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National Compensation Survey - Wages

Supervisor ‐ Occupational Classification System Manual

Major Occupational Groups: A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | K
About the Occupational Classification System Manual
Code  Census Job Title                           Industries Affected
E628  —Abattoir                                 201
E628  —Abrasive & polished products             328,329
B023  —Accountants                              All Industries
D305  —Accounting                               All Industries
D305  —Accounting clerks                        All Industries
B007  —Accounts                                 52-59,60(exc.603,606)
D305  —Accounts payable                         All Industries
D305  —Accounts receivable                      All Industries
E628  —Acid                                     281,286,289
E558  —Acoustical tile carpenters               All Industries
D303  —Addressograph                            All Industries
D307  —Adjustment                               721
D303  —Admissions                               806
D307  —Advertising-dispatch clerks              27
D303  —Agency appointments                      63,64
E628  —Aging-department                         221-228
E503  —Air-conditioning                         All Industries
A227  —Air-traffic                              45,96,97
H864  —Aircraft cleaning                        45,96,97
E503  —Aircraft maintenance                     All Industries
K456  —Airflight attendants                     All Industries
D303  —Airline reservations, ticket sales,
          etc.                                   All Industries
B022  —Airline, managerial                      All Industries
D303  —Airline, n. s.                           All Industries
A226  —Airplane pilots                          All Industries
K456  —Airplane-flight attendant                All Industries
E558  —Ajustable-steel-joist-setting            15-17
E666  —Alterations, seamstress                  531,56(exc.566)
E667  —Alterations, tailor                      531,56(exc.566)
E628  —Alum plant                               281,286,289
E628  —Alumina-plant                            3334,334,3353-3355,3363,3365
E628  —Aluminum boat assembly                   373
E628  —Aluminum fabrication                     333-339
E628  —Ammunition                               348,376
E628  —Anhydrous ammonia production             281,286,289
K415  —Animal cruelty investigator              All Industries
E628  —Anode-crew                               10,291,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
E503  —Appliance-service                        All Industries
I477  —Area                                     01,02,071,072,075,076
C243  —Area                                     50-59
B005  —Area                                     Census Bureau 96
B005  —Area                                     SGOV 919
B014  —Art                                      821,835
A194  —Art                                      899
E628  —Art objects                              328,329
I477  —Artificial breeding ranch                02
E628  —Artificial flowers                       39(exc.394)
E503  —Artillery-maintenance                    All Industries
E628  —Asbestos pipe                            328,329
E628  —Asbestos textile                         328,329
E628  —Asbestos-cement sheet                    328,329
E558  —Asphalt paving                           15-17
E628  —Assembly                                 20-39
E628  —Assembly dept.                           344
E628  —Assembly room                            25,39
D307  —Assembly stock                           All Industries
E628  —Assembly-&-packing                       342
E628  —Assembly-line                            20-39(exc.241)
D305  —Audit clerks                             All Industries
B023  —Auditors                                 All Industries
E503  —Auto mechanic                            All Industries
C243  —Auto rental                              751
E628  —Automatic machines                       387
E628  —Automobile assembly                      All Industries
E503  —Automobile body repair                   All Industries
C243  —Automobile leasing                       All Industries
E628  —Automotive-tire-testing                  All Industries
E503  —Avionics shop                            45
E558  —Awning hanger                            All Industries
D307  —Baggage agent                            40-47
E628  —Bakery                                   205
E503  —Bakery-machine-mechanic                  All Industries
E628  —Beam dept.                               315-319
E628  —Beater room                              261-263
E628  —Beehive kiln                             281,286,289
E628  —Belt & link assembly                     348,376
D305  —Billing                                  All Industries
E556  —Billposting                              731
E628  —Bindery                                  272-279
E628  —Bit & shank dept.                        39(exc.394)
E628  —Blast furnace                            331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
E628  —Bleach                                   281,286,289
E628  —Blending                                 204,21
E628  —Blooming mill                            331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
E628  —Blueprinting & photocopy                 All Industries
E628  —Board mill                               324,327
E628  —Boat cleaning                            373
E628  —Boat outfitting                          373
E554  —Boatbuilders, wood                       373
E503  —Body-shop                                All Industries
E628  —Boiler repair                            All Industries
E628  —Boilermaking                             All Industries
E628  —Bone plant                               281,286,289
D307  —Booking                                  44
D303  —Bookkeepers                              All Industries
E628  —Boots & shoes                            313,314
E628  —Bottle-house cleaners                    208
D307  —Boxing & pressing                        225
D306  —Branch exchange                          All Industries
E628  —Brew house                               208
E628  —Briar shop                               39(exc.394)
E553  —Bricklayer                               15-17
E553  —Brickmason                               15-17
B022  —Bridges                                  40
E628  —Brine                                    281,286,289
E628  —Brineyard                                204
E628  —Broommaking                              39(exc.394)
E628  —Brush fabrication                        39(exc.394)
E558  —Building                                 15-17
B022  —Building                                 40
K448  —Building                                 734
K448  —Building, cleaning                       All Industries
E558  —Building-insulation                      15-17
C243  —Bulk plant                               291,517
E628  —Burning                                  325
E628  —Burning, forming, & assembling           361,362,364,367,369
G803  —Bus drivers                              41(exc.412)
E503  —Bus repair                               All Industries
E628  —Butcher                                  All Industries
E628  —Byproducts                               331
E628  —C D-area                                 28
G803  —Cab                                      412
E558  —Cabin equipment                          45
E628  —Cabinetmaker                             25
E555  —Cable                                    15-17,491
E503  —Cable                                    481,482,489,493
K456  —Caddy                                    All Industries
K433  —Cafeteria                                58
E628  —Calendar                                 282
E628  —Calendering                              261-263
E558  —Canal-equipment maintenance              All Industries
E628  —Candle making                            39(exc.394)
E628  —Candy                                    206
E628  —Canvas goods                             239
E628  —Cap & hat production                     231-238
G843  —Car                                      40
E628  —Car installations                        374
E503  —Car repair                               40
E628  —Car-cleaning                             40
H864  —Car-wash                                 752,7542
E628  —Carbon electrodes                        331
E628  —Carbon-paper-coating                     39(exc.394)
E628  —Carding                                  282
K456  —Cardroom                                 701,791,794,799
H485  —Caretakers                               65,94
G843  —Cargo                                    44
D307  —Cargo                                    45
E554  —Carpenter-labor                          All Industries
E554  —Carpenters                               All Industries
A217  —Cartography                              All Industries
E628  —Carton & can supply                      All Industries
A174  —Case                                     All Industries
