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National Compensation Survey - Wages

Tr‐ty (Census Occs beginning with) ‐ Occupational Classification System Manual

Major Occupational Groups: A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | K
About the Occupational Classification System Manual
Code  Census Job Title                           Industries Affected
D389  Tracer clerk                               All Industries
F786  Tracer, stonework                          15-17
F745  Tracer, n. s.                              313,314
A217  Tracer, n. s.                              331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
D389  Tracer, n. s.                              40-47
H889  Track dresser                              40
H889  Track fitter                               41(exc.412)
H889  Track greaser                              41(exc.412)
F709  Track grinder                              41(exc.412)
H889  Track laborer                              40
H889  Track layer                                10-14,40,41(exc.412)
H889  Track maintainer                           40
K425  Track patrolman                            40
H889  Track sweeper                              41(exc.412)
H889  Track walker                               40,41(exc.412)
K425  Track watchman                             40
H889  Track worker                               33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
G826  Track-broom operator                       40,41(exc.412)
G824  Track-car operator                         40
E599  Track-grinder operator                     40,41(exc.412)
E599  Track-laying machine operator              10,12,14-17,40,41(exc.412)
E599  Track-moving machine operator              10,12,14-17,40,41(exc.412)
E599  Track-surfacing machine operator           15-17,40,41(exc.412)
G808  Trackless trolley driver                   41(exc.412)
H889  Trackman                                   All Industries
G824  Trackmobile operator                       All Industries
C243  Tractor distributor                        OWN 507,508
G856  Tractor driver, lift truck                 All Industries
I479  Tractor driver, n. s.                      GOV or PR 01,02,071,072,075,076
I473  Tractor driver, n. s.                      OBNI 01,02,071,072,075,076
G856  Tractor driver, n. s.                      Any not listed above
E507  Tractor expert                             763,764,7692,7699
G849  Tractor-crane operator                     All Industries
G814  Tractor-sweeper operator                   All Industries
G804  Tractor-trailer driver                     All Industries
A166  Trade economist                            All Industries
B036  Trade-mark classifier                      96
B028  Trader                                     515
C255  Trader                                     62,67
C243  Tradesman                                  OWN 506-508,5191,52-59
C257  Traffic agent                              40-47
B022  Traffic analyst                            15-17,91-97
D323  Traffic checker                            43,91-97
B022  Traffic chief                              481,482,489
D363  Traffic clerk                              731
D364  Traffic clerk                              Exc. 731
G823  Traffic control operator                   40
A227  Traffic controller                         45,96,97
D368  Traffic counter                            All Industries
A235  Traffic expert                             92
K414  Traffic lieutenant                         All Industries
D364  Traffic man                                40-47
D348  Traffic observer                           481,482,489
K418  Traffic officer                            All Industries
D348  Traffic operator                           481,482,489
D364  Traffic recorder                           All Industries
C257  Traffic representative                     40-47
B005  Traffic safety administrator               91-97
K414  Traffic sergeant                           All Industries
B022  Traffic superintendent                     40-47,481,482,489
A179  Traffic-court referee                      92
E579  Traffic-line painter                       15-17
A056  Traffic-rate analyst                       20-39
D343  Traffic-rate clerk                         All Industries
D343  Traffic-rate computer                      All Industries
E575  Traffic-signal technician                  All Industries
G825  Trailer                                    12-14
H496  Trailer                                    241
G804  Trailer driver                             All Industries
G804  Trailer-truck driver                       All Industries
D323  Train announcer                            40
D323  Train caller                               40
D336  Train clerk                                40
G823  Train conductor                            40
G826  Train director                             40
D359  Train dispatcher                           40,41(exc.412)
K425  Train gateman                              40
K463  Train matron                               40
G824  Train operator, engineer                   40
D353  Train operator, exc. engineer              40
K459  Train operator, n. s.                      791,794,799
D359  Train starter                              41(exc.412)
K447  Trained attendant                          805-809
A207  Trained practical nurse                    All Industries
F785  Trainer                                    387
B027  Training coordinator                       All Industries
B008  Training director                          All Industries
