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National Compensation Survey - Wages

X‐Z (Census Occs beginning with) ‐ Occupational Classification System Manual

Major Occupational Groups: A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | K
About the Occupational Classification System Manual
Code  Census Job Title                           Industries Affected
F774  X-ray developer                            All Industries
E689  X-ray equipment tester                     All Industries
E515  X-ray examiner of aircraft                 45
A095  X-ray nurse                                All Industries
A216  X-ray operator                             20-39,873
A206  X-ray operator                             80
A206  X-ray operator                             Veterinarian's office 074
A084  X-ray physician                            801,803
A216  X-ray technician                           20-39,873
A206  X-ray technician                           80
F785  X-ray-electronics wireman                  361,362,364,367,369
D345  Xerox operator                             All Industries
D345  Xerox-machine operator                     All Industries
G828  Yacht master                               44
E547  Yacht rigger                               373
G829  Yachtsman                                  44
I479  Yam curer                                  01,071,072,075,076
G825  Yard brakeman                              40
H889  Yard cleaner                               40
D365  Yard clerk                                 All Industries
G823  Yard conductor                             40,41(exc.412)
G825  Yard coupler                               Railroad cars 40
G849  Yard craneman                              All Industries
H889  Yard jacker                                242,243,245
H889  Yard laborer                               10-14
H496  Yard laborer                               241
H486  Yard laborer                               821,822,824,829,833,835
H889  Yard laborer                               Any not listed above
G824  Yard motorman                              40,41(exc.412)
E684  Yard rigger                                All Industries
G804  Yard spotter                               421,423
G825  Yard switchman                             40
G848  Yard worker                                373
D363  Yardage control clerk                      227
F755  Yardage control operator                   All Industries
D363  Yardage estimator                          225,231-238
F777  Yarder                                     22
H494  Yarder boss                                241
G848  Yarder operator                            241
G848  Yarder puncher                             241
H486  Yardman, groundskeeping                    All Industries
E617  Yardman, n. s.                             10-14
H496  Yardman, n. s.                             241
H486  Yardman, n. s.                             821,822,824,829,833,835
H486  Yardman, n. s.                             OWN 078
H486  Yardman, n. s.                             PR Private families 88
H889  Yardman, n. s.                             Any not listed above
G823  Yardmaster                                 40
E628  Yardmaster                                 Exc. 40
H883  Yarn boy                                   22
H883  Yarn carrier                               22
F777  Yarn conditioner                           22
F799  Yarn dumper                                22
F756  Yarn dyer                                  22
F796  Yarn examiner                              22
F777  Yarn finisher                              22
H883  Yarn hauler                                22
G859  Yarn man                                   22
F777  Yarn mercerizer operator                   All Industries
H888  Yarn packer                                22
F738  Yarn rewinder                              22
F777  Yarn sizer                                 22
F777  Yarn sorter                                22
F738  Yarn spinner                               22
F738  Yarn spooler                               22
A214  Yarn tester                                22
F738  Yarn texturing machine operator            22
F738  Yarn twister                               22
F777  Yarn washer                                22
D368  Yarn weigher                               22
F738  Yarn winder                                22
H888  Yarn wrapper                               22
F777  Yarn-polishing machine operator            All Industries
H495  Yarrow gatherer                            08
F757  Yeast distiller                            All Industries
F757  Yeast fermentation attendant               All Industries
F777  Yeast maker                                207,209
F777  Yeast man                                  205
H889  Yeast pusher                               All Industries
H889  Yeast tender                               341,343,345-347,349
F764  Yeast washer                               All Industries
F747  Yoke presser                               225,23,721
F744  Yoke setter                                231-238
F744  Yoker                                      231-238
F744  Yoker-machine operator                     231-238
A177  Youth director                             866
B021  Youth program director                     YMCA/YWCA 702-704,861,862,864,865,869
B021  Youth program director                     YMHA/YWHA 702-704,861,862,864,865,869
D354  Z.M.T. Operator                            43
G859  Zanjero                                    49
F744  Zigzag stitcher                            20-30,311,315-319,32-39
F745  Zigzag stitcher                            313,314
F744  Zigzag-machine operator                    20-30,311,315-319,32-39
F744  Zigzagger                                  20-30,311,315-319,32-39
F745  Zigzagger                                  313,314
F757  Zinc chloride operator                     All Industries
F735  Zinc etcher                                27
E615  Zinc miner, blasting                       10
E616  Zinc miner, n. s.                          10
F723  Zinc plater                                All Industries
F723  Zinc plating machine operator              All Industries
F766  Zinc skimmer                               Zinc pt333,334,3351,3356-7,pt336,339
F766  Zinc-furnace charger                       33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
E649  Zinc-plate cutter                          22
F735  Zincographer                               272-279
F717  Zipper cutter                              All Industries
F717  Zipper machine operator                    All Industries
F744  Zipper setter                              231-238
F744  Zipper sewer                               231-238
F769  Zipper trimmer                             All Industries
C259  Zoneman                                    371
H487  Zoo caretaker                              84
B022  Zoo director                               84
H487  Zoo keeper                                 84
H496  Zoogler                                    241
A078  Zoologist                                  84
F796  Zyglo technician                           333-339

Last modified: October 16, 2001