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National Compensation Survey - Wages

E (Census Occs beginning with) ‐ Occupational Classification System Manual

Major Occupational Groups: A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | K
About the Occupational Classification System Manual
Code  Census Job Title                           Industries Affected
D344  E.A.M. operator                            All Industries
A208  E.e.g. technician                          807-809
A208  E.e.g. technologist                        All Industries
A208  E.k.g. technician                          807-809
A208  E.m.t.                                     All Industries
E676  Ear mold lab technician                    All Industries
A084  Ear specialist                             801,803
F777  Ear-machine operator                       341,343,345-347,349
F785  Earring maker                              Jewelry 39(exc.394)
E598  Earth-auger operator                       All Industries
E598  Earth-boring machine operator              15-17,491-493,496
G853  Earth-moving-equipment operator            All Industries
G853  Earth-moving-machine operator              All Industries
D376  Easement man                               491-493,496
C283  Easter bunny                               531
A193  Eccentric dancer                           781-783,792
A177  Ecclesiastical worker                      Salvation Army 832,839
A089  Eclectic doctor                            8043,8049
A078  Ecologist                                  All Industries
A166  Econometrician                             All Industries
A166  Economic adviser                           All Industries
A166  Economic analyst                           All Industries
A166  Economic-research analyst                  All Industries
A166  Economist                                  All Industries
F795  Edge bander, hand                          25
F753  Edge bander, machine                       25
F744  Edge baster                                231-238
F745  Edge blacker                               313,314
F753  Edge bonder                                All Industries
F745  Edge brusher                               313,314
F745  Edge burnisher                             313,314
F745  Edge cutter                                313,314
F745  Edge drummer                               313,314
F745  Edge finisher                              313,314
F753  Edge glue machine tender                   All Industries
F753  Edge gluer                                 242-249,25
F709  Edge grinder                               381,382(exc.3827),386,508,593,pt594,
E677  Edge grinder                               Optical goods 3827,384,385
F745  Edge molder                                313,314
F727  Edge runner                                242-249,25
H878  Edge runner                                324,327
F745  Edge setter                                313,314
F745  Edge stainer                               313,314
F789  Edge stainer                               315-319
F777  Edge stainer                               Exc. 313-319
F745  Edge trimmer                               313,314
H878  Edge-banding-off bearer                    242,243,245,25
F744  Edge-cutting-machine operator              231-238
F777  Edgeman                                    261-263
F744  Edger                                      225
F727  Edger                                      242-249,25
F709  Edger                                      331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
F709  Edger                                      381,382(exc.3827),386,508,593,pt594,
E677  Edger                                      Optical goods 3827,384,385
F768  Edger                                      Any not listed above
F727  Edger feeder                               242-249,25
F795  Edger liner                                242-249,25
F727  Edger man                                  242-249,25
E634  Edger man                                  Machine shop 355,356,358,359
F727  Edger operator                             242-249,25
F727  Edger runner                               242-249,25
H889  Edger tailer                               242-249,25
F727  Edger-saw operator                         All Industries
F727  Edging catcher                             242-249,25
F709  Edging machine operator                    Exc. 242-249,25
F768  Edging machine setter                      All Industries
H878  Edging-machine feeder                      321-323
F727  Edging-machine operator                    242-249,25
D315  Ediphone operator                          All Industries
D386  Editing clerk                              All Industries
A195  Editor                                     271
A188  Editorial cartoonist                       All Industries
D389  Editorial clerk                            All Industries
A195  Editorial director                         All Industries
A195  Editorial specialist                       FGOV
A195  Editorial writer                           271
A159  Education consultant                       All Industries
A163  Education counselor                        All Industries
A163  Educational adviser                        All Industries
A159  Educational consultant                     All Industries
A163  Educational counselor                      All Industries
A177  Educational director                       866
B014  Educational director                       Visiting Nurse Association 807-809
A163  Educational director                       Any not listed above
A167  Educational psychologist                   All Industries
A159  Educational specialist                     All Industries
A105  Educational therapist                      All Industries
H498  Eeler                                      09
