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Edwin L. Robison


Abstract: This research concerns the adaptation to CPS of single-stage weight adjustment techniques to replace multiple stages of weight adjustment. The techniques involve weight optimization with respect to a loss function subject to population-control constraints. There are additive penalty terms for discrepancies between weightadjusted survey totals and corresponding known or base-weighted estimated totals for certain survey attributes, and there is an additional nonlinear penalty term designed to force weights not to be too different from design weights scaled to the population total. The novel elements of the current research include: defining appropriate quadratic penalty terms corresponding to current CPS nonresponse adjustment and three-step second-stage ratio estimation; developing a methodology to define penalty multipliers by tracking properties of the current CPS weights across weighting stages; enforcing weight compression by a penalty term in place of the current CPS approach based on cell collapsing; and implementing the method on CPS data for detailed comparison with the weights as currently adjusted in CPS.