
About the Occupational Classification System Manual
Code  Census Job Title                           Industries Affected
F777  Squadron man                               302-306
F769  Square cutter                              282
A193  Square-dance caller                        791,794,799
F769  Square-shear operator                      All Industries
F705  Squaring machine operator                  3827,384,385
F769  Squaring-shear operator                    All Industries
F777  Squeegee girl                              272-279
F777  Squeegee man                               272-279
F777  Squeegee operator                          272-279
F728  Squeezer                                   All Industries
E686  Squilgeer                                  201
H496  Squirrel man                               241
H889  Stabber                                    46,492,493,496
E594  Stabilizer operator                        15-17
I479  Stable attendant                           02,071,072,075,076
H487  Stable attendant                           Exc. 02,071,072,075,076
I479  Stable cleaner                             01,02
H487  Stable cleaner                             Exc. 01,02
I479  Stableman                                  02,071,072,075,076
H487  Stableman                                  Exc. 02,071,072,075,076
D329  Stack attendant                            823
G856  Stacker driver                             All Industries
G856  Stacker operator                           All Industries
H878  Stacker tender                             242,243,245
H878  Stacker, automatic                         341,343,347,349
G859  Stacker, machine                           242-249
H883  Stacker, n. s.                             All Industries
D329  Stacking books                             823
F777  Stacking machine operator                  All Industries
K459  Stadium attendant                          All Industries
E567  Stage builder                              All Industries
G808  Stage driver                               41(exc.412)
E523  Stage electrician                          781-783,792
H883  Stage hand                                 781-783,792
H883  Stage man                                  483,484,781-783,792
E567  Stage rigger                               All Industries
A213  Stage technician                           781-783,792
A185  Stage-scenery designer                     781-783,792
A185  Stage-set designer                         781-783,792
F789  Stager                                     27
F759  Stain applicator                           All Industries
F756  Stain maker                                285
A188  Stained-glass artist                       321-323
E676  Stained-glass glazier                      321-323
E676  Stained-glass joiner                       321-323
E676  Stained-glass man                          321-323
A188  Stained-glass painter                      321-323
A185  Stained-glass-window designer              321-323
E579  Stainer                                    15-17
F789  Stainer                                    242-249,25
H889  Stainer                                    311,39(exc.394)
F759  Staining machine operator                  All Industries
E567  Stair builder                              All Industries
H867  Stake driver                               15-17,871
H867  Stake runner, surveying crew               All Industries
H867  Stake setter                               871
H867  Stakeman                                   871
F777  Staker, machine                            311
F777  Staker, n. s.                              311
D368  Staker, n. s.                              315-319
F785  Staker, n. s.                              387
D329  Staker, n. s.                              823
G859  Staker, n. s.                              Any not listed above
I479  Stallion keeper                            GOV or PR 02
I475  Stallion keeper                            OBI 02
I473  Stallion keeper                            OBNI 02
D336  Stamp analyst                              52-59
D354  Stamp clerk                                43
A165  Stamp collector                            593,5948,5993-5995,5999
D374  Stamp girl                                 50-59
E684  Stamp maker                                39(exc.394)
E547  Stamp-machine servicer                     593,5941-5943,5945,5946,5948,5993-5,5999
F706  Stamp-press operator                       All Industries
C275  Stamp-redemption clerk                     732,733,735,7383-7389
F768  Stamper                                    10
H889  Stamper                                    23
F745  Stamper                                    313,314
F748  Stamper                                    721
F758  Stamper                                    Any not listed above
F768  Stamping mill tender                       3334,334,3353-3355,3363,3365
F777  Stamping-machine operator                  20-30,311,315-319,32-39
F745  Stamping-machine operator                  313,314
F706  Stamping-press operator                    All Industries
F768  Stampman                                   10
K469  Stand-in                                   781-783,792
A065  Standards analyst                          20-39(exc.241)
F766  Standpipe tender                           328,329
F743  Staple cutter                              22
F795  Stapler, hand                              25
F729  Stapler, n. s.                             242-249,25
F717  Stapler, n. s.                             Exc. 242-249,25
F729  Stapling-machine operator                  242-249,25
F717  Stapling-machine operator                  Exc. 242-249,25
F744  Star sewer                                 20-30,311,315-319,32-39
G804  Star-route-mail man                        OWN 421,423
F777  Starch cooker                              261-263
H889  Starcher, artificial flowers               39(exc.394)
F777  Starcher, n. s.                            22
F748  Starcher, n. s.                            231-238,721
F748  Starchmaker                                721
F757  Starchmaker                                Exc. 721
F757  Starchman                                  206,261-263
F777  Starter                                    231-238
K459  Starter                                    Golf course 791,794,799
D359  Starter                                    Any not listed above
B023  State auditor                              93
B005  State comptroller                          93
B005  State official                             919
B014  State superintendent of public
        instruction                              94
B014  State superintendent of schools            94
K418  State trooper                              92
K427  State-game protector                       95
D336  Statement clerk                            60,61
