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National Compensation Survey - Wages

D‐dir (Census Occs beginning with) ‐ Occupational Classification System Manual

Major Occupational Groups: A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | K
About the Occupational Classification System Manual
Code  Census Job Title                           Industries Affected
F719  D.C. casting operator                      333-339
A085  D.D.S.                                     802
F756  D.D.T. spray mixer                         All Industries
F759  D.D.T. sprayer                             All Industries
A085  D.M.D.                                     802
A084  D.O.                                       801,803
A088  D.P.                                       8043,8049
A088  D.P.M.                                     8043,8049
A086  D.V.M.                                     All Industries
A064  DBMS specialist                            All Industries
A205  DRG coordinator                            All Industries
F726  Dado operator                              242-249,25
F759  Dagger                                     36
D337  Daily-sales-audit clerk                    52-59
A078  Dairy bacteriologist                       All Industries
A073  Dairy chemist                              All Industries
C274  Dairy clerk                                541
I475  Dairy farmer                               GOV,OBI or PR 02
I473  Dairy farmer                               OBNI 02
I479  Dairy hand                                 02
H889  Dairy hand                                 Exc. 02
A077  Dairy husbandman                           Exc. 02
I475  Dairy husbandman                           GOV,OBI or PR 02
I473  Dairy husbandman                           OBNI 02
F757  Dairy processing equipment operator        All Industries
A077  Dairy scientist                            All Industries
A223  Dairy technologist                         All Industries
A223  Dairy tester                               02,202,514,545
I479  Dairy worker                               02
H889  Dairy worker                               514,545
E517  Dairy-equipment installer                  508,525
G804  Dairy-truck driver                         202
I479  Dairyman                                   GOV or PR 02
I475  Dairyman                                   OBI 02
I473  Dairyman                                   OBNI 02
C243  Dairyman                                   OWN 545
H878  Dairyman                                   PR 202
G834  Dam attendant                              All Industries
F777  Dam man                                    291
H496  Dam operator                               241
G834  Dam operator                               Exc. 241
H496  Dam tender                                 241
G834  Dam tender                                 Exc. 241
E647  Damascener                                 387
H889  Dampener                                   311
F748  Dampener                                   721
F758  Dampener operator                          261-263,267
F785  Damper fitter                              39(exc.394)
F777  Damper maker                               27
H889  Damperman                                  331
E599  Dampproofer                                15-17
A193  Dance director                             791,794,799
K469  Dance-hall hostess                         791,794,799
A193  Dancer                                     781-783,792
A193  Dancing master                             781-783,791,792,794,799
F777  Dandy operator                             22
F777  Dandy tender                               22
F774  Darkroom girl                              All Industries
F774  Darkroom man                               All Industries
F774  Darkroom technician                        All Industries
F744  Darner                                     All Industries
A064  Data base management system specialist     All Industries
D385  Data entry operator                        All Industries
D308  Data processing clerk                      All Industries
A064  Data processing consultant                 All Industries
D385  Data processing, data entry or keying      All Industries
D309  Data processing, printing, sorting or 
        tabulating                               All Industries
D308  Data processing, any other specified or
        n. s.                                    All Industries
D386  Data technician                            All Industries
D385  Data-coder operator                        All Industries
D336  Data-examination clerk                     All Industries
A064  Data-processing-systems analyst            All Industries
A064  Data-processing-systems-project planner    All Industries
A225  Data-reduction technician                  All Industries
D385  Data-typist                                All Industries
F764  Date pitter                                All Industries
F777  Dater                                      205
H889  Dauber                                     20-39(exc.241)
L406  Day care aide                              88
K467  Day care aide                              Exc. 88
K468  Day care home mother                       835
K468  Day care home provider                     835
L407  Day worker                                 88
F757  De-alcholizer                              208
F797  De-icer                                    302-306
F795  De-icer element winder, hand               All Industries
F777  De-icer element winder, machine            302-306
F795  De-icer finisher                           302-306
F785  De-icer installer                          372,376
F757  De-ionizer operator                        281,286,289
A177  Deaconess                                  866