C243  —Cashiers                                 50-59,701-704,721
D303  —Cashiers                                 Exc. 50-59,701-704,721
E628  —Casting & pasting                        36
E628  —Cell operation                           3334,334,3353-3355,3363,3365
E628  —Cell room                                281,286,289
E628  —Cell-efficiency                          281,286,289
E628  —Cell-feed department                     All Industries
E628  —Cellar                                   208
E558  —Cement or concrete finishing             15-17
H485  —Cemetery workers                         65,94
A208  —Central supply                           806
A208  —Central supply technician                806
D306  —Central-office telephone operators       481
E503  —Central-office-repairer                  481,482,489
E628  —Cereal                                   204
E628  —Channel process                          281,286,289
E628  —Char house                               207,209
E628  —Chemical                                 All Industries
E628  —Chemical-processing                      All Industries
E628  —Chest-painting & sealing                 348,376
K456  —Child care                               All Industries
E553  —Chimney, brick                           15-17
E558  —Chimney, construction                    15-17
E628  —Chocolate & cocoa processing             206
A177  —Church                                   866
E628  —Cigar making, hand                       21
E628  —Cigar tobacco processing                 21
E628  —Cigar-making, machine                    21
E628  —Circus                                   791,794,799
E628  —Circus-train                             791,794,799
B005  —City                                     LGOV 911-913
C243  —Claims                                   63,64
C243  —Claims adjuster                          63,64
D303  —Classified advertising                   27
E628  —Clay preparation                         326
E628  —Clay shop                                326
E628  —Cleaning                                 202,203,207-209
K448  —Cleaning                                 Exc. 202,203,207-209
E558  —Clearing                                 15-17
D303  —Clerical                                 All Industries
D303  —Clerk                                    All Industries
E628  —Cloth grader                             221-224,228
E628  —Cloth winding                            229
K469  —Clothing                                 806
K456  —Clothing room                            Orphanage 836
A073  —Coagulating-drying                       28
E628  —Coal handling                            331
G843  —Coal-yard                                All Industries
E628  —Coating                                  282,386
E628  —Coating-mixer                            261-263
D303  —Coding clerks                            All Industries
E628  —Coffee                                   20
E628  —Coil winding                             361,362,364,367,369
E628  —Coin-machine                             355,356,358,359
D307  —Coin-machine collector                   All Industries
E628  —Coke handling                            331
E628  —Cold rolling                             331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
D307  —Collection                               All Industries
E628  —Color-paste mixing                       All Industries
K456  —Comfort-station                          722,729
E503  —Communications electrician               All Industries
E628  —Component assembler                      242,243,245
E628  —Composing-room                           27
E628  —Compounding & finishing                  All Industries
E628  —Compressed yeast                         20
B022  —Computer analyst exc. operator           All Industries
D304  —Computer operations                      All Industries
B022  —Computer program exc. operator           All Industries
E628  —Concrete block plant                     324,327
E628  —Concrete stone finishing                 324,327
E628  —Concrete-batching & mixing-plant         324,327
E628  —Concrete-stone fabricating               324,327
E558  —Concreting                               All Industries
E628  —Conditioning yard                        331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
E558  —Construction                             15-17(exc. U.S. Corps of Engineers)
B005  —Construction                             Corps of Engineers 15-17
D303  —Contact and service clerks               491,493
D316  —Contingents                              52-59
E628  —Continuous-weld-pipe mill                331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
A228  —Control                                  483,484
E628  —Converter                                3334,334,3353-3355,3363,3365
E628  —Cook house                               281,286,289
E628  —Cook room                                203,207,209
E628  —Cooking, casing, & drying                21
E503  —Cooler service                           All Industries
E628  —Cooperage shop                           244,249
E628  —Corduroy cutting                         221-224,228
E558  —Core drilling                            15-17
E628  —Coremaker                                261-263
E628  —Corncob pipe                             39(exc.394)
K414  —Correction officer                       All Industries
D303  —Correspondence section                   63,64
E628  —Cosmetics                                284
D305  —Cost & sales record                      All Industries
E628  —Costuming                                483,484,781-783,792
K468  —Cottage                                  Exc. reformatory 92
K415  —Cottage                                  Reformatory 92
K424  —Cottage life                             92
K433  —Counter                                  58,701
B005  —County                                   911-913
A159  —County                                   Farmers Home Admin. 61
E628  —Covering & lining                        39(exc.394)
I477  —Cranberry-bog                            01,071,072,075,076
G843  —Crane-crew                               All Industries
D307  —Credit and loan collections              All Industries
D305  —Credit-office                            All Industries
B028  —Crop                                     203
E628  —Crusher                                  3334,334,3353-3355,3363,3365
E628  —Cured meats                              201
E628  —Cured-meat packing                       201
E628  —Curing room                              21
K448  —Custodians                               All Industries
D303  —Customer records division                491,493
D307  —Customer services                        41,421,423
D303  —Customer's service representative        481,482,489,491,493,494,497
D307  —Customer-complaint service               All Industries
E503  —Customer-facilities                      481,482,489
E628  —Cutting                                  All Industries
E628  —Cutting & boning                         201
E628  —Cutting & sewing dept.                   All Industries
E628  —Cutting & splicing                       All Industries
E628  —Cutting dept.                            All Industries
I477  —Dairy farm                               02
E628  —Dairy processing                         202
K415  —Dance hall                               PR
D303  —Data entry                               All Industries
D303  —Data processing                          All Industries
D303  —Data-control clerk                       All Industries
K456  —Day care                                 All Industries
E628  —Decorating                               321-323
E628  —Defluorinated phosphate production       281,286,289,291
E628  —Dehydrogenation                          281,286,289,291
D307  —Delivery department                      481,482,489
A095  —Delivery-room                            806
D303  —Delivery, telegraph                      All Industries
G803  —Delivery, n. s.                          52-59
E628  —Dental laboratory                        807-809
E628  —Department                               20-39
C243  —Department                               50-59
D303  —Department                               60,61,63,64
B015  —Department                               805,806
B022  —Department                               832,839
K456  —Desk clerks, bowling or skating          All Industries
K456  —Desk clerks, n. s.                       791,793,794,799
D303  —Desk clerks, n. s.                       Exc. 791,793,794,799
I477  —Detasseling crew                         01,071,072,075,076
K414  —Detective                                92
K415  —Detective                                Exc. 92
E628  —Dials                                    387
E628  —Diamond finishing                        39(exc.394)
E628  —Die casting                              All Industries
A097  —Diet                                     805-809
K433  —Diet-kitchen                             806
E558  —Dike                                     15-17
E628  —Dimension warehouse                      All Industries
K433  —Dining-room                              701