D316  Statement-request clerk                    60,61
F797  Static balancer                            20-39
D364  Station agent, baggage                     40-47
D318  Station agent, exc. baggage                40-47
H885  Station attendant, pumping gasoline or
        servicing cars                           PR 55,752-754
C243  Station attendant, n. s.                   OWN 55,752-754
H885  Station attendant, n. s.                   PR 55,752-754
C243  Station captain                            271,5963
C276  Station cashier                            41(exc.412)
E628  Station chief                              46,492,493,496
B036  Station examiner                           Post Office 43
K426  Station gateman                            40
G834  Station gateman                            41-47
E529  Station installer                          481
K463  Station matron                             40-47
E695  Station operator                           491
E694  Station operator                           492,496
C243  Station operator                           OWN 554
K464  Station porter, baggage                    40-47
K453  Station porter, cleaning                   40-47
B016  Station superintendent                     43
E695  Station tender                             491
F766  Stationary fireman                         All Industries
F766  Stationary-boiler fireman                  All Industries
C243  Stationer                                  OWN 526
F777  Stationman                                 206,207,209
H885  Stationman                                 PR 554
B022  Stationmaster                              40-45
A067  Statistical analyst                        All Industries
D386  Statistical clerk                          All Industries
D313  Statistical secretary                      All Industries
D315  Statistical typist                         All Industries
A067  Statistical work, associate degree or
        higher                                   All Industries
D386  Statistical work, less than associate
        degree                                   All Industries
E538  Statistical-machine servicer               All Industries
A067  Statistician                               All Industries
F785  Stator connector                           361,362,364,367,369
F785  Stator winder                              All Industries
H887  Stator-plate washer                        36
E675  Statue carver                              328,329
A188  Statue maker                               899
F727  Stave & bolt equalizer                     All Industries
F727  Stave bolt equalizer                       All Industries
F727  Stave cutter                               242,243
F799  Stave grader                               242-249,25
F727  Stave hewer                                242,243
F728  Stave jointer                              244,249
F728  Stave machine tender                       All Industries
F727  Stave saw operator                         All Industries
H496  Stave-block roller                         241
H496  Stave-block splitter                       241
H889  Stave-mill hand                            242-249,25
H878  Stave-planer tender                        242,243,245
F745  Stay cutter                                313,314
H889  Stayer                                     20-39
H878  Steak tenderizer, machine                  201
H887  Steam cleaner                              527,55,752-754
F748  Steam cleaner                              721
F777  Steam conditioning operator                21
F777  Steam drier tender                         22
F777  Steam finisher                             20-39
E585  Steam fitter                               15-17
F777  Steam gigger                               22
F777  Steam man                                  201
F747  Steam operator                             721
F763  Steam oven operator                        201-206
F747  Steam press operator                       23,721
F747  Steam presser                              23,721
F758  Steam presser                              Exc. 23,721
G853  Steam shovelman                            15-17
F777  Steam tableman                             27
F766  Steam tank operator                        All Industries
F777  Steam tender                               201
F766  Steam-boiler fireman                       All Industries
F777  Steam-box hand                             21
F777  Steam-box operator                         244,249
F777  Steam-box tender                           21
E599  Steam-cleaning machine operator            15-17
F747  Steam-clothes-press operator               721
G849  Steam-crane operator                       All Industries
F713  Steam-hammer operator                      All Industries
E585  Steam-heating installer                    15-17
G848  Steam-hoist operator                       All Industries
G824  Steam-locomotive fireman                   40
E585  Steam-pipe fitter                          15-17
E696  Steam-plant operator                       All Industries
F758  Steam-press operator                       Exc. 23,721
G855  Steam-roller operator                      15-17
E519  Steam-shovel oiler                         All Industries
G853  Steam-shovel operator                      15-17
G853  Steam-shovel runner                        15-17
K438  Steam-table attendant                      58
K438  Steam-table worker                         58
E585  Steam-trap man                             15-17
H878  Steam-tunnel feeder                        242,243,245
E696  Steam-turbine operator                     All Industries
H889  Steamblaster                               15-17
G828  Steamboat captain                          44
G828  Steamboat pilot                            44
H889  Steamer                                    201
F764  Steamer                                    202-209,21,23-39
F777  Steamer                                    22
F747  Steamer                                    721
H887  Steamer                                    752,7542
F777  Steamer tender                             22
F747  Steaming cabinet tender                    All Industries
D318  Steamship agent                            44
A216  Steel analyst                              331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
E617  Steel boy                                  10,12
F709  Steel buffer                               All Industries
F783  Steel burner                               All Industries
F777  Steel checker                              331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
H889  Steel chipper                              331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
G849  Steel craneman                             All Industries
F783  Steel cutter                               15-17
F769  Steel cutter                               20-39
