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National Compensation Survey - Wages

T (Census Occs beginning with) ‐ Occupational Classification System Manual

Major Occupational Groups: A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | K
About the Occupational Classification System Manual
Code  Census Job Title                           Industries Affected
H889  T-rail turner                              331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
A207  T.P.N. (Trained practical nurse)           All Industries
D385  T.W.X. operator                            481
F785  Tab builder                                372,376
F743  Tab cutter                                 225
D309  Tab operator                               All Industries
F734  Tab-card press operator                    27
F777  Tab-cutting-machine operator               272-279
F777  Tabber                                     225
H878  Tabber                                     372,376
D389  Tabber                                     Press Clipping Bureau 732,733,735,
K443  Table attendant, cafeteria                 58
K459  Table attendant, poolroom                  All Industries
H889  Table hand                                 21
F777  Table hand                                 Mfg. exc. 21
K459  Table keeper                               793
F707  Table leverman                             331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F785  Table maker                                25
F707  Table operator                             331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F757  Table runner                               12
F707  Table runner                               331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F757  Table tender                               12
F795  Table top tile setter                      325
H888  Table worker, packager                     All Industries
F777  Table worker, n. s.                        20-39
H878  Table worker, n. s.                        315-319
H889  Table-cover folder                         239
F748  Table-machine operator                     721
F717  Table-saw operator                         33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F757  Tableman                                   10,12
H878  Tableman                                   242,243,245
F707  Tableman                                   331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
G826  Tableman                                   40
K459  Tableman                                   793
F759  Tablet coater                              283
F758  Tablet machine operator                    202
F797  Tablet tester                              283
F769  Tablet-machine operator                    267
D386  Tabulating clerk                           All Industries
D309  Tabulating-machine operator                All Industries
H889  Tack cleaner                               311
F777  Tack coverer                               20-39
F769  Tack cutter                                341,343,347,349
F777  Tack driller                               373
F717  Tack maker                                 331
H889  Tack picker                                311
F745  Tack puller                                313,314
F783  Tack welder                                All Industries
F759  Tack-off man                               371
F744  Tacker                                     225,231-238
F745  Tacker                                     313,314
F744  Tacking-machine operator                   225,231-238
F756  Taffy puller                               206
D389  Tag clerk                                  All Industries
F739  Tag maker                                  225
D374  Tag marker                                 52-59
H878  Tag stringer                               All Industries
D389  Tag writer                                 All Industries
F777  Tag-machine operator                       267
F777  Tag-press operator                         All Industries
H878  Tagger                                     All Industries
H869  Tagman                                     15-17
H878  Tail boy                                   242-249,25
H878  Tail dogger                                242-249,25
F727  Tail edger                                 242,243,245
E686  Tail puller                                201
E686  Tail ripper                                201
E686  Tail sawyer                                201
F727  Tail sawyer                                242,243,245
F727  Tail trimmer                               242,243,245
K417  Tail-board man                             Fire department 92
E616  Tailer                                     10,12,14
H878  Tailer                                     242-249,25
H496  Tailer-in                                  241
H878  Tailer-off                                 242-249,25
F777  Tailing hand                               22
H889  Tailings man                               207,209
E667  Tailor                                     Exc. shirt 231-238
F744  Tailor                                     Shirt 231-238
H874  Tailor's aide                              All Industries
H878  Take-away man                              242,243,245
F774  Take-down sorter                           732,733,735,7383-7389
H878  Take-off boy                               20-39
H878  Take-off girl                              20-39
H878  Take-off man                               20-39
K459  Take-off man                               791,794,799
H878  Taker                                      311
H883  Taker-away                                 201