A056  Efficiency analyst                         732,733,735,7383-7389
D389  Efficiency clerk                           All Industries
A056  Efficiency expert                          732,733,735,7383-7389
E615  Efficiency miner, blasting                 12
E616  Efficiency miner, n. s.                    12
H889  Egg breaker                                201
B028  Egg buyer                                  Egg grading station 514
F796  Egg candler                                20
I488  Egg candler                                GOV or PR 02,514,515,5191
H485  Egg candler                                OBI 02
I473  Egg candler                                OBNI 02
F799  Egg candler                                Any not listed above
H888  Egg caser                                  All Industries
H888  Egg crater                                 All Industries
I488  Egg grader                                 GOV or PR 02,514,515,5191
H485  Egg grader                                 OBI 02
I473  Egg grader                                 OBNI 02
F799  Egg grader                                 Any not listed above
H888  Egg packer                                 514
F785  Egg processor                              All Industries
H889  Egg separator                              All Industries
I479  Egg setter                                 Hatchery 02
I488  Egg sorter                                 GOV or PR 02,514,515,5191
H485  Egg sorter                                 OBI 02
I473  Egg sorter                                 OBNI 02
F799  Egg sorter                                 Any not listed above
I488  Egg tester                                 GOV or PR 02,514,515,5191
H485  Egg tester                                 OBI 02
I473  Egg tester                                 OBNI 02
F799  Egg tester                                 Any not listed above
F799  Egg trayer                                 All Industries
I479  Egg washer, machine                        02
F757  Egg-breaking-machine operator              All Industries
F785  Elastic-tape inserter                      All Industries
A177  Elder                                      866
D336  Election clerk                             91-97
D389  Election judge                             All Industries
D389  Election watcher                           All Industries
F757  Electric cell tender                       All Industries
G845  Electric craneman                          44
G849  Electric craneman                          Exc. 44
F796  Electric distribution checker              All Industries
E577  Electric installer                         491
F743  Electric knifeman                          22
G824  Electric locomotive fireman                40
G824  Electric motorman                          All Industries
E695  Electric operator                          41(exc.412),491,493
E684  Electric organ checker                     All Industries
F723  Electric plater                            341,343,347,349
E547  Electric powerline examiner                All Industries
E577  Electric serviceman                        491
F784  Electric solderer                          All Industries
E577  Electric track-switch maintainer           40,41(exc.412)
G856  Electric trucker                           All Industries
F783  Electric welder                            All Industries
E575  Electric wireman                           15-17
E526  Electric-appliance installer               All Industries
F783  Electric-arc welder                        All Industries
H888  Electric-blanket packer                    All Industries
G856  Electric-car operator                      20-39
G845  Electric-crane operator                    44
G849  Electric-crane operator                    Exc. 44
F743  Electric-cutter operator                   239
F797  Electric-detector operator                 All Industries
G856  Electric-dolly operator                    20-39
E598  Electric-drill operator                    All Industries
F766  Electric-furnace operator                  33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
G856  Electric-lift-truck driver                 All Industries
E539  Electric-meter installer                   491
D366  Electric-meter reader                      All Industries
F797  Electric-meter tester                      361,362,364,367,369
E689  Electric-meter tester                      Exc. 361,362,364,367,369
E547  Electric-motor analyst                     All Industries
E547  Electric-motor fitter                      41(exc.412)
E547  Electric-motor rebuilder                   762,7694
E689  Electric-motor tester                      All Industries
G856  Electric-mule driver                       All Industries
G856  Electric-mule operator                     All Industries
F777  Electric-power-machine operator            All Industries
F797  Electric-relay tester                      36
G853  Electric-scoop operator                    All Industries
F785  Electric-screw-driver operator             20-39
F753  Electric-sealing-machine operator          20-39
E599  Electric-sewer-cleaning machine operator   763,764,7692,7699
G853  Electric-shovel operator                   All Industries
E575  Electric-sign wireman                      All Industries
F783  Electric-spot welder                       All Industries
E575  Electric-stop installer                    22
F777  Electric-transfer operator                 All Industries
F777  Electric-tripper-machine operator          242-249,25
G856  Electric-truck driver                      All Industries
G856  Electric-truck operator                    All Industries
A225  Electric-well-logging operator             13
E693  Electrical calibrator                      20-39
B022  Electrical contractor, administrator or
        general manager                          15-17
E555  Electrical contractor, exc.