G823  —Dispatcher, trains                       All Industries
G803  —Dispatcher, trucks, cabs and busses      All Industries
H494  —Distillery                               08
E628  —Distilling-department                    208
G803  —Distribution                             46
I477  —Diversified crops                        01
C243  —Division                                 52-59
E628  —Dock                                     All Industries
D305  —Documentation                            44
K415  —Dog license officer                      All Industries
E558  —Doping                                   15-17
K469  —Dormitory                                All Industries
E628  —Drawing                                  331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
E628  —Drawing-kiln                             321-323
E613  —Dredge operator                          10,12,14
E628  —Dried yeast                              20
G803  —Driver                                   All Industries
E628  —Dry cleaning                             721
E628  —Dry paste                                281,286,289
E554  —Dry wall application                     All Industries
E628  —Dry-cell assembly                        361,362,364,367,369
E628  —Dry-starch                               204
E628  —Drying                                   242,243,245
E628  —Dye-house                                39
E628  —Dyer                                     All Industries
B014  —Early childhood program                  All Industries
E628  —Edging                                   321-323
B014  —Education                                821
B014  —Educational                              Visiting Nurse Association 807-809
E628  —Egg processing                           204,514
E503  —Electric motor repairing                 All Industries
E555  —Electrical                               All Industries
E628  —Electrical assemblies                    35,363
E628  —Electrical assembly                      36
E503  —Electrical repair & telephone line
          maintenance                            493
E503  —Electrical-appliance-servicer            All Industries
A225  —Electrical-prospecting                   13
E503  —Electrician, substation                  491
E555  —Electrician, n. s.                       All Industries
E628  —Electronic coils                         36
E503  —Electronic systems maintenance           All Industries
E628  —Electronic-computer-subassembly          3571-3577
E628  —Electronics                              36
E628  —Electronics processing                   36
E628  —Electrotyping & sterotyping              272-279
K456  —Elevator                                 All Industries
E503  —Elevator-constructor                     15-17
E628  —Embroidery                               239
B027  —Employee benefits                        All Industries
B027  —Employment                               All Industries
E503  —Endless track vehicle                    41(exc.412)
E628  —Engine assembly                          351
E503  —Engine repair                            All Industries
E503  —Engine testing                           351
G823  —Engines, road                            40
E628  —Engraving                                341,343,347,349,39(exc.394)
E503  —Equipment, maintenance                   All Industries
E628  —Erection shop                            374
E628  —Esters & emulsifiers                     281,286,289
E628  —Evaporator                               281,286,289
E558  —Excavating                               All Industries
H498  —Expedition                               All Industries
E628  —Explosive-operator                       348,376
A159  —Extension-service                        All Industries
K448  —Extermination                            All Industries
E628  —Extruding department                     282
E628  —Extrusion                                3334,334,3353-3355,3363,3365
E628  —Fabric-coating                           221-224,228,229
E628  —Fabrication                              244,249
E628  —Fabrication & assembly                   39(exc.394)
E628  —Fabrication dept.                        361,362,364,367,369
E628  —Facepiece line                           3827,384,385
E628  —Factory                                  20-39
I477  —Farm                                     01,02,071,072,075,076
A159  —Farm management                          Farmers Home Admin. 61
E503  —Farm-equipment maintenance               All Industries
A185  —Fashion                                  All Industries
K433  —Fast food                                58
E628  —Feed house                               204
E628  —Feed mill                                204
H494  —Felling-bucking                          241
E628  —Felt-goods needle process                229
E628  —Fence                                    341,343,347,349
E628  —Fermenting cellars                       208
G828  —Ferry terminal                           44
E628  —Fertilizer                               281,286,289
E628  —Fertilizer processing                    283
E628  —Fiberglass boat assembly                 373
E628  —Fiberglass pipe covering                 328,329
E558  —Field assembly, prefabricated homes      15-17
E628  —Field assembly, prefabricated homes      245,344
I477  —Field, crop farming                      01,071,072,075,076
G843  —Field, pipe-lines                        46
I477  —Field, seed production                   01
I477  —Field, n. s.                             01,02,071,072,075,076
E613  —Field, n. s.                             13
B022  —Field, n. s.                             60,61
A174  —Field, n. s.                             832,836,839
A175  —Field, n. s.                             861,862,864,865,869(exc.Cattle Breeders
B022  —Field, n. s.                             Cattle Breeders Association 861,862,864,
D303  —Files                                    All Industries
E628  —Filing & packing                         285
E628  —Filing & polishing                       348,376
E628  —Film editor                              483,484,781-783,792
E628  —Film processing                          483,484,732,733,735,7383-7389,781-783,
D307  —Film-vault                               781-783,792
E628  —Filter-plant                             3334,334,3353-3355,3363,3365
E628  —Filtration                               206
E628  —Final assembly & packing                 3827,384,385
E628  —Finishing                                20-39
E628  —Finishing & shipping                     331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
E628  —Finishing area                           282
E628  —Finishing department                     328,329,39,732,733,735,7383-7389
E628  —Finishing room                           272-279,315-319
E628  —Firearms-assembly                        348,376
E628  —Fireworks assembly                       281,286,289
E628  —Fish bait processing                     394
H485  —Fish hatchery                            PR 09
E628  —Fish processing                          207,209
E628  —Fitting                                  All Industries
A226  —Fleet-maintenance                        372,376
E503  —Flight-test                              372,376
K456  —Floor, gambling                          All Industries
E628  —Floor, n. s.                             20-39
C243  —Floor, n. s.                             52-59
K469  —Floor, n. s.                             701
A095  —Floor, n. s.                             806
K433  —Food                                     58,701
A097  —Food                                     806
C243  —Food checkers and cashiers               58,701
K433  —Food service                             58,702-704,791,794,799,805,806,821,
D307  —Force adjustment                         481,482,489
A079  —Forest                                   08
H494  —Forest nursery                           08
E628  —Forge-shop                               All Industries
E628  —Forming department                       321-323
E628  —Foundry                                  All Industries
K433  —Fountain                                 All Industries
E628  —Framing mill                             244,249
E628  —Freight-loading                          40-45,47
E628  —Fruit grading                            514
D307  —Fuel                                     40
E503  —Fuel-system-maintenance                  All Industries
E628  —Fur dressing                             39(exc.394)
E628  —Furnace process                          281,286,289
E628  —Furrier shop                             231-238
I477  —Game farm                                02
E557  —Gang, pipelines                          13
I477  —Gang, n. s.                              01,02,071,072,075,076
E613  —Gang, n. s.                              10,14
E558  —Gang, n. s.                              15-17
H494  —Gang, n. s.                              241-243,245
G843  —Gang, n. s.                              40
G843  —Gang, n. s.                              Stevedoring 44
E503  —Garage                                   All Industries
H864  —Garbage collector                        495
E628  —Garment                                  231-238
