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National Compensation Survey - Wages

U (Census Occs beginning with) ‐ Occupational Classification System Manual

Major Occupational Groups: A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | K
About the Occupational Classification System Manual
Code  Census Job Title                           Industries Affected
B005  U.S. Commissioner                          911-913
B003  U.S. Representative                        911-913
B005  U.S. Revenue officer                       93
B003  U.S. Senator                               911-913
G856  Uke driver                                 All Industries
G856  Uke operator                               All Industries
F797  Ultrasonic tester                          20-39
A203  Ultrasonic tester                          805-809
F744  Ultrasonic-seaming machine operator        All Industries
A206  Ultrasound technologist                    All Industries
F769  Umbrella cutter                            39(exc.394)
F777  Umbrella finisher                          39(exc.394)
E547  Umbrella mender                            763,764,7692,7699
E666  Umbrella tipper, hand                      All Industries
F785  Umbrella-frame maker                       39(exc.394)
A199  Umpire                                     791,794,799
F744  Under baster                               231-238(exc.suit or coat)
E667  Under baster                               Suit or coat 231-238
F759  Under coater                               371,527,55,752-754
E616  Under cutter                               10,12,14
H496  Under cutter                               241
F747  Under presser                              231-238
K423  Under sheriff                              92
F745  Under trimmer                              313,314
F727  Under-cutting-machine operator             36
F759  Under-seal operator                        371,527,55,752-754
B005  Under-secretary                            91-97
F744  Undercollar maker                          231-238(exc.suit or coat)
E667  Undercollar maker                          Suit or coat 231-238
K426  Undercover agent                           7381,7382
A095  Undergraduate nurse                        806
E577  Underground electrician                    All Industries
K418  Underground man                            Dept. of Justice 92
E577  Underground-conduit man                    40,41(exc.412)
F744  Underliner                                 231-238(exc.suit or coat)
E667  Underliner                                 Suit or coat 231-238
B019  Undertaker                                 726
H498  Underwater hunter-trapper                  09
E667  Underwear cutter                           231-238
F744  Underwear finisher                         231-238
F744  Underwear hemmer                           231-238
F744  Underwear maker                            231-238
F744  Underwear trimmer                          231-238
F744  Underwear welter                           231-238
C253  Underwriter, selling insurance             All Industries
B024  Underwriter, any other activity            All Industries
D336  Underwriting clerk                         63,64
F743  Unhairer                                   311
F743  Unhairing-machine operator                 311
F744  Uniform maker                              231-238
K414  Uniform-force captain                      All Industries
F745  Uniformer                                  313,314
B027  Union organizer                            863
B021  Union representative                       863
B027  Union steward                              863
F783  Unionmelt operator                         373
F727  Unisaw operator                            372,376
F769  Unishear operator                          All Industries
C277  Unit advisor, party plan sales             5963
D389  Unit clerk                                 All Industries
D365  Unit controller                            531,539,571,5949,596
A159  Unit director                              Dancing school 791,794,799
F768  Unit operator                              28
E695  Unit operator                              491
C277  Unit sales leader, party plan sales        5963
F768  Unit tender                                281,286,289
D365  Unit-control clerk                         531,539,571,5949,596
D365  Unit-control man                           531,539,571,5949,596
D365  Unit-control worker                        531,539,571,5949,596
D365  Unitizer                                   371
A213  Univac methods technician                  All Industries
A229  Univac programmer                          All Industries
F709  Universal-grinder operator                 Machine shop 355,356,358,359
F785  Universal-winder operator                  All Industries
F785  Universal-winding-machine operator         All Industries
H876  Unloader                                   44
H883  Unloader                                   Exc. 44
G856  Unloader operator                          206,207,209
D368  Unloading checker                          All Industries
H878  Unscrambler                                203,207,209
F785  Upfitter                                   All Industries
E668  Upholsterer                                763,764,7692,7699
H889  Upholstery cleaner                         25
F785  Upholstery cutter                          All Industries
D363  Upholstery estimator                       571
F744  Upholstery sewer                           20-39
F785  Upholstery trimmer                         All Industries
E519  Upkeep man                                 20-39
F745  Upper caser                                313,314
E669  Upper cutter                               313,314
F745  Upper doubler                              313,314
F745  Upper stitcher                             313,314
F745  Upper tier                                 313,314
F713  Upset operator                             33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F713  Upsetter                                   33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F713  Upsetting-machine operator                 33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
L407  Upstairs girl                              88
L407  Upstairs maid                              88
F738  Uptwister tender                           All Industries
A173  Urban planner                              All Industries
A084  Urologist                                  801,803
E505  Used-car make-ready man, mechanic          All Industries
H885  Used-car-lot man                           551,552
K456  Usher, head                                All Industries
K462  Usher, n. s.                               All Industries
D389  Utility clerk                              All Industries
G859  Utility girl                               20-39
D389  Utility girl                               60,61
F748  Utility girl                               721
E617  Utility man                                10-14
H878  Utility man                                206
K453  Utility man                                508,521-526,53,54,56-59,805-809
H885  Utility man                                527,55,752-754
D389  Utility man                                60,61
F748  Utility man                                721
G829  Utility man                                Dredge boat 15-17
F774  Utility man                                Film processing 732,733,735,7383-7389
F777  Utility man                                Any not listed above
F777  Utility operator                           20-27,29-39
E699  Utility operator                           28
D383  Utility teller                             60(exc.603,606)
G855  Utility-tractor operator                   15-17

Last modified: October 16, 2001