        administrator or general manager         15-17
F717  Electrical discharge machine operator      All Industries
F717  Electrical discharge machine set up 
        operator                                 All Industries
A217  Electrical draftsman                       All Industries
A213  Electrical engineering technician          All Industries
E575  Electrical installer                       15-17
E547  Electrical installer                       372,376
E577  Electrical lineman                         All Industries
A225  Electrical logger                          13
E637  Electrical machinist                       All Industries
F784  Electrical solderer                        All Industries
B022  Electrical superintendent                  491
E526  Electrical technician                      5731,5734,762,7694
A213  Electrical technician                      Exc. 5731,5734,762,7694
E689  Electrical tester                          36
E575  Electrical wireman                         15-17
E575  Electrical wirer                           15-17
F777  Electrical worker                          All Industries
E526  Electrical-appliance servicer              All Industries
A225  Electrical-logging operator                13
E575  Electrical-maintenance man                 All Industries
A225  Electrical-prospecting observer            13
A225  Electrical-prospecting operator            13
E547  Electrical-tryout man                      371
E547  Electrician, airplane                      All Industries
E547  Electrician, automotive                    All Industries
E628  Electrician, chief                         781-783,792
E547  Electrician, locomotive                    All Industries
E529  Electrician, office                        All Industries
E523  Electrician, powerhouse                    All Industries
E523  Electrician, radio                         All Industries
E523  Electrician, substation                    All Industries
E547  Electrician, n. s.                         371,527,55,752-754
E575  Electrician, n. s.                         Exc. 371,527,55,752-754
A213  Electrification adviser                    491
F777  Electrifier operator                       22
A208  Electrocardiograph operator                807-809
A208  Electrocardiograph technician              807-809
A073  Electrochemist                             873
H889  Electrode cleaner                          36
F764  Electrode cleaning machine operator        All Industries
A069  Electrodynamicist                          All Industries
A208  Electroencephalograph technician           807-809
F723  Electroformer                              All Industries
F723  Electrogalvanizing machine operator        All Industries
A225  Electrolog operator                        13
K458  Electrologist                              722,729
A055  Electrolysis investigator                  481
F777  Electrolysis operator                      20-39
K458  Electrolysis operator                      Exc. 20-39
K458  Electrolysis-needle operator               722,729
D315  Electromatic typist                        All Industries
E547  Electromechanical technician               All Industries
F777  Electronic component processor             All Industries
A229  Electronic data programmer                 All Industries
A217  Electronic draftsman                       All Industries
A213  Electronic specialist                      All Industries
E526  Electronic technician                      5731,5734,762,7694
A213  Electronic technician                      Exc. 5731,5734,762,7694
A213  Electronic-development technician          20-39,871,873
F753  Electronic-heat-seal operator              22,23,26-31
E523  Electronic-organ technician                All Industries
A055  Electronic-parts designer                  36
E547  Electronic-sales-&-service technician      All Industries
A069  Electronics consultant                     All Industries
E523  Electronics installer                      All Industries
E689  Electronics scale tester                   3578,3579
A069  Electronics scientist                      All Industries
E689  Electronics tester                         All Industries
E684  Electronics, utility worker                39
A078  Electronmicroscopist                       All Industries
F723  Electroplater                              341,343,347,349
F789  Electrostatic paint operator               All Industries
A089  Electrotherapist                           8043,8049
F777  Electrotype caster                         272-279
F777  Electrotype finisher                       272-279
F777  Electrotype molder                         271
D327  Electrotype servicer                       27
F777  Electrotyper                               272-279
F785  Element burner                             361,362,364,367,369
F785  Element setter                             361,362,364,367,369
A194  Elephant tamer                             Circus 791,794,799
K426  Elevated guard                             41(exc.412)
G824  Elevated motorman                          41(exc.412)
G855  Elevating-grader operator                  10,14-17
E543  Elevator adjuster                          All Industries
B028  Elevator attendant                         515
K454  Elevator attendant                         Exc. 515
K454  Elevator boy                               All Industries
E543  Elevator builder                           All Industries
K454  Elevator conductor                         All Industries
E543  Elevator constructor                       All Industries
K454  Elevator dispatcher                        All Industries
E543  Elevator erector                           All Industries
E689  Elevator examiner                          All Industries