B027  Training specialist                        All Industries
G825  Trainman                                   10-14
G824  Trainman                                   40,41(exc.412)
G823  Trainmaster                                40,501
G853  Tram operator                              10-14
G824  Tram operator                              41(exc.412)
G824  Trammer                                    All Industries
D389  Transcriber, clerical                      All Industries
D314  Transcribing-machine operator              All Industries
D315  Transcription typist                       All Industries
E628  Transfer & pumphouse operator, chief       281,286,289
D389  Transfer clerk                             All Industries
G848  Transfer controller                        242,243,245
H877  Transfer girl                              All Industries
F739  Transfer knitter                           225
F735  Transfer man                               27
G859  Transfer man                               325
B022  Transfer man                               OWN 421,423
G804  Transfer man                               PR 421,423
G859  Transfer-car operator                      331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F777  Transfer-machine operator                  225,226,239
F766  Transfer-machine operator                  331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
E684  Transfer-machine operator                  371
G826  Transfer-table operator                    40
F793  Transferrer                                27
F795  Transferrer                                Exc. 27
F785  Transformer                                36
F785  Transformer builder                        36
F785  Transformer maker                          36
F797  Transformer tester                         36
D364  Transformer-stock clerk                    491
K446  Transfusion aide                           805-809
F797  Transistor tester                          20-39
D347  Transit clerk                              All Industries
A218  Transit man, surveying                     All Industries
A218  Transit man, n. s.                         08,13,15-17,40,43,49,871,91-97
D347  Transit-department clerk                   60(exc.603,606)
G804  Transit-mix operator                       324,327
G804  Transit-mixer driver                       324,327
G804  Transit-mixer operator                     324,327
D344  Transit-proof-machine operator             60(exc.603,606)
A194  Translator                                 732,733,735,7383-7389
E505  Transmission man                           371,527,55,752-754
E529  Transmission man                           481
A228  Transmission operator                      483,484
E505  Transmission rebuilder                     371,527,55,752-754
F797  Transmission tester                        371
E529  Transmission tester                        481
E529  Transmitter chief                          481
A228  Transmitting operator                      483,484
H484  Transplanter, greenhouse or nursery        All Industries
H484  Transplanter, orchid                       All Industries
I479  Transplanter, n. s.                        01,071,072,075,076
G804  Transport driver                           All Industries
A226  Transport pilot                            45
G804  Transport-truck driver                     All Industries
D373  Transportation agent                       45
D318  Transportation agent                       Exc. 45
D318  Transportation clerk                       All Industries
D318  Transportation man                         All Industries
K459  Trap boy                                   Gun club 791,794,799
K459  Trap operator                              Gun club 791,794,799
K459  Trap puller                                Gun club 791,794,799
K459  Trap setter                                Gun club 791,794,799
A194  Trapeze performer                          791,794,799
H498  Trapper, animal                            09
H498  Trapper, bird                              09
H498  Trapper, n. s.                             09
H875  Trash collector, exc. truck driver         495
G804  Trash collector, truck driver              495
G804  Trash hauler                               495
D318  Travel agent                               All Industries
D318  Travel clerk                               43,58,701,806,91-97
D318  Travel consultant                          All Industries
D318  Travel counselor                           All Industries
K461  Travel guide                               All Industries
C257  Travel-freight-and-passenger agent         40,41(exc.412),421,423,44
F777  Traveler changer                           22
A174  Travelers'-aid worker                      832,839
G856  Travelift operator                         15-17
B023  Traveling accountant                       All Industries
B023  Traveling auditor                          All Industries
B033  Traveling buyer                            All Industries
C259  Traveling man                              10-14,20-39,50,51
A177  Traveling missionary                       866
E594  Traveling plant operator                   15-17
B021  Traveling representative                   832,839,861-865,869
B021  Traveling secretary                        832,839,861-865,869
C259  Traveling solicitor                        10-14,20-39,50,51
D365  Traveling storekeeper                      40
C257  Traveling-freight agent                    40-47
D318  Traveling-passenger agent                  40-47
B023  Traveling-repair accountant                40
C259  Traveling-sales agent                      10-14,20-39,50,51