H883  Taker-down                                 311,321-323
H878  Taker-off, n. s. or any specified          20-39
F748  Taker-off, n. s. or any specified          721
H883  Taker-out                                  321-323
H887  Talcer                                     301
B034  Talent scout                               781-783,792
D368  Tallier                                    All Industries
F757  Tallow maker                               207,209
F757  Tallow refiner                             207,209
D368  Tally boy                                  242-249,25
D368  Tally clerk                                All Industries
D368  Tally girl                                 201,206,207,209
D368  Tallyman                                   All Industries
F777  Tamale machine feeder                      203
H889  Tamale maker                               203
H869  Tamper                                     15-17
E594  Tamping-machine operator                   15-17
G826  Tamping-machine operator                   40
D348  Tandem operator                            481
F707  Tandem-mill operator                       33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
H874  Tandem-mill sticker                        33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F777  Tangled-yarn man                           22
E597  Tank builder, metal                        13,15-17
E567  Tank builder, wood                         15-17
E567  Tank carpenter                             All Industries
H887  Tank cleaner                               All Industries
F777  Tank cooper                                244,249
G804  Tank driver                                All Industries
E597  Tank erector, metal                        15-17
E567  Tank erector, wood                         15-17
F754  Tank filler                                517
H887  Tank processor                             372
F757  Tank pumper                                208
F717  Tank riveter                               15-17,46,492,496,493
E597  Tank setter                                13
F777  Tank tender                                333-339
F757  Tank tender                                Any not listed above
F797  Tank tester                                20-36,371,372,374-379,38,39
F783  Tank welder                                All Industries
F756  Tank worker                                20-39
H887  Tank-car cleaner                           291
G859  Tank-car loader                            All Industries
E516  Tank-car reconditioner                     All Industries
E696  Tank-farm operator                         281,282,284,286-289
F717  Tank-house man                             333-339
F777  Tank-house operator                        201
F717  Tank-house operator                        333-339
E699  Tank-terminal gager                        46,492,493,496
G804  Tank-truck driver                          All Industries
G804  Tank-truck operator                        All Industries
G804  Tank-wagon driver                          All Industries
G804  Tank-wagon operator                        All Industries
F758  Tankage grinder                            201
F777  Tanker                                     244,249
F785  Tanker                                     36
G804  Tanker driver                              All Industries
H887  Tanker serviceman                          421,423
G829  Tankerman                                  44
F758  Tankman                                    20-39
H885  Tankman                                    527,55,752-754
F777  Tankroom man                               207,209
F756  Tankroom man                               282
F777  Tankroom tender                            282,313,314
F777  Tanner                                     311
F756  Tanning solution maker                     281,284,286,289
F777  Tanning-drum operator                      311
F777  Tanning-wheel man                          311
F777  Tanyard man                                311
E634  Tap & die maker technician                 387
F785  Tap builder                                371
A193  Tap dancer                                 781-783,792
F709  Tap grinder                                35
F785  Tap puller                                 365,366
F759  Tape coater                                All Industries
F769  Tape cutter                                All Industries
A216  Tape duplicator                            All Industries
D335  Tape librarian                             All Industries
F753  Tape maker                                 All Industries
F753  Tape making machine operator               All Industries
F744  Tape sewer                                 20-30,311,315-319,32-39
A216  Tape transferrer                           All Industries
F739  Tape weaver                                All Industries
E505  Tape-deck installer                        371,527,55,752-754
F744  Tape-edge-machine operator                 Mattress 25
D309  Tape-to-card-converter operator            All Industries
H867  Tapeman                                    40,871
E573  Taper                                      15-17,242,243,245
F753  Taper operator                             20-39
F777  Tapering-machine operator                  39
F744  Taping-machine operator                    225,229,231-238
F777  Taping-machine operator                    Exc. 225,229,231-238
F757  Tapper                                     208
H889  Tapper                                     324,327
F717  Tapper                                     33,341-347,349
F777  Tapper                                     387
F708  Tapper operator                            All Industries
