Figure 7. Hourly wage comparison between highly exposed versus not highly exposed workers, by full-time and part-time status
Work status Worker exposure Percentile Hourly wage

Full time

Highly exposed 10th $10.00

Highly exposed Median 17.00

Highly exposed 90th 40.00

Full time

Not highly exposed 10th 12.00

Not highly exposed Median 23.00

Not highly exposed 90th 54.07

Part time

Highly exposed 10th 8.00

Highly exposed Median 11.80

Highly exposed 90th 23.88

Part time

Not highly exposed 10th 9.00

Not highly exposed Median 15.00

Not highly exposed 90th 41.00

Source: Authors’ calculations based on U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Current Population Survey 2019 annual data.