E558  —Gas line installer                       15-17
G843  —Gas-pumping-station                      492,496
E628  —Gasket                                   244,249
D303  —Gate services                            45
E503  —Gear repair                              421,423
E628  —Gelatin plant                            281,286,289
E628  —General-handling                         3334,334,3353-3355,3363,3365
A075  —Geophysical-laboratory                   13
K468  —Girls                                    821,822,833
E628  —Glass-cut-off                            321-323
E628  —Glaze                                    325,326
E558  —Glazer                                   15-17
E628  —Glazing dept.                            221-228
E628  —Glue specialty                           281,286,289
E628  —Glycerin                                 281,286,289
G843  —Grading                                  15-17
E628  —Grain & yeast plants                     208
A225  —Gravity-prospecting                      13
E628  —Grease refining                          207,209
E628  —Green end dept.                          242,243,245
I477  —Greenhouse                               01
H485  —Greenhouse                               Exc. 01
H485  —Greenskeeper                             All Industries
E628  —Grinding                                 All Industries
E628  —Grinding & spraying                      344
H485  —Ground maintenance                       All Industries
H485  —Groundskeepers                           All Industries
K414  —Guard                                    92
K415  —Guard                                    Exc. 92
E628  —Hairspring fabrication                   387
E628  —Hand silvering                           321-323
E628  —Hardboard                                244,249
I477  —Harvest-crew                             01,071,072,075,076
E613  —Harvesting                               14
G843  —Hatch                                    44
A095  —Health unit                              All Industries
E628  —Heat-treat                               331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
E628  —Heating & blending                       281,286,289
E628  —Hide house                               229
E558  —Highway maintenance                      GOV 15-17
A174  —Home                                     832,839
A159  —Home                                     Farmers Home Admin. 61
A159  —Home-management                          All Industries
H485  —Horticultural services                   078
I477  —Horticultural-specialty farming          01
B015  —Hospital                                 All Industries
K456  —Hospitality house                        78,79
E628  —Hot strip mill                           331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
E628  —Hot-dip-plating                          341,343,347,349
E628  —Hot-dip-tinning                          331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
E628  —Hot-wound spring production              341,343,347,349
K448  —Hotel or motel, cleaning                 All Industries
K433  —Hotel or motel, food service             All Industries
D303  —Hotel or motel, front desk               All Industries
K456  —Hotel or motel, room service             All Industries
K448  —Hotel or motel, any not listed above     All Industries
K448  —House cleaner                            58,701,806
E628  —House furnishings                        239
E558  —House moving                             15-17
L405  —Housekeepers                             88
K448  —Housekeepers                             Exc. 88
E628  —Hydrochloric area                        28
D303  —I.B.M.                                   All Industries
E628  —Ice house                                207,209
K414  —Identification and communication         91-97
E628  —Incinerator-plant-general                495
D306  —Information                              481
I477  —Insect & disease inspection              01,02,071,072,075,076
E628  —Insecticide                              281,286,289
E628  —Inspecting                               267
E628  —Inspection                               20-39
E628  —Inspection & testing                     361,362,364,367,369,375,379
E628  —Instrument maintenance                   All Industries
E503  —Instrument repair                        All Industries
E503  —Instrument-mechanics                     493
E503  —Instrument-shop                          All Industries
E558  —Insulation                               15-17
E628  —Insulation                               261-263
C243  —Insurance agents                         63,64
D307  —Inventory control                        All Industries
E558  —Iron & steel work                        15-17
I477  —Irrigation                               01,02,071,072,075,076
K448  —Janitorial service                       All Industries
K448  —Janitors                                 All Industries
E628  —Jewel                                    39(exc.394)
E628  —Jewelry department                       39(exc.394)
B027  —Job-training                             All Industries
E554  —Joiner's                                 373
K456  —Keno                                     701,791,794,799
D303  —Keypunch operators                       All Industries
K433  —Kitchen                                  All Industries
K433  —Kitchen work                             All Industries
E628  —Knitting                                 225
I477  —Labor                                    01,02,071,072,075,076
H485  —Labor                                    078
E613  —Labor                                    10-14
E558  —Labor                                    15-17,491-493,496
E628  —Labor                                    20-23,244-249,25-39
H494  —Labor                                    241-243
G843  —Labor                                    Stevedoring 44
H864  —Labor                                    Any not listed above
B027  —Labor relations                          All Industries
A223  —Laboratory                               20
A224  —Laboratory                               281,284-289,29,324,327
E628  —Laboratory                               355,356,358,359
A203  —Laboratory                               805-809
A208  —Laboratory                               Medical school 822
A216  —Laboratory                               Any not listed above
E628  —Lace tearing                             229
E628  —Lamp shades                              39(exc.394)
I477  —Landscape                                01,071,072,075,076
H485  —Landscaping                              078
E628  —Last model dept.                         308,313,314
E554  —Lathing                                  15-17
E628  —Laundry                                  All Industries
E628  —Lead refinery                            3334,334,3353-3355,3363,3365
E628  —Lead-burner                              All Industries
E628  —Lead-section                             348,376
E628  —Leather products                         All Industries
A164  —Library                                  All Industries
E628  —Lime                                     324,327
E503  —Line                                     481,482,489
E577  —Line                                     491
E628  —Line                                     Exc. 481,482,489,491
E555  —Line dept.                               40
E555  —Lineman or line crew                     491,493
F748  —Linen                                    721
K448  —Linen                                    806
K448  —Linen-room                               All Industries
E628  —Liquefaction & regasification            493
E628  —Liquid yeast                             20
H485  —Livestock yard                           02,071,072,075,076
E628  —Livestock yard                           Exc. 02,071,072,075,076
G843  —Load-out                                 10,12,14
E628  —Loading & unloading                      All Industries
E628  —Loading-rack                             291
B025  —Loan                                     60
E558  —Lock maintenance                         15-17,44,49
E503  —Lock maintenance                         Exc. 15-17,44,49
H494  —Logging                                  241
E503  —Loom-fixer                               221-224,228
E628  —Lubrication                              All Industries
E628  —Lump room                                21
K433  —Lunchroom, food service                  821,822,835
K468  —Lunchroom, watching children             821
K467  —Lunchroom, watching children             835
B017  —Lunchroom, n. s.                         All Industries
F757  —M.V.A.                                   All Industries
E628  —Machine setter                           All Industries
E628  —Machine shop                             All Industries
E628  —Machine-assembler                        35
D304  —Machine-records units                    All Industries
E628  —Machining                                244,249
E628  —Machining & assembly                     361,362,364,367,369
E503  —Machinist outside                        373
D307  —Magazine                                 281,286,289,348
A225  —Magnetic-prospecting                     13