E649  Steel engraver                             271
E558  Steel erecting pusher                      15-17
E597  Steel erector                              15-17
E597  Steel fabricator, structural and
        ornamental metalwork                     All Industries
F707  Steel finisher                             331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
E597  Steel fitter                               15-17,374,40,41(exc.412),47
F709  Steel grinder                              All Industries
H883  Steel handler                              All Industries
E597  Steel hanger                               15-17
F724  Steel heater                               All Industries
H869  Steel layer                                Road construction 15-17
F766  Steel melter                               All Industries
F719  Steel molder                               All Industries
H889  Steel pickler                              33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
H869  Steel placer                               15-17
H869  Steel post installer                       491-493,496
F766  Steel pourer                               All Industries
E597  Steel rigger                               All Industries
E599  Steel rodman                               15-17
F707  Steel roller                               331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
A216  Steel tester                               All Industries
E599  Steel tier                                 15-17
F777  Steel turner                               22
H883  Steel unloader                             331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F783  Steel welder                               All Industries
F705  Steel wool machine operator                All Industries
E597  Steel-construction worker                  15-17
E649  Steel-die engraver                         All Industries
F736  Steel-die printer                          All Industries
E597  Steel-layout man                           Structural steel 344
F795  Steel-plate calker                         All Industries
F734  Steel-plate printer                        272-279
F713  Steel-shot header operator                 348,376
F777  Steeler                                    231-238
F796  Steelscope operator                        33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
E597  Steelworker, n. s.                         15-17,40
F777  Steelworker, n. s.                         331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
E646  Steelworker, n. s.                         373
F757  Steep tender                               208
F758  Steeping-press operator                    282
G829  Steersman                                  Canal boat 44
F758  Stem crusher                               21
F769  Stem cutter                                21
F785  Stem maker                                 36
F777  Stem processing machine operator           39(exc.394)
F758  Stem roller                                21
F758  Stem roller operator                       21
F785  Stem shaper                                36
H878  Stem sizer                                 39(exc.394)
E519  Stem-dryer maintainer                      All Industries
F777  Stemhole borer                             Smoking pipe 39(exc.394)
F757  Stemmer                                    267
F777  Stemmer                                    Exc. 267
F757  Stemming-machine operator                  21
E676  Stencil cutter                             All Industries
F777  Stencil machine operator                   All Industries
E676  Stencil maker                              All Industries
F774  Stencil operator                           27,386,722,729,732,733,735,7383-7389,
D315  Stencil typist                             All Industries
F789  Stenciler                                  All Industries
D314  Stenographer                               All Industries
D314  Stenotype operator                         All Industries
D314  Stenotypist                                All Industries
F735  Step and repeat camera operator            All Industries
F735  Step-and-repeat reduction camera
        operator                                 All Industries
A217  Stereo-compiler                            All Industries
A217  Stereo-map plotter operator                All Industries
F773  Stereoptician                              781-783,792
F777  Stereotype caster                          27
F777  Stereotype finisher                        271
F777  Stereotype molder                          27
F777  Stereotyper                                271
F777  Sterilizer                                 207,209,21-39,805-809
H887  Sterilizer                                 208
F777  Sterilizer-machine operator                20-39,805-809
F748  Sterilizer-machine operator                721
H876  Stevedore, exc. operating material
        handling equipment                       44
G845  Stevedore, operating material handling
        equipment                                44
K433  Steward, banquet                           58,701
K433  Steward, railroad dining car               All Industries
K463  Steward, n. s.                             40,44,45
K433  Steward, n. s.                             58,701
L405  Steward, n. s.                             Private yacht 88
A199  Steward, n. s.                             Racetrack 791,794,799
K469  Steward, n. s.                             Any not listed above
K433  Stewardess, banquet                        58,701
K433  Stewardess, railroad dining car            All Industries
K463  Stewardess, n. s.                          40,41(exc.412),44,45
K433  Stewardess, n. s.                          58,701
H889  Stick puller                               206
F769  Sticker hand                               242,243,245
F769  Sticker operator                           242,243,245
F786  Sticker, animal                            20
H878  Sticker, n. s.                             242,243,245
F769  Sticker-machine operator                   242-249,25
F789  Sticker-on                                 326
F785  Sticker-up                                 326
F769  Stickerman                                 25
K459  Stickman                                   791,794,799
G848  Stiff-leg operator                         All Industries
H889  Stiffener                                  231-238
F727  Stile-ripsaw operator                      242-249,25
H887  Still cleaner                              20-39
F757  Still operator                             20-39
F757  Stillman                                   208
F777  Stillman                                   Exc. 208
E579  Stippler                                   15-17
F734  Stippler                                   27
F766  Stirrer                                    333-339