D354  Dead-mail checker                          43
D356  Dead-mail checker                          Exc. 43
F785  Deadener                                   371
B026  Dealer analyst                             371
C243  Dealer, antique                            All Industries
C277  Dealer, party plan selling                 5963
C243  Dealer, n. s.                              501,517-519,52-59,62,67
B028  Dealer, n. s.                              515
C254  Dealer, n. s.                              65
K459  Dealer, n. s.                              701,791,794,799
B014  Dean                                       822
A176  Dean                                       866
B014  Dean of boys                               821,833
B014  Dean of girls                              821,833
B014  Dean of men                                822
B014  Dean of students                           All Industries
B014  Dean of women                              822
F769  Debeader                                   302-306
I479  Debeaker                                   02,071,072,075,076
C253  Debit agent                                63,64
C253  Debit man                                  63,64
H889  Deblocker                                  3827,384,385
F766  Debubblizer                                282
F704  Deburrer                                   387
F709  Deburrer                                   39(exc.394)
F789  Decal applier                              All Industries
F769  Decal cutter                               272-279
F789  Decal decorator                            326
F789  Decal maker                                272-279
F777  Decatizer                                  22
F777  Decator                                    22
F777  Decator operator                           22
F777  Decay control operator                     514
G829  Deck boy                                   44
H496  Deck builder                               241
G829  Deck cadet                                 44
F785  Deck lid fitter                            371
G829  Deck mate                                  Dredgeboat 15-17
H497  Deck officer                               09
G828  Deck officer                               44
H496  Deck scaler                                242,243,245
K469  Deck steward                               44
H496  Decker                                     241
F764  Decker operator                            261-263
H498  Deckhand, fishing vessel                   09
H878  Deckhand, n. s.                            08
H498  Deckhand, n. s.                            09
G829  Deckhand, n. s.                            13,15-17,40,44
H498  Deckhand, n. s.                            Sport fishing boat 791,794,799
H496  Deckman                                    241
A185  Decorating consultant                      52-59
F796  Decoration man                             Linoleum 39(exc.394)
F789  Decorator, glass                           321-323
E599  Decorator, hanging flags                   All Industries
A194  Decorator, mannequin                       39(exc.394)
E599  Decorator, streets & buildings             All Industries
F789  Decorator, tile                            All Industries
E579  Decorator, n. s.                           15-17,40
E688  Decorator, n. s.                           202
E687  Decorator, n. s.                           205
F744  Decorator, n. s.                           231-238
F759  Decorator, n. s.                           25,33-35,39
F789  Decorator, n. s.                           321-323
E675  Decorator, n. s.                           328,329
A185  Decorator, n. s.                           506-508,52,53,541-545,549,55-59,781-783,
F789  Decorator, n. s.                           546
E668  Decorator, n. s.                           Furniture upholstery shop 763,764,7692,
A185  Decorator, n. s.                           Mfg. not listed above
F759  Decorator, n. s.                           Toys 394
A185  Decorator, n. s.                           Window trimming 732,733,735,7383-7389
E518  Deep submergence vehicle crewmember        All Industries
E598  Deep well contractor                       15-17
H498  Deep-sea diver                             09
F769  Defect cutter                              Plywood 242,243
F796  Deflector operator                         208
H889  Defroster                                  All Industries
F777  Degreaser                                  20-39
F777  Degreaser operator                         20-39
F764  Dehairer                                   20-39
F758  Dehydrating-press operator                 281,282,286,289
F757  Dehydration plant operator                 13
F758  Dehydration-unit operator                  492,496
F764  Dehydrator                                 204
F764  Dehydrator man                             203
F757  Dehydrator operator                        13
F763  Dehydrator operator                        Exc. 13
F757  Dehydrogenation operator                   291
F758  Dehydrogenation-converter operator         281,286,289
B021  Delegate                                   861-865,869
B003  Delegate                                   911-913
K439  Deli clerk                                 All Industries
K439  Deli cutter-slicer                         All Industries
K439  Delicatessen clerk                         All Industries
K439  Delicatessen cutter-slicer                 All Industries
F764  Delimer                                    311
G809  Deliverer, car rental                      752,7542
D357  Deliverer, outside                         All Industries
D357  Delivery boy or girl, outside              482,489
G806  Delivery boy or girl, n. s.                202
