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D.C. Graph: Software For Converting Tables To Graphs Via A Simple, Easy To Use Interface

Daniel J. Rope and D.B. Carr


Mainstream statistical graphics packages often provide a convenient easy-to-use interface for creating traditional graphs but may have limited ability to customize graphs for special purposes. As computer graphic capabilities increase, statisticians are more able to address the concepts of data visualization and apply both statistical and cognitive science to developing quality graphics. As a result, computer code is provided for other scientists to experiment with or produce these newer graphics. This poster session discusses software developed in S-PLUS (TM) to produce row-labeled plots ("rowplot"). Row-labeled plots provide a simple, effective way of looking at complex tables of data. A sophisticated graphical technique requires much flexibility and control over the resulting graph, which is clearly provided in "rowplot". D.C. Graph, created in Microsoft s Visual Basic, is designed to be an intuitive graphical user interface that can create and run "rowplot" S-PLUS code in the Microsoft Windows environment. Emphasis was placed upon retaining power and flexibility while making the interface simple and convenient. A user is not required to write any S-PLUS code. Tools were included to perform common actions, and the design of D.C. Graph allows for implementation of future capabilities of "rowplot".

There is no paper, but the on-line virtual poster session is available!