F744  Stitch bonding machine operator            231-238
F744  Stitch bonding machine tender              231-238
F745  Stitch bonding machine tender              313,314
F745  Stitch burnisher                           313,314
F745  Stitch cleaner                             313,314
F745  Stitch marker                              313,314
F745  Stitch rubber                              313,314
F745  Stitch separator                           313,314
F783  Stitch welder                              All Industries
F745  Stitch wheeler                             313,314
F744  Stitcher                                   20-30,311,315-319,32-39
F745  Stitcher                                   313,314
F745  Stitcher-around                            313,314
F777  Stitching machine setter                   27
F744  Stitching-machine operator                 22,23,315-319
F745  Stitching-machine operator                 313,314
F717  Stitching-machine operator                 Exc. 22,23,313-319
H878  Stitching-machine-feeder offbearer         27
H877  Stock boy                                  All Industries
C276  Stock boy and cashier                      541
C276  Stock boy and checker                      541
C276  Stock boy and clerk                        541
H877  Stock boy and deliverer                    541
C255  Stock broker                               62,67
B028  Stock buyer                                201,231-238
D363  Stock chaser                               All Industries
E684  Stock checker                              348,376
C276  Stock clerk, cashier or checker            541
H877  Stock clerk, delivery                      541
H877  Stock clerk, stock shelves                 50-59
D336  Stock clerk, n. s.                         62,67
D365  Stock clerk, n. s.                         Exc. 62,67
D365  Stock controller                           All Industries
H889  Stock counter                              47
D365  Stock counter                              Exc. 47
H496  Stock cutter                               241
F727  Stock cutter                               242-249,25
F769  Stock cutter                               Any not listed above
B028  Stock dealer                               Livestock 515
H889  Stock digger                               261-263
I479  Stock driver                               02,071,072,075,076
H889  Stock driver                               Exc. 02,071,072,075,076
I479  Stock feeder                               02,071,072,075,076
H487  Stock feeder                               Exc. 02,071,072,075,076
F745  Stock fitter                               313,314
H877  Stock girl                                 All Industries
H877  Stock handler                              All Industries
H883  Stock hanger                               311
F769  Stock layer                                302-306
F745  Stock letterer                             313,314
H883  Stock lifter                               261-263
H883  Stock mover                                All Industries
F786  Stock parts fabricator                     373
E547  Stock patcher                              All Industries
H889  Stock picker                               All Industries
H889  Stock pitcher                              261-263
F786  Stock preparer                             22,313,314
F777  Stock preparer                             272-279,301-306
H883  Stock puller                               All Industries
I475  Stock raiser                               GOV,OBI or PR 02
I473  Stock raiser                               OBNI 02
D364  Stock receiver                             52-59
F753  Stock roller                               301-306
H889  Stock selector                             All Industries
H877  Stock shelves and deliver                  541
H877  Stock shelves and or carry out             52-59
B028  Stock shipper                              515
F799  Stock sorter                               261-263,313,314
H877  Stock sorter                               47
C255  Stock speculator                           62,67
H877  Stock taker                                All Industries
D365  Stock tracer                               All Industries
B028  Stock trader                               515
C255  Stock trader                               62,67
H877  Stock unloader                             All Industries
F745  Stock wetter                               313,314
H877  Stock work and or carry out                52-59
A199  Stock-car driver                           791,794,799
D365  Stock-control clerk                        All Industries
H883  Stock-house man                            331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
D305  Stock-transfer clerk, head                 63,64
D337  Stock-transfer clerk, n. s.                60,61
F745  Stocker                                    313,314
H889  Stocker                                    33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
D365  Stocker                                    Any not listed above
D365  Stockkeeper                                All Industries
D365  Stockkeeper clerk                          All Industries
F745  Stocklayer                                 313,314
H883  Stockman                                   261-263,331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,
F745  Stockman                                   313,314
H877  Stockman                                   50-59
I475  Stockman                                   GOV,OBI or PR 02
I473  Stockman                                   OBNI 02
D365  Stockman                                   Any not listed above
D365  Stockroom attendant                        All Industries
D365  Stockroom clerk                            All Industries
D365  Stockroom keeper                           All Industries
H889  Stockroom selector                         All Industries
D365  Stockroom worker                           All Industries
F787  Stogy maker                                21
F787  Stogy roller                               21
F766  Stoker                                     All Industries
E534  Stoker erector                             All Industries
E534  Stoker installer                           All Industries
H869  Stone breaker                              15-17
F766  Stone carriage operator                    All Industries
E675  Stone carver                               328,329
H887  Stone cleaner                              208
E675  Stone decorator                            15-17
E518  Stone dresser                              204,285
E675  Stone dresser                              Exc. 204,285
F769  Stone driller                              328,329
E649  Stone engraver                             27
F799  Stone grader                               328,329