F785  Tappet adjuster                            371
K434  Taproom attendant                          All Industries
E599  Tar boiler                                 15-17
H889  Tar chaser                                 Coke 331
E599  Tar heater                                 15-17
H495  Tar heel                                   08
H869  Tar kettle runner                          15-17
F757  Tar levelman                               291
H869  Tar man                                    15-17
H889  Tar man                                    33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
H869  Tar pot man                                15-17
E595  Tar roofer                                 15-17
E594  Tar-distributor operator                   15-17
D368  Tare man                                   207,209
H883  Tare man                                   221-224,228
D368  Tare weigher                               201,207,209
G826  Target man                                 40
K459  Target setter                              Gun club 791,794,799
E693  Targeteer                                  348,376
D389  Tariff clerk                               All Industries
D386  Tariff compiler                            All Industries
A178  Tariff counsel                             All Industries
A178  Tariff expert                              481,482,489
F777  Tarring-machine operator                   22
I479  Tassel clipper                             01,071,072,075,076
F777  Tassel maker                               All Industries
F777  Tassel making machine operator             All Industries
I479  Tassel snipper                             01,071,072,075,076
H889  Tasseler                                   239
F796  Taster                                     206,207,209
A194  Tattoo artist                              722,729
A194  Tattooer                                   722,729
B017  Tavern keeper                              58
B017  Tavern operator                            58
K434  Tavern-car attendant                       40
F777  Tawer                                      311
B023  Tax accountant                             All Industries
B023  Tax adjuster                               All Industries
A178  Tax agent                                  481,482,489
B036  Tax agent                                  93
B005  Tax appraiser                              LGOV 93
B005  Tax assessor                               LGOV 93
A178  Tax attorney                               All Industries
B023  Tax auditor                                All Industries
D389  Tax clerk                                  All Industries
B005  Tax collector                              93
B005  Tax commissioner                           93
B025  Tax consultant                             874
A166  Tax economist                              All Industries
B025  Tax evaluator                              874
B023  Tax examiner                               All Industries
B023  Tax expert                                 874
B036  Tax investigator                           All Industries
B025  Tax preparer                               874
B025  Tax specialist                             874
K469  Taxi dancer                                791,794,799
G809  Taxi driver                                412
D363  Taxicab coordinator                        412
D359  Taxicab dispatcher                         412
G809  Taxicab driver                             412
D359  Taxicab starter                            412
A235  Taxidermist                                763,764,7692,7699
A078  Taxonomist                                 All Industries
F796  Tea taster                                 207,209
F754  Tea-bag packer                             All Industries
      Teacher, elementary and secondary — see separate Teacher Page
      Teacher, Except elementary and secondary — see separate Teacher Page
K467  Teacher's aide                             835
A154  Teaching fellow, subject n. s.             822
B014  Team coordinator                           821
G859  Teamster, horses or mule                   All Industries
G856  Teamster, tractor driver                   241
G804  Teamster, truck driver                     10-14
I479  Teamster, n. s.                            02
E505  Tear-down man                              371
K433  Tearoom hostess                            All Industries
F777  Teasel setter                              22
F777  Teasel-gig operator                        22
F777  Teaseler                                   22
F766  Teaser                                     321-323
D389  Technical clerk                            All Industries
C259  Technical consultant                       All Industries
D303  Technical coordinator                      All Industries
A048  Technical director                         28
B022  Technical director                         483,484
A187  Technical director                         781-783,792
A184  Technical editor                           All Industries
A217  Technical illustrator                      All Industries
A225  Technical operator                         13
A184  Technical writer                           All Industries
K447  Technician's aide                          806
A223  Technician, biological                     All Industries
A224  Technician, chemical                       All Industries
A203  Technician, clinical laboratory            All Industries
A213  Technician, electrical                     All Industries
A205  Technician, health records                 All Industries
A208  Technician, health type n. s.              All Industries
A214  Technician, industrial                     All Industries