F783  Travograph operator                        All Industries
H498  Trawler                                    09
K444  Tray boy, food service                     805,806
H883  Tray boy, n. s.                            203,207,209
F755  Tray casting machine operator              202
D344  Tray checker                               58
H878  Tray filler                                21
K444  Tray girl, food service                    805,806
K444  Tray setter                                All Industries
K438  Tray-line worker                           806
K438  Tray-room worker                           806
F777  Tread booker                               301-306
F719  Tread builder                              301
F769  Tread cutter                               301
B007  Treasurer                                  60,61
B005  Treasurer                                  91-97
K418  Treasury agent                             93
F757  Treater                                    20-39
F777  Treating machine operator                  20-39
H495  Tree chipper                               08
H495  Tree climber                               08
H495  Tree deadener                              08
H486  Tree doctor                                078
A223  Tree expert                                08
H486  Tree expert                                Exc. 08
H889  Tree girdler                               All Industries
H495  Tree killer                                08
H496  Tree marker                                241
H495  Tree sapper                                08
H495  Tree scout                                 08
H496  Tree shear operator                        241
H486  Tree specialist                            078
H486  Tree surgeon                               078
H495  Tree trimmer                               08
H496  Tree trimmer                               241
H889  Tree trimmer                               491
I479  Tree trimmer                               GOV or PR 01,071,072,075,076
I475  Tree trimmer                               OBI 01,071,072,075,076
I473  Tree trimmer                               OBNI 01,071,072,075,076
H486  Tree trimmer                               Any not listed above
K423  Tree warden                                91-97
I479  Tree wrapper                               01,071,072,075,076
H495  Tree wrapper                               08
F745  Treer                                      313,314
H869  Trench digger                              All Industries
E599  Trench-pipe layer                          15-17
G853  Trench-shovel operator                     All Industries
G853  Trencher driver                            All Industries
G853  Trenching-machine operator                 All Industries
E567  Trestle builder                            All Industries
H876  Trestleman                                 44
A178  Trial examiner                             92
A179  Trial justice                              92
A178  Trial lawyer                               92
B003  Tribal councilman                          Indian Tribal Council 911-913
B003  Tribal delegate                            Indian Tribal Council 911-913
B005  Tribal judge                               Indian Tribal Council 911-913
K457  Trichologist                               Barbershop 724
K458  Trichologist                               Beauty parlor 723
A194  Trick rodeo rider                          791,794,799
F739  Tricot knitter                             22
F717  Trim attacher                              All Industries
E567  Trim carpenter                             15-17
F785  Trim installer                             371,372
F717  Trim machine adjuster                      348,376
F717  Trim machine operator                      All Industries
F727  Trim sawyer                                All Industries
F785  Trim-line worker                           371,372
F769  Trim-master operator                       231-238
F727  Trim-saw operator                          All Industries
F777  Trimmer and borer machine operator         242-249,25
H889  Trimmer loader                             242,243,245
F743  Trimmer machine operator                   22
F727  Trimmer machine operator                   242-249,25
F745  Trimmer machine operator                   313,314
F717  Trimmer machine operator                   345
F769  Trimmer machine operator                   Any not listed above
F727  Trimmer man                                242,243,245
F769  Trimmer operator                           261-263,265
F769  Trimmer, blue prints                       All Industries
F709  Trimmer, castings                          All Industries
F786  Trimmer, hand                              All Industries
F785  Trimmer, metal                             371
E567  Trimmer, prefabricated houses              242,243,245
F706  Trimmer, punch press                       All Industries
E668  Trimmer, seat covers                       All Industries
F744  Trimmer, sewing                            20-30,311,315-319,32-39
E565  Trimmer, tile                              All Industries
E668  Trimmer, upholstery                        All Industries
H889  Trimmer, n. s.                             10-14
E686  Trimmer, n. s.                             201
F785  Trimmer, n. s.                             203,207,209
H889  Trimmer, n. s.                             204,598
F727  Trimmer, n. s.                             242-249,25
F743  Trimmer, n. s.                             311
E668  Trimmer, n. s.                             371,527,55,752-754
H876  Trimmer, n. s.                             44