G804  Delivery boy or girl, n. s.                50-58,591-594,5961-5963(exc.newspaper),
D357  Delivery boy or girl, n. s.                60,61,701-704
C278  Delivery boy or girl, n. s.                OWN Newspaper 5963
C278  Delivery boy or girl, n. s.                PR Newspaper 271
D354  Delivery clerk                             43
D356  Delivery clerk                             Exc. 43
G804  Delivery driver                            201,43,45,481,482,489,525,526,58,
G806  Delivery driver                            202,205,208,271,518,5962,5963,721
H496  Delivery driver                            241
G809  Delivery driver                            41,483-4,60-67,70,7219-729,73(exc.734),
D329  Delivery driver                            Bookmobile 823
G804  Delivery driver                            Any not listed above
G814  Delivery driver, motorcycle                All Industries
D357  Delivery of shopping news                  All Industries
D307  Delivery superintendent                    All Industries
G804  Delivery truck driver                      517,598
H878  Delivery-table feeder                      33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F707  Delivery-table operator                    33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
G806  Delivery-truck driver                      202,205
D355  Delivery-truck driver                      43
G804  Delivery-truck driver                      Auto transport 421,423
G804  Delivery-truck driver                      Mixed in transit concrete 324,327
G804  Delivery-truck driver                      Any not listed above
D355  Deliveryman and mail sorter                43
A169  Demographer                                All Industries
H869  Demolition man                             All Industries
H869  Demolition specialist                      348
G849  Demolition-crane operator                  All Industries
H869  Demolition-hammer operator                 15-17
A159  Demonstrator                               829
C283  Demonstrator                               Exc. 829
D339  Demurrage agent                            40-47
D339  Demurrage clerk                            40-47
H496  Demurrage man                              261-263
D339  Demurrage man                              40-47
F739  Denier-control operator                    225
E699  Denitrator                                 281,286,289
A216  Densitometer reader                        781-783,792
K445  Dental aide                                802
E678  Dental ceramist                            807-809
H888  Dental floss packer                        All Industries
A204  Dental hygienist                           802
A085  Dental intern                              806
E678  Dental laboratory technician               All Industries
A085  Dental officer                             All Industries
D319  Dental receptionist                        All Industries
D313  Dental secretary                           All Industries
A085  Dental surgeon                             802
E678  Dental technician                          807-809
C259  Dental-detail man                          512,516
E547  Dental-equipment installer and servicer    All Industries
E678  Dental-instrument maker                    3827,384,385
E678  Dental-laboratory worker                   807-809
B036  Dental-rating specialist                   Veterans Administration 94
A085  Dentist                                    802
K445  Dentist's attendant                        802
E514  Dentman                                    371,527,55,752-754
F757  Deodorizer                                 207,209
F757  Deodorizer operator                        All Industries
F768  Deoiling machine operator                  All Industries
B021  Department director                        832,839
E628  Department head                            20-39
C243  Department head                            50-59
B014  Department head                            822
A177  Department head                            866
D318  Departure clerk                            45
B036  Deportation examiner                       I.N.S. 92
D343  Deposit clerk                              49
D339  Deposit-refund clerk                       491,493
F759  Depositing machine operator                205
F777  Depositing machine operator                206
D318  Depot agent                                40
B022  Depot master                               40
B017  Deputy                                     861,862,864,865,869
K423  Deputy                                     Jail 92
D389  Deputy clerk                               911-913,92
A084  Dermatologist                              801,803
E613  Derrick builder                            OWN 13
E599  Derrick builder                            PR 13,15-17
H496  Derrick follower                           241
G859  Derrick follower                           Exc. 241
G848  Derrick operator                           All Industries
G848  Derrick worker, well service               13
G828  Derrick-boat captain                       15-17
G849  Derrick-boat leverman                      All Industries
G849  Derrick-boat operator                      All Industries
G848  Derrickman                                 13
A044  Design analyst                             372,376
A217  Design checker                             All Industries
A217  Design draftsman                           All Industries
F717  Design inserter                            All Industries
A185  Design maker                               5992
F759  Design painter                             20-39
A044  Designer                                   372,376
E678  Designer                                   Surgical appliances 3827,384,385