E563  Stone layer                                15-17
F768  Stone mill operator                        285
E563  Stone paver                                15-17
F709  Stone planer                               328,329
F768  Stone polisher                             All Industries
E563  Stone repairer                             15-17
F768  Stone rougher                              All Industries
F769  Stone sawyer                               328,329
E563  Stone setter                               15-17
E647  Stone setter                               39(exc.394),pt509,519,5944,763,764,7692,
F769  Stone splitter                             328,329
F769  Stone trimmer                              328,329
E599  Stone-crusher operator                     15-17
F768  Stone-lathe operator                       All Industries
E594  Stone-spreader operator                    15-17
E647  Stonecutter                                39(exc.394),531,5944,763,764,7692,7699
E675  Stonecutter                                Any not listed above
F736  Stonehand                                  27
E617  Stoneman                                   12
F736  Stoneman                                   27
E563  Stonemason                                 15-17
F795  Stoner, hand                               All Industries
F777  Stoner, n. s.                              311
F745  Stoner, n. s.                              313,314
F777  Stoner-out                                 311
E675  Stoneworker                                328,329
E598  Stoper                                     10
F709  Stopper grinder                            321-323
F777  Stopper setter                             20-39
E563  Stopping builder                           10,12,14
E689  Storage battery tester                     All Industries
H883  Storage man                                207,209
D357  Store boy                                  52-59
C276  Store clerk cashiering                     All Industries
C274  Store clerk, checking                      All Industries
H877  Store clerk, stocking                      All Industries
D365  Store clerk, n. s.                         41(exc.412)
C274  Store clerk, n. s.                         52-59(exc.541),721
H877  Store clerk, n. s.                         541
K426  Store detective                            52-59,7381,7382
H877  Store hand                                 52-59
C285  Store shopper                              52-59
D365  Storehouse clerk                           All Industries
B036  Storekeeper-gager                          91-97
C243  Storekeeper, n. s.                         52-59
D365  Storekeeper, n. s.                         Exc. 52-59
G859  Storer                                     40
D365  Storeroom attendant                        All Industries
D365  Storeroom clerk                            All Industries
D365  Storeroom keeper                           All Industries
D365  Stores clerk                               All Industries
F785  Storm-door maker                           242,243,245
F785  Storm-sash maker                           242,243,245
E567  Storm-window installer                     15-17
A195  Story editor                               All Industries
A195  Story reader                               781-783,792
A187  Story teller                               781-783,792
A183  Story writer                               899
H887  Stove cleaner                              331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F785  Stove fitter                               341,343,347,349
E526  Stove installer                            All Industries
F785  Stove mounter                              341,343,347,349
F709  Stove polisher                             341,343,347,349
F789  Stove refinisher                           All Industries
F724  Stove tender                               331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F724  Stoveman                                   331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
G859  Stow man                                   40
H889  Stower                                     201
G856  Straddle bug                               All Industries
G856  Straddle-bug driver                        All Industries
G856  Straddle-bug operator                      All Industries
G856  Straddle-carrier operator                  All Industries
G856  Straddle-truck driver                      All Industries
F717  Straight pin making machine operator       All Industries
F768  Straight-line edger                        All Industries
F717  Straight-line press setter                 348,376
H869  Straightedge man                           15-17
F717  Straightener                               20-39
F717  Straightening press operator               331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F717  Straightening-machine operator             331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F707  Straightening-roll operator                331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
H889  Strainer                                   20-39
F757  Strainer tender                            All Industries
F738  Strand-forming machine operator            All Industries
H878  Strander                                   331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F717  Stranding-machine operator                 20-39
H878  Stranner                                   331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F745  Strap buckler                              313,314
F769  Strap cutting machine operator             301-306
F765  Strap folding machine operator             All Industries
F777  Strap machine operator                     267
F744  Strap maker                                20-30,311,315-319,32-39
F745  Strap maker                                313,314
F744  Strap sewer                                20-30,311,315-319,32-39
F745  Strap sewer                                313,314
F754  Strapping machine operator                 244,249
A075  Stratigrapher                              13
I479  Straw baler                                01,071,072,075,076
H869  Straw boss                                 15-17
H496  Straw boss                                 241
F795  Straw-hat brusher                          231-238
H889  Straw-hat washer operator                  231-238
H889  Street cleaner                             495
B005  Street commissioner                        GOV 15-17
B022  Street contractor, administrator or
        general manager                          15-17
E558  Street contractor, exc. administrator or
        general manager                          15-17
E575  Street light servicer                      49
A189  Street photographer                        722,729
G804  Street sprinkler                           495
B005  Street superintendent                      15-17