F744  Trimmer, n. s.                             Caps,hats and millinery 231-238
H889  Trimmer, n. s.                             Grain elevator 515
H486  Trimmer, n. s.                             Landscape service 078
E684  Trimmer, n. s.                             Millinery 56(exc.566)
A185  Trimmer, n. s.                             Window trimming 732,733,735,7383-7389
F769  Trimmer, n. s.                             Any not listed above
F745  Trimming caser                             313,314
E669  Trimming cutter                            313,314
F769  Trimming cutter                            Exc. 313,314
F744  Trimming maker                             231-238
F743  Trimming-machine operator                  22
F727  Trimming-machine operator                  242-249,25
F745  Trimming-machine operator                  313,314
F717  Trimming-machine operator                  345
F769  Trimming-machine operator                  Any not listed above
D323  Trip charter                               Auto club 861,862,864,865,869
D389  Trip follower                              45
G824  Trip motorman                              10-14
G825  Trip rider                                 10-14
G824  Trip-motor operator                        10-14
F777  Tripe cooker                               201
H889  Tripe finisher                             201
H889  Tripe scraper                              201
H889  Tripe washer                               201
E516  Triple-valve tester                        40
H878  Tripper                                    242,243,245
H498  Troller                                    09
H889  Trolley boy                                201
H887  Trolley cleaner                            201
G859  Trolley operator                           205
G824  Trolley operator                           41(exc.412)
G824  Trolley-car operator                       41(exc.412)
E516  Trolley-car-overhauler                     41(exc.412)
A186  Trombonist                                 781-783,792
F764  Trommel tender                             All Industries
K418  Trooper                                    92
D389  Trouble clerk                              All Industries
D359  Trouble dispatcher                         41(exc.412)
E577  Trouble lineman                            491
E505  Trouble man                                371,527,55,752-754
E516  Trouble man                                40
E529  Trouble man                                481
E577  Trouble man                                491
D348  Trouble operator                           481
F796  Trouble shooter, n. s.                     13,46,492,493,496
E505  Trouble shooter, n. s.                     371
E515  Trouble shooter, n. s.                     372,376
E529  Trouble shooter, n. s.                     481
E577  Trouble shooter, n. s.                     491
E637  Trouble shooter, n. s.                     Guns 348
E547  Trouble shooter, n.e.c.                    Any not listed above
E529  Trouble tracer                             481
C285  Trousseau consultant                       526,527,531,539,54-59
A174  Truant officer                             821
H883  Truck bracer                               All Industries
G804  Truck chauffeur                            All Industries
H887  Truck cleaner                              All Industries
D359  Truck dispatcher                           All Industries
G804  Truck driver, milk pickup                  202
G804  Truck driver, n. s.                        43,591,721
K417  Truck driver, n. s.                        Fire department 92
G804  Truck driver, n. s.                        United Parcel Service 421,423
G804  Truck driver, n. e. c.                     Any not listed above
I473  Truck farmer                               OBNI 01
I473  Truck gardener                             OBNI 01
H885  Truck greaser                              527,55,752-754
K426  Truck guard                                Armored car service 7381,7382
G804  Truck hop                                  All Industries
G804  Truck hopper                               All Industries
G804  Truck jumper                               All Industries
H883  Truck loader                               All Industries
H883  Truck loader and unloader                  All Industries
H883  Truck packer                               40
G813  Truck spotter                              All Industries
H889  Truck striker                              All Industries
G804  Truck switcher                             421,423
H887  Truck washer                               All Industries
E514  Truck-body builder                         753,7549
H876  Trucker                                    44
G804  Trucker                                    OWN 421,423
G804  Trucking                                   OWN 421,423
B022  Trucking contractor                        421,423
G804  Truckman                                   10-14,15-17
G859  Truckman                                   20-39
H876  Truckman                                   44
K417  Truckman                                   Fire department 92
G804  Truckman                                   OWN 421,423
E516  Trucksmith                                 374,40,41(exc.412),46
F745  Truer                                      313,314
F777  Truer                                      341,343,347,349,387
A186  Trumpeter                                  781-783,792
F728  Truss builder                              242,243,245
F785  Truss maker                                242,243,245
F744  Truss maker                                Exc. 242,243,245              .