E684  Designer                                   Surgical goods 221-224,228
A185  Designer                                   Any not listed above
E684  Designer and patternmaker                  23,313,314
F766  Desilverizer                               333-339
F777  Desizing-machine operator                  22
K459  Desk clerk, bowling or skating             791,793,794,799
D317  Desk clerk, n. s.                          701
K459  Desk clerk, n. s.                          791,793,794,799
D379  Desk clerk, n. s.                          Any not listed above
D316  Desk interviewer                           806
F785  Desk maker                                 25
A195  Desk man                                   27
E529  Desk man                                   481
K459  Desk man                                   Bowling alley 793
K418  Desk man                                   Police department 92
K459  Desk monitor                               793
K414  Desk officer                               Police department 92
D348  Desk operator                              481
K414  Desk sergeant                              92
F745  Deskidding machine operator                313,314
F785  Desolderer                                 36
H878  Dessert-cup-machine feeder                 205
H878  Destaticizer feeder                        387
F757  Desulphuring operator                      282
F757  Desulphurizer operator                     20-39
F748  Detacher                                   721
F777  Detacher                                   Exc. 721
A217  Detail draftsman                           All Industries
C259  Detail lady                                283,512,516
A217  Detail man                                 25,371
C259  Detail man                                 283,512,516
F785  Detail man                                 372,376
A217  Detailer, drafting                         All Industries
D363  Detailer, school photographs               732,733,735,7383-7389
H887  Detailer, n. s.                            551,552,752-754
I479  Detasseler                                 01,071,072,075,076
H889  Detasseler                                 Exc. 01,071,072,075,076
K418  Detective, narcotics and / or vice         All Industries
K426  Detective, n. s.                           7381,7382
K418  Detective, n. s.                           Exc. 7381,7382
E689  Detector-car operator                      40
A174  Detention attendant                        92
A174  Detention worker                           92
F757  Dethistler operator                        All Industries
F785  Detonator maker                            281,286,289
E613  Developer                                  10-14
F774  Developer                                  27,386,722,729,732,733,735,7383-7389,
E645  Developer                                  373
C243  Developer                                  65
E515  Developer prover, mechanical               372,376
F774  Developing-machine operator                27,386,722,729,732,733,735,7383-7389,
A215  Development technician                     354,372,376
A167  Developmental psychologist                 All Industries
F777  Devil dog                                  27
F777  Devil tender                               22
F756  Devil tender                               231-238
H878  Devulcanizer charger                       302-306
F757  Devulcanizer loader                        302-306
F757  Devulcanizer operator                      302-306
F757  Dewaterer operator                         3334,334,3353-3355,3363,3365
H889  Dewaxer                                    381,382(exc.3827)
F777  Dewer                                      22
D345  Dexigraph operator                         All Industries
F756  Dextrine mixer                             All Industries
A203  Diagnostic med sonographer                 All Industries
A084  Diagnostic radiologist                     801,803
E689  Diagnostician                              371,527,55,752-754
A084  Diagnostician                              80
H486  Diagnostician                              Tree surgery co. 078
D389  Diagram clerk                              40
F786  Diagrammer                                 227
H889  Dial brusher                               387
F709  Dial buffer                                36
E693  Dial maker                                 387
F789  Dial marker                                36
F785  Dial mounter                               365,366
F759  Dial painter                               20-39
E647  Dial printer                               387
F704  Dial-lathe operator                        36
F785  Dialer                                     387
A208  Dialysis technician                        All Industries
E647  Diamond assorter                           39(exc.394),pt509,5944,763,764,7692,7699
F719  Diamond blender                            All Industries
C243  Diamond broker                             All Industries
E647  Diamond cleaner                            Jewelry 39(exc.394)
E647  Diamond cutter                             354,387,39(exc.394),509(exc.5093),5944
F769  Diamond cutter                             Any not listed above
E647  Diamond die polisher                       All Industries
E598  Diamond driller                            14,15-17
E647  Diamond driller                            39(exc.394),pt509,5944,763,764,7692,7699
E647  Diamond expert                             All Industries
E647  Diamond grader                             39(exc.394)
E677  Diamond grinder                            38(exc.387),508,593,5948,5993-5,5999,
C243  Diamond merchant                           All Industries
E647  Diamond mounter                            354
