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July 2015

The Monthly Labor Review turns 100

To help commemorate the Monthly Labor Review’s centennial accomplishment (July 1915–July 2015), the Review will publish a series of articles throughout the year. The articles cover topics that “unlock the vaults” to teach us about the past. Several do this by rediscovering some of the wealth of information from the Review’s first 100 years. This page will be updated to include the title and a link to each article as each is posted.

In addition to publishing these articles, the Review will publish a series of essays throughout the year. The essays―written by eminent authorities and distinguished experts in a broad range of fields―cover a variety of topics pertinent to the Review and the work of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). However, unlike the articles, the essays take a forward-looking approach to what each author sees as opportunities and challenges to BLS and the U.S. workforce. Each essay is unique and comprises the words and opinion of the author. We’ve found the essays to be enlightening and inspirational. We hope you do as well. Essays published to date include the following:

Suggested citation:

MLR staff, "The Monthly Labor Review turns 100," Monthly Labor Review, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, July 2015,

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