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Monthly Labor Reviews

Adams, Brian

  • "Cross-Validation of Quality-Adjustment Methods for Price Indexes" (with Alexander Klayman) Monthly Labor Review, June 2018. (PDF)

Garner, Thesia

  • "The CE and the PCE: A Comparison" (with George Janini, William Passero Laura Paszkiewicz and Mark Vendemia) Monthly Labor Review, September 2006. (PDF)
  • "Experimental Poverty Measures Under Alternate Treatments of Medical Out-of-Pocket Expenditures" (with Kathleen Short) Monthly Labor Review, August 2002, pp. 3-13(PDF)
  • "Experimental Poverty Measurement for the 1990's" (with Kathleen Short, Stephanie Shipp, Charles Nelsonand Geoffrey Paulin) Monthly Labor Review, 121(3), March 1998, pp. 39-61(PDF)
  • "Household Incomes in the Czech and Slovak Market Economies" (with Katherine Terrell) Monthly Labor Review, 121(11), November 1998, pp. 59-62.(PDF)
  • "What Does It Mean to be Poor in America?" (with Maya Federman, Kathleen Short, W Bowman Cutter IV, John Kiely, David Levine, Duane McDough, and Marilyn McMillen) Monthly Labor Review, 119(5), May 1996, pp. 3-17.(PDF)
  • "An Experimental Consumer Price Index for the Poor" (with David S. Johnson, and Mary F. Kokoski) Monthly Labor Review, 119 (9),September, 1996, pp. 32-42.(PDF)
  • "Book Review of Socialist Economies and the Transition to the Market: A Guide, by Ian Jeffries. London, Routledge Publishers, 1993." Monthly Labor Review, 119(5) May 1995, pp. 66-70.

Other Authors

Bradley, Ralph

  • "Producing disease-based price indexes," (with Elaine Cardenas, Daniel H. Ginsburg, Lyubov Rozental, and Frankie Velez), Monthly Labor Review, Volume 133 (February 2010), pp. 20-28. (PDF)

Greenlees, John

  • "Addressing Misconceptions about the Consumer Price Index," (with Robert B. McClelland), Monthly Labor Review, Volume 131 (August 2008), pp. 3-19. (PDF)
  • "Incorporating a Geometric Mean Formula into the CPI," (with Kenneth Dalton and Kenneth Stewart), Monthly Labor Review, Vol. 121 (October 1998), pp. 3-7. (PDF)
  • "Overview of the 1998 revision of the Consumer Price Index," (with Charles C. Mason), Monthly Labor Review, Volume 119 (December 1996), pp. 3-9. (PDF)

Kim, Mina

  • "Domestic employment in U.S.-based multinational companies," (with Elizabeth Weber Handwerker and Lowell Mason), Monthly Labor Review, Volume 134 (October 2011), pp. 3-15. (PDF)

Kokoski, Mary

  • "Quality Adjustment of Price Indexes: Anatomy of Price Change." Monthly Labor Review, 116 (12), December, 1993, pp. 34-36. (PDF)
  • "New Research on Interarea Consumer price Differences." Monthly Labor Review 114 (7),July 1991, pp. 31-34. (PDF)
  • "An Experimental Consumer Price Index for the Poor." (with Thesia I. Garner and David S. Johnson) Monthly Labor Review, 119 (9),September, 1996, pp. 32-42. (PDF)
  • "Employment and Wage Changes of Families from CE Survey Data." Monthly Labor Review, 110 (2),February, 1987, pp. 31-33.(PDF)

Johnson, David

  • "A Century of Family Budgets in the United States." (with John M. Rogers and Lucilla Tan) Monthly Labor Review, Vol. 124:5, May 2001. (PDF)
  • "Teenagers: Employment and Contributions to Family Spending," (with Mark Lino) Monthly Labor Review, Vol. 123:9, September 2000. (PDF)
  • "Economic and Social Conditions of Children and the Elderly," Monthly Labor Review, Vol. 123:4, April, 2000. (PDF)
  • "An Experimental Consumer Price Index for the Poor." (with Thesia I. Garner and Mary F. Kokoski) Monthly Labor Review, 119 (9),September, 1996, pp. 32-42. (PDF)


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