H889  Street sweeper                             495
H869  Street worker                              15-17
G814  Street-cleaning-equipment operator         All Industries
G804  Street-flusher driver                      495
H889  Street-light cleaner                       49
G814  Street-sweeper operator                    495
K463  Streetcar conductor                        41(exc.412)
D359  Streetcar dispatcher                       41(exc.412)
G824  Streetcar motorman                         41(exc.412)
G824  Streetcar operator                         41(exc.412)
D359  Streetcar starter                          41(exc.412)
A216  Stress analyst                             36
A044  Stress analyst                             372
F777  Stretch box tender                         22
F777  Stretch machine operator                   308
F777  Stretcher                                  22
F748  Stretcher                                  721
F706  Stretcher                                  Exc. 22,721
F777  Stretcher operator                         22
F748  Stretcher operator                         721
F706  Stretcher operator                         Exc. 22,721
F706  Stretcherman                               331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F777  Stretching machine operator                22
F777  Strickler attendant                        All Industries
E594  Strike-off-machine operator                15-17
F777  Strike-out machine operator                22
H498  Striker                                    09
H889  Striker                                    325,331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
G833  Striker                                    44
H889  Striker-off                                325
F777  Striker-out                                311
F745  String laster                              313,314
F765  String-top sealer                          All Industries
H889  Stringer                                   201,311
F777  Stringer                                   Exc. 201,311
F755  Stringing machine operator                 381,382,384,385
F777  Stringing machine operator                 Exc. 381-385
H878  Strip catcher                              242,243,245
F769  Strip cutter                               301-306
F769  Strip cutting machine operator             All Industries
F777  Strip machine operator                     331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
H889  Strip picker                               242,243,245
F768  Strip polisher                             All Industries
F747  Strip presser                              313,314
F777  Strip tank tender                          348,376
A193  Strip teaser                               All Industries
F743  Strip winder                               301-306
F707  Strip-mill operator                        331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
H869  Stripe marker                              15-17
F744  Stripe matcher                             All Industries
F789  Striper, hand                              All Industries
H878  Striper, machine                           375,379
F734  Striper, n. s.                             26
F789  Striper, n. s.                             Exc. 26
F735  Striping machine operator                  27
F795  Stripper and taper                         30
G849  Stripper man                               331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
H889  Stripper, hand                             21
F757  Stripper, machine                          21
F735  Stripper, photolithographic                All Industries
H889  Stripper, n. s.                            10,12,14,281,286,289,3827,384,385
F769  Stripper, n. s.                            20
F789  Stripper, n. s.                            25
F753  Stripper, n. s.                            26
F735  Stripper, n. s.                            27
H878  Stripper, n. s.                            30
F777  Stripper, n. s.                            31
F777  Stripper, n. s.                            321-323
A193  Stripper, n. s.                            781-783,792
G853  Stripper-shovel operator                   All Industries
F753  Stripping-machine operator                 26
E519  Stroboscope operator                       All Industries
F777  Stroke belt sander operator                242-249,25
A217  Structural draftsman                       All Industries
E597  Structural iron erector                    15-17
E597  Structural ironworker                      15-17
E597  Structural rigger                          15-17
E597  Structural worker                          15-17
E597  Structural-layout man                      33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
E597  Structural-steel erector                   15-17
E597  Structural-steel fitter                    All Industries
E599  Structural-steel painter                   15-17
E597  Structural-steel worker                    15-17
D374  Stubber                                    52-59
E584  Stucco mason                               15-17
E584  Stucco worker                              15-17
D336  Student admissions                         821
B014  Student admissions                         822
D336  Student admissions clerk                   822
A095  Student nurse                              806
A177  Student officer                            Salvation Army 832,839
D348  Student operator                           481
B021  Student-activities director                822
A228  Studio technician                          365,366,483,484,793
A228  Studio-control operator                    483,484
F754  Stuffer                                    201,39
H889  Stuffer                                    33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
D389  Stuffer                                    732,733,735,7383-7389
F777  Stuffer                                    Mfg. not listed above
F754  Stuffing-machine operator                  20-39
H496  Stull hewer                                241
E567  Stull installer                            324,327
F796  Stummel selector                           39(exc.394)
E615  Stump blower                               08
E615  Stump shooter                              08
H496  Stumper                                    241
A194  Stunt man                                  781-783,792
A194  Stunt performer                            All Industries
A185  Style advisor                              All Industries
K458  Stylist                                    723
A185  Stylist                                    Exc. 723
F785  Sub-assembler                              20-39
B014  Sub-master                                 821
A177  Sub-prior                                  866
A177  Sub-prioress                               866