A215  Technician, mechanical engineering         All Industries
E523  Technician, plant & maintenance            All Industries
A206  Technician, radiologic                     All Industries
A225  Technician, science, n. s.                 All Industries
E529  Technician, submarine cable equipment      All Industries
A218  Technician, surveying                      All Industries
A235  Technician, n. e. c.                       All Industries
A223  Technician, n. s.                          01,02,07-09,20,283
A224  Technician, n. s.                          28(exc.283)
A225  Technician, n. s.                          291,295,299
A213  Technician, n. s.                          36,483,484,493,873
E523  Technician, n. s.                          5731,5734
A203  Technician, n. s.                          805-809
A216  Technician, n. s.                          822(exc.medical school)
A216  Technician, n. s.                          899
A208  Technician, n. s.                          Medical school 822
E523  Technician, n. s.                          Radio repair shop 762,7694
E523  Technician, n. s.                          Television repair shop 762,7694
A235  Technician, n. s.                          Any not listed above
A175  Teen counselor                             Community center 832,839
A174  Teenage adviser                            832,833,836,839
B021  Teenage-program director                   832,839,861,862,864,865,869
D353  Telautograph operator                      All Industries
A228  Telecasting technician                     483,484
C257  Telecommunications consultant              All Industries
A213  Telecommunications technician              All Industries
D353  Telegraph dispatcher                       482,489
A195  Telegraph editor                           271
E529  Telegraph installer                        482,489
E527  Telegraph lineman                          All Industries
D357  Telegraph messenger                        482,489
D353  Telegraph operator                         482,489
E529  Telegraph-plant maintainer                 482,489
E529  Telegraph-repeater installer               482,489
D343  Telegraph-service rater                    481,482,489
D353  Telegrapher                                All Industries
D353  Telegrapher agent                          40
E529  Telegraphic-typewriter installer           482,489
D353  Telegraphic-typewriter operator            482,489
D325  Telephone ad-taker                         271
D323  Telephone answerer                         All Industries
H887  Telephone cleaner                          751
D348  Telephone clerk, telegraph office          482,489
D323  Telephone clerk, n. s.                     All Industries
D348  Telephone girl                             All Industries
E529  Telephone installer                        481
E527  Telephone lineman                          All Industries
E529  Telephone maintainer                       481
E529  Telephone man                              481
D357  Telephone messenger                        481
D306  Telephone operator, chief                  All Industries
D348  Telephone operator, n. s                   All Industries
D319  Telephone operator-receptionist            All Industries
D336  Telephone recorder                         482,489
C257  Telephone sales                            481
C267  Telephone sales                            593,5948,5993-5,5999
C277  Telephone sales                            Exc. 481,593,5948,5993-5,5999
C274  Telephone solicitor                        All Industries
H887  Telephone sterilizer                       732,733,735,7383-7389
D316  Telephone surveyor                         874
D353  Telephone-answering-service operator       732,733,735,7383-7389
D319  Telephone-appointment clerk                All Industries
D348  Telephone-exchange operator                All Industries
D323  Telephone-information clerk                All Industries
D327  Telephone-order clerk                      All Industries
D323  Telephone-quotation clerk                  62,67
D323  Telephone-service adviser                  481
D348  Telephone-switchboard operator             All Industries
D385  Teleprinter                                482,489
E547  Telescope maintenance man                  All Industries
G848  Telescope operator                         44
K438  Teletray operator                          Drive-in restaurant 58
E529  Teletype adjuster                          All Industries
D385  Teletype clerk                             Telephone Co 481
E529  Teletype installer                         All Industries
D385  Teletype operator                          482,489
E529  Teletype technician                        All Industries
F736  Teletypesetter                             All Industries
F736  Teletypesetter operator                    All Industries
E529  Teletypewriter installer                   All Industries
D385  Teletypewriter operator                    482,489
D385  Teletypist                                 482,489
A187  Television actor                           483,484
F796  Television analyzer                        365,366
A198  Television announcer                       483,484
E523  Television cable installer                 All Industries
A189  Television cameraman                       483,484
E523  Television installer                       All Industries
E523  Television maintenance man                 762,7694
A228  Television operator                        483,484
A187  Television producer                        483,484
A195  Television script writer, advertising
        or news                                  483,484
A183  Television script writer, exc.