K454  Elevator girl                              All Industries
E543  Elevator installer                         All Industries
F798  Elevator man                               204
B028  Elevator man                               515
K454  Elevator man                               Exc. 204,515
K454  Elevator operator                          Exc. OWN 515
B028  Elevator operator                          OWN 515
K454  Elevator pilot                             All Industries
K454  Elevator runner                            All Industries
K448  Elevator starter                           All Industries
D377  Eligibility worker                         All Industries
D377  Eligibility-and-occupancy interviewer      95
A187  Elocutionist                               781-783,792
A235  Embalmer                                   726
B019  Embalmer and funeral director              726
F769  Emblem cutter                              All Industries
F777  Emblem drawer-in                           All Industries
F795  Emblem maker                               All Industries
F777  Embosser                                   27
F745  Embosser                                   313,314
F793  Embosser                                   3827,384,385,593,5948,5993-5,5999
F795  Embosser                                   39(exc.394),502,504,pt509,5192-9,531,
F777  Embosser                                   Any not listed above
F777  Embossing machine operator                 244,249
F777  Embossing machine operator                 267
F777  Embossing machine operator                 27
F717  Embossing machine operator                 348,376
D347  Embossing machine operator                 Any not listed above
F717  Embossing tool setter                      348,376
F777  Embossing-press operator                   27
F734  Embossing-press operator                   Exc. 27
F777  Embossman                                  22,23,308
F734  Embossograph operator, exc. office
        machines                                 All Industries
D347  Embossograph operator, office machines     All Industries
F744  Embroiderer                                22,23,315-319
E666  Embroiderer                                Exc. 22,23,315-319
F769  Embroidery cutter                          239
A185  Embroidery designer                        All Industries
F744  Embroidery finisher                        239
E684  Embroidery patternmaker                    23
F744  Embroidery worker                          22,23,315-319
E666  Embroidery worker                          Exc. 22,23,315-319
F744  Embroidery-machine operator                22,23,315-319
E666  Embroidery-machine operator                Exc. 22,23,315-319
A078  Embryologist                               All Industries
E577  Emergency man                              491
A208  Emergency medical technician               All Industries
D348  Emergency operator                         481
D359  Emergency operator                         919,92
A095  Emergency-room nurse                       All Industries
F709  Emery grinder                              33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
F709  Emery-wheel man                            331,332,pt333,334,pt335,pt336,339,
H495  Employee                                   08
F777  Employee                                   20-39(exc.241)
H885  Employee                                   554
K444  Employee                                   58
F748  Employee                                   721
K459  Employee                                   791,794,799
F774  Employee                                   Motion picture laboratory 781-783,792
F774  Employee                                   Photo gallery 722,729
B027  Employee adviser                           All Industries
B027  Employee counselor                         All Industries
B027  Employee-operations examiner               40
B027  Employee-relations specialist              All Industries
B027  Employee-relations, any not listed above   All Industries
B027  Employee-service officer                   All Industries
B027  Employees' representative                  863
D328  Employment clerk                           All Industries
B027  Employment counselor                       All Industries
B027  Employment interviewer                     All Industries
B027  Employment officer                         All Industries
B027  Employment-security officer                All Industries
F759  Emulsion coater                            386
F756  Emulsion operator                          All Industries
F789  Enamel applier                             Jewelry 39(exc.394)
F709  Enamel buffer                              Jewelry 39(exc.394)
F766  Enamel burner                              20-39
F759  Enamel dipper                              20-39(exc.241)
F789  Enamel finisher                            Jewelry 39(exc.394)
H889  Enamel pulverizer                          39(exc.394)
F759  Enamel-machine operator                    36
F759  Enamel-machine operator                    Zipper 39(exc.394)
E579  Enameler                                   15-17,373,374,40,41(exc.412),47
F759  Enameler                                   25,341,343,345-347,349,35,381,382,384-5
F789  Enameler                                   39,509,51,531,5944,5961,763,764,7692,
A208  Encephalographer                           806
D385  Encoder                                    All Industries
D385  Encoding clerk                             All Industries
D309  Encoding machine operator                  All Industries
F777  End frazer                                 All Industries
F785  End maker                                  25
F756  End man                                    22
F777  End matcher                                242,243,245