L405  —Maids                                    88
K448  —Maids                                    Exc. 88
D307  —Mail carriers                            43
D307  —Mail clerks                              43
H864  —Mail handlers, exc. sorting mail         40,43
D307  —Mail handlers, sorting mail              43
D307  —Mailroom                                 All Industries
D307  —Mails                                    43
E557  —Mains & service                          15-17
E628  —Mainspring fabrication                   387
K448  —Maintenance and custodians               All Industries
E558  —Maintenance and utilities                All Industries
K448  —Maintenance, building cleaning           All Industries
E558  —Maintenance, building repair             All Industries
E503  —Maintenance, electronic                  All Industries
E503  —Maintenance, fire-fighting-equipment     All Industries
H485  —Maintenance, groundskeeping              All Industries
E503  —Maintenance, machinery repair            20-39(exc.241),493,494,497
E503  —Maintenance, n. s.                       20-39(exc.241),481,493,494,497
B005  —Maintenance, n. s.                       GOV 15-17
E558  —Maintenance, n. s.                       PR 15-17
E503  —Maintenance-mechanic                     All Industries
E558  —Maintenance-of-way                       40
E503  —Maintenance-service                      491-493,496
E628  —Major appliance assembly                 363
E628  —Malt house                               208
E628  —Malted milk                              202
E628  —Manufactured buildings                   All Industries
E628  —Maple products                           20
A217  —Mapping                                  All Industries
E553  —Marble installer                         15-17
D307  —Marking room                             52-59
E553  —Masonry                                  All Industries
G843  —Material-crew                            15-17,242,243,245
G843  —Material-handling                        All Industries
A095  —Maternity floor                          All Industries
E628  —Matrix                                   365,366
E628  —Mattress & boxsprings                    25
E686  —Meat                                     541-544,549
E503  —Mechanical-maintenance                   All Industries
E503  —Mechanics                                All Industries
B021  —Medical                                  All Industries
E628  —Melter                                   331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
E628  —Merchant-mill rolling & finishing        331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
E628  —Metal cans                               341,343,347,349
E628  —Metal fabrication                        All Industries
E628  —Metal furniture assembly                 25
E628  —Metal hanging                            344
E628  —Metalizing                               All Industries
E503  —Meter                                    49
E503  —Meter & regulator shop                   All Industries
E503  —Meter repair shop                        491
E503  —Meter shop                               494,497
E628  —Microfilm duplicating unit               732,733,735,7383-7389
A055  —Microwave                                All Industries
G803  —Milk-route                               202
E628  —Mill                                     All Industries
E628  —Mill house                               204
E628  —Mill-labor                               3334,334,3353-3355,3363,3365
E628  —Miller                                   204
E628  —Milling                                  325
E503  —Millwright                               All Industries
B022  —Mine, administrator                      10,12,14
E613  —Mine, exc. administrator                 10,12,14
E628  —Mirror dept.                             321-323
E628  —Mirror fabrication                       321-323
E628  —Mixing                                   229,282
E558  —Mixing place                             15-17
E628  —Model & pattern                          39(exc.394)
E628  —Model making                             387
E628  —Mold cleaning & storage                  All Industries
E558  —Mold construction                        324,327
E628  —Mold making                              354
E628  —Mold shop                                326,354
E628  —Mold yarn                                331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
E628  —Mold-making plastics sheets              282
D303  —Money-room                               791,794,799
A048  —Monomer-recovery                         281,282,284,286-289
D303  —Morse                                    482,489
E628  —Motion-picture equipment                 3827,384,385,781-783,792
E503  —Motorcycle repair shop                   763,764,7692,7699
A047  —Mud-analysis                             13
A137  —Music                                    822
A159  —Music                                    829,833
A156  —Music                                    Elementary school 821
A186  —Music                                    Exc. 821,822,829,833
A157  —Music                                    Secondary school 821
E628  —Musical instrument                       39(exc.394)
E628  —Natural-gas plant                        291
E628  —Natural-gas-field processing             291,46
E628  —Net making                               39(exc.394)
C243  —Newspaper carriers                       271
C243  —Newspaper distributors                   271
E628  —Nitroglycerin                            281,286,289
I477  —Nursery                                  01
H485  —Nursery                                  078
K468  —Nursery                                  836,866
A095  —Nurses                                   806
E628  —Nut processing                           206
E628  —Nutritional yeast                        20
D303  —Office, exc. insurance                   All Industries
C243  —Office, insurance                        63,64
E628  —Offset-plate preparation                 272-279
E503  —Oil-field equipment mechanic             13
E613  —Oil-well services                        13
E628  —Open-hearth stockyard                    331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
A095  —Operating room                           806
E628  —Operations                               495
B022  —Operations                               Exc. 495
E628  —Optical instrument assembly              345,376,381,382,384,385
D303  —Order takers                             All Industries
B037  —Order-department                         All Industries
E628  —Ordnance truck installation              All Industries
E558  —Ornamental ironworking                   15-17
E628  —Ovens                                    331
D306  —P.B.X.                                   All Industries
K456  —Pack workers                             791,794,799
E628  —Packaging                                All Industries
E628  —Packing                                  All Industries
E628  —Packing room                             315-319
E628  —Packing-house                            514
E628  —Paint dept.                              All Industries
E628  —Paint roller covers                      39(exc.394)
E556  —Painting                                 15-17,373
E628  —Painting dept.                           39(exc.394)
E628  —Paper coating                            261-263,267
E628  —Paper machine                            261-263
E628  —Paper products                           267
E628  —Paper testing                            261-263,267
E556  —Paperhangers                             15-17
E628  —Parachute                                221-224,228
D307  —Parcel-post                              43
K456  —Park workers                             791,794,799
H485  —Park workers                             91-97
H864  —Parking lot                              752,7542
A174  —Parole                                   All Industries
E628  —Particle board                           244,249
C243  —Parts dept.                              All Industries
D303  —Passenger service                        40,41,44,45,47
E628  —Paste mixing                             All Industries
E628  —Paste plant                              331
E628  —Paster                                   325
E628  —Pattern marking                          272-279
E628  —Pattern-chain maker                      282
E628  —Pattern-grader                           39(exc.394)
E628  —Pattern-shop                             39(exc.394)
E558  —Paving                                   All Industries
D305  —Payroll                                  All Industries
E628  —Permanent-mold                           All Industries
B027  —Personnel                                All Industries
D303  —Personnel clerks                         All Industries
D307  —Petroleum-inspector                      732,733,735,7383-7389
E628  —Pharmaceutical-compounding               283
E628  —Phosphatic fertilizer                    287
E628  —Phosphoric acid                          281,286,289
E628  —Phosphorus processing                    281,286,289
E628  —Photoengraving                           272-279