E647  Diamond polisher                           All Industries
F719  Diamond powder mixer                       All Industries
E647  Diamond selector                           All Industries
E647  Diamond setter                             39(exc.394),pt509,5944,763,764,7692,7699
F799  Diamond sizer & grader                     All Industries
E647  Diamond-die driller                        354
F769  Diamond-saw operator                       36
F748  Diaper folder                              721
K459  Dice dealer                                791,794,799
K459  Dice girl                                  791,794,799
E684  Dice maker                                 394
K459  Dice-table girl                            791,794,799
K459  Dice-table operator                        791,794,799
F706  Dicer operator                             313,314
D314  Dictaphone operator                        All Industries
E538  Dictaphone technician                      763,764,7692,7699
D314  Dictaphone transcriber                     All Industries
D315  Dictaphone typist                          All Industries
D314  Dictating-machine transcriber              All Industries
E538  Dictating-transcribing machine servicer    All Industries
E634  Die baker                                  27
E684  Die barber                                 All Industries
F719  Die caster                                 33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F719  Die casting machine setter                 All Industries
H887  Die cleaner                                20-39
F743  Die cutter                                 22
E649  Die cutter                                 27
F745  Die cutter                                 313,314
E634  Die cutter                                 39(exc.394)
F769  Die cutter                                 Any not listed above
F743  Die cutting machine operator               22
A217  Die designer                               All Industries
E634  Die finisher                               33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
E684  Die fitter                                 33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F713  Die forger                                 All Industries
E684  Die grinder                                All Industries
F724  Die hardener                               33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F713  Die holder                                 33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
D365  Die keeper                                 All Industries
E649  Die maker                                  27
E634  Die maker                                  Exc. 27
F777  Die mounter                                261-263
F777  Die operator                               All Industries
E644  Die polisher                               33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F755  Die presser                                326
E684  Die reamer                                 33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F713  Die setter                                 All Industries
E634  Die sinker                                 All Industries
F777  Die sizer                                  282
F769  Die stamper                                All Industries
F745  Die trimmer                                313,314
E684  Die trimmer                                33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F755  Die tripper                                325
F777  Die turner                                 22
F783  Die welder                                 All Industries
F719  Die-casting-machine operator               33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F713  Die-machine operator                       33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F745  Die-out man                                313,314
F755  Die-press operator                         231-238,267
F745  Die-press operator                         313,314
E634  Die-set-up man                             33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F734  Die-stamping-press operator                272-279
D365  Die-storage man                            All Industries
E634  Die-trouble man                            33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
E634  Die-try-out man                            All Industries
F745  Dieing-out-machine operator                313,314
E689  Dielectric testing machine operator        All Industries
F777  Dielectric-embossing-machine operator      371
F777  Dielectric-machine operator                371
K469  Diener                                     All Industries
E575  Diesel electrician                         All Industries
G849  Diesel-crane operator                      All Industries
G824  Diesel-dinkey operator                     All Industries
E507  Diesel-engine erector                      355,356,358,359
E696  Diesel-engine operator                     All Industries
E689  Diesel-engine tester                       All Industries
G824  Diesel-locomotive fireman                  40
E575  Diesel-maintenance electrician             All Industries
E695  Diesel-plant operator                      491-493,496
G853  Diesel-scoop operator                      All Industries
G856  Diesel-tractor operator                    All Industries
G804  Diesel-truck driver                        All Industries
D336  Diet clerk                                 806
K439  Diet maid                                  805-809
A097  Diet therapist                             All Industries
K436  Diet-kitchen cook                          All Industries
K439  Diet-kitchen worker                        All Industries
K446  Dietary aide                               All Industries