F744  End sewer                                  20-30,311,315-319,32-39
F777  End stapler                                242-249,25
H878  End-touching machine operator              244,249
H889  Endband cutter, hand                       231-238
F753  Ending machine operator                    261-263
A083  Endocrinologist                            All Industries
A085  Endodontist                                All Industries
D363  Ends-breakage clerk                        22
H887  Engine cleaner                             40
A057  Engine designer                            All Industries
D363  Engine dispatcher                          40
G824  Engine hostler                             40
E508  Engine installer                           372,45
E519  Engine oiler                               40
G824  Engine pilot                               40
E567  Engine setter                              15-17
E689  Engine tester                              371,372,376,45,97
E647  Engine turner                              Jewelry 39(exc.394)
H889  Engine watchman                            40
H887  Engine wiper                               40
F785  Engine-cowling installer                   372
F704  Engine-lathe operator                      All Industries
F703  Engine-lathe set-up operator               20-39
      Engineer  —  see separate Engineer Page
A216  Engineer's aide                            All Industries
A216  Engineering aide                           All Industries
A055  Engineering analyst                        All Industries
D374  Engineering clerk                          All Industries
A184  Engineering documentation specialist       All Industries
A217  Engineering draftsman                      All Industries
A075  Engineering geologist                      All Industries
A068  Engineering mathematician                  483,484
F717  Engineering model maker                    39(exc.394)
A229  Engineering programmer                     All Industries
A167  Engineering psychologist                   All Industries
A213  Engineering technician                     36,48
A216  Engineering technician                     Exc. 36,48
D374  Engineering-document-control clerk         All Industries
G825  Enginehouse brakeman                       10-14
E508  Engineman                                  372,376
G824  Engineman                                  40
E696  Engineman                                  Exc. 372,376,40
F777  English drawer                             22
E649  Engraver, hand                             All Industries
E649  Engraver, seals                            All Industries
E675  Engraver, n. s.                            328,329
E649  Engraver, n. s.                            Lithographing 272-279
E675  Engraver, n. s.                            Monuments 593,5948,5993-5,5999
E649  Engraver, n. s.                            Any not listed above
F705  Engraving tire molds                       All Industries
F734  Engraving-press operator                   272-279
F793  Engrosser                                  All Industries
F774  Enlarger                                   27,386,722,729,732,733,735,7383-7389,
F763  Enrober                                    206
F789  Enrobing machine carder                    206
H878  Enrobing-machine feeder                    206
F759  Enrobing-machine operator                  206
D336  Enrollment clerk                           821,822
F777  Enterer                                    22
A194  Entertainer                                781-783,792
B021  Entertainment director                     All Industries
A077  Entomologist                               All Industries
F707  Entry-table operator                       33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
E615  Entryman, blasting                         12
D316  Enumerator                                 All Industries
E519  Envelope adjuster                          267
F765  Envelope maker                             267
F753  Envelope sealer                            267
D389  Envelope stuffer                           All Industries
E518  Envelope-folding machine adjuster          All Industries
F765  Envelope-folding machine operator          All Industries
E518  Envelope-machine adjuster                  267
F765  Envelope-machine operator                  267
D346  Envelope-sealer operator                   All Industries
A076  Environmental analyst                      All Industries
A208  Environmental health sanitarian            All Industries
A043  Environmental planner                      All Industries
A076  Environmental scientist                    All Industries
A216  Environmental technician                   All Industries
B005  Environmental-control administrator        All Industries
E534  Environmental-control-system 
        installer-servicer                       All Industries
A216  Environmental-engineering aide             All Industries
K446  Environmental-health aide                  All Industries
A208  Environmental-health technician            All Industries
A208  Environmental-health technologist          All Industries
A083  Epidemiologist, exc. veterinarian          All Industries
A086  Epidemiologist, veterinarian               All Industries
E563  Epoxy specialist                           15-17
B036  Equal opportunity counselor                All Industries
B036  Equal opportunity specialist               All Industries
F727  Equalizer                                  242-249,25
F727  Equalizer operator                         242-249,25
A194  Equestrian                                 791,794,799
A194  Equestrienne                               791,794,799
H887  Equipment cleaner                          All Industries
G844  Equipment driver                           15-17