E628  —Photographic                             272-279,732,733,735,7383-7389
E628  —Picking                                  21
I477  —Picking crew                             01,071,072,075,076
E628  —Pig-machine                              331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
E628  —Pigment making                           281,286,289
E558  —Pile-driving                             15-17
A226  —Pilot                                    All Industries
E628  —Pipe                                     39(exc.394)
E628  —Pipe & boiler covers                     328,329
E628  —Pipe finishing                           331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
E557  —Pipe fitter                              15-17,373
E628  —Pipe joints                              325
E557  —Pipe-line                                15-17
E628  —Pipe-line maintenance                    46
E613  —Pit                                      12-14
E628  —Pit & auxiliaries                        331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
E628  —Plant                                    20-39
B022  —Plant                                    Exc. 20-39
K415  —Plant-protection                         All Industries
E556  —Plastering                               15-17
E628  —Plastic sheets                           282
E628  —Plastic sheets finishing                 282
E628  —Plastics                                 308
E628  —Plate heating, rolling, & finishing      331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
E628  —Platform mill                            206,207,209
G843  —Platform, material handling              513
E628  —Plating & point assembly                 39(exc.394)
K468  —Playground                               821
K467  —Playground                               835
E628  —Pleating                                 221-224,228
E557  —Plumber                                  15-17
E628  —Poleyard                                 491
K414  —Police                                   92
D307  —Policy-change clerks                     63,64
A048  —Poly-area                                28
A048  —Polymerization                           28
E628  —Pond                                     281,286,289
E628  —Porcelain-enameling                      All Industries
D307  —Postal                                   43
E628  —Pot-lining                               3334,334,3353-3355,3363,3365
E628  —Pot-room                                 3334,334,3353-3355,3363,3365
E628  —Potato-chip-processing                   20
I477  —Poultry farm                             02
I477  —Poultry hatchery                         02
E628  —Poultry processing                       201
E628  —Powdered metal                           331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
E628  —Powdered sugar                           207,209
E628  —Power-reactor                            All Industries
E503  —Powerhouse-mechanic                      491
E628  —Precast & prestressed concrete           324,327
E628  —Precipitator                             331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
E628  —Preparation                              203,207,209
E628  —Preparation dept.                        282
E628  —Preparation plant                        12
I477  —Press                                    071,072,075,076
E628  —Press                                    325
E628  —Press room                               27
E628  —Press-hand                               39(exc.394)
E628  —Pressing dept.                           231-238
E628  —Pressure                                 492,496
E628  —Primer                                   348,376
E628  —Printing & stamping                      315-319
E628  —Printing-shop                            272-279
E628  —Process-area                             282
E628  —Processing                               20-39
E628  —Processing talc & borate                 328,329
E628  —Product inspection                       221-224,228
D307  —Production clerks                        All Industries
D307  —Production control, exc. managing        All Industries
B022  —Production control, managing             20-39
E628  —Production dept.                         372,376
E628  —Production machine shop                  355,356,358,359
E628  —Production, exc. managing                20-39
B022  —Production, managing                     20-39
E613  —Production, n. s.                        10-14
A187  —Production, n. s.                        483,484
A187  —Program                                  481,483,484
B014  —Program                                  822
D305  —Proof-machine operator                   60,61
E628  —Prop-making                              781-783,792
E628  —Properties                               781-783,792
A197  —Public-relations                         481,482,489
E628  —Publications production                  27
E628  —Pulp house                               207,209
E628  —Pulp plant                               261-263
E503  —Pump service                             All Industries
G843  —Pumping                                  46
E628  —Pumping station                          494,497
D303  —Purchasing and claims                    44
E628  —Purification                             291
E628  —Puttying & calking                       285
E628  —Quality control                          20-39
E613  —Quarry, dimension stone                  14
E628  —Quilting                                 221-224,228
E503  —Radio interference                       All Industries
E628  —Rag room                                 261-263
E503  —Railroad car repair                      40
E503  —Railroad repair, exc. track              40
E558  —Railroad repair, track                   40
E503  —Ramp, refueling                          45
H864  —Ramp, n. s.                              45
I477  —Ranch                                    01,02,071,072,075,076
D307  —Rate                                     All Industries
G843  —Reactor fueling                          281,286,289
E628  —Ready-mixed food preparations            207,209
C243  —Real estate appraiser                    All Industries
C243  —Real estate sales                        All Industries
E628  —Receiving & processing                   321-323
E558  —Reclamation                              10,12,14
E628  —Reclamation                              3334,334,3353-3355,3363,3365
E503  —Reclamation                              5093
E628  —Record press                             365,366
B021  —Recreation                               791,794,799
E628  —Reduction-plant                          3334,334,3353-3355,3363,3365
E628  —Refining                                 206,281,286,289
E503  —Refrigeration repair                     All Industries
H864  —Refuse collector                         495
E558  —Reinforced-steel-placing                 15-17
E628  —Relay-shop                               491
E628  —Repulping                                261-263
D303  —Reservation                              45
K468  —Residence                                All Industries
K433  —Restaurant                               58
G803  —Retail-route                             202
E503  —Retread                                  301
E628  —Reverberatory furnace                    3334,334,3353-3355,3363,3365
E628  —Rice milling                             204
E628  —Ride assembly                            791,794,799
K456  —Rides                                    791,794,799
G843  —Rigger                                   15-17
E628  —Rigger                                   373
E503  —Rigger                                   48
E503  —Rigging                                  15-17
B018  —Right-of-way                             481
E558  —Right-of-way maintenance                 491-493,496
E558  —Riprap placing                           15-17
B005  —Road, administrator                      GOV 15-17
E558  —Road, exc. administrator and motor
          vehicle operators                      GOV or PR 15-17
G803  —Road, motor vehicle operators            41(exc.412)
E558  —Road-gang                                15-17
E628  —Rocket propellant plant                  348,376
E628  —Roll shop                                331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
E628  —Roller printing                          226
E628  —Roller shop                              226
E558  —Roofing                                  15-17
E628  —Roofing plant                            295,299
K456  —Room service                             All Industries
I477  —Rose grading                             01,071,072,075,076
E503  —Roundhouse                               40
G803  —Route delivery                           All Industries
E628  —Roving dept.                             221-224,228
E628  —Rubber goods                             302-306
E628  —Rubber stamps & dies                     39(exc.394)
E628  —Rubber tire & tubes                      301
E628  —Rug cleaning                             721
D307  —Sack-department                          204
A046  —Safety                                   10,12,14
A056  —Safety                                   20-39