E695  Sub-station operator                       pt33,34(exc.348),41-47,491,493
E628  Sub-station operator, chief                493
B022  Sub-station superintendent                 491
F757  Sublimer                                   281,286,289
A199  Submarine diver                            All Industries
D389  Subpoena server                            All Industries
C277  Subscription agent                         27
D327  Subscription clerk                         27
K463  Subway conductor                           41(exc.412)
K425  Subway guard                               41(exc.412)
F755  Sucker machine operator                    206
G859  Suction man                                01
H887  Suction-plate-carrier cleaner              21
F745  Suede brusher                              313,314
F748  Suede cleaner                              721
F745  Sueding machine operator                   313,314
F757  Sugar boiler                               206
F768  Sugar chipper machine operator             All Industries
F777  Sugar controller                           206
F766  Sugar drier                                All Industries
F768  Sugar grinder                              206
F756  Sugar mixer                                All Industries
F758  Sugar presser                              All Industries
F777  Sugar refiner                              206
B036  Sugar sampler                              96
I475  Sugar-cane planter                         GOV,OBI,OWN or PR 01
I473  Sugar-cane planter                         OBNI 01
E628  Sugar-reprocess operator, head             206
D336  Suggestion clerk                           All Industries
E667  Suit maker                                 231-238
F777  Sulfate drier machine operator             281,286,289
A199  Sulky driver                               All Industries
A216  Sulphate tester                            10
F777  Sumac tanner                               311
D389  Summons server                             All Industries
A177  Sunday-school missionary                   866
F759  Supercalender operator                     267
D363  Supercargo                                 44
B018  Superintendent, building, rental           65
E628  Superintendent, cold storage               422
B022  Superintendent, construction               15-17
K453  Superintendent, custodian, janitor, etc.   65
K448  Superintendent, custodian, janitor, etc.   734
E628  Superintendent, distribution               493
H485  Superintendent, golf course                All Industries
E628  Superintendent, grain elevator             204,208
H485  Superintendent, greens or grounds          All Industries
H485  Superintendent, ground maintenance         All Industries
B021  Superintendent, laundry                    All Industries
E503  Superintendent, local                      491
B016  Superintendent, mails                      43
B022  Superintendent, maintenance machine
        tools & equipment                        All Industries
E628  Superintendent, maintenance, exc.
        managerial                               All Industries
B022  Superintendent, maintenance, managerial    All Industries
H485  Superintendent, menagerie                  071,072,075,076
E628  Superintendent, meters                     493
B015  Superintendent, nurses                     806
A047  Superintendent, oil well services          13
B016  Superintendent, postal                     43
I477  Superintendent, production                 01,02,071,072,075,076
B022  Superintendent, production                 20-39
B018  Superintendent, renting, managing          65
B005  Superintendent, roads                      GOV 15-17
B022  Superintendent, schools                    All Industries
K448  Superintendent, service                    701
B014  Superintendent, special education          821
G843  Superintendent, stevedoring                44
E628  Superintendent, tests                      493
E558  Superintendent, track                      15-17
I477  Superintendent, n. s.                      01,02,071,072,075,076,08,09
B022  Superintendent, n. s.                      40,791,794,799
B016  Superintendent, n. s.                      43
A053  Superintendent, n. s.                      494,497
B018  Superintendent, n. s.                      65
B015  Superintendent, n. s.                      805-809
B022  Superintendent, n. s.                      821
A164  Superintendent, n. s.                      823
B005  Superintendent, n. s.                      92(exc.police & fire depts.),96,97
K413  Superintendent, n. s.                      Fire department 92
B005  Superintendent, n. s.                      GOV 15-17
H485  Superintendent, n. s.                      Golf course 791,794,799
A177  Superintendent, n. s.                      Mission 866
B022  Superintendent, n. s.                      OWN or PR 15-17
K414  Superintendent, n. s.                      Police department 92
B022  Superintendent, n. s.                      Any not listed above
B014  Superior                                   821
A177  Superior                                   Convent 866
A226  Supervising airplane pilot                 45,96,97
A043  Supervising architect                      871
K467  Supervising children in lunchroom          835
K468  Supervising children in lunchroom          Exc. 835
K467  Supervising children on playground         835
K468  Supervising children on playground         Exc. 835
D307  Supervising-claim adjuster                 481
      Supervisor  —  see separate Supervisor Page
D303  Supervisory clerk                          All Industries
E628  Supervisory wastewater-treatment-plant
        operator                                 495
G859  Supplies packer                            Pack train 421,423
D365  Supply aide                                All Industries
H877  Supply boy                                 All Industries
D365  Supply cataloguer                          All Industries
D365  Supply clerk                               All Industries
F756  Supply controller                          324,327
D365  Supply man, clerical                       All Industries
H877  Supply man, exc. clerical                  All Industries
B033  Supply officer                             All Industries
B033  Supply requirements officer                All Industries
D365  Supply-crib attendant                      All Industries
D365  Supply-room clerk                          All Industries
H878  Suppository-molding-machine operator       283
K417  Suppression crew leader                    All Industries
E613  Surface boss                               10-14
F709  Surface grinder                            33-37,381,382(exc.3827),387,39,40,
E677  Surface grinder                            3827,384-386
E677  Surfacer                                   3827,384-386