A097  Dietary technician                         All Industries
K446  Dietary worker                             All Industries
A097  Dietetic interne                           806
A097  Dietetic technician                        All Industries
A097  Dietist                                    All Industries
A097  Dietitian                                  All Industries
K446  Dietitian's aide                           All Industries
A203  Differential specialist                    80
F797  Differential tester                        371
F777  Diffuser operator                          206
F745  Dig-out man                                313,314
F777  Digester                                   261-263
F777  Digester capper                            261-263
F777  Digester cook                              261-263
H878  Digester hand                              20-39
F777  Digester operator                          20-39
H498  Digger                                     09
I479  Digger                                     GOV or PR 01,071,072,075,076
I473  Digger                                     OBNI 01
F795  Digger                                     Smoking pipes 39(exc.394)
H869  Digger                                     Any not listed above
G853  Digging-machine operator                   10-14,15-17
D308  Digital-computer operator                  All Industries
A229  Digital-computer programmer                All Industries
A064  Digital-computer systems analyst           All Industries
F727  Dimension-mill man                         242,243
F706  Dimpling-machine operator                  372,376
F709  Dingman                                    35,36,372,376
E514  Dingman                                    371,527,55,752-754
K433  Dining-car conductor                       40
K438  Dining-car hop                             40
K443  Dining-car steward                         40
K435  Dining-car waiter                          40
K435  Dining-car waitress                        40
K443  Dining-room attendant                      701
K443  Dining-room boy                            701
K433  Dining-room captain                        701
K443  Dining-room girl                           701
K433  Dining-room hostess                        40,531,58,701
L405  Dining-room maid                           88
F769  Dinker                                     20-39
G825  Dinkey brakeman                            All Industries
D359  Dinkey dispatcher                          20-39
G824  Dinkey driver                              All Industries
G824  Dinkey engineman                           All Industries
G824  Dinkey man                                 All Industries
G824  Dinkey motorman                            All Industries
G824  Dinkey operator                            All Industries
G824  Dinkey skinner                             All Industries
G824  Dinkey-engine fireman                      All Industries
G824  Dinkey-locomotive operator                 All Industries
F706  Dinkey-press man                           071,072,075,076
E645  Dioramist                                  Museum 84
F783  Dip brazier                                372,376
F756  Dip dyer                                   225
F759  Dip filler                                 25
F777  Dip lube operator                          All Industries
F759  Dip painter                                20-39
H878  Dip stand loader                           22
F735  Diploma maker                              272-279
B005  Diplomat                                   97
D357  Diplomatic courier                         97
F759  Dipper & baker                             All Industries
F755  Dipper machine operator                    302-306
F759  Dipper operator                            242,243,245
H889  Dipper, clock & watch hands                387
H889  Dipper, jewelry                            39(exc.394)
H889  Dipper, pens & pencils                     39(exc.394)
I479  Dipper, n. s.                              01,02
H495  Dipper, n. s.                              08
H889  Dipper, n. s.                              22,23,39(exc.394)
F766  Dipper, n. s.                              333-339
F759  Dipper, n. s.                              Any not listed above
D356  Direct-mail clerk                          Drugs 283
B022  Director                                   20-39,60,61,63,64,791,794,799,833,86
A187  Director                                   483,484,781-783,792
C243  Director                                   50-59
B019  Director                                   726
B015  Director                                   805,807-809
B015  Director                                   806(exc.nurse's home)
B014  Director                                   82,835
A165  Director                                   84( gallery)
B005  Director                                   91,93-97
B005  Director                                   92
B022  Director                                   Art gallery 84
B005  Director                                   GOV 832,836,839
K469  Director                                   Nurse's home 806
B021  Director                                   PR 832,836,839
B017  Director                                   Summer camp 702-704
B015  Director of administration                 805-809
B014  Director of admissions                     821,822
B014  Director of athletics                      821,822
A199  Director of athletics                      Exc. 821,822
A159  Director of audio visual aids              805,822,835
B021  Director of casework                       832,836,839,861,862,864,865,869
B021  Director of casework department            832,836,839,861,862,864,865,869