K414  —Safety                                   92
D303  —Safety deposit                           60,61
C243  —Sales                                    50-59
B013  —Sales                                    Exc. 50-59
E628  —Salvage                                  285,291
E628  —Sample                                   282
E628  —Sample preparation                       226
E628  —Sample room                              22
E628  —Sandblasting                             373
E628  —Sanding                                  All Industries
E558  —Sanitary landfill                        495
E628  —Sanitation                               495
E628  —Sawmill                                  242,243,245
D307  —Schedule                                 40-47
B014  —School                                   All Industries
E628  —Scouring pads                            308
E628  —Scrap preparation                        331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
E628  —Screen making                            39(exc.394)
E628  —Screen printing                          226
E628  —Screw                                    387
D313  —Script                                   483,484,781-783,792
E628  —Section                                  13,14
G843  —Section                                  40
D303  —Securities vault                         60,61
K415  —Security guard                           All Industries
A225  —Seismic-prospecting                      13
A225  —Seismograph                              13
E503  —Service                                  481,482,489,491
E628  —Service                                  492,493,496
E503  —Service and repair                       All Industries
B022  —Service leased machinery & equipment     All Industries
E503  —Service-office-machine                   All Industries
E558  —Sewer maintenance                        15-17
E628  —Sewer system                             494,495,497
E628  —Sewing dept., room, etc.                 All Industries
E628  —Shearing                                 All Industries
I477  —Shed workers                             01,071,072,075,076
E628  —Sheet manufacturing                      10,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
E558  —Sheet-metal worker, duct                 All Industries
E628  —Sheet-metal worker, exc. duct            All Industries
E628  —Shell shop                               348
I477  —Shellfish farming                        02
D303  —Shelving                                 823
E628  —Shift                                    20-39
E628  —Shipfitters                              373
D307  —Shipping                                 All Industries
D307  —Shipping and receiving                   All Industries
D307  —Shipping department                      All Industries
E628  —Shipping track                           374
E628  —Shoe repair                              725
E503  —Shop, n. s.                              50-59,752-754,76
K456  —Shop, n. s.                              723,724
E628  —Shop, n. s.                              Exc. 50-59,752-754,76,723,724
E628  —Shrink pit                               348,376
E628  —Shuttle fitting                          All Industries
E628  —Shuttle preparation                      242,243,245
E628  —Shuttle veneering                        242,243,245
E558  —Sign builder                             All Industries
E558  —Sign hanger                              731
E555  —Signal                                   40
D307  —Signal                                   7381,7382
E628  —Silk-screen cutting & printing           All Industries
E628  —Silvering department                     321-323
E628  —Silverware                               39(exc.394)
E628  —Sintering plant                          3334,334,3353-3355,3363,3365
E628  —Ski production                           394
E599  —Slab lifting                             All Industries
E628  —Slab-conditioner                         33
E628  —Slate splitting                          328,329
E628  —Slitting & shipping                      282
E628  —Small appliance assembly                 363
K413  —Smoke-jumper                             08
E628  —Snow-removing                            All Industries
E628  —Soakers                                  208
E628  —Soaking pits                             331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
E628  —Soaping-department                       221-228
A174  —Social-work                              All Industries
E628  —Soft sugar                               206
E628  —Solder making                            3334,334,3353-3355,3363,3365
E558  —Solid waste facility                     495
E628  —Sorting                                  325
D303  —Space-control                            45
E628  —Special assemblies                       361,362,364,367,369
A163  —Special services                         821,822,824,829,833,835
E628  —Specialty dept.                          331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
E628  —Specialty food products                  201
E628  —Specialty plant                          291
E628  —Spikemaking                              331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
E628  —Spinning                                 221-224,228
E628  —Split & drum room                        315-319
E628  —Split leather dept.                      315-319
E628  —Sports equipment                         394
H485  —Spray, lawn & tree service               078
E628  —Spring production                        341,343,347,349
E628  —Spring-up                                25
B022  —Station                                  45
E503  —Station-installation                     481
E628  —Stationary-engineer                      All Industries
E557  —Steam-distribution                       15-17
E557  —Steamfitter                              15-17
E628  —Steel division                            25
E558  —Steel-pan-form placing                   15-17
E628  —Steel-post-installer                     491
E628  —Steffen house                            206
D303  —Steno pool                               All Industries
G843  —Stevedoring                              44
K456  —Stewardesses                             45
E628  —Stitching dept.                          239
E628  —Stock                                    20-39
D307  —Stock                                    50-59
I477  —Stock ranch                              02
D307  —Stock-control                            All Industries
E628  —Stocking & box shop                      348,376
E628  —Stockroom                                50-59
D365  —Stockroom                                Exc. 50-59
E553  —Stonemason                               15-17
E628  —Stonework                                328,329
B005  —Street                                   GOV 15-17
E558  —Street                                   PR 15-17
E503  —Street-light servicer                    491
E628  —Structural rolling & finishing           331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
E558  —Structural steel erection                15-17
E628  —Structural-mill                          3334,334,3353-3355,3363,3365
D303  —Study-hall                               821
E503  —Subway, repair, exc. track               41(exc.412)
E558  —Subway, repair, track                    41(exc.412)
E558  —Suction-dredge-pipe-line-placing         15-17
E628  —Sugar house                              206
E628  —Sugar refinery                           206
E628  —Sulfuric-acid plant                      281,286,289
E503  —Supercharge-repair                       45
E613  —Surface                                  10,12,14
A095  —Surgical                                 All Industries
E628  —Surgical garment assembly                3827,384,385
D303  —Survey workers                           All Industries
E628  —Switchboard operator                     28,491,493
D306  —Switchboard operator                     Exc. 28,491,493
G823  —Switchman                                40
E628  —TNT-line                                 281,286,289
D304  —Tabulating                               All Industries
E628  —Tan room                                 315-319
E628  —Tank cleaning                            285
H864  —Tank cleaning                            44
E628  —Tank house                               201
E628  —Tank storage                             208
E558  —Tank-builder                             15-17
E558  —Tankage                                  15-17
E554  —Taping                                   15-17
E628  —Tapper                                   3334,334,3353-3355,3363,3365
E628  —Tar distillation                         281,286,289
D305  —Tariff                                   481
E628  —Tea & spice                              20
A048  —Technical                                28
A225  —Technical                                482,489
E503  —Technical                                483,484
D303  —Telegraphic-typewriter operators         All Industries
D307  —Telephone clerks                         481,482,489
D303  —Telephone information                    41
E503  —Telephone installers & repairers         All Industries