B025  Trust officer                              60(exc.603,606)
D356  Trust-mail clerk                           60,61
D336  Trust-securities                           60,61
D336  Trust-vault clerk                          60,61
D336  Trust-vault custodian                      60
B018  Trustee                                    65
B005  Trustee                                    LGOV 91-97
B025  Trustee of estate                          All Industries
E667  Try-on baster                              56(exc.566)
E689  Try-out man                                371
E547  Tub mender                                 All Industries
D389  Tub puller                                 62,67
G825  Tub rider                                  12
F756  Tub tender                                 22
H889  Tub washer                                 22
F764  Tubber                                     39(exc.394)
F706  Tube bender, machine                       All Industries
H887  Tube blower                                324,327,331,332,pt333,334,pt335,
F709  Tube buffer                                301-306
F719  Tube builder                               301-306
F719  Tube building machine operator             301-306
H887  Tube cleaner                               All Industries
F723  Tube coater                                344
F777  Tube coverer                               22
F769  Tube cutter                                20-39
F769  Tube cutter operator                       348,376
F755  Tube drawer                                331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
H878  Tube handler                               22
F724  Tube heater                                331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F739  Tube knitter                               225
F766  Tube lancer                                261-263
F777  Tube maker                                 All Industries
D389  Tube man                                   62,67
F785  Tube mounter                               36
D357  Tube operator                              All Industries
F785  Tube pusher                                371
E684  Tube rebuilder                             361,362,364,367,369
F707  Tube roller                                331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339
F777  Tube roller                                Any not listed above
F769  Tube sizer operator                        348,376
F769  Tube skiver                                301
F799  Tube sorter                                All Industries
F777  Tube splicer                               301
C276  Tube teller                                52-59
F797  Tube tester                                20-39
H887  Tube washer                                22
F738  Tube winder                                22
H888  Tube wrapper                               20-39
C276  Tube-carrier girl                          52-59
F777  Tube-former operator                       20-39
F777  Tube-machine operator                      All Industries
C276  Tube-room cashier                          52-59
D357  Tube-station attendant                     806
F777  Tuber                                      Boilers 344
F769  Tuber machine cutter                       301
F755  Tuber machine operator                     All Industries
F707  Tuber operator                             301
A084  Tuberculosis specialist                    All Industries
F717  Tubing oiler                               All Industries
F707  Tubing-machine operator                    All Industries
F777  Tubman                                     201
F756  Tubman                                     22
F717  Tubular riveter                            36
E599  Tuck pointer                               15-17
F744  Tucker                                     231-238
F744  Tucking machine operator                   All Industries
F777  Tuft machine operator                      All Industries
F777  Tufter                                     All Industries
F777  Tufting machine operator                   All Industries
G828  Tugboat captain                            44
G828  Tugboat mate                               44
G828  Tugboat operator                           44
G848  Tugger operator                            10-14
A194  Tumbler                                    791,794,799
F777  Tumbler man                                20-39
F777  Tumbler operator                           20-39
F748  Tumbler operator                           721
F756  Tumbler tender                             20-39
F764  Tumbling-machine operator                  20-39
E535  Tuner, percussion                          All Industries
F777  Tungsten tender                            333-339