A084  Surgeon                                    801,803
K447  Surgical aide                              806
C264  Surgical corsetier                         508,512,516,591,593,5948,5993-5,5999
F739  Surgical elastic knitter                   All Industries
A095  Surgical nurse                             All Industries
A208  Surgical technician                        All Industries
A208  Surgical technologist                      All Industries
C264  Surgical-appliance fitter                  508,512,516,591,593,5948,5993-5,5999
A208  Surgical-brace maker                       All Industries
E666  Surgical-garment fitter                    52-59
E678  Surgical-instrument maker                  3827,384,385
F777  Surgical-supplies sterilizer               806
A179  Surrogate                                  92
H867  Survey crew or survey worker, chainman,
        rodman, axman                            All Industries
D316  Survey crew or survey worker, opinion
        polls                                    All Industries
A218  Survey crew, land surveying                All Industries
D316  Survey interviewer                         All Industries
H867  Survey rodman                              All Industries
A067  Survey statistician                        All Industries
A218  Survey worker, land surveying              All Industries
A218  Surveying technician                       All Industries
A063  Surveyor, geodetic                         All Industries
A063  Surveyor, geophysical prospecting          All Industries
A063  Surveyor, marine                           All Industries
A063  Surveyor, mine                             All Industries
A063  Surveyor, professional                     All Industries
A063  Surveyor, registered (Public)              All Industries
A218  Surveyor, surveying land                   All Industries
A079  Surveyor, n. s.                            241
C253  Surveyor, n. s.                            63,64
B005  Surveyor, n. s.                            Customs Service 93
A218  Surveyor, n. s.                            Any not listed above
F744  Suspender maker                            231-238
H889  Suture polisher                            3827,384,385
H889  Suture winder, hand                        3827,384,385
E614  Swabber                                    13
H889  Swabber                                    311
F706  Swage tender                               33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F713  Swager                                     33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F717  Swager operator                            All Industries
F706  Swaging machine adjuster                   All Industries
F717  Swaging machine operator                   All Industries
G825  Swamper                                    10-14
H496  Swamper                                    241
E689  Swatch checker                             22
D365  Swatch clerk                               231-238
F743  Swatch cutter                              22
F777  Swatch folder                              22
F777  Swatch maker                               22
F785  Swatch paster                              231-238
F777  Swatcher                                   22
F777  Sweat band separator                       231-238
F744  Sweat-band sewer                           20-30,311,315-319,32-39
K469  Sweat-box attendant                        722,729
H878  Sweatband cutting-machine operator         231-238
H878  Sweatband flanger                          231-238
F757  Sweater man                                291
K469  Swedish masseuse                           722,729
F717  Sweep press operator                       All Industries
F777  Sweeper brush maker, machine               39(exc.394)
G814  Sweeper operator, roads and parking lots   All Industries
G814  Sweeper, n. s.                             15-17,495
K453  Sweeper, n. s.                             Exc. 15-17,495
F756  Sweeping compound blender                  284
F768  Sweet potato disintegrator                 All Industries
E686  Sweetbread trimmer                         201
F738  Swift tender                               22
A199  Swimmer                                    791,794,799
E547  Swimming pool maintenance                  732,733,735,7383-7389
K459  Swimming-pool attendant                    All Industries
E599  Swimming-pool installer                    All Industries
E547  Swimming-pool servicer                     All Industries
F768  Swing grinder                              33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
H878  Swing tender                               22
F726  Swing type lathe operator                  242-249,25
K459  Swing-ride operator                        791,794,799
F727  Swing-saw operator                         242,243,245
H887  Switch cleaner                             41(exc.412)
F777  Switch girl                                284
F745  Switch girl                                313,314
H878  Switch maker                               20-39
G825  Switch tender                              40,41(exc.412)
E529  Switch-box installer                       481
E529  Switchboard installer                      481
E575  Switchboard installer                      491
E529  Switchboard installer                      Western Electric 365,366
E529  Switchboard man                            481
E699  Switchboard operator                       28
E695  Switchboard operator                       491,493
D348  Switchboard operator                       Exc. 28,491,493
E529  Switchboard wireman                        481
E529  Switchboard wireman                        Western Electric 365,366
E529  Switchboard wirer                          481
E529  Switchboard wirer                          Western Electric 365,366
E529  Switchboard-trouble man                    481
D348  Switching clerk                            482,489
D379  Switching clerk                            Exc. 482,489
B022  Switching operator                         483,484
G825  Switchman                                  10-14,40
E529  Switchman                                  481
F755  Synthetic filament extruder                All Industries
F777  Synthetic staple extruder                  All Industries
F757  Syrup maker                                08
F777  Syrup maker                                206
F756  Syrup maker                                208
F756  Syrup man                                  206
F756  Syrup mixer                                All Industries
B023  Systems accountant                         All Industries
A064  Systems analyst, computer systems          All Industries
A064  Systems analyst, data processing           All Industries
A065  Systems analyst, exc. computer systems
        or data processing                       All Industries

Last modified: October 16, 2001