D306  —Telephone operators, clerical            481
B022  —Telephone operators, exc. clerical       481
D303  —Telephone-order                          All Industries
D303  —Tellers                                  All Industries
E558  —Terrazo                                  15-17
C243  —Territory                                50,51
E555  —Test                                     491
E503  —Test-deck                                481,482,489
E628  —Testing & analysis department            All Industries
E628  —Textile                                  22
E628  —Thermostatic controls                    381,382(exc.3827)
E628  —Threshing department                     21
D303  —Ticket sales                             45
E553  —Tile layer                               All Industries
E628  —Tile-&-mottle                            328,329
D305  —Timekeeping                              All Industries
E628  —Tipple                                   12
E628  —Tire-service                             753,7549
A234  —Title                                    All Industries
E628  —Toilet & laundry soap                    284
D306  —Toll                                     422
D303  —Toll collector                           47
D365  —Tool                                     All Industries
E628  —Tool & die                               355,356,358,359
E628  —Tool machine shop                        355,356,358,359
D307  —Tool-crib                                All Industries
E628  —Tower                                    291
B004  —Township                                 911-913
E628  —Toy assembly                             394
E628  —Toy parts former                         394
E628  —Tracer-bullet section                    348,376
E558  —Track repair                             15-17,40,41(exc.412)
F797  —Track, inspecting                        15-17,40,41(exc.412)
E558  —Track, n. s.                             15-17,40,41(exc.412)
G843  —Track, n. s.                             204
E558  —Track-laying                             15-17,40,41(exc.412)
B022  —Traffic                                  40-47,481
K414  —Traffic                                  92
E558  —Traffic-maintenance                      15-17
B027  —Traffic-personnel                        481
E558  —Traffic-sign                             15-17
B027  —Training, personnel                      All Industries
D303  —Transcribing operators                   All Industries
E628  —Transformer assembly                     361,362,364,367,369
E628  —Transformer shop                         All Industries
E503  —Transmission                             481
E503  —Transmission maintenance                 481
G823  —Transportation                           40
G808  —Transportation                           41(exc.412)
G809  —Transportation                           412
B022  —Transportation                           44,45
G803  —Transportation                           Any not listed above
H864  —Trash collector                          495
D303  —Travel-information center                96
E628  —Treating & pumping                       291
E628  —Treating-plant                           244,249
H485  —Tree trimming                            078,491-493,496
I477  —Tree-fruit & nut farming                 01,071,072,075,076
G803  —Truck                                    421,423
E503  —Truck repair                             All Industries
D303  —Trust accounts                           60,61
B025  —Trust evaluation                         All Industries
E628  —Tufting                                  227
E628  —Tumblers                                 348,376
E628  —Tumbling & rolling                       387
E558  —Tunnel-heading                           15-17
E628  —Turn                                     331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
E628  —Typesetting                              272-279
D303  —Typing pool                              All Industries
D303  —Typists                                  All Industries
E628  —Umbrella                                 221-224,228
E628  —Underground                              10-14
D303  —Underwriting clerks                      63,64
E628  —Upholstery dept.                         All Industries
E628  —Uranium processing                       3334,334,3353-3355,3363,3365
E558  —Utilities & maintenance                  All Industries
E628  —Vacuum metalizing                        All Industries
E628  —Varnish                                  285
E628  —Vat house                                281,286,289,315-319
I477  —Vegetable farming                        01
E628  —Veneer                                   242,243,245
I477  —Vine-fruit farming                       01,071,072,075,076
A163  —Vocational-rehabilitation                91-97
E628  —Wall mirror dept.                        321-323
D303  —Want-ad                                  271
K415  —Ward                                     91-97
A095  —Ward                                     Exc. 91-97
D303  —Ward-service                             806
K469  —Wardrobe                                 All Industries
G843  —Warehouse, material handling             All Industries
G843  —Warehouse, traffic                       All Industries
E628  —Warehouse, n. s.                         All Industries
E628  —Wash house                               208
E628  —Washing & screening plant                324,327
E628  —Watch mfg.                               387
E557  —Water & sewer systems                    15-17
B022  —Water & sewer systems                    49
B022  —Water control                            49
E557  —Water softener service                   All Industries
E558  —Waterproofing                            All Industries
B022  —Waterworks                               49
E558  —Way                                      40
E628  —Weave-room                               227
E628  —Weaving                                  227,328,329
E628  —Webbing                                  229
E628  —Welding                                  All Industries
A174  —Welfare                                  All Industries
E613  —Well service                             13
E558  —Well-point                               15-17
E628  —Wet end                                  244,249
E628  —Wet pour                                 324,327
E628  —Wet room                                 261-263
E503  —Wheel shop                               40
E628  —Whipped topping                          202
E628  —White sugar                              206
E628  —Winding & twisting dept.                 221-224,228
E628  —Wire-rope fabrication                    341,343,347,349
E503  —Wireworker                               491
E628  —Wood room                                261-263
E628  —Wood-crew                                242,243,245,281,286,289
H485  —Wool shearing                            071,072,075,076
D303  —Word processing                          All Industries
E558  —Wrecking                                 15-17
G843  —Yard, building materials or lumber       503,521,523
H485  —Yard, cotton gin                         071,072,075,076
D307  —Yard, n. s.                              15-17
E628  —Yard, n. s.                              208,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
G843  —Yard, n. s.                              244,249,261-263
G823  —Yard, n. s.                              40
H494  —Yarding                                  241
I477  —N. s.                                    01,02,071,072,075,076
H494  —N. s.                                    08,241
E613  —N. s.                                    10-14
E558  —N. s.                                    15-17
E628  —N. s.                                    20-39(exc.241),491-493,496,721
B022  —N. s.                                    40
G803  —N. s.                                    421,423
D307  —N. s.                                    43
E503  —N. s.                                    481,482,489
C243  —N. s.                                    50-57,59
K433  —N. s.                                    58
D303  —N. s.                                    60
D307  —N. s.                                    61
C243  —N. s.                                    62,67
B018  —N. s.                                    65
K448  —N. s.                                    734
B014  —N. s.                                    821,835
A174  —N. s.                                    832,833,836,839
B021  —N. s.                                    861,862,864,865,869
D303  —N. s.                                    91(exc.LGOV),93-97
D303  —N. s.                                    92( and police depts.)
K413  —N. s.                                    Fire department 92
H494  —N. s.                                    Forestry Service 08
B004  —N. s.                                    LGOV 91
B022  —N. s.                                    Playground 791,794,799
K414  —N. s.                                    Police department 92
A177  —N. s.                                    Religious organization 866
G843  —N. s.                                    Stevedoring 44


Last Modified Date: June 14, 2019