F766  Tunnel kiln operator                       All Industries
E615  Tunnel man                                 10,12,14
H869  Tunnel man                                 Exc. 10,12,14
H869  Tunnel mucker                              15-17
H869  Tunnel worker                              All Industries
F766  Tunnel-kiln fireman                        20-39
E563  Tunnel-kiln repairman                      325
E598  Tunneling-machine operator                 15-17
E628  Turbine operator, head                     491
E695  Turbine operator, n. s.                    49
E696  Turbine operator, n. s.                    Exc. 49
E695  Turbine-room attendant                     491
E696  Turbo operator                             All Industries
E696  Turbo-electric operator                    All Industries
E519  Turbo-generator oiler                      All Industries
E686  Turkey boner                               201
I479  Turkey picker                              02,071,072,075,076
H889  Turkey picker                              Exc. 02,071,072,075,076
I479  Turkey pinner                              02,071,072,075,076
H889  Turkey pinner                              Exc. 02,071,072,075,076
F786  Turkey roll maker                          All Industries
F745  Turn laster                                313,314
F745  Turn sewer                                 313,314
H878  Turn-down man                              242,243,245
F777  Turn-out                                   321-323
F777  Turner                                     201,202,204-209,21-39
H889  Turner                                     203,207,209
F745  Turner-in                                  313,314
F777  Turner-off                                 225
F719  Turning and beading machine operator       39(exc.394)
F727  Turning machine operator                   24,25
F777  Turning sander operator                    All Industries
K424  Turnkey                                    92
C276  Turnstile collector                        40-47
H869  Turntable man                              15-17
K459  Turntable operator                         791,794,799
F757  Turpentine distiller                       08,281,286,289
H494  Turpentine farmer                          08
H495  Turpentiner                                PR 08
F704  Turret lathe operator                      Exc. 242-249,25
F726  Turret lathe set-up operator               242-249,25
F703  Turret lathe set-up operator               Exc. 242-249,25
E637  Turret-lathe machinist                     All Industries
F726  Turret-lathe operator                      242-249,25
F706  Turret-punch press operator                All Industries
A159  Tutor                                      OWN 824,829
K459  Twenty-six girl                            791,794,799
F717  Twist maker                                21
F797  Twist tester                               221-224,228
F738  Twister                                    22
F777  Twister                                    Exc. 22
H889  Twister hand                               21
F738  Twister hand                               22
F738  Twister operator                           22
F738  Twister tender                             22
F738  Twister-frame tender                       22
F738  Twister-in                                 22
F738  Twisting operator                          22
F738  Twisting-frame operator                    22
H878  Twisting-machine operator                  36
F777  Twisting-machine operator                  39(exc.394)
F717  Twisting-machine operator                  Any not listed above
F777  Twitchell operator                         281,286,289
F744  Two-needle-machine operator                20-30,311,315-319,32-39
F754  Tying machine operator                     All Industries
F777  Type caster                                27,355,356,358,359
F769  Type cutter                                355,356,358,359
A079  Type mapper                                Forest Service 08
F736  Typecasting machine operator               All Industries
F736  Typesetter                                 27
D385  Typesetter perforator operator             27
F736  Typesetting machine tender                 All Industries
F797  Typewriter tester                          3578,3579
D337  Typing and bookkeeper                      All Industries
D315  Typing and filing                          All Industries
D314  Typing and shorthand                       All Industries
D339  Typing bills                               All Industries
D303  Typing-section chief                       All Industries
D315  Typist                                     All Industries
F736  Typo-machine operator                      27
F736  Typographer                                271

Last modified: October 16, 2001