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Converting CES Reporters From TDR to Web Data Collection

Richard J. Rosen and Anthony Gomes


Many survey organizations are beginning to add internet as a mode of collection. For panel surveys, this often involves transitioning existing units from their current mode of reporting to internet. The Current Employment Statistics (CES) currently has over 75,000 sample units that self-report using their touchtone phone. These sample units would appear to be prime candidates for internet reporting since they are already self-reporting. The primary purpose of this study is to determine the most effective protocol for converting these touchtone respondents to the internet as well as to measure the pool of eligible and willing respondents. Several alternative conversion/contact protocols are tested including, telephone, mail, fax, and a special message on the touchtone collection system. A test sample will be selected from current touchtone respondents and divided among the four contact methods. We will evaluate the relative effectiveness of conversion for each mode in terms of initial conversion rates and ongoing response rates.