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Update on Use of Administrative Data To Explore Effect of Establishment Nonresponse Adjustment on the National Compensation Survey Estimates

Chester H. Ponikowski, Erin E. McNulty, and Jackson Crockett


A common technique used to reduce nonresponse bias is to adjust the sampling weights of responding units to account for nonresponding units within a set of weighting cells. In the National Compensation Survey (NCS), which is an establishment survey, the weighting cells are formed using available auxiliary information: ownership, industry, and establishment size. At JSM 2006, we presented a paper in which we explored the effectiveness of the formed cells in reducing potential bias in the NCS estimates and presented results for one NCS area. Since 2006, NCS has expanded this study to several additional survey areas and time periods. In this paper, we present results from this additional research. We include areas of different size and with different levels of nonresponse. Also we compare the direction and magnitude of bias across time and across areas.