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Employment and wages in all the Jefferson counties in 2016

July 05, 2017

This week we celebrate the 241st anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson was the principal author of the Declaration, and there are 26 counties or parishes in the United States named Jefferson. Jefferson County, Kentucky, home of Louisville, had the largest employment in 2016, about 460,000. Jefferson County, Texas, had the highest average weekly wages, $1,061 in 2016, just above the U.S. average of $1,031.



Employment and average weekly wages in counties named Jefferson, 2016 annual averages
County or parish Employment Average weekly wages

Jefferson County, Kentucky

459,914 $1,004

Jefferson County, Alabama

340,385 1,011

Jefferson County, Colorado

233,296 1,036

Jefferson Parish, Louisiana

193,751 905

Jefferson County, Texas

122,502 1,061

Jefferson County, Missouri

47,760 682

Jefferson County, New York

41,302 758

Jefferson County, Wisconsin

32,400 749

Jefferson County, Arkansas

28,233 751

Jefferson County, Ohio

20,556 744

Jefferson County, Illinois

19,689 792

Jefferson County, West Virginia

15,605 802

Jefferson County, Pennsylvania

15,238 716

Jefferson County, Tennessee

13,004 767

Jefferson County, Indiana

12,418 735

Jefferson County, Washington

8,377 709

Jefferson County, Iowa

7,567 738

Jefferson County, Oregon

6,659 703

Jefferson County, Idaho

6,307 589

Jefferson County, Georgia

4,775 680

Jefferson County, Kansas

3,678 691

Jefferson County, Nebraska

3,344 647

Jefferson County, Montana

2,563 805

Jefferson County, Florida

2,477 641

Jefferson County, Mississippi

1,202 578

Jefferson County, Oklahoma

1,142 648

Along with the Jefferson counties in Kentucky and Texas, others with 2016 employment greater than 100,000 were Jefferson County, Alabama (340,385), Jefferson County, Colorado (233,296), and Jefferson Parish, Louisiana (193,751). Thomas Jefferson’s native Virginia does not have a Jefferson County, but there is one in West Virginia (2016 employment of 15,605), which was part of Virginia during Jefferson’s lifetime. Jefferson County, Oklahoma, had the lowest 2016 employment with 1,142 jobs.

In addition to Jefferson County, Texas, others with average weekly wages greater than $1,000 in 2016 are the Jefferson counties in Colorado ($1,036), Alabama ($1,011), and Kentucky ($1,004).

These data are from the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages. For industry employment and wage data at the national, state, county, and metropolitan area levels, see the data viewer tool or the QCEW Open Data Access.


Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, The Economics Daily, Employment and wages in all the Jefferson counties in 2016 at (visited July 16, 2024).

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