E529  Equipment installer                        365,366,481
F768  Equipment man                              333-339
E529  Equipment man                              481,482,489
E519  Equipment oiler                            All Industries
E616  Equipment operator, n. s.                  10-14
G844  Equipment operator, n. s.                  15-17
F744  Equipment operator, n. s.                  22,23,315-319
F745  Equipment operator, n. s.                  313,314
D354  Equipment operator, n. s.                  43
D353  Equipment operator, n. s.                  482,489
D347  Equipment operator, n. s.                  60-65,67,806,821,835
F748  Equipment operator, n. s.                  721
E684  Equipment operator, n. s.                  Machine shop 355,356,358,359
F773  Equipment operator, n. s.                  Movie theater 781-783,792
D309  Equipment operator, n. s.                  Tabulating service 872
F777  Equipment operator, n. s. or any
        specified type, n. e. c.                 Mfg. not listed above
F777  Equipment operator, n. s.                  Any not listed above
E503  Equipment superintendent                   All Industries
E529  Equipment tester                           481
I479  Eradication man                            01,071,072,075,076
H486  Eradication man                            Exc. 01,071,072,075,076
F717  Erco-machine operator                      372,376
G849  Erecting-crane operator                    All Industries
E523  Erector, aerial                            All Industries
E597  Erector, structural steel                  All Industries
E529  Erector, n. s.                             481
E518  Erector, n. s.                             508
E643  Erector, n. s.                             Boiler 344
G804  Errand boy or girl                         591
L407  Errand boy or girl                         88
D357  Errand boy or girl                         Any not listed above
K426  Escalator attendant                        All Industries
E543  Escalator installer                        All Industries
K426  Escalator operator                         All Industries
E693  Escapement maker                           387
E693  Escapement matcher                         387
K469  Escort                                     722,729
K461  Escort                                     Exc. 722,729
G804  Escort vehicle driver                      47
G809  Escort-car driver                          All Industries
K461  Escort-service boy                         805-809
D389  Escrow clerk                               All Industries
B025  Escrow man                                 60(exc.603,606)
A234  Escrow officer                             All Industries
D313  Escrow secretary                           All Industries
A178  Esquire                                    81
B025  Estate planner                             All Industries
B036  Estate tax examiner                        IRS 93
C253  Estate-planning counselor                  All Industries
D343  Estimate clerk                             All Industries
D363  Estimator, jewelry                         39(exc.394)
D363  Estimator, paperboard boxes                265
D363  Estimator, printing                        27
B022  Estimator, n. s.                           15-17
B037  Estimator, n. s.                           20-39(exc.241),491
A079  Estimator, n. s.                           241
C257  Estimator, n. s.                           421,423
E689  Estimator, n. s.                           527,55,753,7549
D375  Estimator, n. s.                           63,64
F793  Etcher, glass                              All Industries
F793  Etcher, hand                               27(exc.photoengraving)
F735  Etcher, hand                               Photoengraving 272-279
E649  Etcher, jewelry or silverware              All Industries
F717  Etcher, machine                            342
E649  Etcher, n. s.                              27(exc.photoengraving)
F723  Etcher, n. s.                              361,362,364,367,369
A188  Etcher, n. s.                              899
F735  Etcher, n. s.                              Photoengraving 272-279
F777  Etcher, n. s.                              Any not listed above
A169  Ethnologist                                All Industries
A078  Etiologist                                 All Industries
A169  Etymologist                                All Industries
G856  Euclid operator                            All Industries
D343  Evaluator                                  Exc. U.S. Federal Housing Admin. 63,64
B036  Evaluator                                  FHA 63,64
A177  Evangelist                                 866
E534  Evaporative-cooler installer               All Industries
F757  Evaporator                                 20-39
F757  Evaporator man                             20-39
F757  Evaporator operator                        20-39
E686  Eviscerator                                All Industries
D387  Examination grader                         All Industries
D387  Examination proctor                        821
D387  Examination scorer                         All Industries
A079  Examiner                                   08
B036  Examiner                                   10-14
F796  Examiner                                   20-39
D376  Examiner                                   40,481,603,606,61,65
B023  Examiner                                   60(exc.603,606),FDIC 63,64
B036  Examiner                                   63,64(exc.FDIC)
F748  Examiner                                   721
F796  Examiner of currency                       GOV 272-279
B022  Excavating contractor, administrator or
        general manager                          15-17
E558  Excavating contractor, exc. 