B021  Director of casework services              832,836,839,861,862,864,865,869
B014  Director of child care center              All Industries
B005  Director of civil defense                  97
B015  Director of clinic                         80
B021  Director of community center               832,839
B021  Director of community organization         832,839
B005  Director of consumer affairs               96
B015  Director of correctional therapy           All Industries
A185  Director of display                        52-59
B021  Director of district office                832,833,836,839,861,862,864,865,869
B021  Director of entertainment                  All Industries
B014  Director of extension work                 829
B021  Director of family service center          832,836,839,861,862,864,865,869
B021  Director of field coordination             832,836,839,861,862,864,865,869
B021  Director of field service                  832,836,839,861,862,864,865,869
B017  Director of food service                   All Industries
B021  Director of group counseling program       832,833,836,839,861,862,864,865,869
A163  Director of guidance                       All Industries
B015  Director of health education               All Industries
A169  Director of historical society             All Industries
B018  Director of housing                        65
B014  Director of housing                        822
B005  Director of housing                        95
B014  Director of in-service education           805-809
B008  Director of industrial relations           All Industries
A197  Director of information                    All Industries
A159  Director of instructional materials        All Industries
B013  Director of marketing exc. research and
        analysis                                 All Industries
B021  Director of marketing research and 
        analysis                                 All Industries
A137  Director of music                          822
A186  Director of music                          Exc. Secondary school 821,822
A157  Director of music                          Secondary school 821
B021  Director of neighborhood service center    832,839
B015  Director of nurses                         805-809
B021  Director of nurses' registry               All Industries
B015  Director of nursing service                806-809
A099  Director of occupational therapy           All Industries
B008  Director of personnel                      All Industries
B014  Director of physical education             821,822
A199  Director of physical education             Exc. 821,822
B015  Director of physical therapy               All Industries
B008  Director of placement                      All Industries
A173  Director of planning                       91-97
B014  Director of preschool                      All Industries
B022  Director of professional services          Exc. GOV
B005  Director of professional services          GOV
A197  Director of public information             All Industries
A197  Director of public relations               All Industries
B005  Director of public safety                  92
B005  Director of public welfare                 GOV
B022  Director of publication                    All Industries
B009  Director of purchasing                     All Industries
B026  Director of records management             All Industries
B021  Director of recreation                     All Industries
B015  Director of recreation therapy             All Industries
A163  Director of rehabilitation                 All Industries
A177  Director of religious activities           All Industries
A177  Director of religious education            866
A169  Director of research                       781-783,792
B015  Director of research                       805-809
B014  Director of research                       822
B022  Director of research                       Any not listed above
B022  Director of research and development       All Industries
B015  Director of respiratory therapy            All Industries
B013  Director of sales                          All Industries
B021  Director of scout work                     861,862,864,865,869
K414  Director of security                       92
K415  Director of security                       Exc. 92
B021  Director of social services                Exc. GOV 832,836,839
B005  Director of social services                GOV 832,836,839
B014  Director of special services               821
B015  Director of speech and hearing therapy     All Industries
B014  Director of student affairs                822
B014  Director of student financial aid          822
B021  Director of teenage activities             PR 836,861,862,864,865,869
B014  Director of testing                        821,822,835
B008  Director of training                       All Industries
B014  Director of veteran's affairs              822
B005  Director of veteran's affairs              94
B014  Director of visual education               821,822
A163  Director of vocational guidance            All Industries
B014  Director of vocational training            All Industries
B021  Director of volunteer services             All Industries
B021  Director of welfare                        Exc. GOV
B005  Director of welfare                        GOV
G804  Directory carrier                          481
D389  Directory clerk                            All Industries
D323  Directory compiler                         All Industries
D348  Directory operator                         481
D348  Directory-assistance operator              481
G843  Dirt contractor                            All Industries
E617  Dirt shoveler                              10-14
H869  Dirt shoveler                              Exc. 10-14

Last modified: October 16, 2001