        advertising or news                      483,484
E523  Television technician                      365,366,52-59,762,7694
A228  Television technician                      483,484
A195  Television writer, advertising or news     483,484
A183  Television writer, exc. advertising or
        news                                     483,484
E599  Television-antenna installer               15-17
F785  Television-antenna installer               Television 365,366
E658  Television-cabinet finisher                All Industries
F797  Television-parts tester                    365,366
D385  Telex operator                             All Industries
D383  Teller                                     60,61
C276  Teller                                     Exc. 60,61
F797  Temperature regulator                      33
A225  Temperature-logging operator               13
F777  Temperer                                   22,23
F724  Temperer                                   321-323,33,341-347,349,35-37,40,763,764,
F766  Temperer                                   Any not listed
F724  Tempering-oven operator                    33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
E645  Template checker                           33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
D365  Template clerk                             All Industries
F786  Template cutter                            All Industries
E653  Template fitter                            372,376
E645  Template maker                             33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
E588  Template man                               15-17
E645  Template man                               372,376
E684  Template reproduction technician           All Industries
E634  Template-lay-out man                       355,356,358,359
E653  Template-lay-out man                       372,376
D365  Template-storage clerk                     All Industries
H878  Temple marker                              201
I473  Tenant                                     OBNI 01,02
I473  Tenant farmer, crop or livestock           OBNI 01,02
D377  Tenant selector                            City Housing Authority 65
C276  Tender, bridge                             47
G834  Tender, locks                              44
H885  Tender, n. s.                              554
G834  Tender, n. s.                              Lighthouse 96
F795  Tennis ball coverer, hand                  394
A199  Tennis coach                               Exc. Secondary school 821
A157  Tennis coach                               Secondary school 821
A199  Tennis player                              791,794,799
A159  Tennis professional                        All Industries
F769  Tenon-machine operator                     All Industries
F769  Tenoner operator                           All Industries
A216  Tensile tester                             20-39
F734  Tension man                                27
F717  Tensioning machine operator                All Industries
H889  Tent man                                   791,794,799
F777  Tenter                                     22
F777  Tenter feeder                              22
F777  Tenter-frame operator                      22
F777  Tenterer                                   22
F777  Tentering-machine feeder                   22
E684  Tentmaker                                  239
D389  Terminal clerk                             All Industries
E699  Terminal gager                             46,492,493,496
D385  Terminal operator, computer                All Industries
H883  Terminal worker                            421,423
D385  Terminal-make up operator                  27
F706  Terminal-press operator                    36
D385  Terminal-system operator                   27
K455  Termite exterminator                       734
K455  Termite treater                            All Industries
K455  Termite-control-serviceman                 All Industries
E563  Terra-cotta mason                          15-17
E595  Terra-cotta roofer                         15-17
E563  Terra-cotta setter                         15-17
E588  Terrazzo finisher                          15-17
E588  Terrazzo layer                             15-17
E588  Terrazzo man                               15-17
E588  Terrazzo polisher                          15-17
E588  Terrazzo roller                            15-17
E588  Terrazzo worker                            15-17
A044  Test analyst                               372,376
E616  Test borer                                 10-14
F708  Test borer                                 Exc. 10-14
E558  Test boring crew chief                     15-17
F797  Test carrier                               331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
E689  Test desk trouble locator                  481
E529  Test deskman                               481
E598  Test driller                               All Industries
D379  Test grader                                91-97
D387  Test grader                                Exc. 91-97
E689  Test man                                   36(exc.363)
E529  Test man                                   481
E575  Test man                                   491
D348  Test operator                              481
A226  Test pilot                                 372,376
F797  Test worker                                33
E689  Test-car driver                            371
A213  Test-laboratory technician                 36
E516  Test-rack operator                         40
E515  Test-stand operator                        372,376,45,97
F777  Test-tube maker                            321-323
E529  Testboard man                              481
E529  Testboard operator                         481
A223  Tester                                     02,202,514,545
F797  Tester                                     12,348,35-40
A225  Tester                                     13
E689  Tester                                     36(exc.363)
E529  Tester                                     481
E689  Testing and regulating technician          481
B014  Testing director                           All Industries
F797  Testing machine operator                   221-224,228,341,343,347,349
F756  Tetryl dissolver operator                  348,376
C243  Textile broker                             OWN 513,5192-5199
A073  Textile chemist                            All Industries
F756  Textile colorist, dyer                     All Industries
A224  Textile colorist, formulator               All Industries
C243  Textile converter                          OWN 513,5192-5199
A185  Textile designer                           All Industries
E649  Textile engraver                           All Industries
E667  Textile reweaver                           721
A224  Textile technologist                       All Industries
F777  Textile worker                             22
F777  Textile-machine operator                   22
F777  Textile-pin boy                            22
F777  Textile-screen printer                     22

Last modified: October 16, 2001