        administrator or general manager         15-17
G853  Excavator                                  All Industries
G853  Excavator operator                         10,14-17
F769  Excelsior cutter                           All Industries
F777  Excelsior machine operator                 All Industries
C275  Exchange clerk                             52-59
D383  Exchange clerk                             60,61
C275  Exchange girl                              52-59
D348  Exchange operator                          481
D383  Exchange teller                            60,61
E529  Exchange-trouble man                       481
B017  Executive chef                             58,701
B022  Executive housekeeper                      All Industries
D313  Executive secretary, exc. managerial or
        official duties                          All Industries
B022  Executive secretary, managerial or 
        official duties                          All Industries
B025  Executor of estate                         All Industries
B025  Executrix of estate                        All Industries
A199  Exercise boy                               791,794,799
A199  Exerciser                                  791,794,799
K469  Exerciser                                  Reducing salon 791,794,799
E696  Exhaust man                                All Industries
E683  Exhaust-machine operator                   36
F777  Exhauster                                  20-39
K461  Exhibit-display representative             All Industries
B034  Exhibitor                                  781-783,792
F713  Expander                                   All Industries
F713  Expander-machine operator                  All Industries
D373  Expediter                                  All Industries
D373  Expediter clerk                            3827,384,385
F777  Expeller man                               281,282,284,286-289
F777  Expeller man                               Cotton gin 078
F777  Expeller operator                          207,209,281,282,284,286-289
E505  Experimental man                           371
E508  Experimental man                           372,376
A069  Experimental physicist                     873
A167  Experimental psychologist                  All Industries
E645  Experimental-mock-up man                   372,376
E615  Explosive expert                           10,14-17
E615  Explosive man                              10,14-17
F785  Explosive operator                         281,286,289,348
G804  Explosives-truck driver                    281,286,289,348
D337  Export clerk                               All Industries
H888  Export packer                              All Industries
D337  Export-documents clerk                     All Industries
C243  Exporter                                   50,51
D364  Express clerk                              41,421,423
G804  Expressman                                 421,423
A159  Extension agent                            829
D363  Extension clerk                            491-493,496
D389  Extension clerk                            Exc. 491-493,496
B014  Extension course coordinator               829
A163  Extension course counselor                 All Industries
F753  Extension edger                            261-263
A079  Extension forester                         071,072,075,076
A159  Extension service specialist               All Industries
A159  Extension specialist                       829
A159  Extension worker                           829
B014  Extension-work director                    829
K455  Exterminator                               734
F709  External grinder                           33-37(exc.348),40,763,764,7692,7699
A084  Externe                                    806
E617  Extra                                      12
A187  Extra                                      781-783,792
H889  Extra gang                                 40
A187  Extra girl                                 781-783,792
F777  Extra hand                                 205
E617  Extra man                                  10-14
A187  Extra man                                  781-783,792
F777  Extra man                                  Exc. 10-14,781-783,792
A208  Extracorporeal-circulation specialist      All Industries
F756  Extract mixer                              20-39
H878  Extract puller                             Naval stores 281,286,289
F757  Extracting machine operator                203,28
F758  Extracting machine operator                208
F777  Extracting machine operator                22,231-238
F748  Extracting machine operator                721
F777  Extracting machine operator                Any not listed above
E616  Extraction-machine operator                10-14
A045  Extractive metallurgist                    All Industries
F777  Extractor filler                           20-39(exc.241)
H878  Extractor loader & unloader                281,286,289
F756  Extruder operator                          204
F719  Extruder operator                          282,348,36
F755  Extruder operator                          Any not listed above
F756  Extruding machine operator                 204
F719  Extruding machine operator                 282,348,36
F755  Extruding machine operator                 Any not listed above
F719  Extruding press adjuster                   361,362,364,367,369
F719  Extruding press operator                   361,362,364,367,369
F755  Extruding press operator                   Exc. 361,362,364,367,369
E653  Extrusion former                           372,376
F719  Extrusion press adjuster                   361,362,364,367,369
F719  Extrusion press operator                   361,362,364,367,369
F755  Extrusion press operator                   Exc. 361,362,364,367,369
A084  Eye doctor                                 801,803
A084  Eye physician                              801,803
A084  Eye specialist                             801,803
F709  Eye-glass-frame polisher                   All Industries
F745  Eyedotter                                  313,314
E677  Eyeglass cutter                            All Industries
F795  Eyeglass frame truer                       3827,384,385
E677  Eyeglass maker                             All Industries
F745  Eyelet machine operator                    313,314
F777  Eyelet machine operator                    Exc. 313,314
F745  Eyelet maker                               313,314
F777  Eyelet maker                               Exc. 313,314
F745  Eyelet operator                            313,314
F777  Eyelet operator                            Exc. 313,314
F777  Eyelet punch operator                      25
F745  Eyeletter                                  313,314
F777  Eyeletter                                  Exc. 313,314

Last modified: October 16, 2001